Chapter 182: Not this bastard (2)

It was a very familiar name.

‘It's not a day or two I had to deal with those fuckers.’

But those bastards were trying to gobble up Chairman Kwon’s fortunes?

‘They’re using the opening while their father is gone?’

This was one of the funniest things he had heard in a while.

Why? People said that the funniest thing in the world was watching a fire or a fight.

That wasn't all.

‘I might be able to swallow TKBM up if I play the right cards.’

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

That was right. That motherfucking Chairman Kwon had two sons and one daughter. He had a total of three children.

The eldest son was not interested in being the Director of TKBM and running the business. That was why he did not interfere with TKBM’s excavation team either.

‘Well, it is more that he has no talent for it rather than he is not interested in it.’

Pandora had determined him to be an Antique-Grade (D-Grade) artifact user.

‘That is why he pretended not to be interested in artifacts.’

Chairman Kwon had been quite disappointed as well. Anyway, that was why they could pass on the eldest son.

But the younger siblings were different.

[Both of them were your disciples, weren’t they?]

Ju-Heon just chuckled.

“I was just a short-term tutor.”

[How modest of you.]

Ju-Heon was one of the top artifact users in the world at that time.
Although everybody called him a thief and environmental reasons forced him to remain in the Expert-Grade, he would have ranked among the top even within the Monarchs based on his ability to handle artifacts. He was so talented that multiple places had contacted him to tutor people.

That was why his disciples were pretty much the shit.

Julian gently laughed as he continued to speak.

[I remember the second son was quite a lot for you to handle. He even tried to hit on your twin sister.]

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

Who cares if he hit on her? They truly were siblings as he ended up being beaten up by both of them.

Either way, the second son was quite talented in handling artifacts unlike the eldest son.

But it didn’t matter.

‘His relationship with his father was terrible.’

That was why he was quite greedy about artifacts but could not even come near his father’s precious excavation team.

But the future had now changed thanks to Ju-Heon.

‘Chairman Kwon is missing.’

Was that why that son was trying to take his father’s spot while he was missing?

“Ah, then is that funeral for Chairman Kwon the second son's doing?”

[Yes. That same funeral where you sent the wreath of roses.]

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

‘That makes sense. This is his chance since that old bastard is missing.’


‘Only his children will be able to open Chairman Kwon’s artifact warehouse.’

TKBM's artifact warehouse where Chairman Kwon kept all of his artifacts. It was a safe-type artifact but it was not hidden in the company itself, it was hidden somewhere in the world. Chairman Kwon used a teleportation artifact to go in and out of that safe.

That safe artifact was the artifact of royalty, making only the person's bloodline be able to open it.

That was why the second son was probably using this opening while Chairman Kwon was not here to swipe all artifacts out of the artifact warehouse.

Ju-Heon found that fact quite interesting. Internal conflicts always benefited external parties.

But there was something weird.

“What is up with the daughter? She should have a good relationship with that old bastard. What’s with her desire to usurp everything?”

Julian stopped for a moment before telling the truth.

[Yang Chen.]


[I wasn’t planning on telling you about it, but that bastard is involved. That same bastard who betrayed us.]

Ju-Heon was amused.

‘Is it about that time for that bastard to start coming out? That motherfucking bastard.’

The corners of Ju-Heon's lips were twitching.

‘I should use this opportunity to get rid of him along with TKBM.’

“Good, hey Kongming. Let me ask you one more thi………”

He heard another thunderbolt from the other side of the call.



Ju-Heon couldn't listen anymore and started to get angry.

“…Hey, you damn terrorist, control yourself! The Captain is responsible for all the accidents that their team members cause!”

[Ah, really?]

He heard a loud noise that couldn't even be compared to any of the others from before.
It sounded as if he was openly destroying the building now.

Bang bang!

That wasn't all.

[Everyooooone! I am a part of Seo Ju-Heon's excavation team! I am here on the orders of our respected captain, Seo Ju-Heon! I ask for your understaaaanding!]

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!


‘Did this bastard go crazy?’

“……Hey bastard, do you want to die?”

[Hmm? Why? I thought you said the accidents of the team members were the captain’s responsibility.]

‘This bastard, I should really go find his younger sister and fiancee and seduce them.

It was at that moment. Julian, who had been only attacking Pandora’s top secret locations even as he was saying those things, continued to speak.

[Anyway, there is one more thing I need to confirm.]

“What is it?”

[Will you be okay?]

“What are you talking about?”

[It involves the sons and daughters of TKBM. Will you be okay personally getting involved in this?]

“Why wouldn't I be when I might be able to gobble TKBM up completely?”

Julian must be thinking that Ju-Heon had a lot of trauma after being killed off by Chairman Kwon.

It made sense since……

‘The TKBM bastards knew about our deaths in advance and didn't do anything about it.’

Thinking back on that situation, it was pretty much all of TKBM that had betrayed them.

There was no way Ju-Heon wouldn't know about that. Julian was worried that Ju-Heon's anger would gobble him up.

But Ju-Heon responded as if he was refreshed.

“Hey Kongming. It’s fine so you guys just shut up and follow me. My final goal is not revenge.”

Julian started to laugh as if he asked that question for no reason.

[I'll come back after burning all of the artifact possession report form.]

“Steal some artifacts while you are there.”

‘What is he saying?’

[Anyway, what are you planning on doing with the son and the daughter? Both of them are at the Monarch level.]

