Chapter 178: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (4)

He heard Ju-Heon's voice at that moment.

"Are you looking for this?”

Julian turned his head with joy after hearing Ju-Heon's voice.

He would normally not be happy to hear Ju-Heon's voice, but the time and place mattered this time.

Even Julian would find it scary to stand alone in the middle of the White House with such thorough security.
Maybe that was the reason.

“You're lat…”

Julian welcomed Ju-Heon with a bright expression but had no choice but to drop his jaw.

‘W, what the hell did he bring with him?’

Ju-Heon had a large bag with him. The people in the White House and the president were all amazed by the bag Ju-Heon brought with him.

“Are our artifacts inside that bag?”
“My goodness, did we have that many artifacts?”
“No. Maybe he brought some other artifacts with him as a token of his apology.”

That made them start to become full of expectation. It was an expected reaction in front of artifacts.

But Julian was the only one with his hand on his forehead.

It couldn't be helped as he could see it clearly with Zhuge Kongming’s eyes.

‘This bastard, I was wondering why he was so willing to hand the artifacts over!’

Julian wanted to get out of here right away.

He started to whisper to Ju-Heon who sat down next to him.

“Are you crazy? What the hell did you bring with you?!”
“What else? Bombs.’

‘Ow! This lunatic!’

“Do you want to get arrested for terrorism on the White House?! What about Seol-A and Jaeha?”

Ju-Heon pointed outside instead of responding.

The two of them were waiting outside just in case something happened.

‘We can't do anything about it if we are all in one place and we get captured.’

That was why they were guarding Ju-Heon from the outside. Seol-A had sent a few ghosts with Ju-Heon.

Lee Seol-A realized someone was staring at her at that moment.

It was Yoo Jaeha.

"What are you looking at?”

Yoo Jaeha just clicked his tongue and said it was nothing.

“It’s just disappointing. You looked really cute as a little girl.”
“Actually, having a daughter like you……ugh!”

Seol-A had stepped on Yoo Jaeha’s foot.

Lee Seol-A then started to speak as if she had the chills.

“A, are you crazy? Do you want to get some silver bracelets on your wrists?”
“Ow! Hey! You should let a person finish what they are saying!”
“Having a pretty daughter like you would be great. The Captain-nim said that!”

Lee Seol-A instantly started to blush as if she had not been attacking Jaeha at all.

‘What? The Captain-nim said that?’

Lee Seol-A didn't know what to do.

There was a simple explanation.

‘I, it might have been impossible in the past… but now…’

Lee Seol-A covered her face with embarrassment after having some thoughts. Yoo Jaeha looked at her as if she was crazy, but she didn’t care.

Pretty much everybody in the world had been infertile when she had met Ju-Heon in the past.

But things were different now.

‘I, if it is what the Captain-nim wants…’

Yoo Jaeha made her emotions sink at that moment.

“Ah, he also said a daughter like Irene would be great too.”

Lee Seol-A, who had been having a happy and wild thought, instantly turned pale.

‘A daughter like I, Irene?’

That must mean that……

‘Captain-nim, does he…’

Yoo Jaeha didn't know what Lee Seol-A was thinking as he stupidly added on.

“I think a mixed baby would be pretty too. Someone at the Captain-nim and Irene’s level of looks would definitely have a beautiful daughter… And as for that daughter, I will……u, ugh!”

Lee Seol-A started to choke Yoo Jaeha with teary eyes.

"Just whose side are you on?! Huh?!”
“Who else? T, the side of the wealthy…”
“Damn it!”

‘Then I have no way to defeat Irene!’

“Jaeha, how can you do that to your fellow team member? You don't even remember all the things I did for you. Instead of being thankful, you pay me back by betraying me!”
“What the hell are you talking about? When did you? U, ugh!”

Yoo Jaeha was about to suffocate to death. Lee Seol-A was extremely upset, but it didn’t matter.

‘I still have a chance.’

Lee Seol-A remembered something. She remembered what had happened when the curse in the pharaoh's tomb had been removed.

It had been on their way out of the tomb.

They had to jump down a cliff.

They could have just climbed down the rope but Ju-Heon was going to carry Irene down because it looked quite dangerous.

"Seol-A, you should be okay with this since you have a lot of experience, right? You can just use Gildal.”

‘No, I'm not okay at all.’

Seol-A stuck to Ju-Heon's back as if she was a koala.

She had then shouted after making up her mind.

“Umm, I, I actually can't use artifacts right now! My Dominance must have fallen after turning into a kid!”
“…………What? I saw you using your artifact earlier.”
“You’re remembering wrong!”

Lee Seol-A had then used her legs to tightly hug Ju-Heon’s back.

She wouldn't be able to act like this except when she looked like a little kid!

Ju-Heon decided to hold both little girls as he climbed down the cliff.

Yoo Jaeha the lecher, who couldn't bear to watch this, tried to interject.

"Captain-nim, should I just carry one of them down with me?”

Yoo Jaeha had no choice but to take back his offer after feeling the odd murderous intents.

Anyway, it was fine that Ju-Heon was climbing down while holding both little girls, but……


The two of them had instantly transformed while being carried by Ju-Heon.

The two little girls had returned to their original appearances.

Both of them had been shocked at the sudden change.

Ju-Heon had a lot of arm strength so it wasn’t hard for him to carry both of them.
The problem came after that!

“Irene, I can't see in front of me because of your boobs. And Seol-A, put on some pants.”

The two of them who were stuck to Ju-Heon even after getting to the bottom had felt something.

‘I'm certain of it. It is proof that the Captain-nim enjoyed it!’

Ju-Heon’s body was honest. Of course, she and Irene got into a fight afterwards for a different issue.

