Chapter 167: You know of your sins (4)

‘Damn it, just kill me if this is going to continue.’

Anubis started to cry while being held upside down by the rope.

It was to be expected.

Ju-Heon would destroy it, Yoo Jaeha and little Yoo Jaeha Junior would restore it just enough so that it won't die, Ju-Heon would destroy it again, they would restore it, Ju-Heon would destroy it and then they would put on an artificial respirator……

That wasn’t all.

[Hurry up and beg for forgiveness! He said he’ll cut the TV off if you don’t! I need to watch THWICE's live performance! I need to watch Chzuyu!] [1]
[He said he’ll only buy us chicken if you beg for forgiveness! I need my chicken while watching my drama!]

These damn dogs were being angry with Anubis as well. These were Set and Osiris.

The two of them were Divine-Grade artifacts. They were even at the Commander of the Corps level.

But who cared if they were high-ranking or high-grade artifacts? They were now just couch potatoes watching TV, eating, and sleeping……no, they were completely domesticated animals.

That was why Anubis felt wronged.

[……Damn it, everything I've been doing until now was to protect these two esteemed individuals……so why…]

The two ferocious dogs roared back.

[Anubis! How dare you talk back!]
[How dare you glare at your master!]
[Get your act together!]

‘Aigoo, my poor life.’

Set and Osiris's artifacts just wagged their tails at Ju-Heon without any regard for Anubis's thoughts.
They seemed to be very happy dogs.

[Human. Will you let me watch TV again?]
[What about the chicken? The one you guys ate the other day was really good.]

Ju-Heon started to smile wickedly.

“I'll order the unlimited VOD service for a month. I'll also order a month worth of half and half chicken. Do you want to sell the Supreme Leader's weaknesses to me too?”

[Should we?]
[What kind of weakness do you need?]

‘Seniors, you can’t sell such information!’

Anubis was now bawling.
It was at that moment. Ju-Heon stomped on Anubis.

“It's fine, anyway, shitty dog. I have a question for you.”

[A q, question?]

“My information and weaknesses. Did you personally analyze all of that?”



[Human… Do you think I am that easy to…]

As Anubis was saying that…

[Hurry up and respond! Our Chzuyu is on the line based on your response!]
[My chiiiiiickeeeeeen!]

‘Damn it, what the hell is wrong with these seniors?! What the fuck happened to those charming individuals?!’

Anubis clenched his eyes shut.

[I, it was the damn worm…! That worm said it knows more about you than anybody else in the world. I also combined it with testimony from some of the other artifacts…]

A suffocating Dominance shot out from Ju-Heon and made the artifacts start to scream.

Aaaaaaaaah, let everybody know! That’s a hit list, a hit list!

I didn't say anything. Nothing at all!

Ju-Heon’s vicious voice echoed through the area.

“Hey Seol-A. We're starting a new business when we go home.”
“……The exploded artifact powder business?”

There were no decisions on whether that powder would be used for food or beauty, but anyway…

“Hey shitty dog. I'm going to give you an important task.”

[A t, task?]

“Spit out the location of the damn Crow's tomb.”

[C, Crow?]

“Yes. That Crow you guys locked away.”

Anubis looked shocked.

‘This human… Is he really planning on going into that tomb and raiding the Crow’s artifact out of there?!’

Ju-Heon snickered as if that was exactly right.

“It looks like I need to have a long conversation with that stalker. But I don’t know where it is.”

Ju-Heon had hired people to investigate it.
He had sent them to look somewhere in the Amazon. That was the location of that tomb on Ju-Heon’s mind. But the people he sent did not find the Crow's tomb over there.

He didn’t know why, but the location might be different or hidden because this was 15 years in the past.

That was why he was asking Anubis.

“So, tell me where it is.”


Ju-Heon grabbed Anubis by the neck. Anubis's body was twitching.
The reason was obvious.

‘Damn it, if this bastard learns about that tomb……!’

It happened at that moment.


There was a loud explosion and the Valley of the Kings started to shake.

The ground started to split while the air started to become full of poison smog.


It made people cough and their skin start to tingle.
An urgent message popped up.

[Warning. Someone has caused the tomb to enlarge.]
[The tomb is growing at an explosive rate.]

There was a strong earthquake as soon as the message popped up.

"What the hell is going on?!”

Yoo Jaeha and Louie screamed. [2]

The intense shaking was making it hard to stay standing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

[Warning. The tomb is starting to enlarge.]
[A heinous aura is starting to threaten the humans.]

He was being warned about danger. The tomb that had gobbled up 90% of the Pentagon was continuing to get bigger.

They weren't even inside the entrance yet, but they now looked as if they would get stuck without any preparation.

Ju-Heon quickly twisted Anubis’s mouth.

“You son of a bitch, I told you to find the Crow but you just go and enlarge your house? Are you trying to harm me?”

Anubis felt wronged after seeing Ju-Heon's vicious gaze.

[No, it wasn't me!]


Anubis vigorously nodded its head.

[I swear. It really wasn't me!]

In fact, this situation was one that Anubis wanted to avoid. It would make it use more strength than necessary.

That was why it was certain.

The only one who would do something like this……

[……It’s the Supreme Leader.]


[The Supreme Leader!]


It was not even a question. The Supreme Leader was interfering with this tomb! But Anubis was the one who would have to pay for the energy consumption!

‘Is the plan to use our tomb to kill Seo Ju-Heon?’

Anubis could feel it. Anubis could feel the Supreme Leader's aura!

But Anubis's face turned pale the moment it realized this. How could it not?

‘Damn it, that means that the Supreme Leader has been watching everything that happened!’

