Chapter 190: Shut up and hand it over (2)

[TKBM's wealth and shares sold off.]
[Will TKBM be able to get back their controlling rights?]
[TKBM's excavation team's artifacts have disappeared in an instant. Administrator: ‘There were no issues with security.’]
[Was TKBM really responsible for the plane incident?]
[Boycotts and protests have started.]
[Large number of their Tomb Excavation rights have been sold off. Will there be a setback to their excavations?]
[Their opponents are cheering]

There were numerous annoying articles. There were some people who were suffering from this the most.

"What the hell is this about?!”

One of them was TKBM’s eldest son, Kwon Seung Woo. He couldn’t hold back his anger at the numerous calls he was receiving. Multiple calls were coming to his direct line every hour, so how much must his subordinates be facing?

All sorts of people had started to gather around TKBM’s headquarters and branch offices throughout the world once the news was revealed.

“TKBM should reveal the truth!”
“Reveal the truth!”
“Are the passengers telling the truth?!”
“I knew something was fishy as soon as they said that only TKBM people managed to survive!”

There were some other voices in addition to the protesters.

“Did Chairman Kwon really give up all of his TKBM shares?”
“He did! All of Chairman Kwon's shares have been sold! The foreigners were happy to buy them!”

As for Yang Chen, the Vice Captain of the excavation team… He was probably having a major headache as well.

Yang Chen's expression was quite entertaining to look at as he stood in the Director’s office.

“Director-nim, I confirmed them. All of the passengers are currently in Canada.”

The eldest son's expression completely changed after hearing that.

“The corpses……! Didn't the official appraisers and medical examiners check them?! I thought they said those corpses were real!”

He was glaring at Yang Chen and asking how things had ended up like this, but Yang Chen was flabbergasted as well.

Honestly speaking, he had not expected this either.

"The official appraisers……”
“What about the official appraisers?!”
“That……they checked again and they said that the corpses are real.”

The items on the desk slammed down to the ground.


Director Kwon then threw a newspaper as he continued to shout.

“Are you joking? Then who the hell are these people in the newspaper?! Are they ghosts?!”

Yang Chen kept his mouth shut and held back his anger.

But there was something even more shocking.

"Sir, that’s not all. Your brother Seung Jae was apparently seen there……”

The eldest son's expression instantly changed.

“…Then what about the guy who was here until this morning?!”
"According to my subordinates’ report, Seung Jae suddenly turned into a sculpture…”

The eldest son almost dropped the phone in his hand.

‘Was my brother a fake too?’

The picture in the newspaper was definitely of the passengers currently traveling on the train.

[Survivors confirmed in Northern Canada.]
[Mysterious train. Who created this?]

The eldest son's expression then froze.

“Then Seo Ju-Heon, what about his group? Are they alive?”
“We haven’t confirmed it, but…”

Yang Chen looked at the newspaper.

[Yoo Jaeha, “The official appraisers can't even tell apart the fakes. Is that all they can do?”]
[The official appraisers are angry. “This is clearly an act of provocation.”]
[First the official restorers and now the appraisers as well? Embarrassment for the official experts throughout the world. “This is clearly a scam and an act of ridicule. Yoo Jaeha. We will not leave him alone.”]

The fact that such things were being posted must mean that they were alive.

‘That motherfucking Monarch of Plunder.’

However, the important thing right now was not the indignity of the official experts. It was TKBM.

The youngest sister, who had quietly been sitting in the office, couldn’t hold back any longer and started to shout.

“Ah, whatever! Oppa! What are you going to do about this?! Who bought father’s shares? How can they buy it when we didn't sell it?!”
"Who else?!”

The eldest son started to grind his teeth.

“The Holtens.”

The youngest child foamed at the mouth.

‘They were the foreigners people were talking about?!’

But that wasn’t the end to the scary things.

“Worst case scenario, they might sell all of their TKBM shares to Seo Ju-Heon.”

That would mean that Ju-Heon would end up as the major shareholder of TKBM. The youngest almost fainted after hearing that.

“Ah, my future wealth, my money!”

Her father’s shares that she believed would become hers in the future now belonged to someone else!

“That’s why I said that that contract looked dangerous! I said we shouldn't burn it! The expression on dad’s face is obvious if he comes back alive, it’s obvious!”
“Hey, Kwon Joo Hee, shut the hell up.”

The eldest son started to shout, making the youngest swear as she cowered.

The eldest son, who had burned up Ju-Heon's contract, was boiling in anger.

‘I can’t face my father like this.’

It was really dangerous.

His father’s wealth, TKBM's image, and even the artifacts safely secured in the excavation team's safe were all gone.