They had to battle to figure out who had caused Ju-Heon to get excited.

Well, they still couldn’t come to a decision on who had caused it, but either way…

‘It’s still too soon to give up.’

Yoo Jaeha, who was looking through the window without any regards for what Lee Seol-A was thinking, gasped in surprise.

Lee Seol-A tilted her head in confusion.

“What is it?”
“N, no…”

Yoo Jaeha gulped.

Yoo Jaeha had noticed the rope slowly heading toward the president.

It was not just crawling over, it had received cups of soda from an employee and was personally serving the president.

It then handed one to Ju-Heon and one to the president.

‘Does it think it is a waitress or something? What the hell is a damn rope doing?!’

That wasn’t the issue.

‘Is that punk doing another part-time job?’

That was right.

It wasn’t done serving the drink to the president, it brought some documents over and even organized his desk for him.

It was also helping out the executive employees in the White House as well!

Of course, the people were just amazed by what they saw.

“Ohhh, thanks for the drink. What an interesting artifact.”
“It would be nice to have such a helpful tool…….”

‘Helpful my ass! Sigh, that thing is planning on sweeping away the White House!’

Jaeha was right.

The rope's eyes flashed as it started to generate receipts.
[Desk organization 300,000,000]
[Document organization 1,000,000,000]
[Serving Fee 1,000,000,000]
[Service charge 800,000,000]

. .
[Total 3.4 billion won]
[*VAT is separate, will accept in USD as well]

Was he wrong to think that the prices were going up?

The people enjoyed the services without realizing that the money would soon leave their bank accounts.
Of course, Ju-Heon was watching with satisfaction, thinking that it had grown up properly.

It was at that moment.

“Now then, please return our artifacts……”

Julian was shaken up after seeing the people trying to open Ju-Heon’s bag.

‘Those people… If they open that… They won't be safe.’

There weren’t actual bombs in there, but there were some annoying things for sure.

That was probably why Julian started to shout.

“Please wait. The things inside that bag…”

However, at that moment…



Julian teared up after having his shin kicked.

It hurt alot.

He caressed his shin and glared at Ju-Heon.

“Damn it! What are you…?!”

Ju-Heon, who had his chin on his hands, sent him a message with his gaze.

'Shut up.'

He then silently mouthed some words.

'If you don't shut up, your fiancee… I will seduce her again. Your younger sister as well.'


Julian's eyes lit up in anger after understanding Ju-Heon’s message.

‘What did he just say?’

He couldn’t let that happen in this life.

No, forget this life, he couldn't let that ever happen because of this bastard!

In addition, his younger sister?!

Just thinking about it made Julian foam at the mouth and quietly sit there.

He then clenched his eyes and started to speak again.

“It should be fine to open. It wasn’t anything serious.”

‘Ah, whatever.’

They won't die because of a simple curse.

At the same time, Anubis, who was inside the White House, had someone call him.

[Anubis, come here.]

Anubis couldn't help but shake after hearing his comrade’s calling.

It was because he felt guilty about many things.

‘Damn it, why are they suddenly calling me?’

Anubis peeked around before sneaking out of Ju-Heon’s pocket.

Anubis freaked out once he got to the empty garden.

‘My subordinate artifacts!’

The Egyptian artifacts that had been following were all destroyed in terrible states.

He anxiously looked around.

[Who the hell…?!]

Anubis gasped and fell down at that moment.


Anubis almost went unconscious at the sudden attack on his back.

It was not a light injury.

It was so deep that his soul might be destroyed.

As for the people who were capable of doing that…!

[You guys…!]

His comrades were in front of him.

That wasn’t all. They were all holding execution tools……


They started to laugh while looking at the bloody Anubis.

[The sin of being unable to kill Seo Ju-Heon. The sin of instigating the artifacts. Those are your sins.]
[Anubis, you are skilled but you made a big mistake.]

Anubis started to grind his teeth.

[You guys… do you think the Supreme Leader-nim will let you guys do this?! I will inform the Supreme Leader-nim right aw…]

His fellow Division Commanders started to laugh.

[Aigoo, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, that Supreme Leader-nim was the one who ordered us to do this.]
[The Supreme Leader-nim has given the order. We were told to get rid of you. We were at least told to let you know that you worked hard until now.]
[You couldn’t recover your subordinates and even Thoth ended up in Seo Ju-Heon’s hands. The Supreme Leader has said that you and all of the Egyptian artifacts are trash.]
[You guys are an embarrassment to us Division Commanders. Disappear forever.]

Anubis let out a terrible scream as soon as that was said.


Anubis fell to the ground with a piercing pain in his body.

[U, ugh!]

He was about to lose consciousness.

His comrades watched the dying Anubis and started to laugh as if they were excited.

[Who told you to act so pompous?]
[How dare you get captured by a lowly human like Seo Ju-Heon. This guy was nothing compared to the rumors we heard about him.]
[The Supreme Leader came to a decision quickly.]

His comrades slowly disappeared, but Anubis was angry.

‘Fuck, fuck……! To think that I considered them to be my comrades…!’

He had been a loyal Division Commander for a very long time. But because of a single mistake…!

They even mocked all Egyptian artifacts.

Artifacts couldn't help but have strong levels of pride about their cultures.

That was why Anubis felt wronged and betrayed.

If the Supreme Leader really had been the one to get rid of him……

‘Supreme Leader-nim… No, Supreme Leader, you bastard.’

Anubis tried to lift his body up, but coughed up some blood and fell back down.

‘I can't even move.’

The Supreme Leader destroyed not just the body but also the soul.

‘No humans could probably restore me now.’

But at that moment…

A shadow appeared on top of the dying Anubis.

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