Chapter 183: Not this bastard (3)

“Are you Mr. Seo Ju-Heon?”

The person who came to see Ju-Heon was Kwon Seung Jae, the trash second son of Chairman Kwon.

Yoo Jaeha, who had opened the door, was shocked after hearing his question.

“Huh? Who? Me?”

Kwon Seung Jae scoffed in response.

“Is there anybody other than you over there?”

Yoo Jaeha looked around. Seol-A seemed to have gone to call Ju-Heon.

Yoo Jaeha sighed as if he knew what this person was here for.

"Ah, we don’t need it. Our family is fine, we don’t need insurance, and we are properly respecting our deceased ancestors everyday. Now goodby…”

Kwon Seung Jae desperately grabbed the door as Yoo Jaeha tried to close it.

“Hey, mister! You shouldn’t treat a person who traveled a long way to get here like this!”

Yoo Jaeha snorted as if he found this man ridiculous.

“You should know that there are only three types of people who come to look for our Captain-nim like this. First are his enemies, second are his enemies. Third are his enemies. Regardless of whether you are in the first, second, or third category, you aren't helpful to us so goodbye.”
“Hey! Don’t close the d……!”
“Oh right. I’ll give you this if you don't have anywhere to go.”

Yoo Jaeha threw a red business card through the door.

[Work trip massage service! Oppa, we’ll give you great service!]

Kwon Seung Jae looked flustered after reading the business card.

"What the hell…?!”
“It was stuck to our door. Now goodbye for real.”


The door was ruthlessly closed.

Kwon Seung Jae scoffed in disbelief before he started to loudly bang on the door.

“Hey! Open the damn door! Do you know who I am?!”

How long must he have banged like that?

The door opened again and Kwon Seung Jae started to swear.

“Fuck, you should have opened it earlier. You son of a bitch……”

But Yoo Jaeha was not the one standing at the door this time.


Set, who had the face of a dog, revealed its vicious fangs and made Kwon Seung Jae step back in fear.

“……A dog bastard, ah, no, dog-nim, could I ask you for some directions?”

Set was extremely threatening as he was almost 2 meters tall.

“T, then goodbye…”

As Kwon Seung Jae and his secretary slowly tried to turn around…

[What the, this isn’t the chicken delivery guy. You told me it was the chicken delivery guy. Are you messing with me?]

Set, who was holding some money, grumbled as he turned around.

It seemed as if Yoo Jaeha had lied to Set. Kwon Seung Jae, who had been chased away, started to swear.

“Ah shit, this is driving me nuts. What do I need to do to meet with that Seo Ju-Heon bastard?”

That doggie was too scary to barge into the house.

But at that moment…

"Why are you looking for that bastard?”

Kwon Seung Jae jerked his head after hearing the cynical voice. Ju-Heon was standing there.

Kwon Seung Jae asked with his eyes wide open.

"Are you perhaps Seo Ju-Heon?”
“Hey kid, you shouldn’t speak informally to someone on the first meeting.”

Kwon Seung Jae's eyes flashed after realizing that the pressure he felt right now was completely different than when he was dealing with Yoo Jaeha.

‘I’m certain. This bastard is Seo Ju-Heon.’

Kwon Seung Jae immediately offered his business.

“This is who I am.”
“I don’t need it. You're Chairman Kwon's son.”

Kwon Seung Jae was amazed but Ju-Heon wasn’t happy to see this guy.

'This crazy druggie bastard.’

Kwon Seung Jae, 21 years old.

He was smart but completely immature and always had to have people cover up his accidents. So many of Ju-Heon's interns had died or been injured because of this bastard.

But it didn’t matter now.

‘I will use this bastard to gobble TKBM up.’

Kwon Seung Jae grabbed onto Ju-Heon with a happy expression.

“Our discussion will be much faster if you know who I am! Can I hire you for a job?”

He seemed to think that Ju-Heon was his source of hope.

“I need to succeed my father’s position but my older brother keeps getting in my way.”
“That’s why you came here to have me work with you?”

