Chapter 149: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (2)

He was looking at the door of the penthouse.

‘I can still get out through there.’

That spot was still fine even though everywhere else was being dyed black.

Ju-Heon threw the rope as soon as he realized that. He was going to use the momentum from the rope pulling him to leave.

However, at that moment…


The rope screamed.

The Supreme Leader artifact must have done something as the rope’s body started to rot away as soon as it touched the door.


Ju-Heon quickly pulled the rope back.

His final exit ended up changing appearance as well.


Blood seemed to spread out starting from the door until the entire area turned extremely grotesque.

It felt mushy and humid.
He could tell where he was.

This was……

‘I’m inside a stomach.’

The walls, the ceiling, the floor…

Everywhere turned into an area that would normally only be visible through an endoscope.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue in response.

‘Is it like this because it is the artifact of gluttony?’

It was normal for the artifacts to pay good money to create tombs that resembled pyramids, stone tombs, cave tombs, etc.

The rope started to huff and puff in anger as its path was hindered.

Why are you getting in my master’s way?! Why?!

It didn't seem to care that its body was injured.

The rope, which didn't know about superiors and inferiors, was about to charge at the Supreme Leader artifact.


Ju-Heon quickly grabbed the rope’s tail.

He usually let it do as it pleased because it was a good artifact, but he could not let it do so this time.

“Bad. No, not there this time.”

‘Please quickly realize that you're only a B-Grade artifact.’

Ju-Heon then urgently looked around.

He might be able to use his Tomb Destruction skill on an area where the aura was weak.

‘Am I around the intestines or something?’

Ju-Heon then kicked off the ground and started to move. His movement was so fast that even Zhen Cai Yuan had been shocked.



He suddenly got extremely dizzy.
Ju-Heon had no choice but to plop down on the ground as he felt like vomiting.

‘Damn it.’

He was dizzy.

And his chest felt as if it was going to rip. It felt as if there was a needle inside his body that was trying to dig its way out of his muscles.

There was more.

His neck felt extremely dry and his internal organs felt as if they were burning inside a volcano.

He also started to hyperventilate as it was difficult to bear.
Ju-Heon clenched his chest, frowned, and fell to the ground.

He then got a major headache and started to cough up blood. His sight was getting blurry as well.

His entire body seemed to be a mess.

But this sensation was not foreign for Ju-Heon.

‘Tomb Syndrome!’

That was right.

It was that damn pain he had been able to forget about for a while.

He had flailed around in pain every night and shook in fear of death all the time in the past.
But why was this pain suddenly back?

As he had that question…

“What do you think? Don’t you feel like you’re going to die from pain? Doesn't it feel like a rat is digging away inside your body?”

Zhen Cai Yuan was smiling in satisfaction.

“It should be quite painful. This is a tomb virus that I created with some artifacts.”

Ju-Heon viciously glared at Zhen Cai Yuan after hearing that.

He wanted to say something but Ju-Heon could only hold back a groan because of the terrible pain.

Zhen Cai Yuan licked her lips and started to smile while looking at him.

Seo Ju-Heon.

He was annoying, but she truly desired this man.

Most importantly, he had something that was clearly different than the other artifact users.

It was the fact that he treated artifacts like shit.

It was different.

Ju-Heon was the only one to do that.

Even the craziest of artifact users had a weakness they could not avoid.

It was the fact that they feared their artifacts being destroyed.

‘All artifact users cherish their artifacts.’

In fact, they considered their artifacts to be more important than human lives!

They would kill their relatives or cut off someone else’s arms and legs but they would never ever think about destroying an artifact.

That was why it was being said that anybody who was trying to threaten an artifact user should take their artifacts hostage.

But Ju-Heon was different.

‘I heard he ruthlessly destroys artifacts without caring.’

Destroy them if he doesn’t like them!
Destroy them if he thinks they are going to harm humans!

Destroy them if they don't listen to him!

Destroy! Destroy some more!

Destroy again and again and again!

What was he? Some kind of lunatic with aesthetics for destruction?

