Chapter 155: A Major Scandal (?) (2)

Ju-Heon was extremely unreasonable.

The other excavation teams started to get angry.

“Wow, what did he say?”
"A contract?!”

Their anger was justified.

Julian had stated that he would never join another excavation team. He had told them all to get lost regardless of the artifacts, money, position, whatever they offered.

There was a simple reason for it.

‘I don’t want to get involved in the dirty and personal benefit focused relationship of excavation teams.’

That was what he had said. It meant that he wanted them to shut up and get lost because he didn't want to help them do things to benefit themselves.

Maybe that was the reason. Julian had rejected the love calls and bribery of leaders of countries and major corporations saying that he would not do anything to personally benefit from using artifacts.
He was bound to get dirty if he was involved in the influential individuals and their excavation teams.

Those artifact users would gain even more benefits if he helped them, leading to the regular civilians being harmed even more in the process. Furthermore, he had clearly said that he didn’t want to work together with the greedy artifact users.

But what?

“Seo Juuuuuuu-Heeeeeeeon?”
“Seo Ju-Heon, the greediest person ever?!”

How could they not be shocked?!

“Why did it have to be that bastard?!”
“That bastard is a scammer!”
“That bastard is a thief who has screwed other excavation teams over for his own greed!”
“You acted like you loved justice but you were just in cahoots with that bastard!”

Julian could not close his mouth because he felt so wronged.

In fact, he was one of the people who wanted to throw Ju-Heon in prison. He would probably be one of the top five people on the list if there was a ranking. But they were saying who was working for whom?!

“Hey! I have no recollection of agreeing to work with Seo Ju-Heon! This bastard decided……!”
"By the way, this sir is the person who will become our private lawyer. I hired him because he said he had no work as a new lawyer.”

‘This bastard!’ Julian was flabbergasted while the others were angry.

"Wow, you are going to represent such a bastard just because you needed work?! So much for your sense of pride and justice!”
“Were there no other people in the world to help that you are going to help the worst criminal in the world?!”

‘Damn it, who is helping who?! I'd rather help a cockroach than this bastard!’

Julian could not hold back any longer and approached Ju-Heon while grinding his teeth. He then grabbed Ju-Heon by the collar.

“Stop with the bullshit! I will pull that damn tongu…”
“Oho, did you forget about the contract?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly shook a piece of paper.

It was the contract. It was that contract with a dog paw print on it.

Julian’s eyebrows twitched.



A thunderbolt aimed for the contract but Ju-Heon was chuckling.

“You're really good at burning up copies.”

Julian’s thunderbolt then aimed at Ju-Heon in anger, but so what?



The thunderbolt heading toward Ju-Heon was redirected to an artifact Ju-Heon threw into the air.

‘That is?!’

The artifact that Ju-Heon threw into the air was a tree branch!

[A Shaman's Birch Branch (B-Grade: Rare Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

  • Remaining Uses (9/10)

The birch branch was used when a shaman conducted an exorcism. It was used as a lightning rod so that the other people don't end up possessed!

Basically, it worked as something to focus the opponent’s artifacts’ abilities on it.

All of the thunderbolts heading toward Ju-Heon were absorbed by the branch artifact and Ju-Heon smiled in satisfaction.

His pocket was full of tree branches.

“Feel free to try again, you thunderbolt eunuch. I still have a ton of lightning rods left.”

‘Ow, this bastard!’

He could not launch an overbearing thunderbolt toward a person.

Ju-Heon started to laugh out loud.

The others were afraid of Julian's thunderbolts, but his situation was different. As a human, he was naturally afraid of thunderbolts. However, he knew the character of the bastard who had this ability.

‘That bastard won’t kill humans.’

He wasn't afraid of killing humans, but he was someone who thought that artifacts should be used to help people. There was no way someone like that would use his artifacts to kill a person!

That meant that he should be able to fend off his attacks with B-Grade artifacts as long as Julian didn’t go crazy and launch an extremely strong thunderbolt.