Ju-Heon knew why this bastard wanted him.


[Mysterious human zombies have appeared.]
[Is it because of tomb syndrome? They are appearing all over the world.]

Drug users who became zombies were appearing around the world. This was no accident; it was the work of an artifact.

‘I'm sure Yang Chen is responsible for it.’

There had been information about Chairman Kwon on the document the US handed Ju-Heon.

[TKBM has contacted the Monarch of Healing to find clues of creating human weapons.]
[Brain physiology artifact. Highly pathogenic. The person will become a zombie if it fails but a high-grade artifact user if it succeeds.]
[Under the responsibility of TKBM's top excavation team captain, Yang Chen, the Monarch of the Sun.]

The US made it sound as if they weren't involved at all, but it was obvious.

Most of the patients who became zombies were procured from countries such as China and India that had high populations and they were planning on using these people in the future.

Either way, it would be a hindrance for the second son. Chairman Kwon’s zombie brigade would get in his way if he tried to steal Chairman Kwon's artifacts.

But for some odd reason, Ju-Heon was able to survive against artifacts’ venomous auras and also had Anubis to be able to call forth soldiers in the tens of thousands. In addition, the chances of betrayal were low as this guy seemed like someone who would never work with TKBM based on his past actions.

‘Most bastards are already partners with my father.’

“So, how much do you want? Just tell me. 100 million dollars? 200 million dollars?”

The secretary behind him opened a 007-style briefcase full of dollar bills.

Ju-Heon grabbed the money and threw it to the side as if it was annoying. Then he sent a fireball to burn the piles of money.


The burning dollars turned into ashes while a gasping Kwon Seung Jae started to scream and ask if he was crazy.

“Hey! This is not fake money!”

But Ju-Heon just had an expression that seemed to be asking,’ who cares?’

“Hey kid, do I look like someone who is lacking in money?”

The secretary quickly whispered in Kwon Seung Jae's ear.

“Umm…… young master-nim. To be honest with you, Seo Ju-Heon's watch… That is the limited edition Patek Philippe SA watch worth 10 billion won. As for the paintings behind him… If they are all real, they are easily worth a hundred billion won together……”

‘Damn it. He's damn rich.’

He stomped his foot for a bit before his eyes flashed.

“……Ah, in that case! I know a lot of pretty girls! Here, take a look. You've probably never seen girls this hot…”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly handed over a picture he took with Irene.

Kwon Seung Jae slowly lowered his phone after seeing how close the two of them looked in the photo.

All of the girls he knew looked like pigs when compared to Irene.

‘Tsk, this lucky bastard!’

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly at that moment.

“Let me tell you this. If you want to cooperate with me, you should be willing to offer your father’s estate.”
"E, estate?”

Ju-Heon was happy to talk about Chairman Kwon being dead.

Kwon Seung Jae, who was quickly calculating things in his mind, started to smile!

“Okay! Then we agree to let me be the Captain of this excavation team.”

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A, who had been quietly listening, glared at him.

“Hey. What did you just say? You think you can do whatever you want because our Captain-nim was nice to you?”
“Hold on. Why are you so angry? This shouldn’t be weird. According to Pandora, my Dominance is higher than this guy's.”
“Furthermore, I am the son of a Chairman, I should at least have my own excavation team. All Monarchs have their own excavation teams. It’s annoying to hire subordinates and get used to them. It’s best to take and use something that’s already there.”
“Is that so?”

Ju-Heon laughed and nonchalantly accepted it.

“Okay. Then all of us will be your subordinate.”

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A, who were about to be sold off, gasped in shock.

“C, Captain-nim!”
“What are you suddenly saying?!”
“Well, you can even use all of my artifacts. As long as you hand over all of Chairman Kwon's estate.”

A shocked Seol-A grabbed onto Ju-Heon.

“Captain-nim…! This kid is Chairman Kwon’s son! He might be able to steal some of your possession-type artifacts…!”