‘My father worked so hard to build this company and the excavation team up.’

Maybe that was the reason.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, you'll pay for this.’

The eldest son took out his phone and started to make a call.

“Huh? Where are you calling?”
“Hello? Ah, it's me. I need you to do something for me right away. You know the company that Seo Ju-Heon is the major shareholder? I think it was called Grave Company? Make sure that company fails. I don’t care what methods you have to use. Take everything away from them and make the same thing happen to them!”

[Excuse me? But……]

“This is our chance since Seo Ju-Heon is not here right now. Shut up and do it!”

The eldest son hung up the phone and glared at the youngest daughter.

“Kwon Joo Hee.”
“Yeah, what is it?”
“Make sure to clear that Great Tomb in Europe. We need to make up for our mistakes.”
“O……..oh. Okay.”

She was planning on doing that anyway to take control of her father’s excavation team.

"And Yang Chen.”
“Yes sir.”
“Contact father's friends and ask for their help. Ask them to take down Seo Ju-Heon's company too.”
“I understand.”

He had become angry for a moment but it was okay. TKBM would not stumble with just this. They were a strong global corporation.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered.

"…….What? All of them said no? They said they won’t help TKBM?”
“Yes sir.”

Director Kwon Seung Woo started to swear.
The eldest son had given all sorts of orders to company affiliates and partner companies to attack Seo Ju-Heon's company.

He had tried to attack Ju-Heon in numerous ways, including using the media, taking away money for investments, hindering delivery and distribution…

But what?

“You’re saying that our company was the one that ended up with less capital? They stopped investing in us?”
“Yes, yes sir………”

That wasn’t all.

The companies that had targeted Ju-Heon to assist TKBM were all struggling as well.
These were some of the ways.

“What did you say? The suppliers suddenly stopped sending the goods? What the hell are you talking about?! We’ll be in the red if we can’t get those goods!”
“What did you say? Our trade partners have said they will cancel all trades in the first half of the year…?”
“What do you mean they want to pull their ads?!”

Their investors stopped funding them. Their business partners canceled their deals. Advertisers pulled their ads.

All companies and media that had tried to help TKBM almost fainted at these sudden shocking information.

They went to look for their investors and partners because they thought something was fishy……

“Unfortunately, we are being pressured as well. We were told that any company that helps TKBM will lose all deals and suppliers. Anyway, please just quietly go home.”
“Pressure? From who?! How can you do all of this and think…”

All of those people had scoffed before showing them the same piece of paper.

“Feel free to take a look then.”
"W, What is this?”
“Hoho, who knows? Anyway, we are just doing as we were ordered to do. We were told to show you this if you guys didn't back down……”

TKBM and their partners scoffed and asked them to hand the paper over.

The people who were trying to help TKBM were all major corporations. They were not the type to be damaged by such things.

However, they all turned pale after looking at the piece of paper.

“……! ! !”

It couldn't be helped as the kiss of the devil was on the paper.

[You haven't forgotten what my ability is, right? By Irene Holten.]

That was the situation. This was the reason all of these companies had slowly stopped supporting TKBM.

TKBM had lost all of their networks. Of course, Director Kwon, who had been dealing with them, was extremely angry, but everybody said the same thing.

[Ha, haha. Now that I think about it, we have some urgent business at our company as well.]
[I'm sorry for TKBM, b, but……]
[My child is sick and in the emergency room right now. I'm busy so I have to hang up.]
[We're celebrating my wife’s birthday right now. I'll call you later.]

“These bastards!”

At the same time…

“Young miss, I took care of things as you said.”

Irene’s eyes were on fire as she sat inside Ju-Heon's hotel.

Irene had seen the articles about Ju-Heon’s death already. Her power of destitution had almost exploded when she read it, but she had calmly looked at Ju-Heon's Herb of Eternal Youth that he had asked her to look after while he was gone.

Ju-Heon’s name should have disappeared from the Herb of Eternal Youth if he really was dead.

Possession-type artifacts would lose their mark if they lost their master. But Ju-Heon’s name was fine on the Herb of Eternal Youth.

‘I'm relieved. Mr. Ju-Heon is alive.’

Irene had sat back down before sighing in relief with her face in Ju-Heon’s clothes.

The problem were the malicious rumors about Ju-Heon that came after that. There were also the malicious companies trying to attack Ju-Heon's company.

There was no way Irene would not be angry.

She had not gotten a call yet, but Irene was not just spraying the mosquitoes that could threaten Ju-Heon, she was killing all the larvas as well.

It happened at that moment.