“Do you understand? You innocent little bastard. Anyway, thanks for blocking those other idiots……”

It was at that moment.



The artifact Ju-Heon had been using was destroyed. A confused Ju-Heon looked toward Julian.
Julian was constantly mumbling something over and over.

“That’s not a person, that’s not a person……”


1 billion volt thunderbolts struck down.

The thunderbolts looked like spider webs as they slammed down on the ground.

Bang bang, there were barrels of gas blasting off and it sounded as if Ju-Heon was screaming.

Maybe that was the reason. The other excavation teams started to laugh.

‘This is great.’

This was an amazing opportunity.

“Notify every team. Seo Ju-Heon is currently being stalled at the entrance.”
“The two of them seem to be on the same side but there seems to be internal strife with Julian Miller.”
“This is our chance to use Julian Miller to get rid of Seo Ju-Heon.”

That plan made the excavation teams smile wickedly.

There were some heavy hitting excavation teams among the group. For example, there were the excavation teams working for Austin Rockefeller, TKBM, and the Middle East Alliance. They were all large excavation teams with at least 1,000 people.

They were all teams that were recently becoming famous, but they were all also excavation teams that had been defeated by Ju-Heon in the past.

There was no way they would miss this chance.

“Cooperate with the other excavation teams!”
“Use your artifacts!”

The leaders of each excavation team started to excitedly shake hands with each other.

“Hello? Let’s hunt down a thorn in our eyes before we enter the tomb.”

TKBM's Yoon Shi Woo was contacting the leaders of every excavation team that was here.

“Hey Captains. All of us have submitted an Excavation Reporting Form together for this tomb anyway.”

Yoon Shi Woo, Chairman Kwon's future son-in-law, had become a bit more arrogant after gaining a Hero-Grade artifact.

He pushed up his glasses and started to snicker.

“That's why we should take care of our common enemy first before going into the tomb together. We all have a lot of grudges to settle.”

[Sounds good, we will be in charge of catching him.]
[We have an artifact that will turn him into an old man.]
[Why don't we just kill him?]

Yoon Shi Woo urgently shouted after hearing that.

“No. We cannot kill him! Chairman Kwon-nim has a bounty out for him. You can make him crippled but make sure he stays alive.”

They all snickered and quickly started to move after the discussion was completed. Things might usually be different, but they had a great shield called Zhuge Kongming right now.

They all quickly gathered behind Julian. Julian looked at them wondering what they were doing, but he didn’t pay much attention.

He could at least tell that Ju-Heon was their common enemy.

‘Anyway, that shitty contract is meaningless.’

Thunderbolts soon struck down again.

The people behind him excitedly activated their artifacts as well.

A chain managed to bind Ju-Heon.

“Great, we got him!”

That made the rope that was next to Ju-Heon start huffing in anger.

Go away! Go away!

The rope started to smack the people aiming for Ju-Heon.

But they were difficult to handle as there were ten teams gathered there.

“Hurry up and use the aging artifact! Now!”

It was at that moment. The bound Ju-Heon seemed to be smiling for some reason.

At the same time… boom! There was an explosion.

“This son of a bitch exploded the artifact!”

They retrieved their artifacts and started to grind their teeth.

“You son of a bitch, I won’t let you……”

But the people approaching Ju-Heon all gasped.

"W, what the hell is this?!”

At the same time…

“Ow ow ow!”

Yoo Jaeha grabbed the back of his head as if someone had punched him.

‘Damn it, it hurts so much!’

Ju-Heon, who was working, clicked his tongue after seeing Yoo Jaeha tear up and lower his head.

“What, it's already over? You were so confident but that was fast.”

A grumbling Yoo Jaeha raised his head and started to shout.

"Damn it, this is the limit for a clone made with an A-Grade artifact!”

That was right. Ju-Heon was somewhere else right now.

He was not dealing with the bastards at the tomb entrance. Ju-Heon was already inside the tomb.

