Chapter 206: Grovel at my feet (3)

Ju-Heon, who had gone around gathering the aggro to take care of the trash mob, had returned to his original spot.

He had to hear some terrible things once he returned to his subordinates.

“Hey, you damn Devil King!”

Julian was looking at Ju-Heon with a disgusted expression.

“You should just change your title to the Monarch of Evil!”

Ju-Heon started to pout after hearing Julian’s nagging.

“What the hell did I do? Should I have included you as well?”

‘What do you mean 'included me'?!’

A frustrated Julian could only pound his chest.

“Hey! Even if you have the rope, jumping out at this height… ah, whatever! Wait, that…… Try disappearing again.”
“I told you to disappear! There’s something I need to confirm!”

Ju-Heon immediately used his Stealth skill. He then disappeared even without holding an artifact.

Julian gasped after seeing this.

He had been thinking that it was amazing that he kept disappearing even without using an invisibility artifact.

‘Is this the power of the Crow he mentioned last time?’

The dark purple aura in the shape of a Crow that was surrounding Ju-Heon…


No, it was probably not enough to label it an Evil Divine-Grade artifact.

That was how dangerous it was. It was something that even Monarchs would find difficult to handle.

That was the reason Julian gulped.

‘How is he fine while having something like that stuck to his body?’

Julian had checked something with Zhuge Kongming's artifact because he was concerned that this aura would be dangerous to Ju-Heon.

He started to frown.

‘The reason he's so focused on artifacts might be because of this Crow's artifact’s risk.’

Julian started to look at Ju-Heon with a serious expression.


“Haha, look at this. The Stealth skill is totally a jackpot. I swiped some artifacts on my way back.”

‘…………No. It’s just that this bastard is a damn artifactphile with no chances of recovery. Well, I'm sure it’ll be fine.’

The Crow's aura was extremely chaotic, but he could tell that it was chaotic because it was telling him not to mess with Ju-Heon.

Once Julian finished confirming this…

“Anyway, where’s Napoleon?”
"That bastard disappeared after you gathered the mob.”

Ju-Heon turned wary after hearing that.

“I'm sure he didn’t get far. Keep Kongming's artifact activated.”
“I know.”

The three of them became extremely tense.

They had gone through all sorts of dangerous tombs with each other.

They were all strong enough to clear most tombs on their own without Ju-Heon covering them.

But still…

‘This is one of the 7 Great Tombs.’

They could be dead in an instant if they put their guard down.

In addition, they could feel that there were more than just one or two artifacts here.

It felt as if the most prideful bastards throughout the world were gathered here.

‘And the first of them was Napoleon.’

The person who had shown up last time was King Louis XIV, the Sun King.

The difficulty had gone up significantly compared to last time.

‘I feel like I sense a Divine-Grade aura coming from the top.’

It happened at that moment.


[Napoleon's aura is descending on the battlefield.]
[Napoleon's aura is descending on the battlefield.]

Ju-Heon immediately looked up at the ceiling.

Napoleon, the arrogant Emperor on his horse, had appeared again.

[Grovel. You uncivilized thief.]

An overbearing aura descended once he said that.

[Soldiers following the orders of this general are being summoned.]
[Soldiers following the orders of this general are being summoned.]

That wasn’t all.

[Warning. Napoleon’s curse will happen again in 5 minutes.]

‘Tsk, is it that curse on the tall people again?’

He had dodged the curse last time with the Pharaoh’s artifact, but he couldn’t keep turning small while having to deal with the risk.

Napoleon started to observe Ju-Heon while Ju-Heon was thinking about what to do.

[I've heard a lot about you. The bounty on your head is quite high.]

Ju-Heon scoffed at that comment.

‘There’s a bounty on my head even among the artifact bastards?’

Napoleon started to smile at Ju-Heon.

[To be honest with you, I'm not interested in the bounty but I heard that you managed to make Divine-Grade artifacts submit to you. That was why I became interested in you. Of course, you could only do that because those were all useless Divine-Grade artifacts.]

The Divine-Grade artifacts Ju-Heon had on him started to shake in anger.
But this bastard’s arrogant attitude was understandable.


‘Similar to how Divine-Grade artifacts have a hierarchy, the S-Grade artifacts have one as well.’

The artifacts created from people who were seen as transcending human limits and having superhuman strength through idolization, heroization would be able to have powers at the level of deified artifacts at the Divine-Grade.

That was why an artifact at Napoleon's level would be strong enough to consider itself as a Divine-Grade artifact.

Maybe that was the reason.
Napoleon started to laugh triumphantly.

[Your petty tricks will not work against this Emperor.]

That might actually be true.

‘Napoleon's artifact was quite the headache in the past as well.’

His ability, the < Napoleonic Code >, was known as one of the three major Codes of Law in the world along with his Code of Hammurabi.

It was quite annoying.

‘It has a special ability that would make even Divine-Grade stop working for a moment.’


[Warning. Napoleon's curse is right in front of your nose.]
[The curse will strike in 4 minutes.]

That's right, it was this curse.

‘I need to do something about this curse first.’

He needed to make Napoleon weaker in order to do that.

Ju-Heon debated what to do for a moment.

How could he make Napoleon weaker?

[Napoleon’s curse will happen again in 2 minutes.]

Ju-Heon became desperate.

Ju-Heon seemed to have come up with an idea as he started to smirk.

“Hey artifact, let me ask you a question.”

His disrespectful demeanor made Napoleon's subordinates glare in anger.

