Chapter 19: Do you want to die? Or will you hand it over?

‘Waaah mommy, I must have been crazy. Totally crazy.’

Sasaki almost started to cry tears of blood at her stupid actions. What was she thinking, asking this person for his number?

What was she thinking, following this man here? Where had she gotten the confidence that this man would not kill her?

The only thing she knew was that the person she angered was this Demon King.

‘Soooob, mommy, daddy, I’m sorry. I should have listened to you when you said a man's face isn’t everything.’

Unfortunately, there was nobody here to help her even if she cried. She could only do as Ju-Heon ordered her to do.

“First, turn around.”

Sasaki sniffled and did as she was told after hearing Ju-Heon speak in a low voice.

“Raise your arms.”

Ju-Heon lightly patted her upper and lower body. He didn’t know because she was wearing a loose uniform, but Sasaki’s waist was narrow and she was more voluptuous than she looked.

Of course, none of this was important to Ju-Heon. The girl in front of him was a minor. The thing that he cared about right now was whether there was another tracker on her.

‘Nothing that stands out.’

The only thing he could consider to be a tracker was the ribbon hairpin. But he took that and stomped on it so that it was destroyed.

‘Now they should have no way of tracking her.’

However, Sasaki became completely scared after seeing what Ju-Heon just did.

Ju-Heon didn’t care as he peeked at the time and started to speak to Sasaki.

“Then how about you go to a great place with this onii-san now?”

His smile was extremely ominous.

The place Ju-Heon took Sasaki was a room cafe. Sasaki became hopeful that they were having a date but Ju-Heon got a room assigned before saying something as soon as they entered the room.


He had used the rope artifact that had returned at some point. The rope that had been in the shape of a bracelet started to bind Sasaki as soon as Ju-Heon gave the order.

Naturally, it was in the shape of a BDSM rope harness.

The rope crawled all over Sasaki’s body and quickly tied her chest, stomach, between her legs and her arms.

Sasaki who was tied up could only cry as she looked toward Ju-Heon.

“M, mmph! What is this! I'm going to scream and call someone over!”

Ju-Heon let out a quiet sigh.

He didn’t know whether to praise or scold this rope.

He had no way of knowing if this was this artifact’s personal preferences or if it thought Ju-Heon would like it if it bound people up like this.

He had her bound because he didn't want her to say she was going to the restroom and run away, but Sasaki would definitely scream if things continued like this and he could end up being arrested for kidnapping.

There was nothing worse than to convince someone who was resisting you.

That was why Ju-Heon came to a conclusion.

“I hope you can be understanding that this date is a little rough. This is this onii-san's style.”

That made Sasaki who trusted people too easily gasp before stopping her flailing.

“D, date?”

Her face then turned completely red.

‘Is that why he brought me to a room cafe?’

Of course, Sasaki had never even held hands with a man before, but she had heard some stories about room cafes from her friends.

They said it was a decently private place where they could show affection to each other without being seen. She then thought that Ju-Heon would have taken her to a storage facility or something instead of a place like this if Ju-Heon really was a bad person.

Although nobody knows what Sasaki was imagining, she looked embarrassed as she looked toward Ju-Heon.

“But still, doing something like this from our f, first meeting……”

Ju-Heon didn’t even pretend to listen. He was just trying not to be mistaken for a criminal. Nobody would be able to say anything if he answered that they were on a date later.

That was why he went and picked up the notepad inside the room.

And then…


He slammed it down in front of Sasaki who was having some wild thoughts. Sasaki who seemed to have been expecting something looked toward Ju-Heon in shock.

Forget sweet displays of affection, the only things in front of her were a notepad and a pen.

Sasaki started to sweat after realizing this too familiar situation.

‘N, no way.’

Lo and behold, Ju-Heon smiled wickedly as he started to speak.

“Take out the Future Diary. Write down everything you see.”

I will slice your neck if you get even a single character wrong.

That was clearly what Ju-Heon’s sharp glare was telling her.

Write down everything on the Future Diary.

Sasaki became anxious after hearing Ju-Heon’s request. It was because she didn’t have the Future Diary on her.

“T, the Future Diary is at home!”

That was why the JSDF let Sasaki out as well. The JSDF was always guarding the Future Diary.

They would never allow her to leave the house with the Future Diary.

Ju-Heon started to laugh at that response.

“It doesn’t matter.”
“Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon then grabbed Sasaki’s arm in a slightly rough way.


There was a mysterious tattoo on Sasaki’s arm. It was Toombglyph.

Ju-Heon snorted after seeing the tattoo.

“This tattoo, it appeared after you started using the Future Diary, am I right?”
“T, that is true……”
“Then touch this tattoo and call for the Future Diary. You will be able to call it here.”
“I can force you to call it if you don’t want to do it.”
“N, not at all! F, Future Diary!”

The tattoo flashed and an old book appeared on the table. The shocked Sasaki was wondering what was going on, but Ju-Heon did not seem shocked at all.

It was an obvious reaction.

This was one of the ways of controlling an artifact.

“W, what happened?”
“I'll free your hand for now so shut up and write down everything that appears on the Future Diary. I'll kill you if you miss anything.”

That was how Sasaki ended up Ju-Heon’s prisoner and had to write down all the information that popped up in the Future Diary.

‘There’s still a lot of time before I need to return home.’

He could take care of the Future Diary with Muramasa. However, wouldn’t it be a waste to just destroy the Future Diary and go home since things were like this?

