Chapter 179: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (5)

It was an artifact with a long appearance, the rope.

The rope seemed to have been moving around here and there after receiving an order from Ju-Heon.

Honestly speaking, it had been kicked out of the meeting room because it had helped people on its own accord and submitted invoices.

It had come to the garden after sensing some suspicious auras, but……

Did you get hurt? Did you get hurt?

The rope was about to rush over to call Yoo Jaeha. Anubis seemed to be in an extremely serious situation.

He realized something at that moment.

[Wait a minute, rope. I have something to tell you.]

However, the rope couldn’t help but freak out again.

No, stop talking! Your body is going to break, it is going to break!

Anubis was turning into ashes and disappearing even though it had only slightly moved its foot.

It was obvious that the rope touching it even a slight amount would make it disappear completely.

What do I do, what do I do?!

Anubis would probably die before it could go and get Yoo Jaeha.


It was because Anubis's current situation was not just a physical destruction. It was completely different from how Ju-Heon always destroyed him.

It was destroying the artifact’s core. That meant that its soul was being destroyed and it would really die. It could not be restored or reborn.

But that wasn’t all. All memories regarding that artifact would disappear.

That was the reason the rope was upset right now.

[#$&^! @]
A restorer, a restorer!

Anubis grabbed the rope that it was happy to see.

‘I won’t die for nothing now.’

It’s eyes flashed.

It wasn’t an issue that it was disappearing now, but the problem was the other artifacts.

‘The sparks will impact them too.’

All of its subordinate artifacts had already disappeared because of it. Set, Osiris, and all Egyptian artifacts might get swept up in this as well.

The Supreme Leader was someone who would have no problems doing that.

‘That bastard will get rid of anything it finds suspicious or annoying.’

That was why Anubis started to feel desperate.

[Rope. I don’t need a restorer, but please hurry up and call Seo Ju-Heon over. There is no human in this world who can fix this.]
[There is something I need to tell Seo Ju-Heon before I disappear. It is about the Supreme Leader.]

The rope sobbed as it nodded its head.

Even if it had been rude most of the time, Anubis was Ju-Heon's artifact. The rope couldn't let it disappear like this.

The rope was about to hurry up and move.

“Hey! There’s an artifact over here!”

[! !]

"What? An artifact?”

The rope freaked out.

The guards patrolling around the White House had found Anubis.

“Fuck, why is there an artifact over here? There were no precursors for a Tomb Appearance!”

It wasn’t weird that they found Anubis.

There had been quite a chaotic aura around the garden and the nearby government facilities were full of artifact users in preparation for any type of artifact terrorism.

There was no way they would not notice the aura of strong artifacts.

Because of that…

“A dog has turned into an item! It’s not a cross… it looks like a decorative necklace! It’s an artifact!”
"We don’t know what artifact it is, but we can tell it's a high-grade artifact!”
“We're so lucky, hurry up and call people over!”

The rope became extremely desperate. Anubis would be dragged away if it went to call Ju-Heon.

The people started to snicker.

“The President will be happy about this.”
"What are you talking about? We can swipe it without reporting it.”

The people grabbing Anubis however they pleased made Anubis start to crumble even faster.


The rope immediately started to charge toward the guards.

Move away! Move!

Pow, pow!

“Damn it! What is this rope?!”

The rope sniffled while looking for Ju-Heon.

At the same time…



Ju-Heon looked around as if he had heard the rope's calling.

But the US President called Ju-Heon at that moment.

“Haha, I apologize for suspecting you.”

He was laughing as if he was a little kid who had received a lot of birthday presents.

“Our appraisers have confirmed the artifacts inside the bag.”
“They said that they are all the real items. I apologize for suspecting you. We thought you swindled our artifacts.”

Ju-Heon shamelessly laughed after hearing that.

“What reason do we have to turn our backs on the US? Of course we would return your items since we signed a contract.”

Julian put a hand up against his forehead again.

‘This scammer. Returning their items my ass.
You handed them fakes.’

It was obvious that Ju-Heon had Jaeha make these.

Now that he had da Vinci’s artifact, his copying abilities had gained wings, no, it had reached Divine-Grade!

Furthermore, these people believed that Yoo Jaeha couldn’t use da Vinci's artifact. They believed that Louie was the only one with the Fit to use it and they were capable of appraising the fakes that Louie created.

‘But I didn't think he would use Tutankhamun's curse artifact.’

He used one of the pharaoh's artifacts that he had just brought out of the Valley of the Kings.

