Chapter 143: Really messed with the wrong person (3)

Julian’s body was shaking.

In the air were the contracts flying around as if to tease Julian… While the laughing Yoo Jaeha and Seo Ju-Heon were in front of him.

“Okay. Hurry up, Captain-nim said to destroy it!”

Yoo Jaeha excitedly shook a contract around while Julian clenched his teeth.

‘Damn it.’

He didn’t want to associate with these thugs!

Unfortunately, he had no choice right now. The proof of that was the fact that the thunderbolt shot out and struck the iron door. The door turned completely black before it fell over. That created a path inside.

Yoo Jaeha started to laugh with joy as he watched.

"Captain-nim, Captain-nim. I did good, right? I did good, right?”
“Yes. Good job. I'll give you 90 points.”
“Oh yeaaaaah! I got praised! Bonus, bonus!”

Yoo Jaeha, who had his salary cut and cut again, was jumping around in joy.

It was probably because he was always on the receiving end of Ju-Heon’s abuse. He was probably happy that he now had a fellow slave.

It felt as if he had been the newbie at the workplace who always had to do the shit jobs but a new worker showed up under him.

“Hooray! I'm free now, free!”

Ju-Heon chuckled because he found this entertaining.

‘Free? That punk seems to be making a bit of a mistake.’

“Anyway, now that we have Kongming with us, let’s go inside…”

But at that moment…


Ju-Heon’s quiet groan echoed in the area.

Lee Seol-A had pushed Ju-Heon down and straddled him, as if she could not hold back any longer.

“Haaaa, haaaaa, Captain-nim.”

Her eyes were not focused. They were not focused at all. Ju-Heon started to frown while looking at her.

‘These bastards!’

Just as he had expected…

Aaaaaaaaaahng, aaaaaaaaahng! Young lady! Be honest with yourself! Conquer him!

Huff, huff. Oppa, don't let her wait any longer, just take her!

Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo's artifacts. These two terrible artifacts were excited and harmoniously rubbing their bodies against each other and continuing to release their auras. Seol-A happily started to go for Ju-Heon's lips.

The entire world might be in danger if Irene found out about this, but the artifacts didn't care about that. Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo’s artifacts then started to jump up and down in joy, thinking that they had succeeded and that this man was going to be conquered.

Aaaaaaaahng, he’s still just a human man!
How can he resist?

We won! We won!

These artifacts of lust pushed for sexual pleasure and disorder, hoping to change the way humans thought in the process. They caused quite the headache doing things like this whenever they had a chance.
But forget winning…

“M, mmph! Captain-ni….mmph!”

Ju-Heon wrapped his tongue with Seol-A’s and K.O.-ed her.

Ju-Heon looked at these terrible artifacts and smiled viciously after Seol-A's body shook and she weakly fell off Ju-Heon’s body.

“I'm going to turn you both into the size of peas.”

The terrible artifacts gasped after feeling his violent Dominance.

Huff huff! This isn't what I intended!

There was an explosion as soon as they saw that and the two perverted artifacts started to scream.

Yoo Jaeha clicked his tongue while watching this.

“Wow, there’s really no answer for those terrible artifacts. You did a great job destroying them, Captain-nim.”
“Restore them.”
“……Excuse me?”
“That’s your job.”

Yoo Jaeha turned pale.

‘W, wait. The lace panty is one thing, but he wants me to put my hands on that terrible thing and touch it all over to restore it?


"C…… Captain-nim! Umm!”
“Shut up. Let’s go inside now.”

Julian clicked his tongue.

“Your friend doesn't seem to have woken up yet.”


Something bulky was holding onto Ju-Heon. Seol-A had fainted while hugging him.

Yoo Jaeha started to grumble, as if he was envious of Ju-Heon.

“Sigh, what should we do? Captain-nim, I can carry her if it's too much for you.”

Julian’s eyes sparkled at that moment.

He seemed to think that this was an opportunity.

"I’ll heal her for you if you get rid of this terrible contract…!”

But Ju-Heon looked down at Seol-A and started to speak.

“Hey Seol-A? I know you're awake. Get up.”

Seol-A felt as if she had made a mistake.

She was planning on getting up, but she could have legally(?) hugged Ju-Heon for a few more seconds if she had not been caught!

Seol-A, who was disappointed, moved away from Ju-Heon. Julian, who had lost his chance to negotiate, was upset as well.

Then Seol-A, who had tried to waste(?) some time on purpose, pointed toward the tomb.

“It’s best to wait a little longer. The scouts are passing by.”

