Chapter 176: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (2)

“Hello? Who are you?”

It was an unfamiliar man's voice. He had never seen this number before either. But Ju-Heon was still smiling.

He was still able to recognize it.

‘I'm certain this is the US president.’

That was right. It was the same president Ju-Heon was supposed to meet at the Pentagon.

[This is Jacob Grey. We were supposed to meet yesterday.]

Ju-Heon started to smile after sensing that the man was holding back his anger. Of course, Yoo Jaeha, who had his ear up to the phone until just now, was running to tell the others.

‘Holy shit, it's the president!’

Seol-A became tense while Julian started to glare at Ju-Heon with an, ‘I told you so’ type of expression.

The reason was obvious.

‘The US should have realized it by now, if they are not idiots.’

They should know that Ju-Heon took the artifacts belonging to the US as well as the artifacts of the tomb. There were more issues as well.

‘This is a terrible person to try to scam.’

That was right. Jacob Grey.

‘He's someone who destroyed artifact users in the past.’

He was a recently elected president but was one of the crazy presidents. Maybe that was the reason.

"Seo Ju-Heon, stop it now! He’s a terrible opponent to do this with.”

Julian whispered to Ju-Heon, trying to get him to stop.

Yoo Jaeha, the ever so loyal subordinate, pushed Julian down.

“Ah, hold on! Our Captain-nim is much more amazing than you think he is! You can't compare to him at all!”

Yoo Jaeha praised Ju-Heon for a bit before dragging Julian to a corner.

He then spilled what was really on his mind.

“Hey, stop being a hindrance. Just sit tight. I'm going to get close to the US president and sell his autograph for a hefty price. He might be the president but there are a lot of fanatics who would pay a ton for it. It’s good to network with him.”

Julian started to get a headache.

‘This punk, autographs and networking isn’t the issue right now!’

“You don't know what kind of person Jacob Grey will become in the future!”
“Oh, but you do? Are you a stalker?”

‘Can't we just use the damn memory artifact on this bastard too?! He doesn’t know how much of a headache this president is in the future.’


In the future, the world became a society where even civilians relied on artifacts. In return, in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa… There were major fights between continents and countries for possession of artifacts.

They claimed that the fight had started for the safety of their civilians and countries. In the end, forget alliances and peace, the world turned into a state of New Imperialism.

‘Now that I think about it, Keira, the Monarch of War, was probably able to run wild and become one of the Four Emperors because such a bastard was the US president.’

But something was weird.

‘Grey does become president, but that shouldn't have happened until five years later…’

He remembered that the president who was known as the symbol of peace had been reelected at this time.

‘I guess the future seems to have changed a bit.’

Either way, what would happen if that crazy president found out that Ju-Heon had scammed him?

‘Seo Ju-Heon, he is going to kill you.’

The tyrannical US president asked Ju-Heon a question.

[I will get right to the point. Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, did you leave with the artifacts belonging to the US?]

He sounded ready to send the military at any moment. Julian facepalmed thinking that shit had hit the fan, Seol-A gulped, and Yoo Jaeha looked toward Ju-Heon with a nervous gaze.
Ju-Heon responded as if he had been wronged.

“How could you, sir? We had no choice but to give up on the artifacts and leave because one of my team member's life was in danger. Do you know how upset we are at the fact that we couldn't grab any artifact in the process?”

‘Upset my ass. You were laughing the moment we got out of the tomb! You were probably laughing happier than you would laugh when your child is born!’

The president sounded angry.

[I already know about what happened. I know that you ran off with our artifacts in the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King’s Purple Gold Red Gourd.]

The amazing actor Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide after hearing about that.

‘How the hell do they know about that?’

He peeked toward Julian and started to write in German.

[Did you really report about the possession of the artifacts?]
[Why wouldn’t I?]
[You signed that paper that is written as an artifact possession report form but is actually a slave contract? Are you crazy?]


Julian put a hand against his face. He was probably realizing how stupid his action had been.

It was probably because of the Pandora system artifact, but…

‘This gourd-shaped bottle is probably being tracked by Pandora.’

That meant that Pandora's side would have realized what was inside.

[Mr. Seo Ju-Heon? I can’t hear you.]

Ju-Heon glared at Julian after hearing the US president calling for him.

‘What are you going to do?’

Julian avoided his gaze.

“T, that’s why I told you that you will get caught.”
“So why did you report it? You should know who to trust and who not to trust, you dumbass.”
“What did you say? I just did what any responsible citizen would do……”

Julian retorted before clenching his eyes.

