Chapter 155: A Major Scandal (?) (2)

Ju-Heon was extremely unreasonable.

The other excavation teams started to get angry.

“Wow, what did he say?”
"A contract?!”

Their anger was justified.

Julian had stated that he would never join another excavation team. He had told them all to get lost regardless of the artifacts, money, position, whatever they offered.

There was a simple reason for it.

‘I don’t want to get involved in the dirty and personal benefit focused relationship of excavation teams.’

That was what he had said. It meant that he wanted them to shut up and get lost because he didn't want to help them do things to benefit themselves.

Maybe that was the reason. Julian had rejected the love calls and bribery of leaders of countries and major corporations saying that he would not do anything to personally benefit from using artifacts.
He was bound to get dirty if he was involved in the influential individuals and their excavation teams.

Those artifact users would gain even more benefits if he helped them, leading to the regular civilians being harmed even more in the process. Furthermore, he had clearly said that he didn’t want to work together with the greedy artifact users.

But what?

“Seo Juuuuuuu-Heeeeeeeon?”
“Seo Ju-Heon, the greediest person ever?!”

How could they not be shocked?!

“Why did it have to be that b...

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