Chapter 204: Grovel at my feet (1)

“I succeeded in holding these bastards back. We will head to the central region before these lowlifes chase after us.”

Ju-Heon brushed his hair up before taking off the horn-rimmed glasses.

His sparkling eyes were as savage as those of a Crow.

It could be described as the gaze of a wild beast aiming for its prey. Julian and Seol-A flinched after seeing this gaze.

It wasn’t because of a bad reason.


His gaze right now had overlapped with his old appearance. It reminded them of Ju-Heon when he was their leader in the past.

His body was rotting away from illnesses, but Ju-Heon had defeated monopolizers with his charisma.

Ju-Heon had been so sick that his skin almost looked rotten. The venomous aura his corpse-like face gave off had been so vicious.

Anyway, he had an indescribable charisma about him. Compared to back then, the current Ju-Heon looked quite fresh and cute.

His smooth appearance must have made them subconsciously think that he was meek compared to back then.

Maybe that was the reason.

‘I didn’t think there was a reason for me to follow him.’

There was no reason that Julian, who was ranked third among talented artifact users, should work for Ju-Heon.

But he was wrong.

‘You truly are our leader.’

This familiar sensation made both Julian and Seol-A's hearts start to beat wildly. It felt as if even they were returning to the past.

They liked this feeling.

That wasn't all.

“What are you doing? Hurry up. I can't watch the artifact fall into those terrible bastards’ hands. I won’t forgive them.”

Julian was full of admiration after hearing that.

‘Seo Ju-Heon……!’

It was to be expected.

‘This thug who only looted artifacts for his own benefit in the past…….!’

He grabbed Ju-Heon's shoulder in awe.

“I'm relieved. You've changed. Fine. Let’s keep working together. Let’s aim toward World Peace together this time……”
“What bullshit are you talking about?”
“Those sons of bitches. How dare they aim for something that will belong to me.”

Ju-Heon instantly disappeared as soon as he said that.


Bang! Bababang!

“Ahhh! Save me!”
“There’s a trap here too! Fuck!”

Julian's face looked full of despair.

‘Yes. There's no way a person could change that easily.’

Actually he probably did change.

For example, he could have become more docile… Which would have made him a bit nicer…

“Damn it. Who stole my artifact?!”
“Kyaaaaaa! Who touched my boob?!”
“Who stole my underwear?! Who did it?!”

‘Became nicer my ass.’

“What the hell is that punk stealing?!”

Julian turned his head with eyes that looked ready to shoot lasers and saw Ju-Heon running wild.

But it only lasted for a moment until he was caught by someone.

“Hey! You! You've been suspicious since earlier, where do you think you are trying to go on your own?”

Yoon Shi Woo had appeared.

He was one of the few people who had been suspicious of Ju-Heon since earlier.

Ju-Heon started to frown.

‘Things are getting complicated.’

The people who had caught Ju-Heon were the elite team leaders of the 12 excavation teams, with whom Ju-Heon had a lot of beef in the past.

‘They’re all Experts who could become Monarchs.’

They would not be easy to handle.

Ju-Heon didn’t pay much attention to it even though he was being held by the collar.


“What is that in your hand?”

Yoon Shi Woo almost foamed at the mouth while looking at his hand.

It could not be helped as there was a warm pink bra in his hand. There were all sorts of underwear poking out of his bag as well………!

Ju-Heon started to snicker while looking at it.

“You have some interesting hobbies, sir.”

Naturally, Yoon Shi Woo and the other captains with him could not help but turn pale.

"Wait……w, what is this?!”

A woman who was feeling her chest that felt as if something was missing looked around for a bit before starting to scream.

“Kyaaaaaa! Team leader-nim!”
"W, what are you all holding?!”
“What? W, wait, this is!”

The flustered Yoon Shi Woo and the team leaders all glared at Ju-Heon, but Ju-Heon just mischievously smiled.

“Ah, no wonder. I was wondering what you sirs were talking about earlier when you said there was a great artifact to use inside the tomb.”
“W, what? Hey! When did we?!”
“The tomb is sealed and the traps make it so that the female employees cannot run away… Is that right?”
“No…that’s not it!”

The women didn't care for what he had to say as they started to glare.

“Wow, that’s crazy. I should have realized it from the sexual harassment in the office!”
“We can't let him get away with this. Let’s inform the Vice Captain-nim and drag him down right now!”
“Hey, hey! Shut the hell up! You stupid bitches! It’s this bastard, this bastard is Seo Ju-H…!”