‘It might be okay since he didn't put any dangerous curse on it.’

That was why Julian chose to remain silent for the time being. Well, he would claim it was for his fiancee and his younger sister, but Julian didn't want them to have those artifacts either.

‘The wars the US creates will be the starting point of a World War.’

Migraines and diarrhea were better than wars.

In fact, wouldn't the chief executives became wary if they got diarrhea after having artifacts close to them?

‘Ah. We should be more careful about how we use artifacts.’

They might have such thoughts.

The President, who probably had no idea about that, started to laugh again.

“Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, we will give you some help in return for recovering our artifacts. But once again, I apologize for suspecting you.”

Ju-Heon laughed and said it was okay.

“We just happen to bring out some of Chairman Kwon’s artifacts and your artifacts ended up being mixed in with them.”
“But Chairman Kwon's side did not tell us about it at all.”
“There are no guards inside the tombs. TKBM might have been thinking about swiping all of your artifacts.”

The US President easily accepted that what Ju-Heon said could have been true.

“TKBM might be one of the top three excavation teams in the world right now, but that also means that they are very ruthless. It is quite possible, thinking about the things they have done until now.”

The US President then gave an order to his subordinate.

“Keep a thorough eye on TKBM. Make sure you don't miss a single thing they do. Check to see if they do anything sly or corrupt.”
“I'm certain something will pop up as they are not a completely clean business.”

Ju-Heon started to smile knowing the meaning behind what the Chief of Staff had said.

No matter how well a business could make money, it was a headache to be on bad terms with a country. They could even create crimes that did not exist to make things difficult.

They wouldn't be able to do anything if there was any proof of crimes being committed. This was a way to make Chairman Kwon eat shit.

Well, the first thing Julian did was sigh.

‘As expected of our Captain. So vicious, so totally vicious. I didn’t think he would try to choke Chairman Kwon like this.’

It was something Julian wished for as well. He had no proof to put them away, but Julian didn’t have enough fingers to count the number of corrupt things he remembered TKBM doing.

It was at that moment.

“I recall that you wished for us to share a document with you as the reward for this situation, Mr. Ju-Heon.”

Ju-Heon’s eyes started to sparkle. It was the document about the Monarchs’ Heirlooms and the Crow's tomb.

“The US did indeed ask the Monarch of Fate to see into the future. We had not revealed it to anybody else, but we will happily share it with you, Mr. Ju-Heon, since you recovered our artifacts for us. However, the condition is that you excavate together with us.”
“Sounds great.”

Ju-Heon quickly looked through the prophecy the CIA had received from the Monarch of Fate. As he was almost done recording all of the information in his head…

Master, master! Something bad has happened!

He felt as if he could hear the rope’s voice again. Ju-Heon looked out after thinking it was odd. He could see guards quickly rushing somewhere.

Seol-A noticed Ju-Heon starting to frown while looking at the document and quickly approached him.

“Is something wrong?”

Ju-Heon thought for a moment before checking his pockets.

He noticed that Anubis's artifact had disappeared.

Ju-Heon scrunched his eyes.

‘This bastard.’

Of course, Ju-Heon knew that Anubis had disappeared.

Actually, he had let him sneak away on purpose. He would be able to gain information on his enemies by letting Anubis go.


‘Looks like something serious must have happened.’

Blackie might normally vandalize some things or pee in public, but it was different this time.

‘There was the issue of Divine-Grade artifacts suddenly appearing and then disappearing.’

Ju-Heon tried to summon Anubis.

But Anubis was not summoned. He wondered if Anubis was resisting again because of its pride as a Divine-Grade artifact, but that didn't seem to be it.

[It cannot respond to your summon.]
[It is not in the condition to respond to your summon.]

Not in the condition…

There was only one reason such a message would pop up.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue and asked Seol-A a question.

"Where is Jaeha?”
“Excuse me? Ah… I think he was hitting on one of the White House employees. He was trying to get a date.”


“Whatever, hurry up and drag him over by his ear. There’s somewhere I need to send him.”
“Excuse me?”

Seol-A found this to be odd. It was usually her job to take care of any reconnaissance or message deliveries.

Why was Ju-Heon looking for that bastard?

The weirder thing was that Ju-Heon was touching the Raven’s memory artifact for some reason.
He looked quite serious.

“Hey hey hey hey, where are we going?! Where are we going?! At least tell me where we are going! Damn it, I was having a nice chat with Jenny, why are you doing this?!”
“Is that Jenny or pony important or is our Captain-nim’s order important?”
“Damn it! Of course the Captain-nim, but ow, it hurts!”

