Chapter 197: I won’t give it to you (3)

The first thing she saw was a pair of beautiful blue eyes.


Seol-A grabbed Chloe's hands as soon as she opened her eyes.

There were many memories of bickering with each other, but they were still teammates. There was no way she wouldn’t be happy to see her.

This was especially the case while thinking about what had happened in that final tomb!

"Are you okay now?”

Chloe didn’t know what to do and just hugged Seol-A back. But there was someone who caught her attention as she did that.

It was Ju-Heon.

“You're awake?”

Chloe’s expression changed as soon as she saw Ju-Heon.


[Seo Ju-Heon is the enemy. Seo Ju-Heon is the enemy.]
[I'm going to kill you… I'm going to kill you.]

The hypnosis placed by the woman who used the spider artifact was etched deep in her mind.

It had happened while she was drinking beer in Northern Canada.

‘You know Seo Ju-Heon, right?’

Chloe put a hand on her forehead as she thought about that woman.

[The power of the Supreme Leader artifact that remains in her brain is flailing around.]

Chloe’s eyes flashed and she tried to attack Ju-Heon. She was extremely quick.


As Julian and Seol-A tried to suppress Chloe… Ju-Heon quickly put his hand on her forehead and used his skill.

‘Artifact Destruction!’



There was a bright flash in front of Chloe’s eyes and something surprising happened.

[Artifact Destruction destroyed the brainwashing artifact etched in her brain.]
[The Supreme Leader artifact’s power is starting to disappear.]
[It is disappearing.]

A bug popped out of Chloe's neck and Ju-Heon destroyed a pair of sunglasses after seeing Chloe in pain.

The sunglasses started to scream.

[Aaaaaaaaaaah! I'm going to get you arrested for animal abuse! I'll do it!]

It was Thoth, the Crested Ibis.

Thoth, the god of wisdom, was being choked by Ju-Heon.

[Let go of me!!]

“Shut up. This properly got rid of the Supreme Leader bastard’s aura, right?”

[Yes! I used a purification artifact to get rid of the Supreme Leader's aura from that woman’s body! I did it so let go of me, chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirp!]

Thoth fluttered its wings as if it was dying.

‘Fuck, they’ll execute me if anybody from the Supreme Leader's faction finds out about this!’

But Ju-Heon just threw the Crested Ibis aside as if he was done with it.

He seemed extremely cruel. Of course, this was because Ju-Heon was only focused on Chloe right now.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan's thoughts should have disappeared now.’

It was obvious that Zhen Cai Yuan, that psycho woman, had done something weird.

But it should be okay now.

Thankfully, that was the case.

“……C, Captain-nim?”

Chloe looked shocked while looking at Ju-Heon.

It was because she figured out who this person in front of her actually was.

The Monarch of Plunder who was causing quite the stir in the world right now… The enemy of all monopolizers… All those memories didn’t matter now that she saw Ju-Heon with her own eyes.

This person was not that infamous Seo Ju-Heon but their one and only Captain.

And at that moment!


Chloe grabbed Ju-Heon's collar.

“C, Chloe?!”

Seol-A and Julian became anxious. But they didn't have the time to stop Chloe from taking Ju-Heon down.


“Kyaaaa! Captain-nim!”

Chloe got on top of Ju-Heon and took Ju-Heon's top off as if it was urgent. She then caressed Ju-Heon’s body with shaking hands.

The condition of his heart, his pulse… Chloe seemed to be checking the condition of Ju-Heon's body.

Chloe's hands were moving like the hands of a nurse who needed to take care of an emergency situation.

“Hold on, Chloe?”

Seol-A approached her after figuring that out, but Chloe's hands did not stop moving. In fact, her eyes were seeing something else.

In that final tomb… She recalled seeing this person die. Blood was dripping out, all of his bones were broken, and he was on the verge of death.

As the memory of Ju-Heon, who was about to die, overlapped with this current Ju-Heon…

Chloe opened Ju-Heon’s eyes and inspected his pupils.

“Hold on… Chloe!”

Seol-A became anxious. Ju-Heon must have thought that she would end up pulling his eye out as he tightly grabbed Chloe's soft hands.
He then said the following.

“It’s okay. I'm fine right now.”

Chloe started to grind her teeth.

“There’s no way you're fine! With those injuries……!”

She was viciously glaring at Ju-Heon. The gaze was so vicious that people might think that she was looking at Ju-Heon as if he was the enemy.

But Ju-Heon didn't seem to care much about it. It was because he knew that Chloe would not betray him.


“Yes yes. I know I did something that would make you hold a grudge.”

‘A grudge?’

