Chapter 161: I am your father (3)

[The radiation has caused you severe damage.]
[You are in danger of permanent blindness.]
[The extreme heat is starting to melt your skin.]
[You have been exposed to radiation.]

Ju-Heon seemed extremely angry.

It was to be expected.

He was already angry about the fact that the train flipped in the middle of a nice trip but confirming a murder? They even used a nuclear artifact?!

Nuclear artifacts were artifacts born from the shocks of people in the past. August 1945.

Nuclear weapons were dropped for the first and last time in Japan. The impact of those weapons were incomparable to any other types of weapons in the past.

The nuclear weapons erased everything within their range. It was not a difference of dodging or not.

Oppenheimer, the man in charge of developing the nuclear weapons, left these words.

‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’

The artifact born from this story was extremely destructive and had a lot of killing power.

Of course, there were multiple nuclear weapons that had appeared in the world. It was because multiple were created from the fear and rumors of the masses.

It was just that the nuclear weapons born from those situations were ranked differently in both grade and effect from the real nuclear weapons.

The nuclear weapons these bastards used were probably those types of fake nuclear weapons. They were probably around B-Grade artifacts, but nuclear weapons were still nuclear weapons. Their power and aftershock were enough to destroy people.
There were issues in the past as well, where people swiped a bunch of these nuclear weapons and caused a large war that could have been called World War III.

‘But to use such things without any thought…’

Well, it seemed that they at least kept the range small so that they wouldn’t be killed as well.

“But these sons of bitches should still know what they should and should not use.”

A bloodied Ju-Heon pushed the blood dripping down from his forehead and started to grind his teeth.

“Do they want to start something?”

Of course, the people who caused this incident gasped in shock after seeing that he was alive.

The Monarch of Fate was especially upset.

“What the hell? What is up with that zombie? Is that even human?”
“T, that’s S, Seo Ju-Heon.”
“D, did he just survive that attack? He survived when the whole train vaporized? Are you serious?!”

The people with the Monarch of Fate could not close their mouths.

They didn't get injured because they had prepared in advance, but……!

Ju-Heon, who made it out alive, viciously growled.

"These bastards. Whether I am a zombie or bambie, do you know how much this hurts?”

‘I don’t think how much it hurts is the problem right now.’

“This crazy bastard!”
“Humans should also die like humans!”

The scared subordinates subconsciously stepped back.

But the Monarch of Fate just started to laugh.

“Wow, I thought that only someone like Chairman Kwon could survive through something like this.”

It was because that old man had Achilles’s Armor. That was why the Monarch of Fate's eyes started to sparkle instead of becoming flustered.

“You seem to have quite a good artifact.”

Ju-Heon viciously smiled after hearing that.

“Yes. A Crow brought me some gourds since I did some good deeds.”
“Gourds? What is that?”

Ju-Heon just snorted in response.

‘What is it?’

[Replica of Athena’s Aegis (S-Grade:Legendary Hero Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

  • Remaining Uses: 4/5

It was a barrier artifact that came out of a gourd.

‘I couldn't block all of it because the timing was a bit late though.’

The Monarch of Fate looked intrigued.

“Enough of that, I want to know which artifact you used.
"Why don't you be a good person if you're that curious?”

A slate board the size of an ipad appeared in Ju-Heon's hand as soon as he said that.

A vicious aura started to rip through the air.



The artifact looked as if it wanted to gobble the people up. The Monarch of Fate’s subordinates freaked out once they saw it.

“T, that is the thing that Chairman Kwon said he lost to…!”

They were certain. This was the Code of Hammurabi!

“Holy shit, it’s one of the three major Codes of Law…!”

The Monarch of Fate had already made a prophecy about the Codes of Laws.

< A person with the Codes of Law will make the laws of the universe. >

Basically, they will become the center of the world.

Ju-Heon started to smile grotesquely.

“I'm glad you recognized it! I won’t need to explain what is about to happen!”
“Hold…! Hold on!”
“Alright, how about you guys have a taste of nuclear weapons too!”

It released a violent aura and activated its powers.


Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth! The Code of Hammurabi, the artifact that returns as much as it has received, had been activated!


People started to scream after the bright flash.


Ju-Heon didn’t even decrease the range of the explosion. He didn’t care since they were inside a tomb.

The ones who were meant to die would die while the ones who were meant to live would live!

It ruthlessly destroyed the inside of the tomb and the artifacts inside the tomb were in pain as well. Maybe the reason Ju-Heon had not healed his injuries was to use the Code of Hammurabi and return the exact amount of pain to his enemies.

The bloody screams of everybody other than Ju-Heon was proof.

“My arm, my aaaaaaaarm!”

There were corpses in front of him once the flash settled down.

He had actually reduced the damage in half. They wouldn't be able to feel any pain if they simply vaporized.

The enemies were all clenching on their dissipating skin and coughing up blood as they gagged.

Ju-Heon wiped the blood off his body as he watched them.

“Alright, do you get how much this hurts now? You fucking shitheads.”

They would die if they understood this pain even once more.