“Young miss, it's the Kosney Corporation this time that is coming after Mr. Seo Ju-Heon’s company…!”

Irene’s eyes flashed as if it would start to shoot laser beams.

Maybe that was the reason. There was a story going around in the world right now.

[Do you know about this? The editors in chief for the newspaper agencies that told people to target Seo Ju-Heon’s companies… All of their stocks are suddenly falling.]
[Pffffft, the companies that tried to help TKBM and attacked Seo Ju-Heon are all in danger of being bankrupt as well……]
[The employees apparently lost their personal wealth as well hahahahahaha]
[Did the Monarch of Destitution play a part?]
[I'm certain she did. Pwahahahahahhaa.]
[Anybody connected to TKBM will probably be ruined hahahahahahahahaha]

TKBM's personnel department was about to die because of these rumors… No, the things that were really happening.


[Letter of Resignation.]
Reason: I don't want to die.

[Letter of Resignation.]
Reason: I don’t want to end up homeless.

[Letter of Resignation.]
Reason: My child is only three years old. Please let me live.

One third of TKBM’s employees at the headquarter resigned while two thirds of the excavation team members resigned.

There was a mass exodus of TKBM’s personnel. TKBM had to quickly start recruiting people but faced indignity at the low-caliber applicants they received.

Chairman Kwon would lament if he managed to get out of the tomb.

And at that same time somewhere in the northern part of Canada…

“Ahahaha, jackpot. Chairman Kwon’s artifacts are now with us, right?”

Yoo Jaeha was snickering with joy.

That wasn't all.

"Captain-nim, I checked and Chairman Kwon's buildings and shares have safely become ours as well.”
“Good. It looks like TKBM's partner companies are keeping their distances thanks to Irene as well.”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A felt good as well.

“Kyaa, now that Chairman’s fortune is in our hands… The Captain-nim and Irene's combination is always Disaster-Grade!”

The curse from the contract as well as Irene’s curse did not seem to end.

Director Kwon threw the monitor after seeing the result of the two devils’ curses.

"Why? Why can’t you even take care of something like this, why?!”

The second son and youngest daughter on the other end of the call were laughing.

[Sigh, bro. Why are you so serious? It's painful but it's all of father’s wealth anyway.]

[Sigh, he’s right. We just have to think that our inheritance took a bit of a hit……]
“Kwon Seung Jae. Kwon Joo Hee. Do you guys not understand the current situation?!”

The two siblings who were elsewhere both flinched and responded.

[Ah, it definitely is very dangerous. Actually, this is probably the worst situation in the history of TKBM. People are leaving, the company's image is in the gutters, sales are falling, the Chairman position is about to change hands, and the passengers are suing us for damages. Ah, bro, you have to go to court soon too, don't you?]


[Wow, you caused quite a major incident. Father will probably faint if he gets back.]

“Shut up! Kwon Seung Jae, if you didn’t get on that plane with Seo Ju-Heon! I wouldn't have had to sign such a contract if you didn't get caught! We wouldn't have ended up like this! That's why I'm asking if Seo Ju-Heon is still alive!”

[WTF bro, you’re the one who signed that contract and burned it up! I don't know about Seo Ju-Heon! I woke up to see that dad’s warehouse was looted and that I was cast aside on a snowy field. I can call you now because I was finally rescued.]

The eldest son grabbed the back of his neck.

“Kwon Joo Hee! You were responsible for guarding that warehouse! How could you let this happen?!”
[What can I do when it was already empty when I got there?!]
"Shut the hell up. I know you went to a concert instead of guarding the safe!”
[I, I was only gone for two hours! I don't deserve all the blame! Oppa, you were the one who got rid of the zombie brigade guarding it!]

The eldest son flipped a table over.

In the end, the younger siblings, who had been shaking in fear at the eldest son's angry explosion, started to speak.

[S, should we take the money and run?]

[Y, yeah. Now that things are like this, why don't we just give up on finding dad? We're done for even if we manage to find him.]

Director Kwon started to grind his teeth.

They had a point. If their father appeared in this current situation……

The eldest son didn't even want to think about it.

They would be lucky if their father didn't faint from shock after hearing that Seo Ju-Heon might be the majority shareholder for TKBM.

As for them…

The eyes of the eldest son, who had quietly been weighing his father’s life against their future, started to flash.

‘Now that things are like this, father……’

“Let Yang Chen know. We will resume looking for my father once we take care of this……”

It was at that moment.

"Director-nim! It's a miracle! We finally found him! We finally managed to find the Chairman-nim! He’s still alive!”

‘W, what did he say?’

All three siblings instantly turned pale.

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