Chapter 194: Shut up and hand it over (6)

Ju-Heon was looking at the rope’s face.

He was taking a very good look at the girl's face for some reason.

‘What the hell, is she his type or something?’

Yoo Jaeha was wondering why his captain was acting like this now, but he just nodded his head.

‘It’s not like this guy will have bad thoughts about humans anyway.’

Irene and Seol-A wouldn't sit back and just watch either.

The rope continued to whimper for Jaeha to let her go.

‘Let go of me! Let go of me!’

She had not noticed when she was a rope, but the human body she got by using an A-Grade artifact was too weak. She couldn't move when it was Yoo Jaeha of all people holding her down!

The rope had fallen into a state of shock but it didn't matter.

“Huh? Hey, hey! Sit still!”

As she continued to flail around…


The construction tarp that the girl was wearing had fallen off.


Her white naked body was revealed.

Both Yoo Jaeha and Ju-Heon's eyes opened in shock at this sudden event.


Seol-A, who was the most shocked, was the first to scream.

“Kyaaaaaa! She’s not wearing anything underneath!”

She quickly took off her jumper and chased after the rope. The girl's long hair covered her body a bit but Seol-A couldn't help it because this was a little girl.

“Hey little girl! Come over here! You can't run around like that!”

But the rope didn't find that important as she started to run in a straight line to be hugged by Ju-Heon.

“C, Captain-nim!”
“Watch out!”

Unfortunately, none of that mattered.

“Woah, woah, stop, stop.”

She was stopped by Ju-Heon this time.
Ju-Heon grabbed the rope’s small head with one hand.

“Hey hey, I told you to stop.”

The rope who had been marching straight toward Ju-Heon was moving her legs but not actually going anywhere.

The short rope couldn't help but be caught by Ju-Heon who was quite tall.

But the rope did not give up.

‘I'm going to get a hug.’

Her eyes seemed as if they were on fire.

Of course, she was in a human body right now. There was no way Ju-Heon would be pushed back when she was not in her extremely strong rope form.

“Hey hey. I told you to stop. I don’t like being hugged by some random person.”

The rope realized her mistake and quickly looked for something to write with.

It would be easy to tell Ju-Heon her identity if she wrote it!


“My goodness, even a worm would write better than this.”
"What the hell did she write?”

The rope was shocked.
Her handwriting must have been extremely terrible when writing with human hands.

‘W, what do I do?’

An anxious rope started to look around. She then came up with an idea and suddenly attacked Yoo Jaeha.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing? Hey!”

She had borrowed Yoo Jaeha’s phone!

The rope’s eyes flashed as she typed out a message.

‘Does this work? Does it?! It’s me, it’s me!’

She thought that Yoo Jaeha or Ju-Heon would recognize her now.
She had written that she was the rope.

That was why she was charging toward Ju-Heon with a happy expression.


“Oho. Would you look at this.”

She heard Yoo Jaeha's vicious voice behind her. He then started to drag her away.

"Captain-nim, let’s take this girl to the police station.”


The rope gasped after seeing the message she had written on the phone.

[Hand over your artifacts.]

“! ! ! !”

What showed up was completely different than what she had written!

Yoo Jaeha started to scoff.

“This little punk was a thieving little cat.”

‘No, no!’

The rope was flustered.

How had things ended up like this?

But she soon felt as if she knew the reason.
That was right.

‘……The risk!’

The rope realized her mistake after thinking about what the Little Mermaid artifact had told her.

‘Remember this. You can't communicate with humans while you are in human form. No matter what you want to say, things won’t come out as you like.’

Was that responsible for this?

Yoo Jaeha scoffed and started to speak to Ju-Heon.

“I'll come back after taking her down to the station. Captain-nim, you just quickly go meet with Seol-A or Irene.”
“Ah, wait, Jaeha! At least put some clothes on her!”
“Haaaaaa, there’s no need to be so nice to a thief!”

The rope, who currently did not have any special powers, sniffled as she was dragged away by Yoo Jaeha.

‘Master! Master!’

She looked like a sad baby animal looking for her parents, but who cared?

Seol-A, who had no way of knowing the true identity of this girl, looked toward Ju-Heon in disbelief.

"Captain-nim, what do you think is up with that girl?”
“Who knows?”

Ju-Heon just smiled and quickly started to move.

“Excuse me? What did you say?”

Yoo Jaeha, who really did take the rope down to the police station, heard an unexpected story.

“Please be careful. Artifact users are being abducted lately.”

Yoo Jaeha, who got scared after hearing that, looked around him. The officer looked at the rope and continued to speak.
“It’s not children like with the Pied Piper, it is adults disappearing.”
"This kid might be bait from that criminal organization. Anyway, please don't worry about it and thank you for your cooperation.”
“Yes sir.”

Yoo Jaeha left and the officer was about to get started with the investigation.

“Anyway, we need to properly figure out this child's identity. She should first send her to Pandora and get a psych evaluation………huh?”

The officer freaked out after turning his head.

“Hey! W, where did the kid go?!”

The rope had escaped during that time.

At the same time…

Hey, hey, what are you going to do?! What are you going to do?!

The sun had gone down and it was the dark night now. The rope was walking through the streets to get back to Ju-Heon.