Kwon Seung Jae laughed and headed toward the doggies.

He at least seemed to have an eye for things as he could tell that they were the strongest artifacts here.

“Alright, your master has given me permission. Obey my commands.”

The doggies flinched.

[Hey, master.]

They looked toward Ju-Heon as if they did not like what was going on.

[Are you really going to let this bastard use us?]
[Really? For real?]

Kwon Seung Jae didn’t care and channeled his Dominance toward the doggies.

“Shut up and obey!”


He must not have just been rated highly because he was Chairman Kwon's son as his power forced the doggies to return to their artifact forms. His Dominance was quite strong.

The artifacts were soon activated! A vicious aura descended in the room and the team members were screaming while Kwon Seung Jae was shouting as if he was awesome.

“Wow, these artifacts are total jackpots! Good, now that things are like this, I should be able to change the ownership…!”
“Captain-nim! You're really going to lose the doggies like this! Look at that!”

However, Ju-Heon was smiling.

Kwon Seung Jae started to scream as soon as Ju-Heon smiled.


Kwon Seung Jae's hand that was holding the artifact was starting to turn black.

That wasn't all.

“My body! Aaah!”

The black dots crawled up his hand and started to spread throughout Kwon Seung Jae's body.
This was the signs of an artifact going berserk.

As a result…

[You arrogant human!]
[You think a lowly human like youcan boss us around?!]

The Egyptian trio artifacts charged toward Kwon Seung Jae as if they wanted to kill him and destroy this entire hotel in the process.

They looked completely different than when dealing with Ju-Heon.

“Aaah! Wait, do something about this!”

Yoo Jaeha, who had been scared for a moment, started to shout as if he was confused.

"What the hell, what’s wrong with him?! He seemed to have made them submit enough to turn them back into their artifact form…!”

Ju-Heon's laugh pierced through the heavens at that moment.

“Did you really think those doggie bastards were easy to handle by anyone other than me?”

Ju-Heon snickered and walked over to the Egyptian artifacts.

The doggies were angry and talking about whether Ju-Heon wanted to throw them away or something as they tried to bite Kwon Seung Jae to death.

“Yes yes, I understand, so calm down you punks.”

The moment he put his hands on the Egyptian artifacts that were about to go berserk…



A level of Dominance that went beyond all imagination was released.


The artifacts going berserk were being suppressed as if they had not started to go berserk at all.

That wasn’t all. His overwhelming Dominance looked ready to gobble up Kwon Seung Jae as well.

“H, huff…!”

Kwon Seung Jae was sweating bullets and felt as if he would subconsciously bend the knee. Ju-Heon started to laugh as if he found this guy ridiculous.

“You said Pandora determined that your Dominance was higher than mine?”

Kwon Seung Jae could not say anything in response.

“I didn't even show a quarter of my Dominance for that test, you retard. You shouldn't show everything you have for things like that.”

‘This crazy bastard.’

“Furthermore, a bastard like you without any sense of responsibility or duty should not think about being in charge of an excavation team. It is a position where you hold the lives of your subordinates in your hands.”

Ju-Heon then started to smile brightly.

“Good. You seem to know who is superior in this relationship now. You will now do what I tell you to do.”
"What you tell me to do?”
“Yes, first………”

Ju-Heon summoned an artifact. It was the rope.

Did you call me? Did you call me?

Kwon Seung Jae flinched after looking at the rope.

"W, what are you planning on doing with that?”
“Don’t do anything and stand still. Don’t even get angry no matter what happens.”

Kwon Seung Jae was confused but nodded his head for the time being.

Ju-Heon then whispered to the rope.

“Steal his money.”


“Don't waste your time doing jobs for less than minimum wage.”

The rope's eyes viciously flashed.

Can I really steal his money? Really?

Ju-Heon chuckled while looking at the rope that was bobbing up and down with excitement.

“Take it all. Don't even leave a penny behind.”

He was not someone who would let a prey that had walked in own its own accord, leave.

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