Ju-Heon then picked up Louie, who had been kidnapped by these men. Louie seemed to have died after being swept up in the explosion, but Ju-Heon ruthlessly started to slap the child’s cheeks.

“Don't pretend to be dead. I know that you're not dead.”

He had used a barrier artifact to protect Louie.

Louie started to sob as he responded.

“T, t, this crazy old man.”
“You want me to fuck you up once more?”
“N, no! I respect you! Uncle! Shall I escort you to the atelier?”
“Good boy.”

It was at that moment.

"Captain-nim, please quickly heal yourself. Over here!”

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A, who had almost dissipated with the train, were struggling as they started to heal themselves. They were fine because she had quickly used her ghosts, but they had still been heavily injured.

Seol-A handed the bottle of Bacchus they had been drinking over to Ju-Heon. [1]

"This is your share, Captain-nim…”

This was an S-Grade healing artifact.

But Ju-Heon chuckled after seeing that 2/3 of it was still left after both of them had already used it.

‘She always worries about me so much.’

He would be fine because of his Tolerance.

“I'm fine. You guys drink some more. You’ll probably need more than that anyway.”

The enemies urgently reached their hands out after hearing that.

“G, give it to us if you're not going to use……ugh!”

But they were kicked away by Seol-A. She then looked at Ju-Heon's injuries with concern before looking around.

“We should first quickly get out of here……”

It was at that moment.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The Monarch of Fate, who was a bloody mess, had been the one to speak.

His condition seemed to be completely different than his subordinates as his injuries were quickly healing themselves.
The special thing was that this fucker was putting his hand on his subordinates’ backs and moving his injuries over to them.

Of course, those subordinates were screaming until they died.

Nostradamus viciously started to smile.

"Who said you could leave after killing a ton of my subordinates?”

‘Who is the one actually killing your subordinates right now?’

“Oh, you didn’t kick the bucket even though I didn't go easy on you.”

The Monarch of Fate started to snort after hearing Ju-Heon’s brusque comment.

“I can see the future. Did you really think that I would die?”
"Well, fine. You wouldn’t be a Monarch if you died so easily.”

That was right.

His name was Joshua. He was originally from England. He was 22 years old right now.

This was someone who had influenced politicians and important individuals throughout the world at such a young age to pretty much hold everything in the palm of his hands.

The scary thing about him was that he would help you avoid death if you were nice to him but kill you off if you weren’t.
That was why nobody dared to treat him terribly.

Life and death, wealth and danger, ways to clear tombs… He could give answers to all those things.

‘Now that I think about it, the Captain-nim used a lot of the Monarch of Fate's prophecies as well.’

Seol-A started to frown as she warily watched the Monarch of Fate. Well, Ju-Heon had actually gone to this man just to know the approximate areas where tombs would appear before they showed up.

But Ju-Heon had always been in a terrible mood after going to see this bastard.

‘I'm sure he always requested things the Captain-nim would not like as payment.’

The Monarch of Fate was smiling annoyingly right now as he started to speak.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you seem to be running around doing whatever you please right now, but know your limits.”
“And this was all you could come up with in response?”
“Yes. You keep bothering the Executive Board, other executive offices and Chairman Kwon. You’re so annoying!”

Yoo Jaeha stealthily took an artifact out to strike the Monarch of Fate as Ju-Heon and the Monarch of Fate's mental battle had started. However…

“Hey you, pushover. Don't think about doing anything useless.”
“Don’t even take out artifacts you can't use.”

The artifact Yoo Jaeha was holding started to melt away as soon as the Monarch of Fate said that.

Yoo Jaeha was shocked but Ju-Heon just clicked his tongue.

‘It really did appear.’

< Future Dominance >

He didn’t know whether this man could really see the future or if whatever he said became the future.

“You created the Monarch of Fraud, didn't you?”
"Why? Are you curious? Is it because you heard that you would die if the Monarch of Fraud was created?”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

Yes. He was curious about that future.

The future was slowly starting to change from the past that Ju-Heon knew about.

That was why he was curious.

The changed future. The reason that Louie Martin had appeared.

‘Isn’t it better to know about the potential variables?’

That was why he would keep this man alive until he heard about a few things.

“Alright, why don’t you tell me what kind of future you see for me?”
“I told you that you are going to die.”
“And this kid’s true identity?”
“I thought he was your subordinate’s son.”
“What the hell does the Executive Board do?”
“Why would I tell you that?”

The Monarch of Fate started to snicker.

“But my question comes first. There’s actually something I'm curious about regarding you, Seo Ju-Heon.”
“Curious about?”
“Yes. Your……ugh!”

Ju-Heon punched the Monarch of Fate in the face, as if there was no reason to even listen to him.


Ju-Heon was a young man who trained in fighting every day at the gym.

It was only natural that his swift and firm punch would be stronger than most people!

“I'm sorry, but my three sizes are a secret.”
“Just use that fancy prophecy ability of yours to answer my question if you understand.”

Ju-Heon cracked his fingers as he viciously smiled.

“Alright, what will happen to you in ten seconds? Try to guess correctly.”

1. Bacchus is probably the most famous Korean energy drink.

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