Chapter 164: You know of your sins (1)

Ju-Heon's eyes had a vicious glow to them. He then summoned Anubis.


[You are unable to summon the artifact.]
[It seems to have escaped to somewhere you are unable to summon it.]
[It seems to have done everything it could to hide.]

‘Oh? This son of a bitch.’

Yoo Jaeha gagged and pounded his chest.

It was because Ju-Heon was releasing his vicious aura.

‘Aigoo. I can’t breathe!’

It felt as if he was eating a rice cake and choking on the powder!

Dominance was something that both artifacts and humans could feel. Weak people would not be able to even raise their heads.

It was extremely painful for even the past Monarch-Grade Yoo Jaeha that it felt even worse than the triple combination of being asked about college, work, and marriage during the holidays.

He could not handle it any longer and looked toward Ju-Heon.

‘U, umm, Captain-nim……please calm down.”
“That shitty dog. I thought he had just run away from home for a bit but he was going around pulling this crap.”

Ju-Heon's voice was full of murderous intent.

‘He dares to go around putting a hit on his heavenly master? And John Smith?’

“It's disgustingly pretending to be human.”

He seemed to be looking for Ju-Heon's enemies to get away from Ju-Heon as the enemy of an enemy is a friend.

‘I knew something was weird when he was wrestling with the computer with his paws.’

It seemed to have worked hard to learn how to use the human computer to draft this and send it out. Either that, or he stuffed the mailbox in secret while they were out on their walk.

He had an idea as to why Anubis, who had been pretty calm until now, suddenly did this.

‘It’s most likely because of the Supreme Leader.’

Zhen Cai Yuan, the woman who had appeared at his house. Anubis had tucked his tail and ran away as quickly as possible as soon as the Supreme Leader artifact had appeared.

It had done many things to anger the Supreme Leader, even if half of it was against his will. It would know that getting caught would mean it would be executed.

‘Is that why it thought that killing me would at least help it keep its life?’


“If you're going to steal information, you should do it properly. What is up with all of this fake information.”
“Aww, come on. You can’t say it’s all fake……”

Yoo Jaeha quickly cowered after seeing Ju-Heon’s gaze.

“Should I go find that shitty dog?”
“Well, it’s fine. It’s actually better like this.”
“Excuse me? It’s better?”
“Yes. It looks like that shitty dog is going around selling my weaknesses and trying to get me killed. This is a good chance to spread even more fake information.”

Fake information was great for confusing the enemies.

He didn't know how Anubis had done it, but even the US armed forces seemed to believe that the weaknesses the doggie gave them were true. Basically, Anubis' ‘John Smith’ moniker…

It was possible that John Smith was a trusted human among artifact users.

‘I definitely need to use something like this for my benefit.’

“It’s extremely disrespectful, but I can still forgive it. What are the other four weaknesses? Hurry up and read the rest so that I can come up with a plan.”

Yoo Jaeha seemed shocked for some reason.

“Uhh, that…”
"What is it?”
“I think it is better that you don’t hear the rest……”
"What’s wrong? What is it? Spit it out.”

Yoo Jaeha's eyes were quickly moving around before he clenched his eyes shut and continued to read.

“That……Seo Ju-Heon. Other weaknesses include suffering from chronic hemorrhoids. Related artifacts should be useful. He is also a nouveau riche who doesn’t know how to use his money at all; he seems to have a stupid illusion about high society. Might fall to the seduction from the wealthy. Furthermore, Seo Ju-Heon is thought to be a pedophile and gay……”

Yoo Jaeha read a few sentences before he put the document down. He then started to bolt.

And at that moment!


Artifacts’ bodies started to crack and they started to scream because of the Dominance that was suddenly shot out.

It’s a disaster! A disaster has descended in the world!

We need to run away right now! It’s the end of the world!

Ju-Heon had a vicious glare as he started to speak again.

“Immediately locate that shitty dog. I will give a reward to the one who figures it out. Anybody who tries to hide that motherfucker will also be destroyed.”

The artifacts started to cry.

Aigoo, the Division Commander-nim is on the wanted list.

