Chapter 171: The Pharaoh's Curse (4)

“Ah, before that, everybody should watch out. He might really kill someone in anger.”

The Raven’s Tears artifact activated as soon as he said that.


The memory artifact activated and it did the same thing as it had done with Lee Seol-A.

There was an extremely bright flash that blinded everyone!

Everybody associated with TKBM shouted under that blinding light while Ju-Heon’s group started to groan.

“Aaah! What the hell?!”
“It’s too bright!”

Of course, Lee Seol-A was very familiar with this situation. She had already experienced this once!

He was certain.

‘Captain-nim really used it!’

Lee Seol-A had not heard about everything from Ju-Heon. She did not know exactly what kind of abilities her Captain ended up getting.

But she did know that this artifact was something that would give them back their memories of the past life.

Lee Seol-A didn't know what kind of artifact it was, how it worked, or whose artifact this was.

But the specific details weren’t important.


Julian would remember everything now that he was the target of this artifact!

He would remember the memories of his past.

Those memories would be felt with his body and mind and not be seen as if it was a movie.
The sensations from the last moments of his past life?

If he remembers them……

Lee Seol-A gulped as she looked toward Julian.

She then heard Julian's painful groans from inside the light.


Odd memories were entering his mind as Lee Seol-A had experienced.

Being a lawyer, being dragged into TKBM, joining a team with Ju-Heon, Ju-Heon finding his younger sister for him, the terrible deeds of the monopolizers…
Numerous memories became vivid in his mind.

But the most memorable memory was to be expected.

‘This is a trap. The reinforcements aren't going to show up. Chairman Kwon made us eat shit.’


‘It’s my responsibility as your captain for bringing all of you here.’


‘That’s why you need to take the rest of them and go out. I will be the bait.’

Ju-Heon's angry gaze was begging him to help him make sure nobody else had to die.
Julian had nodded toward his captain before leading the rest of the team members away.

‘Vice Captain-nim! Captain-nim!’

Inside the dark tomb… Their allies dying inside there…

That was where Julian ended up dying as well.

As the tomb raiding team’s strategist, he gave the last remaining members a path to get out.

‘Vice Captain-nim! You should come with us too…’

‘I'm fine. Our Captain led most of them away so I can block the rest on my own.’

‘But still…’

He did not respond.

And once all of the remaining members were no longer visible…

Fires that were so bright that they almost blinded him in that dark tomb charged toward him.

He clenched his teeth and continued to block them even as they ate away at his skin.

He was hoping that he could save at least one more person. He wanted to do everything he could to lessen the burden the captain would feel even if it was just by a little.

Julian almost threw up once he remembered those memories.

Was it because of the sensation of being eaten up?

The memories of being ripped apart by rats and his skin being dug out were nothing.

His anger was clearing on his mind than the pain.

‘Vice Captain-nim. Jaeha and I can't go with you, but I’ll pray for you guys. Please come back safely.’

A man’s face brushed through his memories.

‘Seol-A seemed to have a fever, I hope she'll be okay. She told me not to tell the Captain-nim.’

‘It should be fine. She has the medicine from our tomb raiding team's nurse, so she should be fine inside the tomb.’

‘Ah is that so? I'm relieved.’

Was he really relieved?

Yang Chen.

The traitor who sold Ju-Heon and the rest of them off with a smiling face!

Then there was Kwon Tae Joon.

That bastard used their weaknesses to make them work like dogs before getting rid of them!

Julian knew that Ju-Heon had been the most harassed and worked to the bones.
The two of them had a terrible relationship with each other, but Julian still had to admit that Ju-Heon was skilled. He was not someone who should have been worked to the bones like that by Chairman Kwon.

The entire team was thrown away at the end.

Julian lost his rationality once that anger completely became his own.



Normally, the thunderbolts would not be strong enough to kill people.

But the anger that was filling not his head, but his heart, was striking down from the sky.


Ju-Heon covered the two young girls, Irene and Lee Seol-A, as he used the lighting rod artifact.

Of course, the enemies were still dying off.


The thunderbolts falling toward Chairman Kwon and Yoon Shi Woo were extremely strong.

Yoon Shi Woo, who used his allies to barely keep himself alive, started to swear.