He had made Yoo Jaeha create a clone while he had slowly created a hole in the back of the tomb and climbed in.

The pitch black stone tomb around him was proof of what had happened. Ju-Heon, who had come in to loot the artifacts inside, sighed after hearing an explosion outside.

‘Sigh, those morons.’

There were too many people who had grudges against him.

He had sent the clone out on purpose because he knew that they would not stand still once they saw him.

‘Just waste your time outside! Keep that up, you retards.’

The reason this was possible was because of the artifacts he had gotten from looting the Supreme Leader's Corps. They deserved to be the Supreme Leader's Corps as the Division Commanders and most of the artifacts managed to escape, but it didn't matter.

He had managed to get some useful ones in the process.

He was especially pleased about the few artifacts that would be useful for his subordinates.

[Pygmalion’s Sculpting Tools (A-Grade: Treasure-Grade - Possession Artifact)]

Pygmalion was a sculptor from Greek mythology. He was known for creating a sculpture of his ideal woman and falling in love with it.

The story claims that Aphrodite had turned the sculpture into a real person after hearing his prayer.

Yoo Jaeha had created Ju-Heon's sculpture in a similar manner. That sculpture would then receive divine blessing and become real.

Of course, there were some cons as well. First of all, the user needed extremely skilled artistic talent to make it not look weird once it became real.

It would not become real unless the sculpture perfectly resembled the person.

Furthermore, the sculptor would feel pain as well if the sculpture was destroyed.

Finally, the risk was extremely shitty, but…

‘Who cares. It's not my risk anyway.’

Anyway, there seemed to have been a benefit to spying on Ju-Heon thoroughly to take some unauthorized photos.

The well-made clone did its job to lure the others. Ju-Heon had even sent the rope with the clone to show more credibility.

Ju-Heon, who had a light artifact in his mouth to read the Toombglyph, motioned to Jaeha.

“This side doesn't have traps. Follow me.”

Ju-Heon then used the Tomb Destruction skill on the ground.


They could see a large area underneath the hole. This clearly seemed to be the room with the artifact.

‘Great, it’s over there.’

There were bamboo papers standing up all around acting as walls. Those papers were full of difficult to read Hanja.

There were also mysterious piles of stones the size of adults nearby as well.

On the ground were some weird perpendicular lines. Ju-Heon, who was determining the shape of the room, started to smile.

‘It’s a Xiangqi board.’

The artifact seemed to have been catering to modern humans as the shape was similar to the modern Xiangqi board as well.

It seemed quite obvious what he needed to do to clear the tomb.

"Do you need to win this game?”

Based on the bamboo papers all around, it probably was not played in the same manner.

It happened at that moment.



The tomb started to shake as if there was an earthquake.

They then heard some noises.

They also heard some voices as well.

“Over here!”
“I feel the aura of the artifact over here!”

He could hear the voices of the other excavation teams nearby. They seemed to have quickly caught up as all of the excavation teams gathered here were pretty decent ones.

“Captain-nim! Among the enemies……”

Seol-A peeked toward Yoo Jaeha before starting to shout.

“The Monarch of Fraud seems to be there. Should I go take care of him?”
“No, it’s fine. There are ten teams over there.”

She would die a dog’s death if she ended up surrounded.

“Don’t do a direct battle without Dan.”
“I guess you're right, our dear tanker is currently absent.”

Yoo Jaeha tilted his head in confusion.

‘Dan? Tanker?’

It was probably just a figure of speech, but it was quite suspicious as he had not heard that name before.

‘These two… They have these secret conversations that I have no idea about every so often.’

Ju-Heon threw something to Seol-A at that moment.

“Use this for me. I've been annoyed at them anyway. How dare they turn me into an unmarried dad?”

Seol-A's expression looked weird after catching the artifact out of reflex.

“Umm…… Captain-nim, this…”
“And Jaeha, create a prison out of an artifact.”
“What are you planning on doing?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly answered.

“Give them a proper education.”

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