Chapter 148: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (1)

‘Seo Ju-Heon. He’s such an interesting man.’

Zhen Cai Yuan licked her lips after coming to find Ju-Heon in New York.

Seo Ju-Heon. Who was he?

Everything he had done until now would make people call him a terribly crazy bastard.

In fact, many artifact users who had gone against Ju-Heon would openly call him a lunatic.
How could they not?

‘What’s yours is mine!’

‘The law is far but the fist is close!’

‘Give me artifacts instead of women!’

‘Power, money? Fine! But I don’t need those things from you guys!’

‘You made one of my people cry? Then how about you shit blood?!’

Those were just some of the things he had said.

These people would lament that Ju-Heon was someone whom they could not talk to.

That was why Zhen Cai Yuan was amused.

‘It's actually difficult to smack artifact users in the back.’

Artifact users were actually very malicious people.


Based on the personalities of artifacts, nice people would become pushovers to the artifacts or be the shrimps that blew up in a fight between whales.

On the flip side, people who handled artifacts well, the high-grade artifact users, were likely to be cruel humans.

But Ju-Heon was an even worse bastard who could play around with those malicious people.

He was a bastard who was completely out of his mind.
How could she not be interested?

‘I don’t know whether he is just a lunatic or it is because of an artifact.’

Zhen Cai Yuan started to smirk.

Whatever the reason may be, it wouldn't be bad for her to personally check Ju-Heon out.

Her Supreme Leader artifact was quite wary of Ju-Heon.


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