However, Ju-Heon had instantly disappeared.

Yoon Shi Woo and the members of his team started to scream at the same time.

It was because the teams that were against them had pointed their weapons toward Yoon Shi Woo and his faction.

Bang, babababang!

Of course, Julian was just shaking his head at Ju-Heon who had managed to slip out of there.

“Hey, what the hell are you going around stealing?”
“What did I do?”
“You’re a bad person, but still, women’s underwear…?!”
“I didn't steal those.”

The screams coming from all around proved that he was telling the truth.

“Kyaaaaaa! Who did it?!”

Just who could it be?

[Kakakakakaka! Money, money!]

The worm was the one that was going around stealing the underwear with excitement.

This bastard was able to swipe anything that was related to wealth.

For artifacts, any human item that could be traded for money was considered wealth.

But Julian found this to be odd.

‘This bastard that doesn’t take anything other than money, gold, or jewels is stealing underwear?’

Ju-Heon said something as if he was reading Julian's mind.

“100 million won per piece. I told him I would pay him if he stole those things.”

Julian was in disbelief.

"Are you really going to pay up?”
“Are you crazy?”

The worm, who probably had no idea about this, just continued to steal underwear with joy.

On the other hand, it didn't seem to be able to abduct its fellow artifacts.

‘It’s still useful.’

The worm would probably sell its fellow artifact off if Ju-Heon offered about 300 million won.
But as they were about to start moving…

Poke poke.

There was something poking at Ju-Heon’s leg.


It was the rope.

The rope’s eyes were sparkling as it looked up at Ju-Heon.

I brought something too! I brought it!

The rope seemed envious at the fact that the worm had received an order from Ju-Heon, making it imitate the worm like this.
The proof was the panties the rope was holding.

Praise me too, praise me!

The rope’s eyes were sparkling and it seemed to be waiting for Ju-Heon's praise.

But both Julian and Ju-Heon instantly started to frown.

It made sense since……

“I don’t need men’s underwear.”

It was rare for the two of them to agree on something.

At the same time…

“What the, isn’t that the Monarch of Pushoverness?”
"What does he need from here?”
"Why else would he be here? He’s probably here to be someone’s servant.”

Yoo Jaeha's hands were shaking.

It was fine that he came to a party for the wealthy at Ju-Heon’s order. This was the United Nations Antiquities Fair that was being built in Russia. The C-R Alliance had invited Pandora, saying they wanted to exchange knowledge.
Well, that’s what they called it, but it was more of a 'let’s see how far your skills have developed' as they scope out the competition.

It was fine that Yoo Jaeha had followed Ju-Heon's proxy, President Edward, to come here, but…

‘Wow, the atmosphere is so tense in here. There are royalties and people I’ve only seen on TV and newspapers.’

This was a place where artifacts, industrial items created by artifacts, and artifact byproducts were traded. There was only one thing Ju-Heon had ordered him to do.

‘Yoo Jaeha. There's an artifact I need you to swipe from there.’

He had come here because of that order, but……

[Yoo Jaeha has risen to the position of Monarch of Pushoverness.]
[Monarch of Pushoverness. New monarch to fill the place of the deceased Monarch of Burglary.]
[Pandora: “The system artifact has decided this.”]

‘What the hell is this?!’

Things had changed for him while his Captain and the others were in the tomb.

‘Damn it, the Monarch of Pushoverness?!’

That was right. He seemed to have been raised to the Monarch-Grade after making the official restorers eat shit, launching a sneak attack on Chairman Kwon, and doing all sorts of odd things.

Either way, he was now ‘a person with the destructive force and influence equivalent to a World War.’

He was thankful to be on that list.

It was cool. It made him seem awesome! There was also the prophecy about how people in the Monarch-Grade would end up receiving special artifacts!


“My goodness, what kind of abilities would someone called the Monarch of Pushoverness have?”
“The power to be a pushover?”
“The power to be a doormat?”

Yoo Jaeha was screaming internally.

‘Why did they have to put such a shitty title out of all things?!’

These people were sneering at him in English since he was Asian, but he was an Ivy League graduate. Yoo Jaeha had no trouble understanding their English.

He looked ready to breathe fire out of his mouth.

‘I'm going to destroy that system artifact or whatever!’

Yoo Jaeha started to grind his teeth.
The Captain-nim and Seol-A had been making fun of him for being an Expert Pushover for a while.

It was okay right now since they were inside a tomb and disconnected from the outside world right now. He was certain they would make fun of him for at least a month if they found out that he really became the Monarch of Pushoverness.

