Chapter 165: You know of your sins (2)

[The plan seems to be going well.]

Seo Ju-Heon was headed here.

The large dog-looking Anubis was smiling at that fact. Anubis looked terrible with numerous injuries!


‘Damn it. The Supreme Leader was too harsh.’

That was right. Anubis had already been attacked after running away from home. He seemed to have recharged his power now, but an enraged Supreme Leader had put out an order for Anubis's arrest.

‘Damn it, this is all because of Seo Ju-Heon.’

Anubis had run away as quickly as possible when the Supreme Leader had appeared, but he ended up being captured by the other Division Commanders not long after that.

[I don’t know what the hell you’ve been doing lately, but the Supreme Leader will really kill you if you keep this up.]
[The other Supreme Leader is about to start making a move because of you. Do you know how shameful that is?]
[Do you understand what we are trying to say?]

Of course.

There were currently two Supreme Leaders of the artifacts. There had only been one strong Supreme Leader in the past, but two influential artifacts ended up the leaders after a coup.

One of the two was the Spider Supreme Leader that they served while the other was the Giant Supreme Leader hiding somewhere in this world.

Well, the Giant wasn't much of an issue since it lived quietly as if it was dead, but…

The Spider Supreme Leader's personality meant that he, along with Osiris and Set who were also captured with him, would end up dead.

[Take care of Seo Ju-Heon before that bastard starts to move. We must take care of it on our own.]
[If not, you will be the first to be executed.]

Anubis had no choice but to do so.

He put a hit on Ju-Heon with anybody who could be considered Ju-Heon's enemy and personally came up with a plan to kill Seo Ju-Heon as well.

‘I'm dead if I don’t do this.’

However, Osiris and Set weren’t being helpful at all, claiming they were sleepy, hungry, the drama was funny, the BOB cut is pretty… Acting as if nothing was wrong while spewing such nonsense! They were doing nothing when someone had to even put his paw print on Julian's contract to protect the two of them!

‘Damn it, if it wasn’t for that damn Crow…’

That was right. That Crow was the problem from the beginning.

‘I'm sure that Crow was the one to give Seo Ju-Heon all of his weird skills.’

Anubis was talking about Tolerance and all of Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding related skills. It was certain about something else as well.

‘That’s definitely Odin’s abilities.’

The king of the Northern European gods and sorcerer who had control over war, death, knowledge, and spells.

Ju-Heon’s Tolerance and tomb raiding skills could not be explained by anything else than that sorcerer's ability.

‘That arrogant Crow.’

But it didn’t matter.

‘It is not stable because they have not contracted.’

That meant that he might be able to make Ju-Heon's powers disappear.

‘The other artifacts and I can attack Seo Ju-Heon as long as that power is not there.’

His attack didn't work last time because of Ju-Heon's Tolerance, but Ju-Heon was just another human if he didn’t have it!

That was why Anubis sent Ju-Heon's information to the different Monarchs and put out a hit to make them aim for Ju-Heon.

The one he had the most expectations for was the Monarch of Fraud. He had heard that Ju-Heon had happily taken the kid.

Maybe that was the reason. Anubis started to chuckle while looking at the Jeep headed for the Pentagon.

‘I'm sure the plan was a success.’

The plan was for the Crow's aura to temporarily be sealed right before Ju-Heon arrived at the Pentagon.

Although Anubis could not get rid of the Crow's main body, he should be able to remove the aura protecting Ju-Heon.

It was thanks to the item the Monarch of Fraud created with da Vinci’s artifact! Then, the moment Ju-Heon, who had become a normal person, arrives at this location…!

‘I’ll get rid of him.’

Anubis started to smile. But at that moment…

“Ah, you can’t see any of the original Pentagon's appearance at all.”

The Jeep's engine stopped and Ju-Heon's group got off. Anubis's expression couldn't help but become odd.

[H, huh?]

Something was weird.

The Crow's aura surrounding Seo Ju-Heon…

[Damn it! It hasn’t disappeared!]

Anubis fell into a state of panic.

