Chapter 198: I won’t give it to you (4)

The Kwon siblings and TKBM's Vice Captain Yang Chen were inside as he had expected.

Jaeha, who was disguised as Chloe, peeked toward Yang Chen.

Yoo Jaeha wouldn’t know that Yang Chen was the one who had betrayed them as he didn't have his old memories, but……

‘I don’t like this guy for some reason.’

Maybe it was because they met as enemies, but he didn't know why he didn't like this guy who looked sharp and talented. In fact, he should really hate people like Ju-Heon who had it all. Maybe his body was reacting subconsciously.

‘Well, it doesn't matter.’

The important one was Chairman Kwon.

‘I will touch that old bastard as I please……no, I will send him to his end.’

Chairman Kwon was staring at Jaeha as he smiled wickedly.

“Y, yes?”

Yoo Jaeha’s heart sank as his gaze seemed serious.

‘Was I already found out?’

Chairman Kwon was a starving mummy right now, but he still was a Monarch.

This man was the one even Ju-Heon was wary of because he had a sudden increase in his Dominance. Chairman Kwon squinted for a moment before lying down.

“Nevermind. Go ahead.”

Yoo Jaeha, no, Chloe, sighed in relief before shamelessly asking.

“H, how is the patient’s condition?”
“It is serious. We cannot heal him without an S-Grade or higher healing artifact.”

‘Well, I'm sure.’

Chairman Kwon truly seemed terrible. His cheeks were sunk in and he was completely shriveled up as if he only weighed about 30kg.

‘I'm surprised that this crazy bastard is still alive.’

It was most certainly because of the Achilles’s Armor that this mummy had around him.

This was as Ju-Heon has mentioned.

‘Chairman Kwon's illness is from a typical artifact side effect.’

He didn't know much about it, but < Artifact Side Effect >… This was what happened when someone used an artifact improperly.

If they overused an artifact, used too many artifacts at once, used it for too long, or used an artifact that is not suited for that person, etc…

Basically, they would get sick for not knowing their limits.

‘Chairman Kwon used his immortality artifact for close to three weeks. He went overboard.’

Furthermore, Achilles’s Armor might be an immortal armor, but that immortality was focused on injuries. It probably went berserk because he was trying to use that armor to prevent dying from starvation.

‘He seems to have used numerous artifacts for survival in addition to the immortality artifact.’

Things might normally be different, but his stamina had fallen significantly because he had been stuck in the coffin. Getting sick was an obvious result of trying to use too many artifacts in that condition.

‘He said that something like cancer cells would grow in a person's body in that situation.’

Chairman Kwon apparently had a lump in his body created by artifacts.
That lump would push out all food and drinks Chairman Kwon consumed.

Basically, Chairman Kwon would continue to remain as a mummy unless that cancerous lump was removed with an artifact.

The TKBM employee asked Yoo Jaeha a question at that moment.

“Umm, will he be okay?”

Yoo Jaeha smiled brightly.

“Please don’t worry. I only need three minutes.”

‘I'll send you to hell in three minutes.’ Yoo Jaeha smiled in secret before untying a scarf on his bag.

It was a scarf that could be worn around the head, neck, or waist, but…


The scarf turned into a scalpel once he channeled his Dominance.

This was Nightingale's artifact…well, the curse artifact disguised as Nightingale's artifact.

As Yoo Jaeha was about to activate the artifact…

“! ! !”

Yoo Jaeha almost fainted while looking out the window.

‘T, that punk!’

Is it going well? Is it?

He saw the rope jumping up and down by the window. It was that punk that was covered in Korean wormwood and garlic!

Yoo Jaeha turned pale.

‘T, that punk is getting in my way!’

Well, it wasn't actually getting in his way. The rope seemed as if it had something to say.

Something is suspicious here! Suspicious!

The rope desperately tried to call out to Yoo Jaeha.
But there was no way Yoo Jaeha would be able to hear the rope’s voice.