They might even make fun of him forever.

‘Fuck, what do I do? Is there no way to change this before the Captain-nim comes out of the tomb?!’

Well, whatever.
The Monarch of Pushoverness was annoying, but there was a bigger concern right now.

[Artifact users are being hunted?]
[Who is responsible?]
[Is the Anti Terrorist NGO responsible for this?]
[Is it the work of talented Expert-Grade users who want to move up?]
[Is the Russian International Artifact Fair going to be dangerous?]

Yoo Jaeha was quite concerned about these articles.

But at that moment…

Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng. Over here, over here.

“Mm, mmph!”

Yoo Jaeha almost suffocated because of a pair of panties that suddenly covered his face.

Aaaaaaaaaahng, young man. The artifact the sir is looking for is here.

It was Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo's artifacts that Ju-Heon had sent flying.

Please hurry up and get the item before restoring us!

Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng.

“Mmmmmmmmmph, let guo of me you bwiitch!”

People inside the auction house started to talk after seeing Yoo Jaeha being dragged away by a pair of panties.

“My goodness, panties?”

The fact that Ong-Nyeo's artifact was following Yoo Jaeha as well was enough to make people scream.

We need to hurry up and make the sir happy! We need to!

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! What is this?!”
“How can there be such a frivolous artifact?”
“What kind of Monarch is this?”
“Is he really a Monarch?”

As Yoo Jaeha's image was falling… There were people who started to scoff at Jaeha.

“Oh, that damn Monarch of Pushoverness. He showed up here?”

There were some people observing Yoo Jaeha.

“That shit made us look bad last time.”
"We got him now.”

They were the official restorers and official appraisers.

The restorers were shamed in the White House. The appraisers ate shit because of Yoo Jaeha's work during the plane incident.

"We can probably bury the Monarch of Plunder with him if we find a way to bury him.”
“That bastard should also have Seo Ju-Heon's artifacts on him since he is Seo Ju-Heon's restorer.”

They started to smile wickedly.

Clang, clang!

As all of that was going on, it was quite a difficult path to get the central region of the tomb for the others.

Well, not Ju-Heon's group but TKBM and the other teams that had gotten the Excavation Rights.

“Fuck! Why are you acting like this?! Snap out of it!”

They were struggling earlier because of traps. Now, people who were fine just moments ago were starting to become unconscious one by one.

“I'm certain. Seo Ju-Heon is in here!”
“What? He really was here? Holy shit!”

They finally understood the severity of their situation.

They had not believed it at first, but it seemed to be getting clearer and clearer as they got closer to the central region of the tomb.

‘I’m certain. This is the Dominance of a Monarch.’

A Monarch’s Dominance that had definitely not been here earlier was starting to be felt.

Yoon Shi Woo pounded his chest in anger and started to swear as people chatted.

“I told you that that bastard from earlier was Seo Ju-Heon! You retards!”
“Fuck…… it really is that bastard?”

They were looking at a tower that was standing at the center of the city area.

They called it the Tower of Pride.

In this city area where the Tomb Appearance took place…

This tower in the center of the city was where the artifacts were located.

It seemed to be at least 50-stories tall. It was an extremely luxurious and elegant tower.

Of course, they still didn't know what artifact was in there, but…

“What I know for sure is that Seo Ju-Heon must have headed that way!”
“We can’t fall behind! Chase after him!”

As they expected, Ju-Heon's group was already inside the tower.

‘It did change a bit compared to the past.’

Ju-Heon kept his guard up while climbing this beautiful and radiant tower. That was why his Dominance had naturally started to flow out.

Julian started to speak.

“It looks like this tomb was a collaboration between multiple artifacts, similar to the Valley of the Kings.”

There were going to be multiple artifacts here.

‘That’s not weird since it is one of the Great Tombs.’

It was at that moment.

“Watch out!”

Julian shouted while Ju-Heon and Seol-A blocked the bullets heading toward them with artifacts.


[The artifact is being destroyed after receiving significant damage.]

The defense-type artifact was destroyed as easily as if it was tofu.

There was an overwhelming aura. The aura seemed quite strong.

Finally, an army appeared in front of them.

Clang. Clang.

The army looked like modern European troops.

Someone who was giving off an overbearing aura then appeared from within the soldiers.

[Listen, my soldiers. Listen, puny humans.]

The person who had appeared on a horse started to speak.

[Kill everyone who is taller than me.]

It was an extremely famous person.

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