[You rude human! How dare you speak that way to his majesty!]

“Shut up. Just answer my question.”

[That bastard!]

Napoleon stopped his subordinates who wanted to go and kill Ju-Heon.

[Human, speak. I will grant you this request before you die.]

Napoleon was quite interested in Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon pointed at this monstrous tower and asked to confirm his hypothesis after hearing Napoleon accept his request.

"This tomb. There are at least three or more different cultures mixed in here. What is this tomb for?”

[What it is for, you ask? There were some battles over the rights to this tomb. However, we were unable to determine a winner.]

Napoleon had a smile suitable for an Emperor.

[In the end, we decided that the one who killed you will gain the rights.]

Ju-Heon accepted that response.

Basically, there were multiple artifacts that were strong enough to create great tombs all gathered in one location.

But they were all competitive bastards that they couldn't come to a conclusion.

"Well, fine. Thanks for telling me.”

[Is it time for me to take your head?]

“Are you crazy?”

Ju-Heon took an artifact out and quickly gave an order to his subordinates.

"The two of you should run.”

Julian and Seol-A both chuckled after hearing that.

"Stop the nonsense, Seo Ju-Heon.”
“Captain-nim, where would I go without you?”

Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion.

“You guys are going to regret it if you don’t run.”
“What? What do you……”

Julian soon gasped after seeing the artifact Ju-Heon took out.

“Hey you, that thing!”

Ju-Heon snickered.

“I told you that you'll regret it.”

The artifact was activated.

Julian grabbed Seol-A and didn’t even look back as he jumped out the window.

It was because he knew that he would see some terrible things if he didn’t run.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you bastard.”

‘He’s a totally crazy motherfucker.’

Julian, who had given Ju-Heon crap for jumping out the window but ended up jumping out the same thirty-story window, was swearing internally.
They were fine after jumping out of the high building thanks to Gildal's artifact, but still…

“Still, this was not the answer!”

Julian covered his nose while returning to where they had been and then sighed.

Just as he had expected…


Napoleon was twisting his body in serious pain.

That wasn't all.


The place was full of soldiers who were about to die from pain as well. A terrible stench filled the entire floor.

‘Shit, what the hell does he think he is doing in a confined area?’

That was right.

Ju-Heon had used a shit-like artifact on them.

This was the artifact that he had forced to sign a contract with him.

Yes, this was the artifact that had come out when they went into that tomb in the Middle East.

[Germ reagents bag thrown away by Namtar, the god of diseases (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

It was his disease artifact.

Some people might ask why he used this artifact, but Julian and Seol-A quickly figured it out.

‘This vicious bastard.’

All artifacts had weaknesses and it was important to make artifacts weaker.

This was especially true for Ju-Heon since the artifacts wouldn’t give him a test because of the Supreme Leader’s orders.

It was so that he could not clear tombs.

In other words, he needed to find ways to forcibly drag artifacts out of the tomb even without them giving him a test.
It was necessary to weaken the artifacts to make that possible.

‘But to use the plague artifact like this…’

That was right.

Napoleon was said to suffer quite a bit from hemorrhoids.

That was why, in the Battle of Waterloo that was said to bring the Napoleonic Wars to an end…

There were many reasons as to why he had lost, but supposedly, his hemorrhoids had been at their worst during that battle.

Rumors even claim that the hemorrhoids were responsible for his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

That was the reason Ju-Heon had used the plague artifact.

It was full of bacteria to cause diarrhea.

‘Most importantly, diarrhea makes hemorrhoids worse.’

Ironically, the disease artifact was the thing to make Napoleon weak.

The thing that worried Ju-Heon the most disappeared once Napoleon couldn't focus.

[The curse has disappeared as Napoleon is unable to focus.]

This was also super effective against Napoleon's soldiers who had failed their conquest of Russia due to the cold weather and war plague.

‘Well, this won’t be enough to make him submit though.’

Ju-Heon needed to take it to the next level to make Napoleon submit completely.

Maybe that was the reason. Ju-Heon was checking the time as he looked toward the window.

‘It’s about time it showed up.’

It finally appeared.

[You retard.]

Another bastard had appeared.

[You acted like you were the shit but look at you now.]

It was Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu.

This young man looked full of vigor, as if he could even take monsters down with his hands.

He was the only person in Chinese history who was so strong that he was said to have studied real martial arts.

His skills were so overwhelming that he was able to defeat a grand army of 600,000 soldiers with just 30,000.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered.

‘He's a lone wolf who doesn't listen to anybody else.’

It made sense why he would show up in the Tomb of Pride.

And at that moment…

Boom boom boom!

The artifacts all around the Tower of Pride started to rush over.

Napoleon and Xiang Yu started to fight as well.

[It’s fine so get lost. I will capture Seo Ju-Heon.]
[You get lost! Where do you think you are coming with those dirty feet?!]
[Shut up. You damn barbarian of the West.]

Napoleon released a strong aura at that moment.


Although he had been affected by the plague artifact, the artifacts in this tomb were all arrogant and strong artifacts that were at the level of Divine-Grade artifacts.

[Warning. His aura is exploding out.]
[An extremely strong aura is threatening your life.]

With the two of them looking ready to fight at any moment… His threatening aura made Xiang Yu and Napoleon’s soldiers start to die.

But Ju-Heon nonchalantly stopped the two of them at that moment.

“Now now, you guys shouldn't fight. I'll give you my head, so let me ask a question.”


“Who would win if the two of you fought?”

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