It must have seen Anubis getting beaten up by Ju-Heon, harassed by the rope, and most importantly, the Supreme Leader must have seen Osiris and Set wagging their tails at Ju-Heon!

Anubis started to shake in fear of death.

There were rumors about how the Supreme Leader was unexpectedly defeated and shamed, but that was a one in a million and will never happen again kind of weird situation.

There was a reason even the Divine-Grade artifacts were afraid of the Supreme Leader's powers.

‘The Supreme Leader would never possess a human’s body if it wasn't for that Crow.’

The Supreme Leader was desperately searching for something because of that reason. Either way, the Supreme Leader who hated humans was with a human contractor right now because of the Crow.

In that case, what would happen if Ju-Heon freed that Crow?!

‘The Demon God will appear again. The Supreme Leader would be furious!’

Ju-Heon choked Anubis even stronger.

“Alright, tell me. Where did you guys hide the Crow?”

It was at that moment.

"What the hell, why are you here?”

They heard a familiar voice in the hallway.

At the same time…

At Pandora’s Executive Board… An eagle flew into the room.

The eagle landed on the windowsill before starting to report to the man inside.

[Director, it seems as if the Supreme Leader artifact is trying to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon.]

The eagle was an artifact. It was actually a Divine-Grade artifact.

“Seo Ju-Heon?”

[Yes sir. There are rumors that Seo Ju-Heon is the Crow's contractor. There’s no way the Supreme Leader would leave him alone.]

“It must be planning to kill him in the Pentagon.”

The man talking to the eagle was a noble young master, he was the oldest son of the Rothschild family.

The beautiful woman sitting across Rothschild was shocked.

“What? It's aiming for Seo Ju-Heon?”

She was Austin Rockefeller's older sister.

Unlike the trash Austin, his sister had a calm and elegant charm to her.

“Then the reason the Pentagon turned into a tomb was to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon?”
“I'm sure killing him is just a bonus. Artifacts want to kill all humans anyway.”

They were both members of Pandora’s Executive Board. They were the Directors and the highest ranking members of Pandora, the people who controlled Pandora’s system artifact.

Soon, Rothschild… No, the artifact taking human form, started to speak.

“Quite a lot of Pandora’s excavation teams have headed over. Make sure they stay safe and keep your eye on Seo Ju-Heon.”

The eagle asked if it was confused.

[Why do you care so much about Seo Ju-Heon? Sir?]

“They said the enemy of an enemy is a friend. That bastard is the only one who can take on the Spider Supreme Leader.”

He started to grind his teeth.

“Anyway, that damn spider. All of them think they’re the shit after getting some power.”

He, the Giant Supreme Leader, did not like the spider.

He was angry that such a vulgar and dirty thing could be in the leader position.

"Anyway, Seo Ju-Heon is the man the Crow selected. He’s our card to take down the spider. Keep your eye on him.”

The eagle seemed somewhat annoyed.

[But to work together with that Crow bitch? That’s too dangerous. She’s just a criminal……]

“Let's use anything and everything if it will bring us good results.”

Eve Rockefeller seductively crossed her legs as she smiled.

“I don’t think you can work together with Seo Ju-Heon. Chairman Kwon and a lot of other people already despise him quite a bit.”

Ju-Heon had quite a lot of enemies.
Eve Rockefeller laughed while looking at a text message on her phone.

[Holy shit, why the hell is Seo Ju-Heon here?! Pandora didn't tell us about this!]

It was an angry text from the Pentagon.

“Why the hell are you here?”

The person who showed up was Yoon Shi Woo. Behind him was a face that Ju-Heon could never forget even if he wanted to do so.

“I knew you would be here.”

‘Chairman Kwon.’

Ju-Heon started to frown. They must have flown over after hearing that the Pentagon had turned into a tomb.

Actually, it was probably more accurate to say that they chased after Ju-Heon because they were upset about losing the Monarch of Fraud.

But something was weird.

‘Chairman Kwon's Dominance went up?’

He was certain. Chairman Kwon must have done something in that short period of time that his Dominance had gone up quite a bit. It was to the point that even Ju-Heon had to be seriously wary of it.

It was getting pretty close to the Four Emperors level. There was more.

‘He got a good artifact.’

That was the only thing that could explain this change. He seemed to be correct as Chairman Kwon started to smile while looking at the Pentagon that had changed into a tomb.

“It looks like the tomb has gobbled up all of the artifacts belonging to the US armed forces. Leonardo da Vinci's artifact included.”

There was no way they wouldn't know the meaning behind that smile. Chairman Kwon glared at Yoo Jaeha as if he wanted to kill him. He would have killed him instantly if they were not outside a tomb.

“We definitely can't take da Vinci’s artifact now. We can't do anything as long as your stupid restorer is the kid’s biological father.”


“But even illegal actions are fine inside a tomb.”

Chairman Kwon smirked before starting to shout.

“Hurry up and move! Get in first and swipe all artifacts inside this tomb! Make sure to get Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact as well!”

The TKBM excavation team executives dispersed as soon as he shouted. Seol-A started to shake while the Monarch of Fraud and Yoo Jaeha started to become wary.

“Hey. Uncle. Is that okay? They’ll take all of the artifacts inside the tomb.”
"Captain-nim, we should go too!”
“Hold on.”
“Excuse me? But…!”
“It doesn't matter if we go right now.”

Ju-Heon was staring at Chairman Kwon as he sent a text.

[Irene, are you busy right now? Won't you go into a tomb with me if you’re not too busy?]

It seemed as if he planned to kill all of them inside the tomb.

1. Author changed names here slightly for copyright but this is KPOP band TWICE and member Tzuyu.

2. They seem very much like father and son in their actions.

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