Chapter 166: You know of your sins (3)

Ju-Heon cracked his knuckles while looking extremely happy to see Anubis.

“Was your life easy after running away from home? Did it feel nice to sell out your master?”

[Ugh…… N, no, you see!]

Doggie Anubis was shaking in fear.

It was because the way Ju-Heon was cracking his knuckles looked vicious and terrible.

“Alright, take your pick. First option, boil. Second option, rip. Third option, light on fire.”

‘What the hell does he mean?!’

Ju-Heon continued to speak, as if to answer that question.

“First option is a stew, the second option is sashimi, and the third option is a roast. What do you like? Just let me know. By the way, I like sashimi.”

‘Damn it, all three options means that you're going to kill me!’

Anubis started to cry as it took a step back. Ju-Heon seemed extremely angry as the Dominance coming out of Ju-Heon's body gave Anubis the chills.

And then…

“Hey Seol-A. Prepare to cook. I’ll prep the ingredients.”
“Of course.”

Anubis screamed as Seol-A also took out a knife. The shiny blade looked ready to skin it at any moment.

It could not hold up its head as a Divine-Grade artifact if it quietly let itself be captured.

‘I need to run away!’

Anubis desperately started to run.
Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A were shocked by this action.

“Ah! It’s running away!”
“That bastard!”

But Ju-Heon seemed relaxed.

“Wow, this punk learned a new trick after running away from home. It wants to play. Well, that’s fine. We can play. However…”

Ju-Heon started to smile viciously.

“You’re fucked if you get caught.”

Something shot out from next to Ju-Heon as he was about to step in.

I'll go capture him! I’ll go capture him!

It was the rope. The excited rope was twitching as it chased after Anubis.

This made Anubis almost foam at the mouth. A damn rope was keeping up with a dog running at full speed!

[Did this shit go crazy after upgrading?!]

The rope flashed its eyes as it continued to chase after Anubis.

Stop right there! Stop right there!

‘This is crazy!’

Anubis had no choice but to hide inside the building. It got rid of its aura as well.

‘It shouldn't be able to find me here.’

But there was no way he could get away from the rope.

No way at all.

You're hiding in here? You're hiding in here?

The rope banged the restroom door open.

Anubis was shaking in fear as he continued to hide in the restroom.

‘Holy shit, I'm dead if I get caught!’

Anubis turned pale as he remembered what the rope had done to him in the past.

The rope that slowly crawled into the restroom started to look around.

The way its eyes were sparkling(?) in the dark looked extremely horrifying.

Here? Here?

The rope thoroughly searched the restroom until it got to the stalls…


The first door opened!

Babang! The second, third, and fourth doors opened.

A scared Anubis started to hold its breath.

‘Yeah. It shouldn't be able to find me here.’

It really shouldn’t know.

Actually, it would be terrible if it did!

And then it was opened!

The last door was opened!



The rope was not bobbing up and down after opening the last door. It was disappointed.

Anubis was not inside.

Anubis internally sighed in relief. It had not realized where he was.

“……Okay, hurry up and leave. Get out.’

It was at that moment. The rope suddenly looked up at the ceiling.

[! ! !]

It then made eye contact with Anubis! Anubis was stuck to the decorations on the ceiling!

[U, uugh……![

The rope seemed to be smiling as Anubis lowered its tail and awkwardly smiled.

[T, this is the men's restroom……]

However at that moment!

I found it! I found it!

The rope quickly wrapped around Anubis's neck.



Anubis couldn't help but foam at the mouth after being choked.

[Let go of me, you scoundrel! Ugh!]

The rope didn't care as it quickly ran back toward Ju-Heon.

Unfortunately, that made Anubis into a rag that was dragged while being choked.

The rope was jumping up and down in joy after capturing Anubis.

Master, I caught it! I caught it!

Ju-Heon twisted Anubis's tail in satisfaction.

“Good, that was a very good job. You did very well!”

The rope's eyes sparkled while Anubis started to grumble.

[Let go of my tail! Let go of it! How dare a lowly human!]


Anubis whimpered as Ju-Heon twisted its tail.

As for Yoo Jaeha… ‘Please go easy on it. Please go easy on it.’

That was what he was praying right now.

A desperate Anubis started to shout.

[Hey you, the little human!]

The Monarch of Fraud was shocked to hear Anubis calling him.

Anubis didn't care as it viciously revealed its fangs.

[Hurry up and commence the plan! What are you doing?!]

Louie responded by saying something completely unrelated.

“Wow, an artifact can talk outside the tomb? Is it ventriloquism?”

Seeing Louie take a step back while saying that made Anubis's ass feel on fire.

[What are you doing?! Hurry! Use the artifact you created with da Vinci's artifact! Take away Seo Ju-Heon's powers!]

"Ah, that thing? Sorry. That’s already been taken away……”


“It’s also broken…”

Anubis became flustered.


He had the artifact I helped him make taken away?! And it was destroyed?! These damn useless humans!’

What had he given them Ju-Heon's weaknesses for? What was the point of helping them make that item?

But Ju-Heon became quite interested in what Anubis just said.

“Oh, what did you give him? What is the item to take away my powers?”

Yoo Jaeha was the one to respond.

“It’s probably this thing.”

