Chapter 188: A Beautiful Hijacking (3)


People screamed as the plane started to tilt. People who were standing were falling over while the people who were sitting were starting to fly out of their seats and rolling around as well.

“Ahhh! What is going on?!”
“Please save me!”

The lights inside the plane went out and the plane that was in a nosedive to the ground truly felt as if it was hell.

“Please put on your seatbelts!”
“It’ll be okay so please calm down!”

The passengers and flight attendants all lost their center of gravity and felt as if they would be swept away.

“C, Captain-nim!”

Seol-A, who was holding onto a chair, was no exception.

Ju-Heon grabbed Seol-A by the waist and sat her down on an empty seat as her light body was about to be flung away.

“Hold on tightly. Don’t forget your seatbelt.”
"B, but what about you, Captain-nim?!”
“It’s fine, it’ll be fine.”

Ju-Heon lightly ruffled Seol-A's hair before heading toward the first class area.

It was only possible as the engine still seemed to be alive and the plane was able to slightly maintain its balance.

The captain of the plane was probably doing everything he could right now.

‘It’ll still crash into the ground in a few minutes.’

Well, it could also turn into particles in air if they were unlucky.

Ju-Heon had expected something like this to happen. He didn't know if Yang Chen would really detonate a bomb, but he had expected it might happen and even wished for it to happen.

But he did not have any plans to kill the other passengers as well.

The passengers were mainly people without artifacts. There was a theory about not getting those innocent people involved, but…

‘Most importantly, these people are all my precious witnesses.’

There were many reasons he could not let them die. That was why he quickly called the rope over.

“Hurry up and move!”

The rope understood its master’s intentions and extended its body. It was now an S-Grade artifact after all; it would even encircle the Earth if its master told it to do so.

Okay! Okay!

The rope that had extended its body tied the passengers up.

“Kyaaaaaa! What is thi…mmph!”

People had instantly turned into cocoons, but they seemed as if they would be cushioned by the rope’s soft and squishy body.

And finally, the plane crashed into the ground.


They couldn't tell where it had crashed. But that moment brought an extreme amount of shock.

The plane that was sliding on top of the snow flipped over before it was destroyed.


That wasn’t all. They could smell a strong smell of gasoline inside the plane. That was definitely the smell of fuel leaking.

Did he consider this to be a signal?
Yang Chen quickly looked around. There was someone he needed to locate first in this situation.

‘Seo Ju-Heon. What happened to Seo Ju-Heon…….!’

He finally found the person he was looking for. He saw Ju-Heon unconscious in a corner of the corridor.

He seemed to have received a lot of damage from the impact as he was covered in blood.

The terrorists who had not been protected by the rope were even missing some limbs.

Yang Chen's face lit up after seeing that.

He couldn't tell whether Ju-Heon was dead or if he was just unconscious, but it was obvious that he was severely injured.

The rope artifact whimpering next to him was proof of it.


Yang Chen smiled while looking at the rope that was nervously pacing around Ju-Heon.

‘That stupid idiot.’

He thought it was truly dumb.

‘Who told it to pay attention to those useless people instead?’

He used the rope to protect the passengers and ended up like this himself. Yang Chen was sneering, thinking that this thug and thieving bastard had done something stupid.

But all of that seemed to have been for nothing. The rope had become weaker, probably because Ju-Heon had become unconscious.

The rope that had extended had returned to its 1.5m length and the cocoon surrounding the people disappeared as well.

What then appeared were people who seemed to have fainted. Yang Chen felt rushed after confirming their conditions.

They needed to start a fire and run before these people woke up and evacuated.

“Director-nim, please hurry up and use the escape artifact! You guys too!”

The TKBM employees and Kwon Seung Woo quickly used the artifacts after hearing his shout.


They disappeared in an instant.

Yang Chen then started to smile as he used a bomb artifact.


The leaking fuel caught fire and there was a red glare.


That glare ruthlessly destroyed the plane. It ravaged the plane as if the people inside were just insects.


The plane was destroyed into pieces and caused quite the ruckus worldwide.