“Ow, that fucking son of a bitch! Are you crazy? Hey, hey! Seo Ju-Heon! What the hell did you do to make him go crazy?!”
“Who cares? You brought it upon yourself.”

Ju-Heon touched a device in the tomb as if he had been waiting for this.

It was at that moment.



Two thirds of TKBM's excavation team fell through the ground.

The Valley of the Kings had many devices to prevent tomb raiders from coming in, such as extremely deep pits.

‘There's probably a human eating crocodile inside that pit.’

The thunderbolts disappeared and Julian was huffing.

“I don’t know what happened, but Seo Ju-Heon, you are our captain. That is why we need to work together here to………”




The ground underneath Julian disappeared and Julian became flustered.

He managed to grab the side of the pit to prevent himself from falling in, but!

"Seo Ju-Heon, what the hell are you doing?!”

He then questioned his eyes.

It was because Ju-Heon was shaking a bottle around.

‘That is?!’

“I'm taking this Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King’s Purple Gold Red Gourd.”

Julian looked through his pocket out of reflex.

‘It really isn’t here!’

He became extremely angry after realizing that it was his Journey to the West artifact.

“Hey! Seo Ju-Heon! What the hell are you doing?!”
"What else? What’s yours is mine. As for what’s mine? It’s naturally mine.”

Julian started to get a headache.


Now that he thought about it, their captain had always been this kind of bastard.

He was too strongly influenced by the image of the end of his life, but Seo Ju-Heon had always been a bastard.

Ju-Heon said something else to prove that was the case.

"Ah, and the mob of weaklings that got away are your responsibility.”

‘What? The mob of weaklings?’ Julian turned his head and realized something.

‘Chairman Kwon is gone!’

Chairman Kwon's artifacts’ auras had disappeared. He must have escaped from the pit.

‘He ran away in that short period of time!’

His goal would naturally be this tomb's artifact.

An urgent Julian tried to quickly head toward the artifact.

His memories of the past might have returned, but they were currently all rivals.

He remembered his duty.

‘I need to get this tomb’s artifact!’

As Julian tried to crawl out of the trap…


Ju-Heon pointed a sword at Julian.

It was Liu Bei's artifact.

Ju-Heon was smiling.

“Listen carefully. Your Mountains and Streams excavation team will become a subset of our excavation team. That means that you are my subordinate. Your subordinates are my manpower. They will come whenever I call for them and hand over all artifacts as soon as they get them.”

Julian could not believe this shameless attitude.

“Hey! How can you say that, you damn engagement breaker!”


An angry thunderbolt headed toward Ju-Heon.

It looked as if it was a Dragon's Rage.

None of that mattered.


The strong thunderbolt scattered in front of Liu Bei’s sword.

“Ah. I'll make it clear since we haven’t chatted for a few years. Engagement breaker? Hey. It’s not my fault that the bride to be fell for me! How is that my fault?”
“What?! Then it… Is my fault.”
“Yeah! Get rid of that old-fashioned shirt and glasses if you don't like it! I might wear anything I found but your clothes are way too old-fashioned! Do you know that?!”
“What did you say?! You damn… yes sir! I also believe that my clothes are too old-fashioned, sir! Damn it!”

‘That damn Liu Bei’s artifact!’

Lee Seol-A started to laugh while hearing their conversation.

She shouldn't be laughing, but she was just too happy right now.

She was happy that they could be together again.
But Julian seemed to feel differently.

“Fine, I'm going to keep getting in your way now that things are like this! You just wait and see! You’re out of your mind if you think I'll be in the same team as you again! All of the information I had to keep to myself because of the contract in the past! The information about monopolizers that you don’t know about! I'm going to keep them to myself! I'm going to fix that rotten attitude of yours!”
“Oh, is that so?”

It was at that moment.

Ju-Heon, who had been swinging the sword around like an expert, activated the artifact.

[Your Dominance is at the Monarch-Grade. You have met the first level requirements and the artifact has been activated.]
[The artifact is being activated after meeting the second requirements of leadership and Fit for a liege.]
[You are able to summon Liu Bei's three brothers and order them as you like after dominating Liu Bei's artifact.]
[Your image has changed and the masses will be curious about you.]
[You are able to control Zhuge Kongming's artifact.]