Seol-A and Julian’s eyes opened wide as they tilted their heads in confusion.

Ju-Heon didn't care and just continued to speak.

“That’s why you can hate me all you want. But you need to sign……ugh.”

Chloe didn't seem to be listening as she continued to rip Ju-Heon's clothes off.

Ju-Heon was a bloodied patient in Chloe's eyes right now.

‘His organs are being destroyed by the artifacts’ auras.’

Chloe immediately tried to activate her artifact. Well, the surroundings started to get rowdy because there was a woman straddling a man and ripping his clothes off.

Even Julian was blushing while Seol-A was starting to shake.

Ju-Heon's comment landed the final blow.

“Hey, I know you're happy to see me, but you can’t do this in a public place.”
“HOLD……! Chloe! S, stop it!”

Chloe pushed Seol-A away when Seol-A tried to grab her.

“What are you telling me to stop?! Why are you acting like this?! This is not the time to be fussy that you don’t like this because he is YOUR Captain-nim…!”
“No, Chloe! Take a closer look!”

The angry Chloe started to freak out. Ju-Heon slowly started to look different to Chloe's eyes.


The bloodied face of a man in his late thirties slowly started to look younger.

There was color to the face that was as pale as a vampire’s face, the wrinkles started to disappear, and even the dark circles that made it seem as if he had make-up on were gone as well. Furthermore, he was actually quite cute……?


Chloe plopped down in shock after seeing an unfamiliar Ju-Heon.

Well, her plopping down just landed her on top of Ju-Heon's stomach, but well…

A shocked Chloe started to shout.

“W, who are you?”

‘Who else would I be?’

“Are your eyes just for show? It’s me, Seo Ju-Heon.”

Chloe looked as if she had just heard that a friend she had been close to for ten years was actually part of the royal family of some country.

“Are you crazy?! The Seo Ju-Heon I know doesn’t look like this! he’s older, looks like a zombie corpse…….has no manners…”

‘What the hell did she just say?’

Chloe looked Ju-Heon up and down from head to toe before asking a question.

“C, Captain. You’ve become young again?”
“Ho, I guess you can finally see properly.”

Chloe seemed to not believe what she was seeing as she grabbed Ju-Heon's cheeks and seemed to be inspecting his face.

‘Why does he look like this? What did he eat? What the hell did I miss?’

That was what the gaze seemed to be saying.

Chloe seriously looked at Ju-Heon.

“You used another weird artifact again, didn't you?”
“Did you eat something weird without my knowledge?”
“Then you screwed someone over again!”
“I always do that.”

‘Well, that is true, but!’

Ju-Heon started to speak to the chaotic Chloe.

“It’s fine, you don’t need to worry about it. It is a return to youth without any side effects.”
“……You’re lying! It’s obvious you messed with another weird artifact without caring about your body…”

It was at that moment.

“Chloe, I know what you are feeling since I've experienced it as well, but calm down.”

It was Julian's voice.

A shocked Chloe started to look around. She realized that this was not that final tomb and that both Julian and Seol-A were fine as well.

All of them looked oddly younger. Julian was young, and Seol-A looked extremely beautiful as she was in her prime.


‘The Monarch of Destitution?!’

Chloe started to shake in reflex, as if she had seen the grim reaper. She then protected her wallet out of reflex as well.

“W, what is going on?’

It happened at that moment.


Chloe received some text messages.

[Chloe, is the deal with Chairman Kwon going well?]
[The executives have high expectations for you.]

They were messages from Benjani, the future Monarch of Healing, and her teammates in the anti-artifact faction.

As Chloe was about to respond…

Something happened.


Her phone had disappeared from her hand.


[Get lost. I'm not going to play with you guys anymore.]

Ju-Heon had instantly sent a message. Chloe started to scream.

"Captain! W, what the hell?!”

Chloe quickly tried to send a different message but Ju-Heon ruthlessly destroyed her phone and started to smile.

His smile looked quite wicked.

He quickly started to speak.

“How dare you hang out with not just Anti Terrorists but also the Monarch of Healing.”

Ju-Heon started to sneer. Ju-Heon became angry just thinking about how he had almost been killed by those hunters aiming for artifact users.
Furthermore, the future Monarch of Healing who went around spreading viruses left and right?

"Well, that’s your situation so whatever, but you even thought about working with Chairman Kwon.”

Chloe turned pale. She was still not used to the memories and sensations that returned to her, but……

‘I'm getting tired. I'm certain.’

She was instinctively feeling fear.

Maybe that was the reason. Chloe calmly looked away.

“Sorry, I have something I need to do. I think I need some time to think things ov…”
"Where do you think you’re going?”