Yoo Jaeha was shaking a keychain around. It was the panda-shaped keychain he had taken away from Louie.

The panda’s neck was dangling after being destroyed.

Anubis dropped its jaw in shock while Ju-Heon was amused.

“A magic-type artifact?”

Magic-type artifacts would be based on people remembered as famous sorcerers such as Merlin, Solomon, Nicholas Flamel, Faust, Aleister Crowley, etc.

It would be related to the items that these people used. The amusing part was that it was a copy.

[This is a copy created by Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact.]
[This is a copy of Merlin's artifact and is able to temporarily seal the Crow's aura.]

Ju-Heon started to smile after reading that message.


‘Da Vinci's artifact is not able to create copies of things that don't exist in the world.’

That meant that……

“It means that these things already appeared in the world.’

Ju-Heon's eyes started to sparkle.

He had gained a lot of high-rank artifacts lately but it had been disappointing as most of them were not battle-type artifacts.

There were things like a sex-change artifact, an artifact to make you hot, language mastery artifact, 100% success in confession or proposal artifact, an artifact that makes it so that you don’t have to sleep, an artifact that helps you focus 100%, an artifact that helps you develop strong personal connections, etc.

Of course, even dog shit could be used in medicine, so he wouldn’t throw these artifacts away. These were good to use and beneficial for his business. At the same time, it would be a lie if he said that he was not envious of artifacts such as Julian’s thunderbolt.

‘He has something better than what I have.’

A good guy like that didn’t need such an artifact. Ju-Heon was slightly annoyed.

Did he have bad luck with drawings or did he have bad luck with tombs? It didn't matter since all artifacts could be used differently based on the human using it. There was no law that battle-type artifacts would be strong or that the higher-rank artifact would win.
Artifacts had personalities and potential combinations. That was why he wasn’t hoping for Mjolnir or Excalibur or Heavenly Emperor Chi You's artifact, but still…

‘I'm still jealous.’

A man couldn’t help but romanticize having a cool artifact.

‘And the only useful artifact I have is this shitty bastard.’

Ju-Heon started to glare while looking at Anubis that could summon the army of the dead.

“Anyway, you're saying that kid had that thing?”

The Monarch of Fraud must have felt an instinctual danger as he slowly tried to escape.


“Hey kid, where do you think you're going?”

Seol-A smiled as she tightly hugged Louie Martin. Louie was trying to run away from Ju-Heon in fear, but stopped moving as soon as Seol-A hugged him.

The reason for that doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

“That perverted bastard. I'm jealous.”

As Yoo Jaeha mumbled with envy and Ju-Heon tried to inspect the item…

[…Don’t look down on a Division Commander!]

Anubis’s eyes sparkled as he was being stomped by Ju-Heon's foot.

Something amazing then started to happen.


The panda keychain that seemed to be broken started to activate!


The panda’s dangling neck came alive and its eyes flashed. Yoo Jaeha and Louie both screamed after seeing that panda that seemed to be possessed.

“Holy shit, what the hell?! What the hell is this thing?!”
“Aaaaaaaaaak! It's scary! That thing is scary!”

What kind of concept was an extremely gory panda?!

It was bleeding from its eyes and body while the organs were squirming inside.

An odd change happened at that moment. The Crow's aura had disappeared.


Ju-Heon looked down at his hand in shock.

‘This is……’

The possessed panda's eyes flashed again as it jumped down. It had Yoo Jaeha’s pen in its hand but nobody knew when it had stolen it.

The panda picked up its dangling head, put it back on its body and started to run toward Ju-Heon.

That wasn’t all. Ju-Heon’s subordinates started to anxiously shout after sensing a suspicious aura surrounding that pen it was using as a weapon.

“Ahhh! Run away! You can't stop that! You'll become a zombie if it stabs you!”




The possessed panda was sent flying without being able to touch Ju-Heon. Furthermore, the slap had been filled with enough of Ju-Heon's Dominance that it was destroyed.

Ju-Heon then started to swear.

“Holy fuck, destroy it properly if you're going to destroy it. I was so shocked.”

The others couldn’t help but wonder if he really was shocked…

“Are you okay?”
“I guess so.”

Ju-Heon smiled as he glared at Anubis.

“I was wondering what this son of a bitch was trying to do, but he was trying to do something annoying.”

Anubis closed his eyes thinking he was ruined.

‘I managed to use the artifact the Monarch of Fraud created, but…!’

That was right. Ju-Heon had felt something just now. Something that he had always felt around his body had temporarily disappeared. He had not known what it was until now, but he was now certain.

'It's the Crow's power.’

The message windows, as well as Tolerance and the Tomb raiding skills could have all disappeared.

‘Is it because I haven’t properly contracted the Crow?’

That was why it was unstable. Maybe the prophecy the Monarch of Fate had made about his death was related to this incident.

Well, it seems that the prophecy would not be right, but…

‘Looks like I need to quickly find that Crow bastard.’

That was why Ju-Heon said the following.

“Hey shitty dog. There’s something you need to do now.”

[W, what? What is it?]

"But before that……”







Ingredient preparation was the most important part of cooking.

Break and fix, break and fix.

Bang! Baaaang!

The special ingredient preparation time for mental training had started.

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