Had the plan failed?

Anubis became extremely angry.

[I spent all that time sending them Seo Ju-Heon's information!]

Why couldn't those idiots capture a single person? Why?!

Anubis then realized an important fact.

‘Damn it, I'm dead if it continues like this.’

That was right. Anubis needed to run away before Seo Ju-Heon realized that it was here. Otherwise, it was dead.

But Anubis shook its head.

'No. It’s still okay.’

There was no way that Ju-Heon had realized that it was here just yet.

‘How can he find me when I'm this far away?’

Ju-Heon was staring at the Pentagon. Seol-A tilted her head in confusion while looking at him.

“Captain-nim? What is it?”
“Nevermind. I thought I saw something.”

Ju-Heon started to frown. There was a large stone valley in front of him that looked as if it had been cut down.

[All artifacts in the Pentagon have been gobbled up by the tomb.]
[This is the Tomb of Wrath of the 7 Great Tombs.]

The federal building in charge of the US land, sea, and air. The Pentagon, the greatest office building in the world, was already gone.

In its place was < The Valley of the Kings >. This was the shared tomb of the pharaohs. It was basically created to prevent tomb raiding.
Even if it was a rotten scoundrel, Anubis was still an Egyptian Divine-Grade artifact. It must have gathered all of its subordinate artifacts and ordered them to create this tomb.

Since there had already been a precursor for one of the 7 Great Tombs here already, it had just pulled it up.

‘It’ll probably take me longer than usual to get the entrance opened.’

Seol-A checked something on her phone before urgently shouting.

“Captain-nim, the Valley of the Kings did indeed disappear from Egypt. It does seem to be the real Valley of the Kings tomb.”
“What about Pandora’s rating?”
“Level 4, the highest grade at the disaster-grade. It was announced 10 minutes ago and each area has given orders for teams to come……”

Ju-Heon chuckled.

It was natural for everybody to come.

“This is one of the 7 Great Tombs.’

“This place was extremely shitty.”

It had happened before Ju-Heon earned the artifact of Avarice, around when he was 26 years old. He had put his life on the line and went into it because he wanted to become an artifact user.

A high school girl needed more manpower so he came with her, but in the end, she died in the tomb because he could not protect her.

"Ah, that kid listened to me very well. She was pretty too.”

Yoo Jaeha's eyes opened wide.

“What? Who are you talking about? Who is it?! How pretty is she?!”

Seol-A ignored him and said something.

"Captain-nim, don’t be interested in her. You’ll be dragged away.”
"Why? Why will he be dragged away?! Is she a flower snake? Is she married?”
“I guess so. She’d be in elementary right now.”
“What? Elem…?! Are you crazy? Captain-nim, I didn’t see you like that but I guess Anubis's information was ri…ugh!”

As Yoo Jaeha, who had been smacked, was about to say something else…

“You're Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, correct?”

There were some US soldiers in military vehicles.

"We were on our way to escort you but you came here first. My name is Colonel Matthew.”

A buff man in his forties reached his hand out toward Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon scrunched his eyes.

‘He’s a high-grade artifact user.’

“Enough of that, why did you guys attack us?”

He was asking why soldiers had been sent to prevent them from coming to the Pentagon.

Matthew seemed extremely apologetic.

“I'm very sorry. The Secretary of Defense is extremely hostile toward foreign artifact users.”
“That’s why you let the bullets fly?”
“That’s not all sir.”

Matthew pointed to the Pentagon that had turned into the Great Tomb instead of responding.

“You’re someone who would go in there and loot everything. Unfortunately, all of the artifacts possessed by the US troops have been gobbled up.”

Yoo Jaeha put his hand on his forehead as if he instantly realized the issue.

Because of that… He put on the face of a businessman and quickly shook Colonel Matthew’s hand.

“Aigoo, I'm sorry. This is why a person's usual image is important! No wonder you thought that our Captain-nim would loot all of the artifacts. Captain-nim. This is why you need to act properly……”
“Shut up. Otherwise, I'm destroying your hard drive.”
“Our Captain-nim is extremely pure and he is a man of integrity. You seem to have a misunderstanding.”

