Chapter 205: Grovel at my feet (2)

[Kill everyone who is taller than me.]

It was an extremely famous person.

It was someone who would show up in any textbook if searched from the French Revolution and on.

Anybody who knew about World History would know about this bastard.

That was why Julian started to speak.

"D, did he just talk about height?”
“I, I think so?”
“Then maybe………”

That was right.

Inside this Tower of Pride… The person that had appeared on the first floor was none other than……….


Julian started to mumble.

All three of them seemed shocked.

Why were they so shocked?

‘This is different from what I remember.’

Napoleon had not appeared in the Tomb of Pride in the past.
Napoleon had risen to the position of Emperor during the French Revolution Era.

He was a conqueror who was said to be a genius at military strategy and politics. He achieved quite a lot of things before causing significant influence throughout all of Europe.

However, this was Napoleon who was reborn as an artifact.

That was the reason nobody was able to recognize him at first glance.

They could only make a hypothesis.

Ju-Heon asked Julian a question.

“Is it really Napoleon?”

Julian nodded his head instead of responding.

Part of it was thanks to Zhuge Kongming's artifact, but even without analyzing it…

‘There’s only one general famous enough to appear in one of the 7 Great Tombs while being short.’

Of course, the real Napoleon was of average height compared to Europeans of the time.

There were rumors that the claim that he was short came from the fact that his height was compared to modern-day heights and that Europeans did it to cut down his character.

‘But it’s not weird for him to look like this since this is an artifact.’

Artifacts were reborn based on people’s thoughts.

‘But why did it have to be reborn as a prideful version?’

It was somewhat understandable.

Even Beethoven, who had supported Napoleon, supposedly claimed, ‘So he is no more than a common mortal!’ as he threw the sheet music for the < Sinfonia Eroica >.

It was natural that Napoleon would show up as the symbol of arrogance and pride as he had made himself emperor.

But that was not important right now.

[I will repeat myself. Benighted humans.]

His voice was overbearing.

He then glared down at Ju-Heon's group with an extremely sharp gaze.

[I said to kill all bastards who are taller than me!]

A vicious aura started to fly toward them as soon as he said that.


It seemed like a wind sickle.

A shapeless blade that was cutting through the air was aiming for Ju-Heon's group's heads.


“Watch out!”

Julian shouted while some balls of fire appeared in front of Ju-Heon and Seol-A.


A green barrier appeared in front of Ju-Heon and Seol-A along with the fireballs.

This was the shield artifact, Athena’s Aegis!

It's specialty was a strong defense along with Medusa’s head at the center of the shield, however…!


The barrier was destroyed.


It was to be expected.

[It is merely an S-Grade artifact. It is only an imitation of a Divine-Grade artifact.]

Napoleon looked down at Ju-Heon as if he found this to be ridiculous.

That wasn't all.

[Nothing is impossible for this Emperor.]

The message windows quickly warned him as soon as Napoleon said that.

[The morale and strength of Napoleon's army is increasing.]
[Napoleon's Code of Law is being activated.]
[Napoleon’s quotes are showing their powers.]

All three of them must have sensed serious danger as they had activated their artifacts at the same time.

It was almost done out of reflex.


The artifact’s they had activated were the thunders of Indra, the ghosts of Bi Hyung, and the sandstorms of Set.

Each of their artifacts started to fight against Napoleon's aura.

[This shitty bastard!]
[He’s very unpleasant!]



However, Napoleon’s army was known to have at least 600,000 people.

Only a couple thousand were called out right now, but that was enough to overwhelm just three people.

But Julian didn't seem to care much about it.

“Two of us is enough to take all of them down.”

Indra’s artifact and Set's artifact together were enough to defend against them.

But there was more.

[This Emperor has already said it. All bastards taller than this Emperor must die!]

A vicious aura struck out toward them once again.

[Napoleon's curse is spreading throughout the entire tower.]

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue after seeing that message.

He had realized something after blocking Napoleon's attack with Aegis last time.

‘There’s no way to dodge this. I guess I have no choice.’

Ju-Heon activated an artifact.

This was the Pharaoh’s artifact he had earned last time!