Aigoo, aigoo.

Why did he have to go around spreading false information? Both the artifacts and Yoo Jaeha started to cry.

They were certain about what would happen.

‘That doggie bastard. He’s going to turn into dog stew.’

Yoo Jaeha then desperately started to pray.

‘God. Please let him only destroy it to a point that can be restored. Please, pretty please. Please let it stop at firewood and not dog stew.’

Unfortunately, Ju-Heon seemed to be thinking of blending Anubis up like a smoothie.

It was at that moment.

“Move according to the manual! We already know all of his weaknesses!”
“Take out the lust-related artifacts! Hurry up!”
“It doesn’t matter whether it is male or female shaped! Take them all out!”
"The artifactphile will definitely fall for it!”

South American dancers started to pop out.

They were extremely voluptuous female dancers but there were some male dancers who terrorized people’s eyes.

All of them were only wearing a thin cloth that barely covered anything as they danced intensely. The decadent dancers even had a pole they got from who knows where.

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A's jaws dropped in shock. They had not expected the US armed forces to use such artifacts.

“Nice body…… ugh!”

Seol-A shouted after smacking Yoo Jaeha.

“Their ranks might be low but there are too many of them! I think we should retreat for now and wait until we get our escort……”
“No, we don’t need those bastards anymore.”


A fire shot out from behind Ju-Heon. It was the artifact he had used last time.

The ground started to split and the boiling lava gobbled up the enemies.


Ju-Heon did not go easy on them as he was in a very bad mood.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All of the artifacts exploded while some of the soldiers started to faint. However, there were so many of them that it looked like Ju-Heon would get caught.

Yoo Jaeha then started to shout.

“There's no end to this! I think it is better to get out of here!”

Ju-Heon then pointed somewhere as he responded.

“Then over there, steal the cars they brought. We're going to use those to get to the Pentagon.”

Ju-Heon was pointing at a military Jeep. Seol-A sent her ghosts after hearing Ju-Heon's order.

The vast plain turned into pandemonium again and the soldiers in the driver's seats started to rampage. The possessed soldiers were talking about how another soldier stole their girlfriend or not as they started to fight.

Seol-A shouted after stealing one of their cars.

“I stole the Jeep!”




The military vehicles all exploded at once.

The enemies had done it.

“They can’t run away very far now!”

They started to triumphantly laugh.

“Do everything to not let them go!”
“Captain Hans gave the order! We must take care of them here!”

They were trying very hard to not send Ju-Heon’s group to the Pentagon for some reason.

Why were they doing this when Ju-Heon going to the Pentagon didn't mean that he would do something to it?

“They’re so annoying.”

Yoo Jaeha started to grumble.

“Wow, shit, what do we do? They destroyed all the cars around here. Are they all planning on walking back too?”
“Well, it doesn’t matter.”
“Excuse me?”
“We can just fix the car.”

Yoo Jaeha started to laugh out loud.

“Wow, Captain-nim, that’s great. Were you a mechanic in the army?”
“No? You’re the one who is going to fix it.”
“……I was a military cook.”

Ju-Heon then put his hand on Yoo Jaeha's shoulder.

“Fix it like you would restore an artifact. You can do it, right?”

Ju-Heon was looking at him with a gaze that seemed to be saying he would kill him if he said no.

But Yoo Jaeha was getting a headache.

“Excuse me. Artifact restoration isn't enough that you have to make me the maintenance guy too? I'm not an auto mechanic! How can I fix a car…?!”
"What’s wrong? You can’t do it? Is it impossible with your skills?”
“N, no, it is possible, but…….”
“Then great. Shut up and get started. Go.”
“Aaah! It’s going to take a lot of stamina! I'm going to be completely out of energy!”
“That’s your problem. It’s a problem that I don’t need to know about.”

Louie Martin sneered at Yoo Jaeha who looked ready to cry.

“Serves you right! You'll probably faint for a few days……ugh!”

Louie Martin screamed after someone hit his head. He turned around to see Ju-Heon sneering at him.

