Chapter 169: The Pharaoh's Curse (2)

Yoo Jaeha was about to go nuts.

It was fine that the tomb split them all up! They could handle this much danger since they were in a tomb.

But still……

“Oh, how interesting.”

‘But not this! Why did I have to end up in front of Chairman Kwon?! This is really driving me crazy!’

Yoo Jaeha looked like a rabbit that had met a predator once he made eye contact with Chairman Kwon.

The other people nearby started to whisper.

“What the, who is that old man?”

About thirty or so of TKBM's members were glaring at Yoo Jaeha.

“Why did he suddenly show up here?”
“Haha, why else? That idiot seems to have received the Pharaoh's curse.”
“Let’s get rid of him.”

Yoo Jaeha started to scream as someone pointed a knife at his neck.

‘Damn it, am I really going to die here?! They won’t let me live since I'm one of TKBM's worst enemies!’

But at that moment…

"Hold on. Let’s just take his artifacts and let him go. He’s an old man. We need to treat our elders well.”
“I guess so, the Chairman-nim did tell us not to cause too much chaos.”

Yoo Jaeha sighed in relief.

‘It’s a good thing I turned into an old man… They don’t recognize me.’

However, at that moment…

“An old man?”

Chairman Kwon was snickering for some reason.

“His face looks quite familiar.”

‘Damn it!’

Yoo Jaeha was full of cold sweats after seeing Chairman Kwon smile.

He was certain.

‘That old fart recognizes me!’

Because of that…

“Yoo Jaeha. Why are you here alone? Where is your Captain?”

‘Fuck, he really knows who I am!’

Yoo Jaeha quickly avoided Chairman Kwon's gaze while feeling that his underwear was slightly damp.

“My hearing isn't so good anymore…! What did you just say…”
“Then I’ll make it so that you can hear well. Slice off his ear.”
“Yes sir!”

Yoo Jaeha instantly covered his ears.

It was obvious. Chairman Kwon would definitely kill him in this tomb!

Furthermore, these bastards……

‘They're all Hunters!’

These were those human Hunters.

He could tell even though this was his first time seeing those Hunters. They all matched the descriptions Ju-Heon had mentioned!

They started to smile while looking to slice off Yoo Jaeha’s ear.

“Alright, it's the Chairman-nim’s orders. Do you like your left ear or your right ear.”
“Aaaaaaaaaak! No! I'm not that Yoo Jaeha person! I'm a baggage carrier for another excavation team! Are you blind? I’ll stab myself in the hand if I really am Yoo Jaeha……”

But at that moment…


The wrinkles on Yoo Jaeha's hands and face were starting to disappear. He was no longer an old man and was returning to his original appearance!


People started to snicker once the wrinkles disappeared and he returned to his younger self while Yoo Jaeha started to sniffle and speak in a quiet voice.

“……Fuck, I'm really sorry. But you should know that I use all TKBM items and not that fruit. My cellphone, laptop, and all of the appliances in my house are all TKBM brand items. I'm part of the TKBM family. Please let me go this once……”

“Stop the bullshit. You’re team Aiple. I can see the iphong in your pocket.” [1]

‘Damn it!’

A woman, who seemed to have seen through Yoo Jaeha's clothes, smiled maliciously.

“You damn son of a bitch. Do you know how angry the Chairman-nim is at you and Seo Ju-Heon?”
“Kill him! Kill him and take away his artifacts!”

Yoo Jaeha, who seemed to have gotten a sudden burst of courage after having his ear grabbed by the Hunters, started to shout loudly.

“That’s right! We stole his artifacts, got his restorer sent to prison! We even destroyed his house! I'm sure he’s grinding his teeth day and night! He might even need implants to replace his teeth! Huh? You want me to introduce him to a good dentist? He’s just an old fart who wastes his money on his mistress!”
"This crazy bastard.”

Chairman Kwon smiled in a loathing manner before saying the following.

“Chop his neck off.”
“Right now?”
“Wouldn’t the rights to da Vinci's artifact move to the guardian if the parent dies?”

‘Aigoo, this psychopath!’ Yoo Jaeha started to become desperate as he cried internally.

But the artifact he touched was Salieri's artifact. It was an artifact from one of the 7 Great Tombs, but…

Yoo Jaeha started to think but he only had one decision.

“Wait, wait! I'll sell you information on the Captain-nim if you don’t kill me! I'll tell you his true weaknesses and such, so just don't kill me!”
“Oho? You'll sell out your captain?”

As Chairman Kwon was starting to get interested…

“That’s quite the welcoming news.”