Yoo Jaeha was being dragged by the ear by Seol-A. Seol-A then stealthily headed to the White House garden as Ju-Heon had ordered.


They saw something unexpected once they got there.


That was right. The familiar rope was whimpering while being captured by the guards.

The rope was extremely happy to see Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A.

Over here! Over here!

Of course, the guards were cursing the rope.

“Fuck, this bastard is making us unable to take this artifact with us!”
“What the fuck is up with this shit?!”

The two of them wondered why the rope was here, but they quickly figured it out. It was because of the people gathered around.

“Wow, this is also a Divine-Grade artifact!”
“It’s not just Divine-Grade artifacts! Everything here is artifact pieces!”
“Hurry up and call the restorers over!”
“It’s all ours if they are restored!”

There were tens of artifacts in the garden. They were all Egyptian artifacts.

Yoo Jaeha gasped after seeing one artifact in the midst of those artifacts.

“H, holy shit! Anubis? Why is that bastard here?!”

They then seemed to understand why Ju-Heon had sent them there.

A desperate Yoo Jaeha pushed the guards.

“Damn it! Get away! Don’t touch it if you don’t know anything, you’re going to destroy it!”

As Yoo Jaeha carefully picked Anubis up…

"What are you doing?!”

He heard some sharp voices. They were angrily walking toward Yoo Jaeha.

“Get your hands off of it right now! What the hell is an illegal touching?!”

Seol-A realized something after seeing some familiar faces.

‘They’re the official restorers!’

There were about 500 official restorers whose names were known worldwide.

They were restorers between the A-Grade and SS-Grade and all of them were elites hired by Pandora, different countries, or the top excavation teams.

They were the ones with the international license while everybody else was treated as illegals and ignored. Seol-A put a hand against her forehead as if this was going to get annoying.

‘Why did those bastards have to be here…!’

It was understandable. Today was the day they were receiving the artifacts from Ju-Heon. The White House would have called some official restorers over.

‘They are definitely talented.’

They moved people away and approached Anubis’s artifact.

They then peeked at Yoo Jaeha.

"The fact that you have some restoration tools must mean that you must be a loser restorer.”
“Divine-Grade artifacts will be destroyed if an illegal touches it. Only experts who are approved by Pandora are allowed to touch artifacts S-Grade and higher. So, please get lost.”

Yoo Jaeha was flustered.

“Hey, this is our Captain-nim’s artifact. I am his personal restorer. Who the fuck are you to say I can or cannot restore it?”

They looked as if they wanted to say something before they started to laugh.

“Ah. Now that I think about it, isn't this the little chick who put Professor Jean Richard in prison not too long ago?”
“Does it feel good to put the role model of the restoration world behind bars?”
“Anyway, move away. You don’t have a license; do you even know how to restore artifacts?”

In the end, Yoo Jaeha was pushed away. The restorers then started to speak to the reporters they brought to the White House with them.

“Make sure to take a good recording of the restoration process. It is a rare opportunity to touch a Divine-Grade artifact.”
“I understand.”

They were S-Grade and SS-Grade restorers. But even doctors would need a certain amount of surgery experience to be considered experts.

“Alright, hurry!”

Similarly, restoring a Divine-Grade artifact would be great for their career.

‘This is a chance for me to be accepted as one of the top restorers.’

It was understandable that they were causing such a ruckus as it was rare for them to be able to touch a Divine-Grade artifact, but……

"Alright, let’s hurry! Let’s negotiate with Mr. Seo Ju-Heon if we successfully restore it.”
“We will restore the ones that are not Mr. Seo Ju-Heon’s artifact and give them to the President.”
"Won’t it be difficult?”
“Well, as long as we do what we have always done……”

However, the faces of the restorers trying to restore the artifacts started to turn pale one by one.

“W, what the hell is wrong with this?”
“Why can’t I fix it?”

The artifact users from the White House started to get anxious after seeing the restorers getting anxious.

“What’s wrong, is it not working?”
“Well, you see…”
“Weren’t you guys high-grade restorers? I thought you said you’ve restored Divine-Grade artifacts before!”
“Something’s weird, this isn’t just broken!”
"What, you can't do it?”
“N, no, that’s not it! Our tools are not good! We can't do…!”

It was at that moment.

“You guys can’t do it, can you?”

An angry Yoo Jaeha's face was twitching as he viciously smiled.

“Get lost. You quacks.”

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