Chapter 201: It is always darkest underneath the lamp (3)

Around the same time…

Irene was overhearing the conversations of the Pandora members who were gathered in France.

Of course, she had barged in after hearing that Pandora’s European branch was trying to harm Ju-Heon.

‘They're planning on taking care of Mr. Ju-Heon in this tomb?’

Irene started to frown.

It had not been difficult to come into Pandora’s France branch. Her brother was a member of Pandora.

Well…something that reminded her of Moses's miracle did happen too.

“T, the Monarch of Destitution!’
"Fuck, I mean, w, welcome ma’am!”
“Please enjoy your stay!”

The guards got out of her way on their own, allowing her to install a bug to eavesdrop on the information.

Buzz, buzz.

George Holten, who was freaking out about his younger sister’s radical actions, was getting anxious next to her.

“Irene. Who taught you all these terrible things……”
“Shh! I can't hear them.”

George, who was unintentionally cut off by Irene, felt as if he had received a major shock.

‘Our little girl has changed.’

It would probably hurt less than this to be slammed over and over in the head with a hammer. George's eyes filled with anger after thinking about the fact that the reason Irene was working so hard was for Seo Ju-Heon.

‘Seo Ju-Heon!’

Ju-Heon was definitely their benefactor.

Even though that was the case……

‘Our Irene…….’

George slammed his head a few times against the wall.

He would probably hire an assassin if he ever learned that the two of them had a relationship that went beyond just holding hands.

Either way, Irene was focusing on the ear-piece of the bug.

[That bastard Seo Ju-Heon will not be able to make it into the tomb this time.]

The European Pandora members seemed to have high expectations for this situation.

[Asia, America, Middle East… He made all of them eat shit. But we can’t let that happen to Europe. The Tomb Excavation will be a breeze as long as that bastard is not there.]
[The Excavation Rights were given to five teams this time?]
[Yes. They were given to the teams that offered the most money.]
[Regardless… Seo Ju-Heon, that damn thieving bastard… Things keep going wrong because of him.]
[Even civilians keep running into artifacts because of that bastard. That is not good.]
[What benefit would there be for those poor shitheads to get their hands on artifacts…….]
[Well, at least one of those five teams should end up getting the artifact in the Tomb of Pride. We can ignore Seo Ju-Heon.]

The members and excavation team captains started to sneer, but they soon heard another voice.

[Don't look down on Seo Ju-Heon.]
[That’s right. There’s no way that such an obsessed bastard would give up on the tomb. There’s no way that a cat would just pass by a fish shop.]

That might have been the reason that the people who had their tombs looted dry in the past quickly changed the direction of the conversation.

[First, please have them thoroughly investigate the company where Seo Ju-Heon is the major shareholder.]
[Even if the government and Pandora gave permission, how dare he try to sell artifacts for business without the Executive Board's permission.]
[Investigate and put just the right amount of obstacles to hinder his business.]
[You know that what we really mean is to completely destroy it in the end, right?]
[If anybody gives you shit, tell them it is the Secretary General’s orders. You can also say that this is the result of the desires of multiple royal families and presidents.]

Irene’s eyes started to burn with anger after hearing this.

‘What? Presidents? Royal families? Which countries are they from?’

Irene looked toward her older brother.

“Bro, which countries are trying to get in Mr. Ju-Heon's way?”
“……Is there any country that isn't trying to do that?”

That was true.

Well, the US seemed to be accommodating Ju-Heon after he recovered their artifacts, but…

‘The current US president is known for being capricious.'

“Seo Ju-Heon's name has been handed to Interpol already. Although it is not guaranteed to be the case, there are quite a lot of countries where Seo Ju-Heon is restricted from entering.”

That wasn't all.

“There are even talks of using beautiful women to seduce Seo Ju-Heon.”
“What did you say?!”

No matter what, the strengths of these countries were quite high.

Pandora's Directors were strong as well.

George Holten was doing everything he could as a Pandora member to cover for Ju-Heon, but……

‘I don’t have the strength to protect him.’

It happened at that moment.


Chloe quietly swore after seeing a message on her phone.

She must have received a message from one of the moles that George had planted.