Yoo Jaeha heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Where the heck did the Captain-nim disappear?”

Lee Seol-A, who had been sending Gildal around to search for Ju-Heon, sighed. There should be nobody she couldn't find with her ghosts.

But for some reason, her ghosts and goblins were all unable to find Ju-Heon.

It meant that Ju-Heon was sent somewhere special that was difficult to find.


Irene was just as worried about Ju-Heon.

Irene, who was looking at something with an artifact, suddenly started to scream.


Lee Seol-A ran over after hearing her scream.

"What is it, what happened?! You were using that to search for the Captain-nim, right?!”

They weren't wary of each other and growling as they would usually act.
The two of them, who still looked like little girls, had their faces right next to each other as they looked at the book artifact.

They had put aside their pants a long time ago since they were too big and currently wearing their shirts like one-pieces.

The book artifact was warning about the dangers Ju-Heon was facing.

[Be careful of your body]
[Be careful of ropes]

The two of them started to shake while looking at the weird text.

They were especially focused on one word.


They both thought of the same thing after reading the word, rope.

‘The rope from heaven!’

That was right.

Both Lee Seol-A and Irene had heard a weird story lately.

“There were rumors that… The Captain-nim is an artifactphile.”

Yes, it was that rumor that was so weird that they had not paid much attention to it.

But even lies would become suspicious if it was repeated over and over.

Ju-Heon didn’t seem to hate women, but he didn't seem to be too affected by them.

Irene peeked toward Lee Seol-A.

“To be honest with you, I received many pictures of Mr. Ju-Heon from Mr. Jaeha.”

Lee Seol-A started to glare after hearing that.

‘Why did he only give those to this woman?! Yoo Jaeha, you traitor! You slave of money!’

But Irene seemed to be serious.

“I didn't put much thought into it until now. But now that I think about it, I think it was in every picture……”
"W, what was?”
“The rope. The rope is in every picture of Mr. Ju-Heon.”

Lee Seol-A turned pale after hearing that.

In every picture Irene had received from Yoo Jaeha… Whether they be bathing photos, sleeping photos, or photos of Ju-Heon changing…

The rope was always in every picture!

It would usually be wrapped around Ju-Heon’s neck like a scarf, but it was wrapped around Ju-Heon's chest or waist when he was sleeping and twisted on top of Ju-Heon's head when he was eating.

There were even pictures of the rope biting on a towel and wiping Ju-Heon's body while he took a bath.

They truly seemed to be one in body and spirit.

There was no way they didn't know what that implied.

Irene was the first of the silent women to speak.

“Umm, where is the rope right now?”
“Where else……it’s obviously with the Captain-nim……”

She stopped talking.
The two of them jumped up at almost the same time.

“Mr. Ju-Heon is in danger!”
“Captain-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! No matter what, you can’t pick an artifact! Even if I am to lose, please let me lose to a person!”

The two women decided to work together after coming to a serious conclusion.

“How about we temporarily work together?”
“Sounds good. We need to save the Captain-nim first. Neither of us want to see the Captain-nim getting hurt. And……”
"At least not with an artifact………!”

Both of them nodded their heads.
This was the time that a weird(?) cooperation had started.

The people were all shocked at the appearance of this familiar person.

“That person is……!”

The TKBM excavation team urgently grabbed their artifacts. They seemed extremely wary of this person.

“Julian MIller!”
“Why is that son of a bitch……!”

There were over ten thousand excavation teams in the world.

Most of the high-ranking excavation teams were the ones belonging to countries or the wealthiest people in the world.

Julian Miller, however, had reached the top ranking with just a few members, similar to what Ju-Heon had done.

There was no way they wouldn't be wary of him.

Julian started to smile while looking at Yoo Jaeha.

“You said you will sell information about Seo Ju-Heon if someone saves your life? You mean that?”

‘Well, I did say that, but…… Do you really think I would sell out the Captain-nim?’


“I wasn’t talking to you…”
"Whatever, you said you would do it for saving your life. You didn't say you cared who did it.”

Julian’s eyes were sparkling.

“I'm sorry, but I have a lot of ill feelings toward Seo Ju-Heon as well. I probably want to punish Seo Ju-Heon more than you do.”

Well, he was saying that, but what he really wanted was to get out of his slave contract.
Chairman Kwon started to laugh.

“Looks like we are in the same boat. How entertaining.”

Chairman Kwon, who seemed to have a change of heart, said the following.

"We will keep Yoo Jaeha alive. Treat him well.”

