Chapter 208: Grovel at my feet (5)

The Egyptian bastard could not hold it in any longer and appeared.

No, it was not just the Egyptian bastard.

[Did you guys go crazy?! Why are you acting like this?! Huh?]

The artifacts of pride from the other floors were all grumbling.

[I'm going to report you guys for excessive noise!]
[I'm going to cut your legs off!]

Ju-Heon snickered after seeing the artifacts appear while Ju-Heon and Seol-A's eyes opened wide.


It was because they could hear the artifacts’ voices this time as well.

It was probably because they were inside a tomb, but what did they just say?

‘Excessive noise?’

‘This was an apartment complex?!’

It seemed as if all sorts of arrogant artifacts were living on the different floors of this tower.
The residents who were angry about what was going on down below were barging in with weapons in their hands.

[I'm really going to kill you! I can't sleep because you're being so loud!]
[Hey! It's better for you because you're on the upper floors, I'm going crazy because of all the pounding on my ceiling!]

They were all glaring at Napoleon and Xiang Yu as if they wanted to kill them.

It was understandable. There was a reason there have even been murders in apartments over excessive noise.

They then started to charge toward Napoleon and Xiang Yu who were still growling at each other.

The Egyptian artifact's strength was quite tremendous.

[Egypt's greatest king is using the power of the sun.]
[The king's authority is descending on the tomb.]

Ruuuumble, bang! Bababang!

The golden walls started to crumble at the attack while the majestic sculptures started to break.

[The tomb is being destroyed.]
[The tomb is being destroyed.]
[The Egyptian artifact is damaging Napoleon and Xiang Yu’s artifacts.]

Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide.

‘I should have swept up almost all of the Egyptian artifacts in the Tomb of Wrath. What is this one? Which one is left…’

An angry Xiang Yu and Napoleon glared at the other artifacts.

[Hey! What the hell are you doing?!]
[Did you forget how much we paid to create this tomb?!]

The Egyptian artifact clicked its tongue in disbelief.

[For knowing how much it cost, look at what the hell you guys have done!]

Bang! Babababang!

The battle that had started over excessive noise was about to destroy the entire apartment.

The falling debris wasn’t an issue for Ju-Heon's group.


Large boulders would turn into dust from Ju-Heon’s sword slashes…


While the items made of steel were sent flying with Julian's thunderbolts.

Julian could see all of the artifacts fighting in front of them. Napoleon and Xiang Yu were still okay, but the newly appeared artifacts were the problem.

[How dare you turn my precious house into this mess because of some human bastards.]

The Egyptian bastard glared arrogantly at Napoleon and Xiang Yu.

[This is why humans are useless. You useless idiots.]
[Hey. You're human too!]

He could tell that it was an Egyptian artifact as Egypt had an extremely distinct culture.

‘The aura is at the Divine-Grade level.’

It was extremely strong.

That was why he had wondered if it was an Egyptian Divine-Grade artifact Ju-Heon had not gotten yet, but…

‘Pharaoh, it is a human artifact.’

Julian's analysis didn’t take long.

“Is it Ramesses?”
“Excuse me? Did you say Ramesses?”

He seemed to be right as the tomb suddenly started to change.

[The tower is changing shape to turn into the great Temple of the Sun because of Ramesses's power.]
[Everyone other than Ramesses will become his slaves.]

It was at that moment.

‘This is dangerous.’

Ju-Heon started to frown after seeing that his hand was starting to move on its own.

That wasn’t all.

[Ramesses's power of dominance is infiltrating your brain.]
[You are getting a desire to grant Ramesses's wish no matter what it takes.]

It was extremely strong.

The effects were only at this level because it was the three of them; Expert-Grade users and lower would probably have been brainwashed as soon as they were touched by the aura.

He was certain of it. This was the pharaoh who was said to have had the strongest royal authority among all Egyptian pharaohs! It was the Egyptian pharaoh who was said to have taken the Hebrews as slaves and argued with Moses. This was Ramesses II.
As a result…

[Looks like there are some useful slaves this time.]

Seol-A urgently shouted after seeing her hand take a sword out on its own.

“Umm, there were pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. They’re in the hotel right now, but wasn't one of them Ramesses?”
“Ah, there is one. But that is Ramesses VI. This one is the second. This is his ancestor.”

Julian glared at Ju-Heon who was speaking so nonchalantly.

"Seo Ju-Heon, weren’t most of the Egyptian artifacts in your possession?!”

“Ju-Heon had four important Egyptian Divine-Grade artifacts.

That meant that most Egyptian artifacts would feel an affinity with Ju-Heon or submit to him.


"What the hell is going on? Are you telling me that you’re unable to Dominate the Divine-Grade artifacts right now?”

Julian was confused but Ju-Heon understood what was going on.


[I am a god.]

Ramesses had an arrogant gaze as he looked toward Ju-Heon.

His frown, crunched lips and cold smile…

[You seem to have the other gods, but well…]

Ramesses suddenly disappeared into dust and appeared right in front of Ju-Heon.

[Do you think they will allow you to take us out of this tomb? You have the wrong idea, you uncivilized human. All you have are the uncivilized gods.]


[The idiot who only knows how to fight. The errand boy dog that just runs errands. The king of the netherworld that any king, whether they be dogs or cows, can turn into upon death. And that stupid bird that has no powers at all. I will cut all of their heads off and decorate my bedroom with them.]

That was right. Most pharaohs believed that they turned into Osiris, the god of the underworld, upon their deaths. But Ramesses was a conqueror who deemed himself a god even while he was alive.

He thought himself as being so great that he even created a statue of himself to sit side by side with Ra, the greatest of all Egyptian gods.

He even made the slaves create the statue and temples to deify himself.

‘No wonder he isn’t afraid of any of the gods.’

