Chapter 184: Not this bastard (4)

‘This is really driving me crazy.’

That was the only thought on Chairman Kwon’s mind right now.

Maybe it was to be expected. Forget going crazy, a person would normally die if they couldn't eat or drink anything for two weeks.

Chairman Kwon clenched his eyes shut inside this extremely small coffin.

‘Fuck, I’m really going to die at this rate.’

He was barely holding on right now because of an artifact.

‘I would have been screwed if it wasn't for my armor.’

That was right. Achilles’s Armor. The armor that made him immortal was helpful in maintaining his life as well. The armor was strongest when dealing with physical attacks, but since it had the ability to make him immortal, it kept him alive.

But who cared if he couldn't die?! Although he wasn’t 'dead’, that was it!

‘Ho, I'm going crazy.’

He couldn't eat, he couldn't drink anything. He couldn't take care of any biological needs. How much of a torture must it be for a human to lie down without being able to move at all?!

A normal person might have already bit down on their tongue and committed suicide.

That was why he couldn't help but be full of hate for Ju-Heon who put him in this situation.

‘……Seo Ju-Heon, I will haunt you as a ghost if I really die like this.’

He continued to slam on the coffin.

Boom boom!

It wasn't because of false hope. It was because he heard some voices approaching from a distance.

“Wow, there are a ton of coffins here as well!”
“Wow, should we be thanking Seo Ju-Heon? He left such historical records behind for us.”

There seemed to be a lot of people.

"Enough talking, hurry up and investigate! The US troops are going to destroy this tomb in a few days! We need to finish our research before then!”

This tomb that Ju-Heon left behind seemed to have become a treasure trove for archaeologists.

It was to be expected.
The artifacts were one thing, but the tombs themselves were historical cultural sites.

Even if they couldn't read the Toombglyph, archaeologists would go crazy reading the hieroglyphics and analyzing the wall art and items they found.

‘This will help develop the knowledge of history.’

‘Seo Ju-Heon left a treasure for the scholars!’

But Chairman Kwon didn't care about any of that.

‘Shit, why the hell can't anybody find me?!’

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chairman Kwon desperately banged on the coffin after hearing people's voices.
He had become so skinny that it was painful for his bony hand to slam on the coffin, but he didn't care.

‘I'm over here! There’s a person over here! Please!’

He couldn't even shout anymore but he slammed on the coffin with every ounce of strength he could muster.


“Ohhhhhhhh! Professor! There are some texts here regarding the pharaoh's toilet habits!”
“Ohhhhhhhh! Hurry up and copy it down!”

‘Ow! Toilets are not the important thing right now!’

That wasn't all.

“I heard that they still haven’t found Chairman Kwon, right? I heard he’s in here somewhere.”
"Wow, where the heck is he hiding that the great and mighty TKBM excavation team can’t find him?”

‘Where else? Over here! I'm right here! I'm right next to you guys!’

“Ah, well it's probably over. He’s probably dead since it has been two weeks.”

‘No you bastards, I'm right here!’

Boom boom boom!

“Ah, Professor. I'm hungry, why don’t we take a break to eat?”
"Should we? I think all of the traps around here are gone.”

The smell of ramen started to spread throughout the empty tomb and Chairman Kwon started to swear.

‘Ow, fuck! I'm going to kill these bastards!’

Chairman Kwon's Dominance spread out again.



“Aaah! Run!”

The tomb started to shake and the people inside the tomb started to run away.

"Fuck……fuck! Why can't anybody find me?! Why……?!”

It didn't seem easy for Chairman Kwon to see the light of day ever again.

“Fuck, what the hell is this?!”

On the other hand, as for Kwon Seung Jae who had planned to use Ju-Heon to become a Monarch and take away his father’s excavation team…

He was sweating bullets while looking at the messages blasting on his phone.

It couldn't be helped.

[800 million won has been withdrawn from HK Bank.]
[1 billion won has been withdrawn.]
[13 billion won has been withdrawn.]
[It was all deposited to the Worm Company.]
[You have received a loan of 2 billion won.]
[You have received a loan of 1 billion won.]

“What the hell is going on?!”

The messages continued to come without stopping.

He was wondering what was going on, but he couldn't suspect anything.

Actually, it would be weirder if he had something to suspect.

Beyond that…

‘Does the bank not even confirm it is the actual person?! Are there no restrictions?! What the hell is the Worm Company?!”

The messages continued despite his grumbling.

[Thank you for purchasing a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster.]
[5 billion won lump sum contract completed.]
[Thank you for being a VVIP customer.]