And at that moment…

“Is there something outside?”
“! ! ! !”

Yoo Jaeha quickly shook his head after hearing Chairman Kwon's voice.

‘He’ll become suspicious if he sees the rope.’

It was camouflaged as metal right now, but the rope was still a rope. There was no way Chairman Kwon would not know about the rope that was always by Ju-Heon's side.

Yoo Jaeha quickly walked over to the window.

“T, the sun is getting in my way. Please let me close the curtains.”

The rope stuck to the window and continued to call out to Yoo Jaeha.

Something is weird. Weird. You should hurry.

Yoo Jaeha peeked to make sure nobody was looking.

“Don’t bother me, you idiot!’

Yoo Jaeha sighed and closed the curtains.

[#$&! !]

“Okay, let's get started.”

Yoo Jaeha immediately activated the artifact.


But at that moment…


Yoo Jaeha's expression changed once he touched Chairman Kwon's body.

And at that moment…



Chairman Kwon's body flashed and the treatment room burst away.

Yoo Jaeha realized it at that moment.

‘These bastards set a trap!’

His sight soon became blurry.

“Lee Seol-A. Let me just say that I'm sorry for you.”

Seol-A's eyes opened wide while looking at Chloe who was setting up her new phone.

"What are you talking about?”

Chloe calmly said something while turning on her phone.

“The Monarch of Destitution is stuck to the Captain-nim. You have no chance of success.”

Chloe started to sneer after seeing Seol-A become angry. Seol-A started to shake while looking at that annoying sneer.

She had forgotten about it because of the incident in the final tomb, but she was now certain.

‘She really isn't on my side!’

Chloe and Seol-A had hated each other since long ago.

That was the same right now.

“I'll do everything I can to support the Monarch of Destitution, so good luck on your own.”

Chloe just started to pout while looking at her cellphone number.

‘This is a mess now.’

It truly was, since she was part of the anti-artifacts faction that didn't like artifact users.


‘I didn't know things would be like this.’

Although her memories had returned, she still had to consider her current situation. It was similar to how Seol-A had been working for China. And how Julian was the Captain of the Miller Excavation team.

But there was a reason her situation was different than theirs.

Seol-A and Julian were still part of excavation teams, even if they were affiliated with different ones.


‘It's complicated for me to be with artifact users.’

Seol-A looked at Chloe at that moment.

“You’re not going to betray the Captain-nim because you are part of the anti-artifacts faction, are you?”
“Depends on how the Captain does.”

Seol-A immediately started to growl but Chloe just sighed while looking at Ju-Heon who was on the phone.

She could clearly see Ju-Heon’s condition because her artifact allowed her eyes to see people as patients.

Headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress, etc.

Artifact Side Effect would happen more frequently the more a person used high-grade artifacts, but how stupidly had he been using Divine-Grade artifacts?

‘I don’t think he has any right to sneer at Chairman Kwon for struggling with Artifact Side Effect.’

He didn’t seem to have tomb syndrome as he did in the past, but Ju-Heon needed to stop using artifacts as he pleased and get thorough treatment and maintenance.

It would turn into a serious illness if he left it alone.

‘I have no choice.’

This person was someone who never showed his pain to others in the past as well.

It might be best described as the pain of a patient with terminal cancer. Even though he should have been in so much pain that just standing up should have been seen as a miracle, this captain of theirs never showed it if he thought his subordinates would become worried.

‘I'm sure it's the same this time as well.’

Chloe could not forget how Ju-Heon had coughed up blood in pain in her treatment center.
Maybe that was the reason, but now that she had gained back her memories… Chloe started to record Ju-Heon's condition.

She could hear Ju-Heon sneer without any malice next to her.

"What, you’re going to be my personal doctor this time too?”

Chloe glared at Ju-Heon before sighing.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. You won't be able to get any doctor because of your terrible personality, so I'm just going to look after you a few times for our past relationship.”
"Well, fine. What about the Monarch of Healing?”
“Benjani was my friend, but she’ll probably sell me to TKBM in a few years. She’ll do it so that she could become a Monarch.”

