Chapter 144: Really messed with the wrong person (4)

‘Wait, die by diarrhea?!’

“Is it really a diarrhea artifact?”
“Yes. You can die from exhaustion from severe diarrhea.”

They didn't want to die from diarrhea in a tomb that didn't even have a restroom!

They urgently covered their mouths and warily looked toward Ju-Heon.

“Diarrhea, what kind of bastard artifact is this?!”
“Mm, Cholera?”

‘What? Cholera?’

They were shocked.

Cholera was that disease that could be fatal due to dehydration from vomiting and severe diarrhea!

“No wonder the inside of the tomb was so dirty!”
“Then is it the Cholera artifact?”
“Mm, at least this bastard is Cholera.”
“At least this bastard?”
"There’s more than one in here. There’s about three more artifacts hiding here.”
“T, three more?”

Some messages popped up to prove that was the case.

[The violent diarrhea artifact is rampaging around.]
[The terrible blister artifact is dancing around.]
[The fatal artifact that will rip your ass is requesting a cushion.]
[The fatal fever artifact is looking for a prospective spouse.]

Lee Seol-A cautiously looked around after hearing Ju-Heon's comment.
It was because she didn't know where or when an artifact might jump out.

‘Four of them…… Is it the god of a plague or a plague doctor wearing a crow mask?’ [1]

It was most likely the artifact of a bastard who created a disease or a drug.

Based on the scale of this tomb, it could be something at the level of the Black Plague.

Lee Seol-A gulped.

The disease-related tombs in the past were all very destructive.

Communicable diseases were still big issues in the modern world and they were portrayed as disasters from God or the devil throughout history.
Disease-type artifacts born from such stories truly were scary and destructive.

Lee Seol-A, who was thinking very hard, looked toward Julian.

“Mr. Miller, can you tell the identity of the artifact?”

He should be able to know. Julian was able to see the artifacts’ auras that were not normally visible because of Zhuge Kongming's artifact.

He could use the shape of the aura to tell the time period the artifact originated from as well as what attributes it may have.

For example, he would see the artifact’s true aura while...

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