[Plane exploded by a terrorist.]
[Seo Ju-Heon was responsible for the explosion.]
[Debris of the plane found on an island on the Atlantic Ocean.]
[Miraculous survivors. Of the 296 passengers, 14 people of TKBM and 2 regular passengers. Rest were all found as corpses.]
[Seo Ju-Heon's group have all died as well.]
[TKBM's Director Kwon Seung Woo barely managed to avoid injuries by using an artifact just prior to the explosion.]
[‘I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to save them even though I was there.’ TKBM is donating a large sum of money to the families of the deceased.]
[TKBM’s artifact users truly are different. This is the proper reaction for a global corporation. TKBM stock is on the rise.]
[Who will clear the Great Tomb in Europe now?]
[TKBM seems to be favored to do so.]

“The article turned out great.”

In a hotel at a city in France…

Director Kwon Seung Woo, Chairman Kwon's eldest son, put the newspaper down with satisfaction. The article was spectacular for something that he ragged the reporters to post in less than a day.

“The culprit is Seo Ju-Heon. It is also painting our company as the hero.”
“People are mourning but the public opinion is favorable. There are no suspicions on us because we rescued two regular passengers on purpose.”
“How is dealing with those two passengers? Let’s see… it was two old people?”
“We gave them some money and told them some lies which got them to do the interviews we wanted them to do. They stated that Seo Ju-Heon caused a ruckus on the plane. They called him a bastard who deserved to die.”
“Just tell them to buy some snacks for their kids and grandkids.”

The eldest son laughed with satisfaction. But there was someone who was angry at him.

“Ah, whatever! Bro, you almost got me swept up in that explosion too!”

It was the second son.

“How can you be laughing right now? Who the hell blows a plane up like that?”
“Will you shut the hell up? Who the hell was it that tried to work with Seo Ju-Heon in the first place?”

The second son started to cower as the eldest son glared at him.

‘Damn it, just wait until father’s excavation team lands in my hands.’

“Anyway, Kwon Seung Jae. I’m only forgiving you because you stated that Seo Ju-Heon took you hostage. Otherwise, I would have left you behind on that plane. How dare you aim for father’s excavation team.”
“Damn it, whatever! What the hell are you going to do now?! Are you sure he’s dead? I was going to use Seo Ju-Heon to clear the French tomb……”
“He is dead.”

Yang Chen responded with certainty. His gaze seemed to say that it would be a headache for them if he wasn't.

“We sent the best appraisers and medical examiners to the site of the incident.”
“And? And? They said the corpses were real?”
“Yes sir. All of the passengers, the terrorists, and Seo Ju-Heon’s group have all been declared to be themselves. They are really dead. They can’t trick the appraisers even if they tried to use artifacts to do something.”
“I guess so, since they are the official appraisers.”

There were artifact appraisers now that artifacts were taking over the world.

Basically, these were the people who were able to use artifacts to figure out what happened, which artifacts were used, if they are fake and if something was a scam using artifacts.

And these official appraisers were similar to the official restorers in that there were less than 100 experts in the entire world.

Both restorers and appraisers were occupations that required talent, so they were rare and treated well by everyone.

Only the top people among them were able to put the term ‘official’ (World certified) to their titles. Basically, it was a high-income profession.

Either way, it should be certain since the elites have been sent to appraise the plane.

"Seo Ju-Heon and all of the passengers are dead.”

It would be bad if they were alive.

"Seo Ju-Heon, that man must disappear.”

He had not had a positive interaction with Ju-Heon from the first time they met.
He didn’t know the reason behind it. He just didn’t like the guy. It was not a simple difference in personalities, jealousy or things like that. His instincts were telling him to be wary. It felt as if he had known Seo Ju-Heon since a long time ago.

It gave him a sense of fear that he would die if he did not kill that man.

It was an extremely eerie sensation.

‘Something is weird. This is my first time meeting him.’

That weird feeling… He had wondered if they were bitter enemies in a past life.
But the traitor, Yang Chen, soon shook his head.

‘I'm recalling such a weird thought. I'm sure it’s nothing much.’

It better not be anything.

“Wow, this is driving me nuts. Where the hell is this?”

Yoo Jaeha gasped while looking at the snowy field in front of him.

Snow over here, snow over there!

“Captain-nim! Where the hell is this place?!”


"The North Pole.”

Chairman Kwon's second son, Kwon Seung Jae, who had been dragged here, started to grind his teeth.

"Wow, shit! I'm gonna freeze to death! Are there no penguins here?!”
“Penguins are in the South Pole. You idiot.”

Yes, they were all alive. The person that TKBM took with them was a fake that Yoo Jaeha had created. Ju-Heon had swindled the real one to loot Chairman Kwon's artifact warehouse.

