Chapter 153: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (6)

“Ah, these shitheads are having such a hard time understanding. Are they stubborn or are they stupid?

[This human! You're not worthy of our time. We will retreat……]


[D, damn it. That bastard destroyed another one!]
[How can he ruthlessly murder artifacts like that…!]

"Where do you think you're going? You bastards.”

The Supreme Leader’s subordinates were close to crying.

They weren't too worried about the Supreme Leader that had disappeared. Even if it was sent somewhere, it would still be somewhere on Earth.

An SS-Grade artifact might have sent things off to outer space or a parallel universe, but Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo were B-Grade artifacts. That meant that there was no point to worry about the Supreme Leader, the strongest of all artifacts.

They weren't worthy to worry about it. That was the kind of feel.

Their only issue was this crazy human bastard.

“I'll tell you again since you guys seem to be unable to understand.”

[Damn it, how can a human bastard understand the artifact language……?!]

Ju-Heon cracked his knuckles and shouted.

“Hey hey, I don’t want to bother my restorer bastard too much. Do you know how pitiful he is, having to work without even eating? So be good and just listen to me. Do I need to spread the rumor that your Supreme Leader committed sexual assault to follow me?”

[What do you mean by sexual assault…!]
[He’s just bluffing, sir. There's no way a human could…]

"What’s wrong? Should I make my next work a nonfiction with the Supreme Leader-nim as the main character? Huh?”

The artifacts that had come as Ju-Heon's fans started to cheer.

The Supreme Leader’s Corps seemed shocked.

[Damn it, who instigated these bastards?!]
[I recall hearing them mention Anubis…]

The Division Commanders started to grind their teeth.

[Anubis, that damn bastard……! What the fuck is he going around doing?!]

They would probably gasp even more after seeing the contract Anubis had created for Ju-Heon to use against Zhuge Kongming, but they had no way of knowing about that yet.

They looked at Ju-Heon and started to frown.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, this guy is extremely skilled at handling artifacts.’

They could tell by the way he handled Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo’s artifacts. Normally, B-Grade artifacts would not be able to affect the Supreme Leader.

An artifact’s abilities can get stronger or weaker based on the human using it. Even though the Supreme Leader was possessing a human body, they were able to affect the Supreme Leader.

That meant that…

‘That means that he has the potential of becoming the strongest of the humans.

Those people would end up being called the Four Emperors in the future.

‘I didn’t already expect there to be another person with such potential other than the Supreme Leader's contractor.’

They started to whisper to each other.

‘What the hell is Anubis doing?! We told him to kill all strong humans!’

‘Does he want to go back to the time when we were dominated by humans?!’

‘We need to hurry up and gather the other executives!’

They heard Ju-Heon's annoyed voice as they were debating about what to do.

“Man, you guys sure drag things out. This is the issue with smart bastards. They waste their time calculating things.”


“There actually isn’t much to think about.”

[W, what?]

“You just have to decide whether you want to live or die.”

Ju-Heon smiled as there was another explosion.


More artifacts screamed as they blasted away. He was the emblem of chaos.

Ju-Heon was at the center of that chaos, laughing as he excitedly shouted.

“It really is best to destroy artifacts and tombs!”

[Breaking news. The Cruz Building located on 6th Street in Manhattan was destroyed by an explosion.]
[The $20,000,000 luxurious penthouses were destroyed…]
[Pandora has determined that it was a Tomb Appearance and a single Korean male was confirmed to have been there……]
[The manager for the building says that it was Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, the man who has become famous for being an artifact excavator…]

It was really loud outside Ju-Heon's house that had turned into a tomb. It was because a weird tomb that Pandora could not determine the cause, size, or layout had appeared.

The world was focused on the fact that Ju-Heon had been swept up in this tomb. This was especially true for those individuals who had been focused on Ju-Heon as their rival.

There was a simple reason for it.

‘It’s time to loot him.’

It was public knowledge that Ju-Heon had numerous artifacts. They would be able to investigate the inside of the tomb under the guise of tomb exploration if the owner had died.

The news continued.

[Pandora has stated that this tomb is very small but extremely threatening.]
[It is different from regular shapes and it seems to have been temporarily created, but the danger level is at Level 4 (Disaster-Grade)……]
[They are looking into why such a tomb had appeared and are preparing an investigation. They have stated that anybody inside this tomb has zero percent chance of still being alive.]