A bright light surrounded his body as soon as he activated the artifact.


[The Pharaoh's curse has descended.]
[Your body is shrinking after receiving the Pharaoh's curse.]


Ju-Heon’s view instantly changed.

He had been forcibly warped elsewhere on the tower.

He quickly figured out that he was now much higher on the 30th floor.

Ju-Heon, Julian, and Seol-A's body then ended up shrinking.


Their age had changed similar to how Yoo Jaeha, Irene, and Seol-A had turned old or young after being cursed in the Pharaoh's tomb.

He had adapted to the situation and made them all shorter than Napoleon!

They were now all shorter than 150cm. They looked like elementary students now.

A bright light surrounded the entire tower again as soon as they changed to these kids.

[Napoleon's curse has descended.]



It looked as if they would not die as they became small at the perfect time.

The curse passed through once more before Seol-A got up.

“C, Captain-nim!”

A short Seol-A was squirming inside her now too big clothes as she urgently started to look for Ju-Heon.

"Captain-nim, are you o………”

But Seol-A almost screamed while looking at Ju-Heon who was squirming next to her.

"C, Captain-nim?”
"What is it?”

Ju-Heon started to frown but the young Ju-Heon was crazily cute in Seol-A’s eyes.

Of course, Seol-A, who looked like a child model, was the prettiest of the three, but that wasn't important.

‘I, I want to take a picture. I probably can’t, right?’

She almost lost her rationality at this situation she had never faced before.

Seol-A had never seen Ju-Heon as a child, even in pictures.

But this precious sight that would probably never come around again was seen by her and not Irene!

Seol-A, who was happiest about that fact above all else, was feeling obsessed with the fact that she wanted to tightly hug Ju-Heon before she snapped out of it.

‘Oops, this is a tomb.’

Seol-A quickly started to focus so that she could protect Ju-Heon.

She could feel Napoleon's army coming up from the bottom.

Seol-A became completely alert after feeling their vicious auras.

‘I will protect the Captain-nim.’

It was at that moment.

“We’re returning to normal! Seol-A! Make sure to cover up properly!”
“Huh? Yes, yes sir! Kyaaaaa!”

All of them returned to normal at that moment.

Seol-A was unable to grab her clothes properly as she returned to normal.

Julian probably found Seo-A’s naked curves to be too thrilling as he covered his eyes and started to speak.

"We need to hurry. The same curse will come again!”

Julian prepared to attack while Ju-Heon peeked at Anubis's Ankh.

He believed in an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

He would use an item to fight another item.

It might be best to deal with an army summoned by an artifact with Anubis's Army of the Dead.

Julian looked at Ju-Heon, who was looking at Anubis's Ankh, with concern.

"Are you thinking about using that right now? Will you be able to handle the risk?”

He was being ignored as a black doggie right now, but…

Anubis's artifact was still a Divine-Grade artifact.

The risk was one thing but it also took a lot of stamina to call forth its army.

They weren't even at the top of this tower yet.

‘It's bad if he wastes his stamina here.’

Ju-Heon just nonchalantly responded.

“It’s okay. It should be fine based on the numbers we saw down ther……….”

He was trying to say it should be okay.

Until the enemies arrived that is.

[Ooowooooooooo! Where is Seo Ju-Heon?!]
[Capture Seo Ju-Heon!]


In addition to Napoleon's army, ancient Chinese soldiers had shown up as well.

That wasn't all.

[Is it here?! Is this where Seo Ju-Heon, that bastard who caused a rampage in our Valley of the Kings, is this where he is?!]

They were followed by the Egyptian army! Ju-Heon looked out of it after seeing the numbers suddenly increase.

This was a bit overwhelming.

‘Damn it. What the fuck is up with this tomb?’

Artifacts usually tried to gather with others within their cultural heritage to create a tomb.

Why were all these artifacts from different cultures gathered together in one tomb?

In fact, these artifacts started to fight against each other.

[Our General was the first to find Seo Ju-Heon!]
[Shut up, all that matters is who kills him first!]
[Shut up, you inferior dogs!]

Well, it didn’t matter.