‘It’ll be annoying to leave a bastard like this alive.’

But at that moment…

“This lunatic.”


Ju-Heon, who had been in pain, grabbed Zhen Cai Yuan's neck and pushed her down.

He wanted to stab her to death with an artifact, but the damn artifacts wouldn’t listen because she was using the Supreme Leader artifact.

He didn't have any weapons on him.

Ju-Heon could only choke her with his bare hands.


Zhen Cai Yuan couldn’t help but become anxious.

‘That’s impossible! He shouldn't be able to have this much strength in this situation!’

This was the artifact virus she had created by mixing artifacts together. It should cause critical and extremely painful symptoms for humans.

It should feel as if his flesh was constantly burning on fire. It should feel like he was being tortured to the point that he would rather die!

“How is he still able to remain conscious……!”

Ju-Heon clenched her forehead with one of his hands as he started to grind his teeth.

“Shut the hell up!”

Zhen Cai Yuan was in pain from the powerful grip.

Ju-Heon bit down on his lips to try to handle the pain.
Blood started to drip down to Ju-Heon's chin.

How was he still able to remain conscious?

‘Fuck. I lived 10 years with this motherfucking pain! I went into tombs with only 1-hour pain relief medicines as rewards!’

Ju-Heon tightened his grip around Zhen Cai Yuan's neck.

He just had to create an opening by killing the artifact user if there was no way to clear the tomb!


Zhen Cai Yuan clenched her teeth. This didn’t make sense at all.

This strength did not seem humane.

‘How could he have such strength……?!’

It was at that moment.

A terrifying aura shot out of Ju-Heon as if to answer her question.

It was a black aura.

It was not a human's Dominance, Affinity, or Fit. It was an artifact’s aura!

This aura was something that a human would never be able to create.
It looked similar to how Zhen Cai Yuan and the Supreme Leader artifact had become one.

This was unbelievable.

Zhen Cai Yuan seemed a bit shocked.

‘How can anybody other than me?!’

Zhen Cai Yuan flinched after looking past Ju-Heon who was choking her.

To be more accurate, it was the Supreme Leader artifact that had flinched!

It was certain.

That image that had appeared behind Ju-Heon's back…

This heinous and overbearing aura that seemed to be clearly making its presence known…

‘It’s that Crow!’


This was the chaotic aura that Julian had seen before with Zhuge Kongming's artifact.

It was the Crow's aura.

That crow viciously flapped its wings while in its aura state and screeched as it threatened the Supreme Leader.

It seemed to be threatening it by saying, ‘see what happens if you even touch Ju-Heon's fingertips!’

Zhen Cai Yuan used a teleportation artifact to get away from Ju-Heon.

“Cough, cough.”

Zhen Cai Yuan then glared at Ju-Heon.

“I knew it. You really are tied to that Crow bastard.”

The voice coming out was not Zhen Cai Yuan's voice.

The Supreme Leader artifact that was connected to Zhen Cai Yuan’s mind was talking.

‘This human bastard.’

It now made sense why this bastard stuck out more than the other artifact users.

It truly was a strong aura.

However, only a portion of the Crow's aura was possessing him as he had not contracted the Crow.
It was similar to having a barrier around him.

This Crow's aura was the power and key that allowed Ju-Heon to use his numerous Tomb Raider skills.

It was what allowed the Crow to send messages to Ju-Heon and let him use his skills even without the Archaeologist's Artifact.

There was no way that Ju-Heon knew that was the case, but Zhen Cai Yuan and the Supreme Leader realized it immediately.

‘I need to get rid of him.’

This guy would be trouble.

They weren't sure, but he definitely had not contracted with the Crow.

Although he was being protected, the Crow's true body was not here.

‘We can still take care of him.’

Normally, she would have seduced him with the sweet fragrance, made love, and stolen his abilities.

But it didn't work on Ju-Heon, and the Supreme Leader detested the Crow.

“This annoying bastard.”

Something shocking happened as soon as she said that.
Red aura shot out of Zhen Cai Yuan, similar to how black aura was shooting out of Ju-Heon.