“Tsk, I asked it to send us to the location of Chairman Kwon’s artifact warehouse…why the hell are we here?”

That was right. These people who had been on the plane had fallen somewhere near the North Pole right now.

How? The method was simple. He still had the Kamikakushi (Mysterious Disappearance) artifact.

It was a scary artifact that could send people anywhere in the world or even out of this world.

But there were no better artifacts to transport close to 300 people on a plane at once.

“But I don’t think we are that far from my father’s secret artifact warehouse.”
“Anyway! I questioned my hearing when I was ordered to create 300 people’s worth of corpses.”

Yoo Jaeha was grumbling.

Ju-Heon had given Yoo Jaeha an order while they were in first class. He wanted Jaeha to create a doppelganger for him as well as corpses for all passengers except the terrorists. Louie worked his ass off as well as it would have been difficult for Jaeha to do alone.

This method was something that past Yoo Jaeha, the Monarch of Fraud, had often used to run away. Basically, the Ju-Heon that Yang Chen had seen in economy class was a fake they had created.

Ju-Heon had been in the cockpit the whole time.

It was natural to protect the cockpit during a hijacking.

Seol-A was shocked once she learned about this.

“Captain-nim, that’s why you weren’t even wearing a seatbelt……!”

She had just realized that the Ju-Heon that she had chatted with was a fake.

“What about the passengers?”

She looked around at the passengers who were relieved that they were still alive and thanking them while cursing TKBM.

“I had the rope create a cocoon. I made it so that they couldn’t see and moved them first before replacing them with the fakes.”
"Then it wasn’t just for a cushion……!”

She did not expect for there to be such a plan.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered.

“I really thought I was going to die.”
“I thought I was going to die.”

Ju-Heon laughed after seeing Yoo Jaeha and Louie making the same pouting duck face.

It happened at that moment.

‘Oh, right, Chloe.’

Seol-A quickly looked for Chloe among the passengers just in case.

Ju-Heon, who didn’t know about this, started to speak.

"Alright, it’s time to make it.”
“Huh? Make what?”
“You should learn to understand what I mean. Are we just going to keep standing here?”
“O, of course not!”
“Then you need to make it.”
“Make what?”

Ju-Heon glared at the two of them, wondering if they really didn't know.

“We are currently without any of our belongings because we wanted to avoid being traced or appraised. With that being the case, how can we escape from the middle of the North Pole?”
“……Make a SOS sign with rocks?”
“Start a fire with some wood?”

Ju-Heon kicked both of them while saying he was cold.

“Naturally, a vehicle to get us out of here! Do you not understand?!”
“N, no way……”
“A special train. Something as fast as the KTX. I will give you 1 minute since it's cold.”
“E, excuse me.”
"What is it? You can't do it?”

‘Aigoo, now he’s even asking me to make a train?! I guess I should be thankful that he hasn't told me to make a plane!’

“Excuse me, Captain-nim……”
“Shut up. Yoo Jaeha, you make the train while the kid will make the tracks.

I don’t know where we are but we should hit either Russia or Canada if we keep traveling south.”
“Have you not considered that the ocean might show up?”
"Then make a ship if that happens.”

‘Ow! Really?’

“Wow, fine. Fine. I get it but realistically, 1 minute is impossible! How can I make a train to fit 300 people in one minute?!”

Ju-Heon, who was deep in thought for a moment while shivering, started to speak as if he was being extremely generous.

“Then two minutes? I have to loot Chairman Kwon's warehouse so I guess I will give you three minutes.”
“……You're saying whatever you want because it's cold, aren't you? Huh?”

Louie interjected at that moment.

“Even if we can make a train, who can steer it?! Huh?”

Ju-Heon pointed to something as if there were no issues.

I can do it! I can do it!

The rope was jumping up and down.
It was appealing for them to designate it as the driver.

The team members and the passengers all dropped their jaws in shock.

‘Is it being serious?’

But Ju-Heon, who had been planning on putting one of the dogs as conductor if he had to, started to smile.

"Alright, shut up and get started. I'll be extremely generous and give you four minutes. Ah, I really am such a nice person.”

Louie and Yoo Jaeha sniffled and took out their artifacts.

Ju-Heon took the contract he got from Chairman Kwon’s eldest son and started to smile.

“How dare you try to kill us off with the plane.”

Regardless of which country they end up in, once they get there and the passengers are found to still be alive and they reveal the truth…

That would be the start of the game.

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