Yoo Jaeha gasped at Seol-A's ghost-like detection skills while Ju-Heon said that they would wait a bit, as if he was used to this.

It was at that moment.

“Then I’ll go find a different path. We need to procure an exit path since the terrorists will charge in soon.”
“Sure, whatever.”

Julian quickly started to move while cheering after seeing that Ju-Heon so easily let him go.

His plan was to leave Ju-Heon behind and go get the artifact first.

‘I'm certain. Over there is the center of this tomb. That’s where the owner of the tomb will be.’

Ju-Heon had told Julian to become his subordinate and help him, but……

‘Is he crazy? I can't hand artifacts over to such a villain.’

It was blatantly obvious how he would use the artifacts. Other people might be okay, but he could not let this bastard have them.

Most importantly, he was concerned about the suspicious aura he felt around Ju-Heon.

‘It was in the shape of a crow.’

The bastard’s aura that he saw with Zhuge Kongming's artifact was so scary that it gave him the chills. As Julian tried to use a side path to steal the artifact without Ju-Heon knowing…

This bastard dares to plot a rebellion! Plot a rebellion!


Julian was shocked because his artifacts suddenly started to run wild.

How dare this bastard ignore a contract he made with our esteemed Division Commander!

Attack this heinous bastard! How dare he try to swipe the artifact first! How dare he!

It wasn’t that he could hear the artifacts grumbling. It was just that they returned to their true forms even though he had camouflaged them and the auras they were releasing were……!

"Wait, hold on! Seo Ju-Heon will find out…!”

Julian was placed in a difficult situation.

He was certain. This was because of that contract he signed! It had mentioned that there would be retaliation from the artifacts should he ever do anything to betray Ju-Heon.

'This is driving me crazy.’

How the heck did a paper contract with the artifacts make any sense?

‘Is that possible for a human to do?’

Of course, Julian was also a Monarch-Grade user with a high level of Dominance. It wasn't difficult for him to get these artifacts to shut up, but…

“What are you doing, Professor Kongming? Are you trying to swipe it?”

‘Damn it.’

Julian, who had been caught by Ju-Heon, cast a thunderbolt. The wall of the tomb was instantly destroyed. The hidden area behind it appeared.

“O, of course not. This is where the boss artifact is located.”
“You little punk.”

Ju-Heon walked over toward the room. Julian urgently grabbed Ju-Heon after seeing him trying to enter without taking anything out.

“Hold on!”
“Are you not carrying an Entrance Pass?”

Yoo Jaeha walked up to them and asked.

"An Entrance Pass? What the hell is that?”
“What else?! It’s the Proof of Toll for the people who have reported that they will be excavating a tomb! This is the Middle East, but it is still under Pandora's jurisdiction! This is the tomb that Wade Haarmann, the Monarch of Gossip, had reported that he would be excavating! Anybody who enters without permission will be attacked! It's not somewhere you can just walk in…!”

Ju-Heon just laughed.

This was the truth. To excavate a tomb after reporting as Julian mentioned or to do so without reporting… That was related to < Tomb Excavation Reporting >.

Basically, it was Pandora’s rule that required people to report that they were going to excavate a tomb. All member nations’ tombs fell under Pandora’s jurisdiction, so they claimed that anybody who wanted to dig through these member nations’ tombs must let them know in advance. They could not receive Pandora’s < Entrance Pass > without doing so.

This Entrance Pass that was a Consumable Artifact was very important for excavators.


‘You can only survive in the central region of the tombs with it.’

The boss rooms with the tomb owners were located there. The central region was the most dangerous part of the tomb.

They would be exposed to the aura and end up ill, get caught in a trap, be attacked by an artifact… The central region was also where most of the excavators died.
But recently, Pandora had increased the tomb survival rate by a lot. It was because of this < Entrance Pass > that was a Consumable Artifact!

‘I'm sure it’s the Pandora system artifact's doing.’

He didn't know how it worked, but Ju-Heon, who had taken a glimpse into the artifact world, had an idea about how it worked.

The Pandora system artifact probably used the artifact network to make a deal with the artifacts.

Hey, I’ll do something for you. In return, let the humans with the < Entrance Pass > enter the room without any issues.
It was probably something like that. The Entrance Pass didn’t guarantee that the person would be able to clear the tomb, but it would be good bait for people since it at least increases their rate or survival.

That was why people were reporting their excavations left and right. The C-R Alliance started to issue a similar Entrance Pass as well. They were able to do so because China had the Supreme Leader artifact.