Ju-Heon clenched his head and started to flail on the ground because of the red aura.

[The terrible Supreme Leader's power is exploding.]
[The terrible Supreme Leader's power is trying to destroy your brain.]


His body was being attacked by the artifact virus.
Ju-Heon flailed while feeling the pain from his past that made it seem as if his head was going to burst.


Zhen Cai Yuan's body started to shake as she heard him scream. To be more accurate, it was the Supreme Leader artifact that was feeling satisfied.

The red aura shooting out of her turned into a monster spider.

The artifacts started to scream after seeing that monster spider appear.

I, it's the Supreme Leader-nim.

Ju-Heon’s artifacts were extremely scared. They weren’t thinking that they would be freed if the Supreme Leader killed Ju-Heon.

They would probably all die as well.

The Supreme Leader would kill them for having been kept captive by a human!


None of them could think about resisting the Supreme Leader. Some of his artifacts were Ju-Heon's fans, but they couldn't do anything in front of the Supreme Leader!

The monstrous spider revealed its vicious teeth as it aimed for Ju-Heon.

The Supreme Leader artifact was a rare carnivorous artifact that ate humans.

And then…

“I’ll kill you and use your body as snacks for my subordinates.”

Zhen Cai Yuan and the Supreme Leader slowly approached Ju-Heon.

They were moving to rip apart the weak body of this bastard that had annoyed them!

‘Okay, die!’

As the artifact of gluttony reached its leg toward Ju-Heon…



It had finally done it!

The rope couldn't hold back any longer and slapped Zhen Cai Yuan. No, it had slapped the Supreme Leader's cheek.

The other artifacts foamed at the mouth and fainted after seeing what happened.

Crazy! That thing’s gone crazy!

[##![email protected]]
That stupid rope that doesn't know the difference between heaven and hell dared to hit the Supreme Leader-nim!

The rope didn't care about the other artifacts’ reactions as it was willing to do anything to protect Ju-Heon.

Slap, slap, slap!

Go away! Go away!

The other artifacts tried to get the rope to stop.

Stop it! Stop it! You're really going to die like that!

You’re still young! You need to cherish your life!

It didn't care about that.

Ju-Heon was in danger.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Zhen Cai Yuan who had been whipped left and right by the rope furiously glared.

“You little shit!”


The rope screamed as it was slammed away by the red aura.

Its clean silver body turned black as if it was a candle wick that was burning down.

It then started to crumble starting from the areas that had turned completely black.

But the determined rope did not stop.

Slap, slap, slap, slap!

Go away! Go away! Get lost!

It was extremely persistent. It was attacking so furiously that its hand(?) wasn’t even visible.

Then a message popped up.

[The rope has realized a new skill.]
[The rope has done something that will go down in the legends of the artifact world.]
[It has slapped the Supreme Leader's cheeks.]
[It has gained a new achievement!]

Ju-Heon smiled and slowly pushed his body up as he read those messages.

‘Good. You're doing a good job.’

If it could create an opening like this…

But at that moment…

“What the hell is this artifact?!”

The Supreme Leader got angry after being struck each time it tried to approach Ju-Heon.

The artifacts then started to wail.

Aigoo! We apologize! We apologize!

We did not teach it properly!

That didn’t matter.

The Supreme Leader artifact started to grind its teeth.

“It seems that a mutant has appeared.”

The rope’s body floated up as Zhen Cai Yuan and the Supreme Leader flicked its finger.



It was then sent flying. The crumbling rope's body was now over half gone.
Ju-Heon started to worry after seeing that.

‘Even Jaeha can't restore an artifact if there is nothing left.’

This was quite a dangerous situation.

He wanted to use other artifacts, but none of them could go against the Supreme Leader artifact.

As for using other means or his Tomb raiding skills to get out?

This damn artifact virus was making it so that he couldn't even move a finger.

Ju-Heon bit down on his lips.

‘This is quite a headache.’

But at that moment!

The rope’s body flashed.

Something else happened as well.

A strong aura descended in front of Ju-Heon and an unexpected message appeared!

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