Seol-A looked at Jaeha’s instantly changed demeanor with disbelief. Yoo Jaeha then started to whisper to Ju-Heon as if he wasn't playing fair.

“Are you going to do this? I shared a few of them with you! Why would you destroy that!”
“I have no recollection of that.”
“Wow! I'm completely being wronged! Captain-nim, you liked them. I saw you start to smile. I even saw you copy some of them over!”
“Shut up. Your tastes suck.”

It was at that moment.

“The President has arrived. We have received orders to escort Mr. Seo Ju-Heon.”

A young man in uniform with brown skin saluted as he appeared. Matthew laughed and responded.

“Then I will escort him.”

As Matthew tried to lead Ju-Heon's group away…


The rope was pulling at Ju-Heon's clothes for some reason.


Ju-Heon found it odd but the rope kept pulling on Ju-Heon’s clothes.

You shouldn't go. You shouldn't go.

He couldn’t understand the rope, but this was obviously a signal not to go. It seemed to be wary of Matthew.

Maybe that was to be expected.

Matthew Tyler. This US soldier was actually the person with Hitler’s artifact. He had been an artifact user for a while, but he had only recently run into Hitler’s artifact.

In addition, he was hiding the fact that he was a spy who was dealing with the Monarch of Evangelism in the Middle East.

He would definitely be aiming for Ju-Heon.

‘I heard that this bastard has the remains of Goebbels's artifact.’

The greedy Matthew, who was thinking about forming a guerrilla faction as Chairman Kwon had done in the past, opened his eyes wide.

Ju-Heon might be a good business partner. He handed a paper with his number to Ju-Heon.

“I will be your strength.”

Ju-Heon chuckled after receiving the number.

“Who knows? I would rather we never have to see each other again.”

The others chased after him in shock as Ju-Heon handed the paper back to Matthew and walked away.

"Captain-nim, what are you doing?! He seemed like a nice guy!”

Ju-Heon stopped moving and glared at his subordinates.

Something was weird. This twisted punk would never trust someone he met for the first time like this.

“Anyway, I don’t like him very much.”
“Why? Is it because the rope doesn't like him?”
“No, he’s similar to Chairman Kwon.”
“That's why I don’t like him.”

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A gasped.

“When you put it that way, they do give off a slightly similar demeanor, but……!”

It wasn't as if they were siblings or anything.

There could be people who just seemed similar.

“But it’s a really small amount of similarity…!”
“Get lost, in my mind, being 1% similar is the same as being 100% similar. That’s why there’s no reason to deal with him.”

It wasn’t as if people who were similar to Chairman Kwon had also done terrible things, but…

‘Wow, I'm just glad I’m nothing like Chairman Kwon.’

Yoo Jaeha was truly relieved. But Ju-Heon was actually wary of Matthew for a different reason even though this was the reason he had given.

‘There’s nobody who is nice without reason.’

This was true at least among the artifact users.


“There’s actually something much more important than a bastard like him.”
“Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon looked toward the brown-skinned soldier who was guiding him instead of responding.

"Well, whatever. Hey soldier man.”
“Yes sir, what is it?”
“Nothing much. I need to say something to our shitty dog that ran away from home before we go into the tomb.”
“Excuse me?”
“I'm saying, that’s not where we need to go right now.”

Ju-Heon pointed to an eerie alley.

Maybe that was the reason. The young man awkwardly started to smile.

“Mr. Seo Ju-Heon. What are you suddenly……ugh!”

Ju-Heon punched the young man in the stomach and knocked him down.

And at that moment!



Seol-A and Yoo Jaeha were completely shocked.

“That is!”

A familiar black dog appeared in front of them.

“A, Anubis?!”

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“This damn son of a bitch. How dare you sell off your master.”


“You've been struggling since you ran away from home, haven’t you? That’s how the world is. Let me welcome you back home!”

Home actually seemed to be more dangerous in this case…

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