Yoo Jaeha's face lit up after hearing that comment.

‘Alright! I'm saved!’


“But cut off his legs. Make it so he can't run away.”

‘Fuck, I knew it!’ The Hunters grabbed the flailing Yoo Jaeha and put a knife to his thigh.

"Alright, he told us to cut off your legs!”
“Aaah! No, no!”
“Make sure to leave his hands alone! We should be able to use him as a restorer!”
“Aaaaaaaaaak! Nooooooooooooooooooo! I thought you said you would treat me well!”

As Yoo Jaeha was flailing for his life…



There were some bright thunderbolts and the people aiming for Yoo Jaeha foamed at the mouth as they fainted.

The others glared at Julian.

“What are you doing?!”
“Ah, it’s just that I don't like blood very much. Why don’t you hold back while I'm still here?”
“That lunatic……!”

Yoon Shi Woo, who had been resting in the back, grabbed Julian by the collar.

“Are you trying to start a fight with us?!”

Chairman Kwon glared at Yoon Shi Woo.

“Leave him be. There’s no benefit to fighting with him right now. Can we treat you as an ally since we have a common enemy in Seo Ju-Heon?”
“Do whatever you want.”

Chairman Kwon glared at Yoo Jaeha as he continued to speak.

“Will you really sell us information on Seo Ju-Heon?”
“Of course. Do you know how much I've suffered under that man?! Do you want his three sizes too?”
"Alright, find Seo Ju-Heon! We will prepare for battle while hearing about his weaknesses!”

The group started to move according to Chairman Kwon’s orders when one person shouted.

“Seo Ju-Heon seems to be by the tomb of kings!”
"Shit, he’s already there? Hurry up!”

Yoon Shi Woo let go of Julian's collar and the Hunters moved away from Yoon Shi Woo.

Yoo Jaeha let out a sigh of relief as if he had been holding it in for a hundred years.

He was a sharp person and knew what had just happened.

Even if the things Julian said were shitty, Julian had just saved him.

That was why he asked a question.

“What got into you?”
“I heard noises while passing by. You might be annoying, but I still don't want someone I know getting killed.”

‘Oh, this bastard might actually be a decent guy.’

Julian clicked his tongue with scorn.

“You’re getting punished for doing bad things. Can’t you or Seo Ju-Heon live proper and lawful lives?”

‘Forget about thinking that he might be decent.’

“Whatever. Are you not affected by the Pharaoh's curse? You look fine.”
“Ah. Unlike certain people, I am different and it doesn't work on me. I have a way to dodge it.”

‘This bastard…’

As Jaeha was thinking that Julian’s smug face seemed extremely annoying…

The baggage carriers who were tying Yoo Jaeha up started to whisper.

“I heard that Team leader Yoon Shi Woo got a Hero-Grade artifact lately. Which artifact is it?”
“What else? It’s apparently Liu Bei’s artifact, the one from the Three Kingdoms. Well, he said it was just trash.”
“Are you sure it’s not because he doesn’t know how to handle it? Why doesn’t he give it to Seo Ju-Heon to try it out? That guy is a genius when it comes to handling artifacts.”
“Shh! Are you crazy? Did you forget who you work for?”

Yoo Jaeha started to smile while Julian instantly turned pale.

‘Damn it, why did I have to get so unlucky that it has to be in this tomb…!’

The Pharaoh's curse.

Everybody was on even grounds inside the tomb.

Ju-Heon, who had become the topic of conversation, was about to go nuts from anger.

Boom, boom, boom!

In the deepest part of the tomb where the pharaoh’s coffin was located…

Ju-Heon was lying inside the golden coffin that only the kings should be lying inside, but…

It won’t open! It won’t open!

The rope was struggling outside the coffin, trying to open the lid.

Ju-Heon’s artifacts had all been kicked out of the coffin a long time ago.

They heard something about only those who are qualified to be kings could lie in this coffin or whatever.
But who cares about that?

[The holy mummification will be completed in 5 minutes.]
[You will travel to the magnificent afterlife as a holy mummy.]
[It will be an amazing experience that no humans will ever be able to experience.]

‘An amazing experience my ass!’

The veins in Ju-Heon’s forehead were bulging.

“Fucking A, open this right now!”

‘I'm going to beat all these artifact bastards to a pulp!’

Ju-Heon, who did not usually get this angry, was shouting so loudly that it echoed through the tomb.

He then heard a quiet whisper.

[Human. Do you want me to let you out of there?]

It was a familiar voice.

1. Oh the attempts to avoid copyright issues.

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