‘This is driving me nuts!’

Kwon Seung Jae grabbed the back of his head.

The anxious secretary started calling around but the answers she received were:
‘We don’t know.’

‘Computation error.’

‘It was completed without anybody knowing about it.’

‘We will quickly look into it.’

Those kinds of comments were all she heard.

The research had also revealed that the Worm Company was a mysterious ghost company.

That was why they had ordered them to quickly investigate it and recover the money, but…

It was at that moment.


[200 million won has been withdrawn for < heating bills >.]

Kwon Seung Jae screamed after seeing another message.

“Now what?!”

A furious Kwon Seung Jae turned his head and saw something that made him freak out.


Kwon Seung Jae was extremely shocked and started to run toward it.

“Hey! Stop it!”

The rope was there burning Kwon Seung Jae's suit jacket.
It had gathered some firewood as if it was creating a bonfire for some roasted sweet potatoes!

Kwon Seung Jae foamed at the mouth.

"What the hell is this thing doing?!”

What else would it be doing?

Is it warm? Is it warm?

It must have created the fire since it was charging him for < heating bills >.

Of course, Kwon Seung Jae couldn't help but grab the back of his head again.

"What are you doing to my custom suit! Do you know how much this suit costs?!”

The rope just slowly started to rummage through Kwon Seung Jae's bag as if it wasn’t done.

It then seemed to have thought of something as it started to write something on the invoice. Kwon Seung Jae was about to go crazy.

“Hey! Stop it!”

He had been told that this stupid rope was a S-Grade artifact.

‘Is this what he meant when he said it would be difficult to handle?!’

But this was still wrong! Yoo Jaeha was laughing his ass off as he watched.

“Hahaha, I'm going crazy! I wonder who the rope is taking after.”

A nervous Seol-A soon whispered to Ju-Heon.

“Umm, Captain-nim, is it okay to rip him off like this?”
“It doesn’t matter. It’s not my money.”

‘Makes sense. That is true.’ It was a cheap price to hire Ju-Heon.

But Kwon Seung Jae had a headache.

‘Fuck, my emergency fund I embezzled from the company!’

He couldn't let this damn rope keep taking his money away. Of course, the problem was whether he could get his money back from that tightwad worm.

But at that moment…

"What? That damn bitch went to France? She went with the company excavation team?!”

A problem seemed to have come up.

Kwon Seung Jae looked toward Ju-Heon and started to swear after receiving the call.

"Wasn’t that bitch looking for our father in the Valley of the Kings? Why the hell are they trying to go into the Tomb of Pride? What? Yang Chen did? Why?!”

Ju-Heon, who quickly noticed something, started to sneer.

‘Why else?’ They were trying to take the artifact of Pride rather than trying to look for Chairman Kwon who was buried inside the Valley of the Kings.

‘Those bastards are trying to take the excavation team for themselves since Chairman Kwon isn't here.’

The fact that he was so greedy for power was probably why he had betrayed them in the first place.

Yoo Jaeha quietly whispered at that moment..

“Captain-nim. Do you know where Chairman Kwon is?”
“I do.”

Yoo Jaeha gasped.


"Of course I know. There’s no benefit to have Chairman Kwon found quickly.”

Ju-Heon had gone into the pharaoh’s tomb and used his Spy skill to locate him.

He had then placed a device there.

It was a device to make it difficult to find Chairman Kwon.

Yoo Jaeha gasped once more.

“T, then is the reason Chairman Kwon hasn't been found yet……!”
“Well, he probably won’t die. He should still be alive thanks to the artifact of immortality.”

‘This heinous person! He’s using the immortality to his benefit since it prevents him from killing Chairman Kwon.’

Ju-Heon’s plan was slowly progressing like that.

‘Anubis took care of the other bastards, but I will personally curse him since Chairman Kwon is extremely special to me. I'll make it a big one this time.’

His grudge was one thing but TKBM was a large excavation team that was within the top 5 ranking. They were bound to be obstacles for Ju-Heon in the long run. What he was doing was just a step he needed to take to get rid of those who get in his way.
He had attacked Chairman Kwon until now but it was different this time.

‘I will disband your excavation team itself this time.’

In order to do that…

"I need to take care of everything before they find that old bastard.”

Kwon Seung Jae urgently started to speak.

"Seo Ju-H… No, hyung-nim. Why don’t we head to France right away then?”
“You want to go to the Tomb of Pride?”

Kwon Seung Jae hesitated for a moment before responding as if he had no choice.