“Miss Chloe? What’s wrong?”
“The US apparently sent the Special Forces out. They’re headed toward the hotel Seo Ju-Heon currently resides in. The Chinese government also seems to have sent people to Korea……”

Irene realized something after wondering why they would send people to those locations.

“They must be aiming for Mr. Ju-Heon's family members and close friends.”

She was certain. The farmers were working their asses off to take care of the Herb of Eternal Youth in Ju-Heon's temporary hotel residence.

As for Korea, that was where Inspector Kim and his wife, who could be considered parents to Ju-Heon, resided.

The thorough Ju-Heon would have handed them some artifacts to guard themselves, but there was no way that civilians would be able to defeat well-armed organizations.

George felt as if he was in an awkward situation as he started to speak.

"We should first inform Seo Ju-Heon……”
“No, please wait a moment. It’s fine to let him know, but……”

Irene started to frown while thinking about something.

‘I'm certain Mr. Ju-Heon might give up on this European tomb if he hears about this fact.’

Ju-Heon actually cared a lot for the people around him. Irene didn't want Ju-Heon to give up on his goal.

‘Right now is not the time for Mr. Ju-Heon to focus on such external affairs.’

That was probably why she asked the following.

“Oppa. Can you connect me with the US president and the Chinese leader?
“Huh? What are you planning on……Irene, are you?!”

Irene’s eyes were burning up in anger.

“Mr. Ju-Heon’s enemies are my enemies.”

And she was akin to the devil in present society.

Specialty, destroying the World Economy.

The Monarch of Destitution, no, the Monarch of Threats who had no problem swaying an entire country for her needs, started to contact someone.

“I'm sorry, but I'm here because I want to search through TKBM.”

The Monarch of Detection was there with a lot of Expert Detectors.

This woman seemed to be in her thirties. She looked as if she would make things quite difficult.

Furthermore, she was not here alone. She was with the soldiers sent by Pandora’s European branch.

TKBM's excavation team members looked quite upset at her appearance.

"Why is that woman here? We already passed our inspection.”
“That's true, but didn't she just say that she wants to search us?”
"Search our teams? Why?”
“I heard that they even sent Pandora’s system artifact to deal with the illegal excavation teams.
“What? That special artifact in Pandora?”

The Monarch of Detection started to speak after hearing them start to talk.

“I heard a rumor that Seo Ju-Heon might have infiltrated his way into your teams.”
“Ah, we heard that rumor as well. But it is just a rumor……”

The Monarch of Detection smiled viciously after hearing that.

“Are you sure you guys aren't just hiding Seo Ju-Heon?”

TKBM’s captains foamed at the mouth.

'What the hell did she just say? Who is hiding who?!’

How can she say that when there are quite a lot of people here grinding their teeth in anger because of Seo Ju-Heon even now?!

“Why the hell would we hide Seo Ju-Heon?!”
"Is this bitch crazy?!”
“Please cooperate with me if that is not the case.”

Seol-A looked toward Ju-Heon with a gaze that seemed to be asking if this was okay.
‘The Detectors are a problem, but we will be discovered right away if it really is the Pandora system artifact.’

Being caught here would lead to dealing with the thousands of European soldiers the Monarch of Detection brought with her. TKBM was there as well. If they added the other excavation teams to the equation as well…….

‘We’ll lose quite a lot of time.’

It was dangerous even if they had two Monarchs on their side.

But both Ju-Heon and Julian looked as if things were okay.

‘TKBM would not let them search unless they’ve gone crazy.’

TKBM's members did indeed look quite upset.

This was the normal reaction. What the Monarch of Detection was saying was pretty much that she wanted to install a CCTV on people on the same side. How could they feel good about this?

“Ah, whatever! Get lost. You would loot all information about the artifacts in our possession if you search us. Do you really think we would allow you to do that?!”
“Listen carefully. Do you really think we are retards who wouldn't even know if Seo Ju-Heon snuck in?”

‘Aren't you? You don't know that I am here. You didn't realize it.’

The corners of Ju-Heon’s lips were twitching while Julian had his hand on his forehead as if things were starting to get complicated. TKBM shouted as Ju-Heon expected them to react.

“We don’t need your help so get lost with your little lackeys! We need to head into the tomb now!”

The Monarch of Detection started to sneer.

"Seo Ju-Heon isn't here? Are you joking? I can feel the Dominance of Monarchs inside this excavation team.