Chloe sighed. She wondered why she lived like that in the past, but it was old… No, it was a future that had not happened yet.

More importantly…

“I'm amazed that our Monarch of Fraud went to Chairman Kwon.”

He might have been the Monarch of Fraud in the past, but he was now the Monarch of Pushoverness.

“Are you sure he’s okay? Don’t you need to go help him? His GPS location disappeared as well……”

Ju-Heon seemed a bit serious as he scratched his cheek while thinking about how Yoo Jaeha's location had disappeared.

“I guess it really might be dangerous with that old bastard.”

At the same time…

“Did you take care of Chloe?”

In a treatment room a bit away from the room Yoo Jaeha had been in… The real Chairman Kwon and his family were in there.

The employees gave their report.

“Reporting in. We succeeded in using the trap to capture Chloe as planned.”
“Hahaha, good job.”

Chairman Kwon started to laugh.

“We can’t let a precious artifact user who walked in on her own accord just leave like that.”

Chairman Kwon had no plans on making a deal with Chloe in the first place.


“I don't need her when I was able to contact the woman who would become the Monarch of Healing.”

The Monarch of Healing had connected him to a woman named Benjani.
Chairman Kwon was slowly gathering people around him.

They would become his strength to become the Monarch among Monarchs.

“And that woman, Chloe. I heard she was the one responsible for taking out some of our TKBM members. I'm sure she came here with some kind of evil plot.”

He found her despicable.

But it was also true that Chloe was a very rare artifact user.

In that case…

‘I just need to forcibly Dominate her with my artifact.’

He would be able to Dominate her with his artifact of conquest.

“Bring that woman here. I’ll use my artifact of conquest to turn her into my slave. Having more healing-types is always better!”
“We brought her, sir!”

A TKBM employee brought a slumped over woman.

This was Yoo Jaeha, no, Chloe, whose clothes were ripped in multiple places and whose body was a bloody mess because of the explosion.

Chairman Kwon was quite satisfied. The way she was barely breathing was nice to look out.

"Alright, bring her here……”

But at that moment…

The subordinate who had brought Chloe over grabbed Chairman Kwon’s arm.

Yang Chen and the siblings’ eyes opened wide.

“Hey, what are you……?!”

Yang Chen realized that something was wrong.

“That bastard, is he?!”

Yang Chen quickly grabbed the man who was holding onto Chairman Kwon by the hair and pulled.


The man was in pain but Yang Chen immediately used an artifact.

It was the truth artifact!

The man’s skin started to boil and the face that appeared was none other than…

“You scammer bastard!”

It was Yoo Jaeha.

‘Had he transformed into that employee?!’

And the fact that this bastard was here must mean that……


He looked toward Chloe with a shocked expression. He then started to grind his teeth as he ran toward Yoo Jaeha.

“That woman is a trap! She’s a fake created by da Vinci's artifact! Get rid of her! This bastard is the real one!”
“Excuse me?!”

The subordinates and the three siblings grabbed Yoo Jaeha, who was in front of Chairman Kwon, after hearing Yang Chen shout.


Yoo Jaeha was immediately pressed down and captured by the subordinates.

“Damn it……!”

The subordinates sneered at him.

“You stupid idiot! Where do you think you’re at?!”
“Hurry up and drag this bastard away! Hand him over to Pandora! Tell them to arrest him for coming after the Chairman-nim's artifacts!”

Something happened at that moment.

“! ! !”

The voice they heard came from the slumped over Chloe.

Yang Chen and his subordinates freaked out while looking at the Yoo Jaeha they had captured.

"Was this the fake?!”

The person who looked like Chloe quickly used an artifact.


The curse artifact was activated and Chairman Kwon screamed before he fainted.

“C, Chairman-nim!”
“That bastard!”