“That… To be honest with you, there was a prophecy that the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs were keys to receive the Monarch's heirloom. I can't let my father’s people earn that.”
“You don’t need it?”
“Hyung-nim, you’re going to give me one anyway. You already have four of them!”
“Why should I?”
“Y, you won’t give me one?!”
“Of course not.”

Kwon Seung Jae freaked out. Yoo Jaeha tapped on Seol-A’s arm at that moment.

“Hey, what is that Monarch’s Heirloom thing?”

‘Well, you probably know the most about it.’

Seol-A sighed. According to Ju-Heon, the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs would be the strongest artifacts until the Heirlooms appeared.

The Heirloom would appear in the Monarch's tomb and the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs were keys to be used in that Monarch's tomb.

But they would only find out what each key would open at that moment.

‘He probably means the time when the Heirloom appears.’

“Anyway, then we need to go to the Tomb of Pride…!”
“Not so fast. I don’t think it will work.”
“Excuse me?!”
“I want to go, but the Tomb of Pride is under the jurisdiction of the EU and they have placed restrictions on entry. They want to take it for themselves. I can't go there. They probably put me on a restricted list to prevent me from even entering the country.”

That was the truth. That was why he had been having a headache since learning about it on the news.

The EU was currently working with the US as they were both members of Pandora, but the European countries would be closest to other European countries. They put him on the restricted list so that he couldn't sweep the artifact inside the Tower of Pride.

Kwon Seung Jae’s eyes lit up at that moment.

“Shit, okay! I'll let you get through using my connections so please go with me!”
“Before that, your father’s artifact warehouse first.”
“I got it!”

Ju-Heon started to smile as if things were going as he had planned. The bird that he had caught was giving wings to this Tomb Raider's plan.

“So you are saying that the information on this top secret document from the US is all accurate?”

[Yes. The Monarch of Fate bastard properly saw the future.]

Ju-Heon was currently on a plane headed to France.

It was not a private jet but a commercial plane. The Holten family’s private plane had come down with a mysterious mechanical failure and suddenly could not be used.

That was why he was sitting in first class looking like a model while writing something in his notebook and chatting with Anubis.

Other people might think he was crazy to talk to an item, but who cared?

“Then where is that Crow bastard located?”

[The Crow's tomb will not appear in the world unless special conditions have been met.]

‘No wonder. I was wondering why I couldn’t find any traces of it.’

The fact that the Crow was imprisoned must mean that the tomb was already open, which should have meant that he should have gotten at least a clue when using map-type artifacts.

But he couldn’t find any information with both Zheng He’s artifact and Columbus's artifact.

There might not be much information as it is a highest-grade tomb, but the Crow's tomb was actually special.

“Then what is the condition to find that tomb?”

[It’s probably best to gather all of the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs first.]

"The artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs?”

[That bastard is imprisoned in a special large cell. I believe that the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs have some connection to that cell.]

Ju-Heon smiled after hearing that.

Maybe it was a good thing that he had not missed out on any of the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs until now.
It was at that moment.

[Can we have your attention please? We have received reports of dangerous substances being on board.]
[Please be seated and follow the instructions of the crew……]

This announcement was not normal.

‘What is going on?’

As Ju-Heon was thinking this was odd…

“Can we please check your passport?”

Ju-Heon frowned and looked at the male flight attendant. He started to hand over his passport before pulling it back.

"What the fuck are you doing?”
“E, excuse me?”
"Why the hell does a flight attendant have an artifact glove on?”

Ju-Heon twisted the flight attendant’s arm as soon as he said that.

"Ah, aaaaah!”

The man screamed and the other team members who were sleeping nearby woke up.

"W, what is it?! Did something ha……!”

They soon gasped. They must have heard that Ju-Heon was in first class as some familiar faces rushed over.

"Stop it, Seo Ju-Heon!”
"We cannot let you step foot on European ground.”
“We can’t sit back and watch you clear another one of the 7 Great Tombs. We must stop you before you get there.”

The people who appeared were unexpectedly TKBM’s excavation team members. Ju-Heon started to sneer after seeing them appear.

‘I was wondering why Irene’s private jet that was in the New York airport suddenly broke down. These bastards must have done it. Yang Chen must be responsible for them to use such shady methods. I really should get myself my own sturdy private jet.’

Ju-Heon closed the notebook where he was writing ‘The Slutty Secretary 2.’

“Wonderful. Your plan is great. Taking care of me in advance since you can't defeat me in a tomb? That’s a very good idea.”


“You picked the wrong place. You bastards.”

Ju-Heon laughed and opened his fist.

They were currently on a plane 9,000 meters in the air.

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