But either way, Ju-Heon was someone who had not reported in. Naturally, he had no Entrance Pass.

Regular people had less than 5% chance of dodging the traps without cannon fodder.
But Julian gasped and shouted.

"Wait! You damn troublemaker, you can’t go! I'll let you borrow my Entrance Pass, so wait patient……”

But at that moment…

“Uhh, uhhhhh?”

Ju-Heon accurately dodged a trap.

He did this in a place where taking even one wrong step would make him fall into the depths of hell!

Ju-Heon then sneered at Julian.

"What did you say about traps?”

The confident Zhuge Kongming became anxious.

‘H, how?’ That was what his expression seemed to be saying.
Ju-Heon just laughed as if he was looking down at Julian before he pointed to the ceiling.

“You. Shut up if you can’t read that.”

He was pointing to the Toombglyph. Julian took a look at the Toombglyph and seemed as if a cat got his tongue.

‘He’s able to read that mysterious text?’

Julian got the chills. This was not just the level of having high Dominance.

“Nobody in the world is able to read that text.’

Actually, no humans should be able to decode it.

It was because this was not like any other language on Earth. There was nothing in history to even find anything similar to it.

Maybe that was the reason. Julian could not take his eyes off Ju-Heon right now. He didn't know because he had not seen Ju-Heon clear any tombs until now, but Ju-Heon was like a mutant.

He felt as if he was looking at something extraordinary.

Ju-Heon then sneered at Julian.

“Don't think that those Entrance Passes are things that are helpful for artifact users.”
“There’s no way that they would make anything out of goodwill. There’s definitely a cost associated with it.”

Even that witty Chairman Kwon chose not to use Pandora’s Entrance Pass if he could do so in the past.

It was at that moment.


Julian, who had not been able to take his eyes off Ju-Heon, quickly looked away.

Zhuge Kongming's artifact's risk might activate if he continued to observe Ju-Heon like this.

There was no way he could become this bastard's king maker.

"Anyway, Seo Ju-Heon. I accept that you are skilled, so listen to m……”



Ju-Heon ruthlessly started to destroy the tomb without listening to Julian at all.

He then leisurely started to shout.

“Hey artifact, get your ass out now. Otherwise, I'm going to destroy everything.”
“Hey, listen to me, you son of a bitch!”

Julian started to foam at the mouth.

It was at that moment.
Something happened once the room was destroyed.

A slimy substance was starting to come out of the destroyed well.

Seol-A quickly asked at that moment.

"Vice C… No, Mr. Miller. How do we clear this tomb?”

Lee Seol-A was already familiar with Julian's tomb clearing hack.

Their usual strategy consisted of Julian telling them the method and Ju-Heon fulfilling it. It was natural for her to ask.

But Julian seemed to have quite the awkward expression.

“It’s simple, but… it's a bit…”
“That’s okay. I am willing to do anything for the Captain-nim.”

Julian continued to speak as if he had no choice.

“Then please take your clothes off and start to dance as if you are respecting the dead……”

But at that moment…



Ju-Heon started to ruthlessly throw artifact bombs toward the artifact. Of course, they were not his artifacts.


It happened to be the artifact in Julian's hand!

Not only that, it was a high-grade artifact, the very precious SS-Grade Gourd-shaped bottle from the Journey to the West!

Julian wanted to cry now.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?! That’s my precious artifact!”
"What’s wrong? It’s a waste to use my own.”

‘Who said it was okay to do that with mine?!’

No, that wasn’t the issue.

“I already told you how to clear it! Why do you keep destroying it?!”

Ju-Heon started to frown and picked his ear.

“Shut up.”

Only he will get to watch Seol-A dance. How dare an artifact try to watch it as well.

The destroyed artifact started to get angry.

How dare you disturb the feast for my eyes! How daaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you!

It seemed to have been looking forward to it because Lee Seol-A was quite the beauty.

In fact, it was possible that it had changed the requirements to clear the tomb from something else to this one after seeing Lee Seol-A.

But Ju-Heon didn't care as he covered his mouth after seeing the slime that had splattered around after being hit with the artifact bomb.

“Shut your damn mouth if you don't want to die.”

A suspicious smell started to appear after the slime had exploded.

“Cough, cough. W, what is this?”

Ju-Heon started to put a pair of gloves on as Yoo Jaeha asked.

“Don’t breathe in too deeply. You'll die of diarrhea.”
“E, excuse me?!”

They urgently covered their mouths and looked toward Ju-Heon.

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