It was dark and cold and nobody was out. The Little Mermaid artifact appeared out of nowhere and rolled over to the rope.

Wow, it’s so cold! Hey, you’re going to freeze to death!

It seemed to have come looking for the rope as it was worried.

Aren’t you cold?

She was cold.

But she had no choice but to walk the dark streets barefoot.

The Little Mermaid artifact got angry.

What the hell are you doing here?! I told you that the human needs to figure out your identity within 4 days! Otherwise, it'll really be dangerous!

She knew. She knew that very well, but…

‘I don’t know where this is…’

It was fine that she had courageously ran out of the police station, but the now lost rope started to sniffle.

She could return by Ju-Heon summoning her if she was still the rope, but it was different now.

Even the Little Mermaid artifact seemed to be having difficulties finding the way back as it was dark.

But at that moment…


She saw someone on the empty road. Actually, about five men were putting something onto a truck.

The rope’s face lit up as if she was a person in the desert who had found an oasis.

‘Let’s ask them for a ride! Let’s ask them for a ride!’

She knew the name of the hotel Ju-Heon was staying at. She would be able to go there as long as she told them the name.
The rope smiled brightly and approached the busy-looking men.

But the men looked serious.

“There’s nobody nearby, right?”
“Hey, make sure there’s no hands sticking out! That leg over there too!”

Why did the rope have to run into murderers of all people?! They were urgently loading the truck with corpses and artifacts.

"Anyway, these motherfucking artifact user bastards. Why do they only care about themselves?”
“Who does the Captain want us to take care of next?”
“There are a lot of people but Seo Ju-Heon made it on the list as well.”
“What? How the hell are we going to kill that lunatic?!”
“There's a rumor that he’s actually not that strong……”
“Shut up and just figure out where we are going to dump the bodies first.”
“Don’t w……aaaaah!”

They freaked out and stopped talking. They freaked out because there was a child with sparkling eyes tapping them.

“W, who the hell is this girl?!”


‘Give me a ride! Give me a ride!’

The rope was brightly asking these murderers for a ride. The men freaked out and looked toward the artifacts and corpses loaded onto the truck.

“Hey. Do you think this little bitch saw these?”
“I, I think she did…”
“Hey! Who the hell are you?!”

But the rope didn’t care whether they were shocked or not and took a piece of paper out of her parka pocket.
She had swiped some paper and a pen while running out of the police station.

Her handwriting had been terrible earlier because she was not used to it, but she should be able to get the message across properly this time.

‘Let’s ask them to take me to the hotel!’

The rope handed the paper asking them to help her find Ju-Heon to the men with a bright expression on her face.


[Hand over all of your artifacts while I'm asking nicely. You damn bastards.]

The risk from becoming human was quite overbearing.

The men started to frown after looking at the note.

“Is this kid crazy?”
“Hey, just put her on the truck for now! We’ll figure out how to get rid of her later!”

And just like that, the rope ended up on the truck.

Of course, the rope was not scared at all. What kind of artifact would be scared of human weapons and being threatened?

In fact, the rope was happy once the truck started to move.

‘Over here! Over here! To the right!’

The rope excitedly started to point after seeing some familiar streets.


The rope became angry once the truck drove deep into the mountains.

‘Not over there! Not over there!’

She then crawled into the driver’s seat and tilted the steering wheel. That made the truck shake vigorously and change it into pandemonium.


“Aaah! Why is this girl so crazy?!”
“Shut this bitch up for now!”

The men stabbed the rope’s stomach with a knife.


The men started to sneer once the child fainted.

“This little punk is so annoying.”

However, it was at that moment.

“W, what the?!”

That hurt! That hurt!

There was a bright light and the rope reappeared in its rope form instead of the girl! The rope choked the man in anger.

The other men couldn't help but scream as well.

“U, ugh! What the hell?! When?!”

It was at that moment.

“Hey, hey! Look forward! Forward!”

The people foamed at the mouth after seeing something pop up in front of them.

There was a tall young man standing in the middle of the road.

He was wearing a black sheepskin jacket and had a smile on his face.

It was none other than Ju-Heon.

“It’s a person, it’s a person!”
“Watch out!”
“No, just run him over! ……Ahhhhh!”

The men were the ones who started to scream.

Bang! Babababang!

The car was destroyed into pieces. Not long after that…


The rope felt its body starting to become faint while it was quietly inside the truck.
Maybe it had been stabbed in the core when it was stabbed earlier. Was that why it had returned to its original form?

It was probably because she had transformed into a human by just using an A-Grade artifact.

‘I don’t care if I disappear, but…’

She still wanted to see Ju-Heon’s face one more time.

As the rope, whose Durability was destroyed, was whimpering inside the truck, a sword stabbed in from the roof and split the truck in half.

She saw some familiar faces through the opening.

“Hey, are you okay?”
"Are you okay?!”
“Sigh, those guys were alive? But are you sure that we can find that Chloe or whatever girl if we beat these guys up?”

Seol-A, Irene, Yoo Jaeha.


I found him! I found him!

The rope was extremely happy while looking at the young man sitting on the ceiling of the truck.

He clicked his tongue and started to speak to the rope.

“You little punk. You should come back home when the sun goes down.”

It was Ju-Heon.

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