An intense amount of Dominance and Fit was activated.


“I'm giving an order. Zhuge Kongming will be a good boy and tell me everything.”

Liu Bei’s sword flashed.

Liu Bei's artifact did not have the power to force people to do things, but this was no normal person.

Julian screamed before he started to shout.

"Fine, I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Fuck!”

The remaining TKBM's subordinates dropped their jaws in shock.

"S, shit, that trash artifact… It could actually be activated? It was just a skewer whenever the team leader-nim used it.”

Ju-Heon snorted in response.

"That’s what you call throwing pearls to the pigs.”

That made Yoon Shi Woo start to grind his teeth.

“Hey, you fucker, you done talking?!”
“Enough, now goodbye. I need to go get this place’s artifact. Hey Kongming. Hurry up if you want to come along.”

Ju-Heon instantly departed for a shortcut.

Of course, Yoon Shi Woo would not just stand around and watch.

“Hurry up and get them! Make them hand over my Liu Bei's artifact!”

Ju-Heon responded as if he remembered something.

“Ah, right. Let me give you a warning. You'll receive the curse of destitution soon.”

Yoon Shi Woo was wondering what Ju-Heon was talking about, but Julian turned stiff.

Now that he thought about it, that girl standing next to Seol-A whose eyes were sparkling………

‘It’s the Monarch of Destitution!’

He had not thought much about her until now, but it was different now that he had his memories back!

‘The goddess of destruction in the stock market!’

Julian foamed at the mouth as he entered the shortcut.

“Hold on, did you bring the Monarch of Destitution into a tomb?!”
“So what?”
“Hey, that’s crazy, are you really crazy?! You can't bring the Monarch of Destitution into a tomb!”

Julian was right.

The tomb started to violently shake.

[The power of destitution is descending upon the Tomb Appearance area.]
[Terrible misfortunes will befall everybody inside the tomb.]
[A part of your wealth is leaving you every time you take a step.]
[You are losing some luck every time you breathe.]
[You are being infected by a critical and rare disease every time you blink.]
[Everything you touch is being destroyed.]
[Your wealth is taking an excessive dive every time you think about anything erotic.]

There were many voices echoing through the tomb.


Something terrible must have happened to them as they sounded full of pain.

Julian put a hand against his forehead.

He thought it was already too late.

Ju-Heon handed him a contract at that moment.

“Here’s an addendum to the contract I gave you last time. I changed some things because I didn't think that contract was right.”

Julian happily nodded his head.

‘Yes. That was not a humane contract at all.’

Julian gasped while looking at the front page of the contract.

“Ha………my poor life. Chairman Kwon in my past life and Seo Ju-Heon in this life.”

He looked like he ate shit but he was certain about one thing.

Julian started to chuckle.

"At least you’re better than Chairman Kwon.”

That was why he didn’t mind being on the same team again.

He had cherished their team members as the Vice Captain as well, and he couldn't help but accept that Ju-Heon was talented.

The information about monopolizers he couldn’t tell Ju-Heon in the past because it would have been breaching a contract…
It wouldn't be difficult to raise Ju-Heon into one of the Four Emperors position if he shared that information.


“Hold on. Nothing seems to have changed.”
“No, the part on the bottom about your salary has changed. I changed the number.”

Julian started to frown after taking a look.

[$5,000,000 (X) -> You have no salary]

An angry Julian started to shout.

“Hey! You should at least give me minimum wage!”

‘Damn it, I thought he was a smart dog I could put to use.’

What had happened to make Julian take that damn lunatic’s side?

Chairman Kwon didn’t like anything right now.

‘My plans keep getting ruined because of Seo Ju-Heon.’

The tombs, the Monarchs line-up, too many things had changed.

‘There's only one month until those artifacts of the prophecy. We need to push Seo Ju-Heon out of the Monarch position before then.’

Chairman Kwon and the other members of the excavation teams entered the final room in the tomb.

They should just have to clear the test of the artifact in this place if this tomb was normal.

That was what they thought, but……

"C, Chairman-nim?”
"Fuck, what the hell is this?!”

Chairman Kwon started to swear after seeing what Ju-Heon had done.

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