Chapter 178: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (4)

He heard Ju-Heon's voice at that moment.

"Are you looking for this?”

Julian turned his head with joy after hearing Ju-Heon's voice.

He would normally not be happy to hear Ju-Heon's voice, but the time and place mattered this time.

Even Julian would find it scary to stand alone in the middle of the White House with such thorough security.
Maybe that was the reason.

“You're lat…”

Julian welcomed Ju-Heon with a bright expression but had no choice but to drop his jaw.

‘W, what the hell did he bring with him?’

Ju-Heon had a large bag with him. The people in the White House and the president were all amazed by the bag Ju-Heon brought with him.

“Are our artifacts inside that bag?”
“My goodness, did we have that many artifacts?”
“No. Maybe he brought some other artifacts with him as a token of his apology.”

That made them start to become full of expectation. It was an expected reaction in front of artifacts.

But Julian was the only one with his hand on his forehead.

It couldn't be helped as he could see it clearly with Zhuge Kongming’s eyes.

‘This bastard, I was wondering why he was so willing to hand the artifacts over!’

Julian wanted to get out of here right away.

He started to whisper...

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