‘What else would I do?’

“I need to take good care of my former students.”

‘All of you guys are my prey, you bastards.’

“These people are Seo Ju-Heon's excavation team?”

Kwon Joo Hee. Chairman Kwon’s daughter, a senior in high school, was looking through their photos.

“Ah, Yoo Jaeha? This is that restorer right? He’s so cute. He’s totally hot. Next is Lee Seol-A…… Hmph, does she think she is a celebrity? Why is a regular person so uselessly pretty?”
“Joo Hee.”
“And Seo Ju-Heon… Wow, jackpot. Hey mister. Can I just get engaged to this person? I don’t need Mister Yoon Shi Woo.”

Yang Chen started to frown.

Why did he have to sit here dealing with a kid like her?

“Joo Hee. Please focus. The list of his assistants are on the side.”
“Hmm…Julian Miller… Wow he looked terrible with glasses on but he’s handsome with it off! Kyaaa, Irene Holten! I really like her because she’s so pretty!”
“Joo Hee!”

Kwon Joo Hee lowered her head in shock.

Yang Chen sighed.

‘Only if the Director-nim was able to open the artifact warehouse…’

The eldest son had given Yang Chen an order.

‘My younger brother is openly pushing for my father’s funeral. He’s planning to take his spot.’

Honestly speaking, the eldest son who was on Chairman Kwon's side could not open Chairman Kwon’s artifact warehouse because he didn't have the talent.
He met the conditions but it was because he lacked the Dominance. That was why they couldn’t help but hang into the youngest daughter.

But Yang Chen clicked his tongue.

“Do you understand? Joo Hee, your fiance Yoon Shi Woo, and your second brother are aiming for your father’s position.”
“He’s my fiance but I haven't even seen his face properly…”
“Joo Hee.”

Yang Chen frowned as he looked at her.

“The value of the Chairman-nim’s excavation team is already at a global level and it is as strong as the military of some nations. Chairman Kwon cherishes the team as much as the company. Many other countries are already aiming for the Chairman-nim’s artifact safe.”
“Joo Hee, don’t you think you need to protect your father’s excavation team and his artifacts?”
“But I hate artifa…”


Yang Chen slammed down on the table with his artifact.

“Joo Hee, you will not be able to inherit any of TKBM’s subsidiaries if you are unable to protect your father's wealth.”

His scary gaze made Kwon Joo Hee slightly flinch.

But Yang Chen, the future Monarch of the Sun, had a fishy smile on his face.

‘Seo Ju-Heon. I will use this child to return the indignity from that time.’

His plan was to push Ju-Heon out and take away Ju-Heon’s subordinates.

[Grave Company, an artifact business, opens its doors]
[Will the artifact business bring forth the fifth Industrial Revolution?]
[Artifact products that used to only be sold to VIPs can now be found almost anywhere.]
[Seo Ju-Heon, Director of Grave Company stated, "We will provide multiple items in batches, starting with items that are necessary for survival.”]
[Artifact brokers are revolting.]

“Ha…. Shit, these are all of the artifacts we are sending to old man Edward, right?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Yoo Jaeha was huffing as he organized the artifacts.

Ju-Heon had split the artifacts into two groups.

First. Artifacts he would use.

Second. Artifact he would use for business.

An example of an artifact in the second category would be a C-Grade flower petal artifact that would allow you to sleep for 1 hour but feel as if you got 8 hours of sleep.

They took the artifact and turned it into a diffuser. He would sell those diffusers to civilians.

“Ow, shit, I'm done with my work load for today! Captain-nim! I'm sending these copies to old man Ed!”
“Alright, time to work! Rope!”

The rope hopped over and grabbed the bag of artifacts with sparkling eyes.

“This is the address, have a safe trip.”

Yoo Jaeha then placed a 1,000 won bill in the rope’s mouth.

I got it! I got it!

The rope was happy that it got some money and put it inside its piggy bank. It was swaying with joy as it left the room.

“Man, it could have taken more with it.”

Yoo Jaeha peeked at the rope’s piggy bank before stealthily shaking it.

“Wow, jackpot. This is super heavy.”

Yoo Jaeha, who had been feeling the weight of the piggy bank, looked around before starting to smile.

“These things were meant to be broken.”

Yoo Jaeha was about to destroy the clay piggy bank with a hammer.

“Hey. You should really think about the people you scam.”
“! ! !”

Yoo Jaeha almost dropped the piggy bank in shock.

“Shit, you scared me!”

Seol-A had been the one to scold Yoo Jaeha.

“You’ll be punished if you do that.”
“I'm joking, it was a joke. Tsk.”

Yoo Jaeha quickly returned the piggy bank to its original location.

It was at that moment.

Knock knock knock.

Someone was knocking on their hotel door.

“Yes, who is it?”

There was a man at the door.

“Excuse me, is Mr. Seo Ju-Heon inside?”

It was Chairman Kwon’s second son.

The young tiger had come to see the devil.

At the same time…

Boom. Boom.

There was a banging noise somewhere in the world.

The noise was coming from deep underground.

Boom. Boom.

Someone was breathing heavily and swearing deep underground.


There was also the noise of a stomach growling.

“Fuck, how did I end up like this…….”

The man whose mouth and body was starting to dry out kicked at the coffin as he screamed.

"Seo Ju-Heon, you motherfucker!”

Chairman Kwon was still inside the coffin.

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