This was especially true because he now knew that Chairman Kwon was related to the Future Diary.

What did that mean?

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

‘Chairman Kwon's future will be in here too.’

That was the case. Ju-Heon was aiming for information on Chairman Kwon.

Chairman Kwon was helping the Japanese government. He would have definitely had Sasaki look into his own future.
In that case, the Future Diary should show that bastard’s future as well.

This was a chance.

‘It's annoying to deal with an S-Grade(Legendary Hero-grade) artifact anyway.’

Rather than working hard to dominate the Future Diary himself, it was faster to have Sasaki read the information and then getting rid of it.

He could currently easily dominate any artifact up to the B-Grade(Rare-Grade) artifacts, but anything from the A-Grade(Treasure-Grade) artifacts and up would require some difficult fighting of will to eventually dominate it.

That was why he would lose to anything S-Grade or higher right now. Actually, Ju-Heon had to firm his resolve because anything above an A-Grade artifact was worlds apart than those under it.

‘Well, I'm sure Sasaki's one of the people with a high affinity rather than dominance.’

She had been selected by the artifact after all.

However, it was not good to just have high affinity.

Having high affinity meant that it was easy for that person to handle artifacts, but it also meant that they looked down on the person.

‘They are basically a sitting duck.’

Sasaki would end up being poisoned by the artifact and die within one or two years if she continued to use the Future Diary with affinity alone.

“Anyway, make sure you get nothing wrong as you write things down. I’ll kill you if you write anything weird.”

Sasaki flinched and quickly looked down at the notepad after seeing Ju-Heon slightly take Muramasa out of its scabbard. Her face was full of tears and snot, but she frantically started to write because she was afraid Ju-Heon would kill her if she stopped to wipe them away.

Once about four hours had passed…

Sasaki had written a shocking amount of information on the notepad compared to her usual self. She had filled up the entire notepad.

Of course, Sasaki had no choice but to do so.

She had asked if she could rest for a bit, only to be told, ‘Do you want me to help you rest forever?’ When she said that her hand hurt, she had been told, ‘I'm sure it would hurt more if you lost your hand.’

Even when she asked him if she could go to the restroom, he just told her, 'take care of it here.’ So what would happen if she stopped writing things down?

Sasaki handed the notepad back to Ju-Heon as she sniffled.

“Sob, sob, I'm sorry. I did it because I just wanted to chat with you, onii-san. Sooooooooob! Sosuke, I'm sorry for looking at someone else. I was told Korean men were gentle, nice, and considerate.”

Ju-Heon who had been looking through the notepad let out a snort.

“Who told you that?”
“M, my friends!”
“Based on what?”
“Korean dramas!”

Those damn dramas.
They were always the reason children had weird fantasies.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue and flipped the page on the notepad. Sasaki had no idea what she wrote down, but it was easy for Ju-Heon who could even read ancient texts easily.

Information on the JSDF, artifacts Japan will get in the future, locations of tombs, trends in Japan, etc.

Unfortunately, the information Ju-Heon wanted the most was not there.

‘Is there nothing about Chairman Kwon?’

However, it was at that moment.


An unexpected prophecy was written on the next page. It looked like a code but it was definitely information on Chairman Kwon.

That was why Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘I found it.’

He was lucky.

However, good things always comes with some bad things.

“Sir, what seems to be the case? Sir!”
“We are conducting an investigation!”

Ju-Heon started to listen to the loud noises outside the room.

Sasaki turned her head after hearing a familiar voice.

“Onii-san, it's Colonel Mouri!”

Those bastards seemed to have tracked Sasaki down. Although he had destroyed all of the tracking devices, it was not weird that they found them. There were many methods of finding them, such as checking the footages on the CCTVs throughout the area.

He had expected them to show up sooner or later.

It was actually quite slow that they took four hours to get here.

The room Ju-Heon was in was surrounded by the JSDF.

“Don't move!”

Bang! The room door was slammed open. There were about ten soldiers from the JSDF standing there.

Colonel Mouri who was too high in rank to normally personally be on site was grinding his teeth as he looked at Ju-Heon.

“Where is the Future Diary that disappeared?!”

Ju-Heon smiled as he leisurely waved the book around.

"Are you looking for this?”

Colonel Mouri's face flushed with anger after seeing it in Ju-Heon’s hand.

“You! You damn bastard, it really was you who took the Future Diary!”

On the other hand, Sasaki looked toward Ju-Heon with a pale expression. It looked like Ju-Heon was going to die. However, she was even more scared at the fact that Ju-Heon didn’t even flinch at the situation.

‘What could he be thinking?’

The JSDF shouted even louder at that moment.

“Hey Korean! Put down the Future Diary!”
“And if I don't want to?”
“Ho, you don't seem to understand the current situation. Do you think you can escape from here?”

Ju-Heon snorted at them.

“You morons are the ones who don't understand the situation.”

‘You dare to show up to an artifact user without any artifacts?’

Ju-Heon who had his other hand in his pocket channeled his dominance into an artifact to activate it.

A bright light flashed in the room.

It was the Sun and Moon tteok that Ju-Heon had taken from Abe along with the rope.

[Delicious tteok sold by a madam (C-Grade(General-Grade) - Consumable Artifact)]

  • Instant Food (Single Use)

Ju-Heon used the moment to ruthlessly stab the Future Diary with Muramasa.

There was another shriek before another light flashed in the room.

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