Seol-A urgently peeked toward Ju-Heon and Julian with only her eyeballs.
She might not be there, but Julian and Ju-Heon were definitely Monarchs.

Both of them were hiding their auras, but……

‘Did they figure it out?’

The Monarch of Detection’s sharp gaze was around the area where Ju-Heon and Julian were standing.

She was looking only at that vicinity.

Julian seemed anxious after hearing what she had to say as well.

‘No. Both Seo Ju-Heon and I have hid our aura perfectly.’

The two of them definitely had enough skills to do that. Of course, he couldn't hide and reveal his aura over and over as Ju-Heon did.

The Monarch of Detection viciously laughed at that moment.

“The Monarch of Fate prophesized that he would show up here. Seo Ju-Heon is definitely among these people.”

Julian started to frown.

‘Ah, Monarch of Fate, you son of a bitch.’

Ju-Heon seemed to be feeling the same way.

‘I need to really drag that motherfucker out and fuck him up.’

He then started to glare.

TKBM hesitated a bit after hearing about the Monarch of Fate, but they soon started to speak.

“Fuck the Monarch of Fate, do you really think we don’t know this is just a ploy to gather information about our excavation team?”
“My goodness, you sirs are difficult to chat with.”

She then activated her artifact of detection.


[An aura that detects everything is approaching from the side.]

An aura that was like a tentacle swept the excavation teams from the side.

The excavation teams to the right of Ju-Heon started to scream.

They couldn't see anything but Julian could see that they were all being attacked by something long.

“Ahhhh, what is this?!”

They were throwing up in pain.

“Ahhh, it's weird. This feels weird!”
“Baaaarf, it feels terrible!”

Ju-Heon and Julian both started to frown.

‘Are they really using the Pandora system artifact?’

The artifact of detection activated once more at that moment!

“T, that bitch!”

The artifact of detection did not touch Ju-Heon once again.

The only area left now was the section Ju-Heon was standing in.

The Monarch of Detection triumphantly started to laugh.

“Just one section left now.”

It was her fault if she couldn't find Seo Ju-Heon here.

‘We need to crush that bastard here in Europe.’

She had to return a ton of money to the European government if she failed.

Maybe that was the reason.

[The artifact of detection is descending.]

“Come out, Seo Ju-Heon!”

The artifact activated again and Seol-A tightly grabbed Ju-Heon's hand.


Julian, who was also concerned about being found out, was about to activate an artifact.
The hundreds of top-tier artifact users around them would all turn into enemies if the truth was revealed.

Being surrounded would be a headache.

‘This ended up a bit dangerous.’

The artifact of detection was spreading out through the entire base camp!


The moment the aura of detection descended on Ju-Heon…

[You are being exposed to an upsetting gaze that is searching your body.]
[The eye of detection is searching your entire body.]
[The Crow's power is being exposed to the enemy.]
[The hand of detection is starting to squeeze the Crow's body.]

Ju-Heon felt something disgusting as soon as he saw the messages.

It felt even worse than another man touching his body. It was quite interesting.

‘Is the artifact a male-type artifact?’

Ju-Heon definitely felt something at that moment. He could feel the Crow surrounding him starting to go wild, as if it didn’t like this either.

Julian instantly noticed it and telepathically sent Ju-Heon a message.

[Suppress your aura! Hurry!]

However, Ju-Heon just smiled at him.

‘Suppress my aura my ass.’

Instead, Ju-Heon released the roaring Demon God, the Crow's power.



A chaotic and vicious aura suddenly burst out.

The Monarch of Detection suddenly felt a creepy sensation.

‘What the heck? What is this?’

Of course, Ju-Heon had not released his Dominance or an artifact.

It was something that only the woman who was using the artifact of detection could sense. Nobody other than her would be able to see or feel this sensation.

That wild aura then went berserk, as if it was going to eat her up.

This strength was completely different than most Divine-Grade artifacts!

She clearly saw it. She saw Ju-Heon's gaze as he handled that chillingly scary and fearsome aura as if it was nothing.


The Crow's aura attacked her as Ju-Heon's eyes flashed. It was as if a Crow was roaring.

Her entire body started to shake. She suddenly had a thought.

‘I'm going to be eaten up.’

And that thought became reality.

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