Chapter 152: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (5)

Zhen Cai Yuan, the Supreme Leader, and the Division Commanders all tilted their heads in confusion.

He seemed to have purified the poison with the Herb of Eternal Youth, however……

‘There's no way for a human to go up against the Supreme Leader.’

‘Is he just bluffing?’

But the artifacts called by Ju-Heon were crying tears of joy.

The sire, the sire called us!

Finally! He finally called us after running away from us for so long!

It was unbelievable. The artifacts that Ju-Heon had called were Ong-Nyeo and Byeon Kang-Soe’s artifacts.

They were always chasing after Ju-Heon saying they liked him, but Ju-Heon would be disgusted and throw them away each time.

The person would have to be crazy to carry these perverted artifacts around!

But these two artifacts had told Ju-Heon something while stalking him.

‘Sire, we’ll let you experience ecstasy if you contract with us.’

‘We’ll send both men and women off.’

They bothered Ju-Heon every night while saying things like that. Ju-Heon even almost fainted once after waking up to find them moaning together on top of his chest!

Not only that… They once appeared at an important business meeting and made Ju-Heon clutch the back of his neck in pain. Thanks to them, the business plan to use artifacts all turned into via… I mean, that blue pill.

‘Extremely annoying bastards.’

There was no way he would contract with these perver…… No, these artifacts he was not interested in.

‘Most importantly, there’s a limit to contracts.’

That was right. He would die if he contracted any and all possession-type artifacts he saw.

There was a limit to how many contracts a single person could handle.

The term was < Possession Limit >. Would one person be able to control 100 beagles at once?

Ignoring this fact and continuing to contract artifacts as he pleased would make him lose stamina and mental strength. It was because contracted artifacts sapped away at their master's stamina.
That was why it was smart to only contract the useful possession-type artifacts.

Most high-grade artifact users would be able to only control ten or so S-Grade Possession-type artifacts.

Of course, Ju-Heon’s Dominance was quite high.

His Possession Limit was higher than others, but…

‘They’re too perverted.’

He would have to be crazy to contract with such dirty looking artifacts. They had even tried to get Yoo Jaeha to contract with them every so often since Ju-Heon wouldn't do it, but, well…

‘Waaaaaaaah! Captain-nim, please save me! I like women!’

‘Hey cutie, look over here! Look over here!’

Ju-Heon had destroyed those two dirty artifacts in anger once his restorer could not restore artifacts anymore.

Unfortunately, they seem to be close to a restoration artifact or something as they appeared again after that.

Anyway, he really had no answer for these bastards. That was why he had always ignored them regardless of their constant badgering to contract with them, but……

“I will contract the two of you. In return, you must send them off properly.”

His answer had changed now.


It was because Ju-Heon knew something.

He knew that all artifacts could only show their full abilities when used by a human. A level of strength incomparable to what they had done to Zhuge Kongming would appear if he contracted them.

The two dirty artifacts started to cheer after hearing the word, ‘contract.’

The sire has approved of us!

He approved of us!

Hooray! We'll get to contract with a human for the first time!

On the other hand, the Supreme Leader and the Division Commanders looked as if they didn't even know anything about Ong-Nyeo or Byeon Kang-Soe.

It was an obvious reaction.

‘They’re only B-Grade artifacts.’

These bastards didn't even consider anything under B-Grade to be artifacts. There were some other reactions as well.

[I've never seen such blasphemous artifacts before.]
[How vulgar, get lost right now!]

These two artifacts were outsiders or loners even amongst the artifacts.

Most of their fellow artifacts avoided these two artifacts as well.

But Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“Let’s see how long you can act like that.”


A light flashed and Toomglyphs appeared on Ju-Heon's body.

This was proof that he had contracted a possession-type artifact.
The two artifacts looked shocked after contracting with Ju-Heon.

Ohhhh! Sire! I can feel an immense amount of power!

Oh my goodness! Sire, that…!

Ju-Heon didn’t know what was making the two artifacts so shocked, but he didn’t care as he activated both of them.

[Your godly Dexterity is being activated.]
[Your amazing Dexterity is enough to pull out the two artifacts’ true talents.]

As a result…

Aaaaang! Fall into bliss!

Huff huff, reach your climax!

A much stronger aura appeared than when they had attacked Zhuge Kongming. Zhen Cai Yuan and the Supreme Leader just sneered at them.

[Look at these shitty artifacts……]
[I was wondering what they were doing, but there's no way something like that would affect…]

It was at that moment.


Zhen Cai Yuan's expression suddenly turned weird. The Division Commanders found this to be odd.