Ju-Heon soon started to shake the item that he would call a contract but should really be called a slave contract.

"Shut up and sign this first. I will not forgive you if you run away.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

This was the time he got an additional slave.

“Huh? The artifact’s power disappeared.”

Location: Hong Kong. Zhen Cai Yuan's eyes opened wide after feeling her power disappear.

She was currently in an open-air hot spring. Her body was covered by the water vapor, but she had a slim waist and a voluptuous chest.

Even her peach-like butt was not completely covered.

The only thing that stood out was the scar on her smooth back.

This was the symbol of the curse she had received from Ju-Heon last time. She started to smile with curiosity while bathing in a special hot tub to get rid of that curse.
Well, part of the reason she chose this place was because she had heard that Ju-Heon enjoyed spending time in hot tubs, but…

"Seo Ju-Heon is the only one who can destroy my power.”

That man was the only person who could take her on. That was why she was smiling in joy.

‘Chloe Laurent……I messed with her brain a bit because it seemed pretty obvious that Seo Ju-Heon would look for her.’

That was right. She had read Ju-Heon's actions from the moment she heard that Chairman Kwon was looking for Chloe.
Of course, she didn’t know that Chloe was a former teammate of Ju-Heon's. But the important thing was that Seo Ju-Heon would not sit back and let the woman who could help Chairman Kwon heal him.

That was why she had met Chloe in Canada and pulled a small prank.

She had done so after eating a brainwashing-type artifact user who would be called the ‘Disposal Unit’ in the future to get his powers.

That was how she had been able to brainwash her to have malice toward Seo Ju-Heon.

‘But he took care of my prank so easily.’

Seo Ju-Heon. At first, she had thought he was a stupid kid who didn't think things through.

‘He’s actually a wild beast.’

His obsession with artifacts, his greed, his need to always win… His passion was hotter than anybody else but he was also extremely rational and cold. He was like a wild beast that did not show its fangs unless it needed to do so.

The way he had looked at her as if he loathed her… How he had completely ignored her…

‘Things would be really bad if that bastard really got the Monarch's Heirloom.’

Although she knew she shouldn’t do it, Zhen Cai Yuan had sent a lot of useless e-mails and text messages to Ju-Heon.

Business, curses, threats, they were all different. Even the e-mail address and numbers she used were all different.

‘But he just ignored them all.’

This lady, who had been completely ignored, was shivering in excitement just thinking about Ju-Heon. Irene and Seol-A might have glared at her with murderous intent and anger if they saw this, but it didn't matter.

‘What do I need to do to gain Seo Ju-Heon's interest?’

Zhen Cai Yuan was smiling as if she had gotten a dangerous toy.

And at that same time…

“Hey, you punk. You stink! Go away!”

Yoo Jaeha, who had been heading to Chairman Kwon, tried to shoo the rope that was following him away.

But the rope just happily jumped onto Yoo Jaeha's shoulder.

Master told me not to leave you alone! Master told me!

Yoo Jaeha was placed in an awkward situation while looking at the rope bobbing up and down.

He couldn't understand it, but he could at least tell that it was trying to do something praiseworthy……

‘But not like this!’

Yoo Jaeha felt as if he would die because of the smell of garlic and Korean wormwood.

He wanted to ask why it was using those things as if they were body lotion, but Yoo Jaeha was getting a headache as he had an idea as to why it was doing it.

‘Aigoo. I'm the sinner, I'm the sinner.’

He was certain that he told the rope at some point that there were artifacts that could turn it into a human, but……

‘But still, not garlic and Korean wormwood!’

The sharp Yoo Jaeha who knew about the Dangun myths would definitely know about the abilities of this garlic and Korean wormwood artifact.

‘This smell could really kill someone.’

It was at that moment.

“Miss Chloe? Where are you?”

Yoo Jaeha looked toward the rope after hearing the employee calling for him.

"Ah it's fine, you stay here! Come when I tell you to come!”

[#$&? ?]
Huh, why? Why?

Yoo Jaeha grumbled before walking into Chairman Kwon's room to proceed with the plan.

Yoo Jaeha carefully touched the artifact inside his pocket that Ju-Heon gave him.

‘I will use this curse artifact on that old bastard.’

Chairman Kwon was an old bastard they could not kill until now because of his Achilles’s Armor. But this was the artifact that could send Chairman Kwon off forever.

And finally…

"Father, I think the healer is finally here.”

The Kwon siblings and Yang Chen were inside.


“Oh, you’re here. Please come and try to heal me.”

The mummy Chairman Kwon was here as well.

‘I'm fucked if they find out, totally fucked.’

Yoo Jaeha gulped and approached Chairman Kwon.

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