“Who said you could run your mouth? You're going to do it with him.”
“What?! Why me?!”
“Your daddy is working. It’s only fitting that the son helps. It’ll go faster with both of you working on it, wouldn’t it?”
“W, w…what? I…”
“Shut up. I will give you 1 minute. Go.”

The Monarch of Fraud also started to cry.

After some time…

“Fuck, what the hell?! What is going on?!”

The soldiers who were beaten by the rope and had their souls taken by Seol-A couldn't help but question their eyes.

It was because a Jeep that had exploded into pieces…….!

“It’s fixed!”
“I, it's moving?”

Ju-Heon’s group was getting far away in that car. They could only come up with one explanation.

“Holy shit, they were mechanics and not restorers?!”

Actually, they knew nothing about machines.

The soldiers started to become desperate.

“That’s not important! Chase after them!”
“Chase them!”

Unfortunately, it was impossible to chase after a car on their feet.


Seol-A, who looked in the rear view mirror as she drove, smiled brightly.

“It looks like we got away from them.”
“Looks like it. Although we ended up with two corpses in the process.”

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue while looking at the two dying zombies in the back.

“Yoo Jaeha. Develop your stamina. How can you be wiped out after restoring a single car?”
“Ahem. I told you to use human language. Human language.”

Yoo Jaeha pounded his chest in frustration. They weren’t faking it, they really had done taxing work.

“He really bosses people around as he pleases!”

The Monarch of Fraud was glaring at Ju-Heon too.

He was not rebelling because Ju-Heon had used him like an ox.

‘I need to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon before we get to the Pentagon.’

The Monarch of Fraud's eyes flashed.

He had a mission he had received from the Monarch of Fate.

General Keira had taken him in when he was an orphan who had lost his memories. This guy was the one who got rid of that General.

‘I can't forgive him for that.’

As Louie tried to take out an artifact he had hidden on him…


It wasn’t there! His hidden curse artifact wasn't there! He had camouflaged it extremely well into a toy artifact!

But at that moment…

“Are you looking for this?”

Yoo Jaeha was waving something.

“You’re really fucked if you mess with our Captain-nim.”

Louie searched his pockets in shock.

‘When the hell did he?!’

It was a keychain-shaped artifact. Yoo Jaeha viciously glared at the child as if he was angry, which was rare for him.

"This is a curse-type artifact, isn't it?”

Yoo Jaeha's Dominance temporarily rose to the Monarch-Grade that even Louie flinched.

"Why do you look so shocked? I'm an expert too. I can tell these things apart.”
“H, hand it over while I'm asking nicely! You crybaby……ugh!”
“You did make it well so that we wouldn’t notice, but……”


“It’s useless.”

Louie started to despair after the artifact was destroyed.

'Damn it, now the plan is ruined!’

As for Yoo Jaeha, he was confused at the fact that the artifact broke. He had been angry thinking about a rude kid trying to harm Ju-Heon, but…

‘Interesting. I could never destroy artifacts no matter how many lessons the Captain-nim gave me.’

It was because his Dominance had temporarily risen. Of course, Yoo Jaeha had no idea about what had happened. He then pulled Louie by the ear.

“Listen carefully. Our Captain-nim actually tends to like children. That’s why you'll be fine, but that’s only if you're a good boy. You know what I mean, right?”
“Be a good boy and quietly lead the way if you understand. You bastard!”



It was at that moment.

“You guys are being too loud back there. I can see it. The Pentagon is right there.”
“Huh? Already? That was fast.”

They looked out the window.

They noticed that the Pentagon looked a bit weird. Well, extremely weird.

[There is a Great Tomb Appearance.]
[Warning. It is a desert Tomb Appearance.]
[The Valley of the Kings has descended.]
[All artifacts in the Pentagon have been gobbled up by the tomb.]
[This is the Tomb of Wrath of the 7 Great Tombs.]

‘The Valley of the Kings? That Egyptian tomb?’

That was right. The entire Pentagon was caught in a tomb.

There was a smiling shadow on top of the tomb.

[The Monarch of Fraud should have succeeded by now.]

It was the doggie that had run away from home.

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