Ramesses, who was angry at the fact that his apartment ended up turning into a chaotic mess, started to snicker while looking at Ju-Heon.

[In the end, getting rid of this human will put an end to the excessive noise of my slaves.]

The other artifacts became shocked at what they heard.

[What? Hey! Are you thinking that we are your slaves as well?]
[Look at this son of a bitch.]

Of course, there were others who were shaking in anger after hearing what he had to say.


[……What did you say? An errand boy dog?]
[The idiot who only knows how to fight?]
[The stupid bird that has no powers at all?]
[Did you say any dog or cow can turn into me?]

The Divine-Grade artifacts in Ju-Heon’s possession burst out in anger.

At the same time…

“These bastards never learn.”

Yoo Jaeha scoffed while looking at the bastards in front of him.

They were all wearing expensive dresses and suits. They were covered in name-brand items, but that wasn't enough to hide the disposition of artists who had suddenly gained a lot of money.

He had seen these bastards before.

‘They’re the restorers I saw at the White House.’

They started to surround Yoo Jaeha.

“It looks like you are here on your own.”

The first thing Yoo Jaeha did was sigh.

‘Getting tangled up with them will just be annoying.’

“Shoo, shoo, I'm a busy man. Get lost before I throw some salt, you retards.”

It happened at that moment.

“Hey hey, what do you mean you're busy?”

It was an extremely familiar voice.

He turned his head to see a familiar face.

“How long has it been? Yoo Jaeha.”

It was a foreigner who was as tall as Ju-Heon had had beautiful blonde hair. Yoo Jaeha became shocked as soon as he saw them.

“Sunbae, what are you doing here?” [1]

It was at that moment.

“Julien sunbae isn’t the only one who is here.”

A pretty Asian girl appeared as well. Yoo Jaeha got a headache as soon as he saw her.

“Shin Seung Hee……?”
“It’s been a while, Jaeha sunbae. Is Min Hee doing well?”

Who were these people? They were Yoo Jaeha's university sunbae and hoobae. [2] They had all worked together with Jean Richard as their professor.

These two were successful artists who achieved fame early on because they were smart and talented artists.

They had the combination of beautiful appearances and skill. They had everything required to be a star. They had been quite popular at the university and frequently in the press.

These people were people who had everything in life.

‘Why are these bastards here?’

They started to speak, as if to answer that question.

“It looks as if you've become quite famous now.”

Yoo Jaeha had no intentions of chatting with them regardless of what they said.

It couldn’t be helped because they had remained silent even though they knew that Professor Jean Richard had plagiarized his work.

He asked them to be witnesses, but…

‘Sorry, I’ve never seen your painting.’

‘Let’s be honest, there’s no proof that it was your painting, sunbae.’

He had considered them to be his family, but they had shunned him just like that.

That wasn't all. They ended up sucking up to Jean Richard and gave testimony that benefited him.

‘I was completely buried because of them.’

Maybe that was the reason.

“I have nothing to say to you. I don’t know why people who needed to suck up to Jean Richard to become instructors are here in the first place.”

Julien ordered his subordinates to grab Yoo Jaeha.

"Where do you think you're going?”

Julien, who had been smiling like a gentleman until now, started to smile viciously.

“You made us official restorers eat shit. I can’t sit still as the Chief Official Restorer.”

Yoo Jaeha flinched after hearing that.

‘Wait a minute. What did he just say? The Chief Official Restorer?’

“Yes, Mr. Julien is the top restorer of all official restorers. You son of a bitch.”

He was number one of less than 100 official restorers in the world.

‘I do remember seeing his name among the Expert-Grade users.’

He had seen Julien’s name.

He had wondered if it was just someone with the same name.

Julien started to smile brightly.

“You made our official restorers eat shit and I have a personal issue with you as well.”
“An issue?”
“That’s right. Originally, I was supposed to move up to a Monarch position last week. But suddenly, you burst into the position.”

That was the truth.

Because Ju-Heon had gotten rid of a lot of the original monarchs… Julien was supposed to take one of the spots as the < Monarch of Creation >. He had the skills for it as well.

But whether it was the Pandora system artifact or someone else, Yoo Jaeha had suddenly taken his spot.

How could he not be angry?

Julien's smile looked full of loathing.

“Yoo Jaeha. Don’t you care about seniority? I heard that Koreans find things like that quite important. No, more importantly, why is a talentless person like you even a Monarch?”
“Did it feel nice to throw your instructor who cared for you so much into prison?”

Shin Seung Hee chimed in at that moment.

“Aww, don’t be like that. What would Jaeha sunbae know? Congratulations on being able to argue that the professor’s painting was yours as you wished, Jaeha sunbae.”

‘Wow, this bitch.’

The other restorers started to suck up to the top restorer.

“Do you really think this bastard became a monarch because he is skilled? He probably only became a monarch through Seo Ju-Heon’s backing.”
“Look at these thieves even stealing Monarch positions.”
“Please don’t worry since your name will be up there with the other Monarchs next week.”

Julien laughed at their flattery before starting to speak again.

“Anyway, I heard you're a minor restorer. I won’t say much. Get the hell out of here right now.”
“Hmph, why would I?”
“You still have no tact. This is a place with VIPs and our office. They're going to think less of us if we are with quacks like you.”
“Ah, right, what is your annual salary?”
“Excuse me?”
“We’ll pay you for your troubles so get out of here, go back to Korea, and don’t create a fuss for a while. Is 100 million won enough?”

‘What? 100 million won?’

Yoo Jaeha scoffed before responding back.

1. Sunbae is a Korean term for someone who is ahead of you in years in places such as a university. I couldn't think of an English equivalent since… Such terms aren't used in English.

2. Hoobae is the opposite term, those who are more junior to someone at a university.

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