[Supreme Leader-nim?]
[What is……]

Ju-Heon started to smile after seeing her expression.

[S, Supreme Leader-nim?]

It was not a mistake to think that her breathing was getting heavier.

Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction while watching her reaction.

“Oh, did you get a reaction?”
“I'm relieved. To be honest with you, I wasn't sure if it would work.”

Ju-Heon started to walk toward Zhen Cai Yuan. She immediately became wary.

“Don’t come here. Seo Ju-Heon.”

She glared overbearingly at Ju-Heon. It was because she knew what would happen if he came over.

‘What kind of shitty situation is this?!’

She started to grind her teeth while stepping back. Something was definitely weird.

‘Those two artifacts… They’re not normal artifacts.’

Their powers were different from normal artifacts. Ju-Heon just smiled wickedly.

“I wonder how long you’ll be able to hold out.”
“I told you not to come any closer!”

She launched an aura attack as she shouted. The rope’s eyes opened wide and it flew over.

Bang! Bang!

The rope blocked all attacks headed toward Ju-Heon.

Some messages then popped up.

[The Supreme Leader is unable to use its powers properly because the host’s mind is in turmoil.]
[The Supreme Leader is unable to use its powers properly because the host’s mind is in turmoil.]

Ju-Heon continued to smile after reading those messages.

‘As expected of a body possession-type artifact.’

Body possession-type artifacts were impacted by the host’s condition.

No matter how strong the Supreme Leader artifact was, the plate it was in was still just a person. That was why he just needed to find a way to affect the host.

“No matter how much you try to run, you and I are both humans.”

The Division Commanders must have realized Zhen Cai Yuan's reaction was serious as they became anxious.

[S, Supreme Leader-nim?]
[Hold on, Supreme Leader-nim… You weren’t impacted by those perverted artifacts…]

Zhen Cai Yuan tried to tell them to cut the crap.


Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng! Supreme Leader-nim, be honest with yourself! Be honest!

Yes, huff huff. Even the Supreme Leader must know about pleasure!

Zhen Cai Yuan flinched, grinded her teeth and then started to shout.

"What are you doing?! Get tho…ugh!”

The Division Commanders gasped. Zhen Cai Yuan could not hold back any longer and fell to the ground.

The Division Commanders’ jaws dropped in shock.

[Supreme Leader-nim!]

It was clear what was going on.

She was showing a reaction! She was reacting to these dirty artifacts!

There was no other explanation.

S, Supreme Leader-nim! What is going on? Eek!

Zhen Cai Yuan jumped a female goddess artifact.

Riiiiiiiip! Riiiiiiiip!

The human-shaped goddess's clothes were instantly ripped and she fell to the ground naked.

S, soooob. Supreme Leader-nim!

The two artifacts were enjoying this.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahng, I can feel it. I can feel the Supreme Leader's true desires!

I can feel it! I can feel it!

‘These fools.’

Zhen Cai Yuan. No, the Supreme Leader viciously glared.

‘This useless human body!’

But the Supreme Leader's indignity did not stop there.

H, huff! Supreme Leader-nim! Please don’t do this!

Sir, you cannot do this! Euuuuuuuung!

Zhen Cai Yuan's female body reacted this time. The male gods had their clothes ripped as well and Ju-Heon started to laugh so hard that he had to clutch his stomach.

“Supreme Leader-nim, you’re a man, a real man.”

‘That bastard!’

On the other hand, Ju-Heon started to smile. It seemed to have been affected as it was possessing a human's body.

Ju-Heon triumphantly smiled.

“Even our great and mighty Zhuge Kongming submitted to these artifacts. Did you really think you could hold out?”

Even he had been in a bit of danger inside the Great Tomb.

‘There’s no way anybody else would be fine even when I was in danger.’

Well, this method had not worked against her in the past.


Zhen Cai Yuan had been unable to feel anything.

This was not just talking about sexual pleasure.

Moral insensitivity, safety insensitivity, etc. She had been in a state where she could not be stimulated by much of anything. She could not even feel fear or guilt.

She committed crimes to get some kind of stimulation. Basically, she was a psychopath who did not care about other people's feelings.

That had been the risk of the Supreme Leader artifact. Of course, that probably allowed her to safely use the Supreme Leader artifact.

Ju-Heon flicked his finger.

“Should I help you out if you don’t want to do it with an artifact?”

Zhen Cai Yuan started to grind her teeth again even as her body was shaking.
She had felt a desire to be in Ju-Heon's arms after hearing that one sentence.

It was shameful.

‘This is all because of those artifacts.’

But the power of these two dirty artifacts was amazing.

Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng! Hurry up and be honest with yourself! Be honest!

‘Damn it!’

“Do you really think I would fall for…”

But at that moment…

[Your godly Dexterity is being activated.]
[Your critical Dexterity is being activated.]


Zhen Cai Yuan's expression turned weird. Ju-Heon had placed his hand on her hips at some point.

She tightly bit down on her lips and glared at Ju-Heon.

“Seo Ju-Heon!”
“Submit. I'll let you experience total bliss.”

Her pupils started to shake.

She was holding out pretty well, but her body was instinctively heading toward Ju-Heon.

‘Damn it, I'm starting to lose control.’

Actually, this might end up being beneficial to her. She could use an opening to use her artifact of gluttony.

A part of her was already accepting that Ju-Heon was a charming man.

It was probably the artifacts’ doing.

She then ended up so close that she could feel Ju-Heon's breath.

But at that moment… Ju-Heon's hand that had been gently caressing her body suddenly turned rough!


Her scream was far from the screams of pleasure. She screamed because Ju-Heon had twisted her arm.

Ju-Heon quickly shouted to the two artifacts.


The two dirty artifacts did something bizarre at that moment.

Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng, it's the sire’s orders! We need to hurry up and do our best to reach climax! We need to reach climax!

We must work hard, huff huff! Climax! Climax!

The two bizarre dirty artifacts’ second ability had appeared.

A gate to send people off to a random spot appeared when the two artifacts reached climax!


A strong gust of wind blew in as a shining gate appeared in the air. It was so strong that they could be dragged in at any moment.

‘That is?!’

Zhen Cai Yuan was shocked. But Ju-Heon didn't care as he roughly grabbed Zhen Cai Yuan’s collar.

Even if her artifact was the Supreme Leader artifact, it was still possessing a human body right now. She was a light woman who could easily be lifted by Ju-Heon. Zhen Cai Yuan, who would twitch every time Ju-Heon's hand touched her body, started to grind her teeth.

"Seo Ju-Heon, you!”

Ju-Heon sneered while looking at Zhen Cai Yuan.

“What were you expecting?”
“I already told you. I wouldn’t fuck you even if we were the only ones on a deserted island.”

Zhen Cai Yuan started to frown in shame.

‘Until the end, this bastard!’

“Change the Supreme Leader’s gender and come back if you want to do it.”

It was just that he didn’t like this woman named Zhen Cai Yuan.

“Then bye, have fun.”

Ju-Heon threw Zhen Cai Yuan, as if she was a bag, as soon as he said that. He sent her through this gate to who knows where!

The Division Commanders were shocked.

[Supreme Leader-nim!]
[You bastard!]

But they all screamed and flew into the gate as well.

Slap, slap, slap, slap!

It was because the rope was slapping them and throwing them into the gate.

You guys go too! Go and get lost!


Some of them were slapped in the back or butt as they were sucked into the gate.

That wasn’t all.

“You guys go too!”

Ju-Heon threw Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo's artifacts into the gate as well.

Huff huff, sire! Sire!


“Phew, they probably won’t be able to stalk me for a while.”

He wouldn’t break the contract since they were useful, but he really didn't seem to like them.

‘They seem a bit different than the other artifacts, but it’s just a delusion. It’s because they're dirty artifacts.’

The tomb started to shake once the Supreme Leader disappeared through the gate.

A rift had been created in the tomb since the creator had disappeared.

[An opening has appeared in the temporary tomb created by the Supreme Leader.]
[You can now escape.]

Of course, it was amazing that the tomb was still holding up even though the Supreme Leader had disappeared. That showed how strong of an aura the Supreme Leader possessed.

‘It’s probably different from regular artifacts.’

He was lucky that there was at least a rift.

But Ju-Heon just started to smile without heading out right away.


There was still something for him to do.

“Let’s see, how many are left?”

Honestly speaking, Ju-Heon didn’t care about the Supreme Leader at all.

‘The Supreme Leader artifact gives off a disgusting scent.’

It was not the scent of an artifact. It was a stench that was similar to a rotting corpse.

He could also tell something by looking at artifacts. He could tell whether he could control them with Dominance or not. He also didn't want to become a monster with no emotions because of its risk as well.

What he needed was not the Supreme Leader artifact but the other ones that it had discarded(?) and left behind.

It was time to get down to business.

“Now that the sheep herding dog is gone… Let’s continue with business.”


The rope stood behind him, looked ready to whip at any moment.

“Do you all want to disappear with the Supreme Leader or will you come over to my side?”

The eyes of the wolf looked vicious as it was about to steal the sheep away.

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