It was obviously the Supreme Leader’s orders. It made sense that they would come to capture Ju-Heon who was infamous in the artifact world, but……

‘There are too many.’

The number of soldiers gathered here were probably in the tens of thousands, no the hundreds of thousands.

That meant…

‘I'm 100% going to faint if I call forth enough of Anubis's Army of the Dead to match their numbers.’

But it wasn’t like he had a boss artifact that was strong enough to take them down.

Ju-Heon started to frown while speaking almost as if he was sighing.

“I guess I have no choice.”

Julian and Seol-A were shocked after hearing that.

"Are you……”
“Yes. Prepare yourselves.”

Ju-Heon started to glare at the enemies with a vicious gaze.

That meant that he was getting ready for battle.

Julian and Seol-A tensed up as well.

And at that moment!

“I will give the bastard who catches me first the chance to take my head!”

His shout made the armies of different cultures flash their eyes.

Even Napoleon started to smile as if he was interested.

But at that moment…

[Ohhhhhhhh! I like the spirit of this bastard!]

It was someone who was dressed in Ancient Qin dynasty attire.

It was Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu during the Chu–Han Contention period!

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers started to charge toward Ju-Heon at that moment.


There were too many of them!

Julian and Seol-A gasped while looking at the number of soldiers charging toward Ju-Heon.

“Hey Seo Ju-Heon!”

They wondered what was giving Ju-Heon the courage to provoke them, but they were even shocked at what Ju-Heon did next.


Ju-Heon suddenly jumped out the window!


A completely pale Seol-A and Julian rushed over toward the window.

“Hey! Are you crazy?! This is thirty-stories up!”

Ju-Heon was holding onto the rope as he fell to the ground, almost as if he was bungee jumping.

Where Ju-Heon ended up was by TKBM and the other excavation teams that were arguing with each other outside the tower!

All of their eyes opened wide at Ju-Heon's sudden appearance.

"W, what?! Isn’t that Seo Ju-Heon?!”

Ju-Heon smiled and walked over to them.

“Weren’t you looking for me?”
“Ho, is this guy retarded? He walked over to us with his own two feet!”
“He thinks he can take us on by himself?”

They grabbed the shameless Ju-Heon by the collar and pointed an artifact gun to his head.

"We got you now. You bastard, I'm going to blow your head off.”
“Oh, you're going to kill me?”
“That’s right, you son of a bitch! If I think about everything you did to our TKBM…!”

But at that moment…

“Umm, umm, team leader-nim.”
“What is it?! I'm busy!”
“Umm……b, behind him.”
“Behind him? What about ………huh?”

Their faces turned pale after looking behind Ju-Heon.

It was because they saw what seemed like a horde of black ants…………

[I'm going to catch that bastard first!]
[Get him! Get Seo Ju-Heon!]

The French army, ancient Chinese army, and the Egyptian army.
These three extremely strong armies were headed toward the excavation teams while chasing after Ju-Heon!

The excavation teams dropped their jaws in shock after looking at this sight.

“H, holy crap.”

‘What the fuck did this bastard drag with him?!’

It was at that moment.

“Good luck.”

‘What do you mean good luck?!’

Ju-Heon just pushed the person and disappeared.

He had used his Stealth skill! The armies that had chased after Ju-Heon ended up entangling with the excavation teams.


All of it had happened in an instant.

There were shouts and the sounds of weapons clashing against one another.

“Aaah! Who are these bastards?!”
“Where is Seo Ju-Heon?!”

That was what the armies wanted to ask as well.

[Find Seo Ju-Heon!]
[Fuck, we can't see him sir!]
[You hid him, didn’t you?! Huh?!]
[No, YOU hid him!]
[No! These humans must have hid him!]

That made the artifact armies target TKBM and the other excavation teams.


[Hand over Seo Ju-Heon!]

“H, hold on……!”

That place ended up in pandemonium.

“Uuuugh, uuuuuuuuugh!”

The excavation teams were instantly stomped on by the armies.
Ju-Heon, who was returning to his original spot while still using his Stealth skill, started to smile.

"Thanks for taking care of the trash mob.”

He truly was the devil.

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