They grinded their teeth and captured ‘Chloe’.


“V, Vice Captain-nim! This!”

Chloe wasn't the real one either. The proof of that was the fact that Chloe’s face was starting to fall apart.

Yang Chen started to grind his teeth after seeing this happen.

‘Both of them were fakes!’

They had been had.

Yang Chen became desperate.

“Fuck! Ring the alarm! The pushover bastard is hiding somewhere in here!”
“Let Pandora know about this!”

The hospital turned into a mess.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered.

“Huh? “Uhh, uhh? O, over there, a helicopter!”

The Monarch of Fraud had fled on Chairman Kwon's helicopter that had been on the hospital roof a long time ago.

[Oh, is that so? You succeeded?]
[Yes yes yes yes yes, I did a great job, right?! You should really give me a bonus. You should also set me up on a blind date. Hahahahahahah]

Yoo Jaeha, who had received a reply from Ju-Heon, was jumping up and down in joy.

“Kyaa, it’s a good thing I've been abused by the Captain-nim so much."

Being abused by Ju-Heon must have been effective as he successfully completed this mission.
Yoo Jaeha had used a defense-type artifact as soon as he realized Chairman Kwon was a fake before completing this mission.

‘The important thing is that I managed to put a curse on Chairman Kwon's immortal body.’

They might even be able to destroy that annoying Achilles’ Armor if they did everything right.

The rope who was piloting the helicopter flashed its eyes and handed something to him while he was laughing.

Restore this for me! Restore it!

The rope's eyes were flashing as it handed the garlic and Korean wormwood artifact to Yoo Jaeha.

‘Well, the fact that this punk is covering its body in garlic and Korean wormwood is… Okay, let’s say that’s fine.


Aigoo, you bastard, you’re too much. Just eat me.

I'm not meant for something like this.

Even if an artifact ate the garlic and Korean wormwood artifact, it wasn't cruelly eating a fellow artifact; it was similar to eating the fruits of the Herb of Eternal Youth.

A simple comparison would be like giving some hair.


Aigoo, my head. My head.

The garlic and Korean wormwood that had become bald in a way were crying in pain.

My hair won't grow back like this, you bastard.

But the rope didn’t care as its eyes flashed while reeking of garlic and Korean wormwood.

I'll give this to you as compensation if you restore it. I'll give this to you.

The rope was holding a picture of Ju-Heon.

Restore their hair! Do it!

Yoo Jaeha was in disbelief while understanding what the rope wanted him to do.

‘Is it really thinking about rubbing these things on its body for 100 days………’

“Yoo Jaeha succeeded.”
“Really? That’s unexpected!”

Ju-Heon was very satisfied.

“Now then, how about we test it out.”

What Ju-Heon took out was unexpectedly a remote control.

They wondered what it was, but this was the matching set for the curse artifact that Yoo Jaeha had activated in Chairman Kwon's body.

[14-Sided drinking game dice of the Silla nobles (Punishment dice) (B-Grade: Rare-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

The moment he pressed a button on the remote…

[The dice that has risen in level thanks to the power of Wrath is able to act as an S-Grade artifact.]
[The 14-sided dice is starting to roll.]
[The dice has stopped.]
[< Multiple people hit your nose > has been rolled.]

Ju-Heon started to smile.

He should be able to check on the TV whether the curse worked properly. The problem was that in order to loot the Tomb of Pride……

‘I need to trick the eyes of the EU, UN, and Pandora……’

They had put quite a lot of things to prevent him from getting in.

‘How can I get past their thorough surveillance…’

Something happened at that moment.


Ju-Heon smiled while looking at the text message he received.

[Mr. Han Ji-Sang. Congratulations on passing TKBM's open recruitment.]

Ju-Heon started to smile.

“Good. It’s about time to go loot the Tomb of Pride.”

The attack of the Tomb Raiding team.

The bastards who would make Chairman Kwon blow up in anger if he knew what they were doing started to move.

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