There were numerous firefighters and hyena excavation teams. A similar number of reporters were outside Ju-Heon's house as well, causing quite a scene.

There were two, no, three people who were freaking out as well.

"Are you sure our Captain-nim is still alive?”
“Mr. Ju-Heon…!”

They were Yoo Jaeha and Irene who had followed Seol-A back home.

Yoo Jaeha had been going around to different art shops to buy materials for restoration. Irene had rushed over after watching the news.

However, what they saw in front of them was a completely burnt down penthouse.

There was this mysterious poisonous gas as well. They couldn't help but worry.

That wasn’t all. Seol-A's hands were also shaking, unlike her usually calm self. This was because she knew that Ju-Heon was going up against Zhen Cai Yuan.

‘That woman is one of the Four Emperors.’

Seol-A remembered how scary that woman, Zhen Cai Yuan, had been. She also remembered how that woman had focused on Ju-Heon so much in the past!

All artifacts were useless in front of her and even Ju-Heon had almost died a few times. The reason he managed to survive was because Vice Captain Julian had created escape routes for him.

In other words, Ju-Heon had never faced that woman on his own before. This was why she couldn’t help but be worried.

‘I wonder if the Captain-nim is okay.’

The defense was so strong and the poisonous gas was so dense that she had not been able to go back into the tomb.

‘There’s no way he ended up as a piece of meat for that woman……!’

As Seol-A was holding back her tears…

[This just in. A camera is said to have captured some footage of the inside! They found a burnt corpse! It is most likely from the 40th floor of Mr. Seo Ju-Heon…]

Ju-Heon's group felt their hearts sink after hearing the report.


['s pet doves.]


Seol-A started to swear.

“Listen to these motherfuckers making it sound like it was the Captain-nim!”

The other excavation teams that had come here wondering about whether Ju-Heon was alive or not started to laugh.

“He’s dead, he’s totally dead. There’s no way a human can survive through that poison gas.”
“That’s right, awesome. The artifacts that come out of there later are all ours!”

There were some people there who were Chairman Kwon’s people or had been curious about Ju-Heon as well.

“Move quickly. We will stealthily infiltrate inside.”

They were aiming for Ju-Heon's artifacts. They had thought about looting Ju-Heon's house as soon as they had seen the news.
One of these people were Yoon Shi Woo, Chairman Kwon’s subordinate and future son-in-law.

‘It’s a chance to retrieve the Chairman-nim’s artifacts.’

But at that moment…



There must have been some bastards who had already infiltrated Ju-Heon's house as they heard some screams.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

They were all shocked after hearing a familiar voice. The voice was coming from near the window.

“H, hold on! Look over there! Isn’t that a person coming out over there?!”
“W, what did you say?!”

The first person to shout was the cameraman who was on a helicopter recording the scene. The people observing below started to get rowdy as well.

“It’s a person, a person!”

Ju-Heon’s shocked group members all looked up.

They could see him too.

They could see Ju-Heon coming out of the building window!

[It’s a person! A person has come out from inside the tomb!]
[It’s a miracle! A person has come out!]

Some people were astonished while others were sobbing. Yoo Jaeha was completely bawling.

But Ju-Heon, who was coming out of the window, started to frown while looking at all these people.

The rope was next to Ju-Heon and carrying a large red bag. The size of the bag made it seem as if it was full of stuff.

Ju-Heon easily descended by using the rope.

It was at that moment.

“Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Irene hugged Ju-Heon as soon as he landed on the ground. Ju-Heon seemed shocked but didn't seem as if he didn't like it. Forget not liking it, he liked it a lot.


“Umm, I'm sorry but my rib is broken right now.”

Irene gasped and quickly moved away from Ju-Heon.

“I'm sorry, are you okay?!”

She then got a good look at Ju-Heon's face and started to scream.

“Kyaaaa! There’s a corpse, no, a patient here! There’s a patient here!”

Irene, who had never seen Ju-Heon's pale face before, looked ready to cry.

As for Yoo Jaeha, he was quite concerned about the large bag the rope was carrying.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Umm…… Captain-nim. That large bag that seems to be full of hundreds of junk……”
“Your work.”