“Damn it. Fine. I'll go to Pandora and burn up all of my artifact possession report forms so stop looking at me like I'm some kind of idiot. Huh?”
“Okay. Take care of it. Bring some artifacts out with you if you are barging into Pandora anyway.”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly looked back toward the phone.

He wasn’t worried about Julian.

He was skilled enough to take care of it and Ju-Heon wasn’t the one who would end up as Pandora's slave anyway.

‘This is my chance to go to the White House.’

Ju-Heon started to smile. His mind seemed to be filled with thoughts about the secret document.

Later that night…

The rope was crawling to Ju-Heon’s bed as it did every night to sleep next to Ju-Heon.

It opened the room door and slowly crawled up to Ju-Heon's bed.

Ju-Heon wasn’t in the room yet but it didn't matter.


The rope just needed to wait for Ju-Heon on the bed!

But at that moment…

[Hey rope, where do you think you are crawling into?]

Daji slapped the rope off with her tail. The rope whined and asked why She was acting this way.

I'm going to sleep next to him too! I will!

Daji grabbed the rope and threw it outside the door.

[Come back when you have a human form.]


The door closed and the rope became upset.

The rope was extremely envious of Daji, Irene, and Seol-A.


Here is something that happened one day.

“Hey. I'm going to bed.”

Ju-Heon was frowning and said that he was going to sleep when it was only 7pm.

Yoo Jaeha seemed to have realized something as he handed him a pillow that was shaped like a woman.

“Hug this instead of hugging an innocent person while claiming that you are lonely. Got it?”

The female pillow was unfortunately ripped to pieces.

What was Yoo Jaeha talking about? Ju-Heon had to deal with the risks after using numerous artifacts.

One of them was falling asleep while hugging anybody who was nearby while claiming that he was lonely.

It didn't matter who it was. Whoever happened to be close to him would be the target. Yoo Jaeha had almost ended up becoming a Dutch wife as well. There were some dangerous times when the risk had activated during business meetings as well.

Of course, Seol-A and Irene’s eyes had flashed once they learned about the risk.

‘This is a great risk!’

That was probably the thought on their minds. Well, Ju-Heon would usually go into his room alone without Irene or Seol-A as he didn't want to be toyed with by an artifact’s risk, but they didn't care.

‘This is a chance!’

Seol-A and Irene would stop whatever they were doing and head toward Ju-Heon whenever they sensed that his risk was about to activate. They would fight each other to head into his room first and lock the door.

The rope was envious of the two of them. It could do the same thing if it had a human body.

That was probably why the rope headed to talk to an artifact that could take many different forms.

Tell me how to transform into a human! Tell me!

Anubis, who had been woken up from his nap, snorted back.

[All artifacts S-Grade and above are capable of transformation. It's something we know how to do that is as natural as moving our fingers.]

But I can't do it……

Anubis sneered at the rope.

[You didn't start off as an S-Grade artifact. You went through some weird upgrade business. You don’t know how since you’re a mutant. You will probably never figure it out. How dare a mutant think it deserves to do things like the rest of us.]

This made the rope upset.

Anubis thought that this should have been enough for it to stop thinking about it and tried to go back to sleep.


Then tell me until I figure out how! Tell me!

Anubis was being choked by the now excited rope.

[U, ugh! Stop. Stoooooooooooop!]

Set and Osiris were just focused on their TV and chicken without caring for whether Anubis was being killed or not.

[Ugh! Ugh! I can't talk if you keep choking me! You stupid bastard!]

The only one to pay any attention to Anubis was the Crested Ibis, Thoth's artifact. It couldn’t escape because there were chains on its legs.

‘This is animal abuse, you son of a bitch.’

Thoth grumbled before it looked toward the rope that was bothering Anubis.

‘Amazing. How could a simple rope manhandle a smart Divine-Grade artifact like this…’

Thoth, the god of wisdom, must have felt something.

‘It oddly seems to smell like the Crow as well.’

At that moment…

[Ugggggggggggh! Thoth, Thoth! Save me!]

Thoth sighed while looking at Anubis.

‘Aigoo, a damn Division Commander is being whipped around by a rope!’

Thoth seemed to deserve the title of the god of wisdom as it started to speak.

[Hey you, little rope bastard. Stop it. There is an artifact that will let you transform into a human. Should I tell you about it?]

The rope's eyes were sparkling after hearing Thoth's comment.

There’s something like that? There’s something like that?

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