Yoo Jaeha started to cry as if he knew that would be the case.

It looked as if he would need to pull all-nighters for a whole month.

“Did you take longer to come out because you were gathering all of these?”
“Yes. Some of those damn bastards tried to run in the middle… I had to catch them and teach them a lesson. By the way…”

Ju-Heon glared at the excavation teams that had tried to loot his house and asked a question.

“Who the hell are they?”
"Ah, it’s fine. They’ll all retreat since you came out, Captain-nim.”

The hyenas slowly started to run away after seeing that Ju-Heon had appeared. Of course, the rope would not just let them get away like that.

Hand over your artifacts too! Hand them over!

Slap, slap, slap!


The rope that was carrying a large bag started its artifact plund… No, recovery.

Ju-Heon started to speak to Yoo Jaeha again as he watched the rope get to work.

“Anyway, Jaeha, make sure to restore these properly. Take care of the reporters as well. And…”
“I'm going to faint for about a week.”
“Excuse me?!”

Even the great and mighty Ju-Heon seemed extremely tired this time as he immediately fainted.

On the other hand, Zhen Cai Yuan was laughing like a maniac.

“Hahaha, Seo Ju-Heon, that bastard.”

She had traveled through space, a weird, dimension, or wherever that was because of those bizarre artifacts until she landed in Hong Kong.
She couldn't help but laugh in disbelief while standing in the middle of Hong Kong.

She started to laugh extremely dangerously after returning to her lab.

“You might have defeated me this time but there won't be a second time.”

Zhen Cai Yuan was not the type to fall for the same thing twice. She was now standing inside her lab in a lab coat while opening up a map-type artifact.

It was because she wanted to mess with Ju-Heon.

‘I won't do it with you even if we were the only ones on a deserted island.’

That comment had been extremely shameful. Zhen Cai Yuan was an extremely beautiful woman that 9 of 10 men would easily fall for her.

There was no way she could be calm after hearing such a comment. She walked deep into her laboratory full of malicious intent toward Ju-Heon.

There were many storage rooms there, but she was headed to the farthest one. There was a small box inside there.

It was secured with a lock, but the aura seeping out of a gap was very chaotic.

There were artifacts in this box.

These were all artifacts that still did not have a master. These were the artifacts she had planned on giving to Goebbels, the Monarch of Gossip not too long ago.

“I've been keeping these locked up because even I have a hard time dealing with them, but……”

Zhen Cai Yuan smirked as she opened the door to the storage room.

This was a gamble for her as well. She was planning on using them when she needed more stimulation in the future, but it didn’t matter that she was using them now. It was fine as long as she could crush Ju-Heon and that arrogant look on his face and make him beg for her forgiveness.

The chains inside the storage room disappeared without a trace once she waved her hand. The chains binding these artifacts with the Supreme Leader's power had disappeared.
She smiled and started to speak.

“You are all free. Go out and have fun looking for a master.”

The artifacts laughed and disappeared from the storage room as soon as she said that.

She started to laugh as well.

‘It’s perfect. There are Nazi artifacts already out in the world anyway.’

They would definitely create synergy together.

“I wonder what kind of trouble the modern Hitler will cause.”

These were monsters that had not appeared in Ju-Heon’s past life.

Hitler and the devils throughout history had been released into the world.

[Aigoooo, it hurts. Be more gentle! Come on, you pushover bastard!]

Nero was grumbling while in his laurel wreath form. Yoo Jaeha smacked the laurel wreath.

He didn't know what it was saying, but he could tell it was saying something because it hurt.

"So who told you to act like a commander? Did you think you're Alexander or something? I had to stay up all night because of you!”

[Are you mocking this Emperor right now?!]

Ju-Heon, who had lost(?) his house overnight, was at a temporary place.

“Sigh, it’s going to be annoying looking around for a new place.”

Ju-Heon was really sleeping for a week straight as he claimed he would, while Yoo Jaeha was busy restoring artifacts.

On the morning of the seventh day…

Yoo Jaeha, who had been pulling all-nighters to restore artifacts, yawned as he brought the newspaper in.

It was at that moment. Yoo Jaeha's eyes opened wide after taking a look.

“W, what the hell is this?!”

There was an unexpected scandal described in the newspaper.

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