Chapter 141: Really messed with the wrong person (1)

Yoo Jaeha gasped.

“H, hold on. You really want me to take pictures? You want me to do it when the women rush over? Really?”
“Yes. Ah, by the way, take them so that there won't be any legal issues. You know, that thing called angle scam.”

As Yoo Jaeha was about to say something…
“Kyaaaaaa! Over here, over here!”
“I found him, I found him!”

Women nearby, who were affected by Ju-Heon using the harem artifact, had rushed over.

The women were as heated up as the hot sand all around them.

They numbered in the tens… Hundreds… No, about a thousand! Ju-Heon had summoned all the women in the area similar to how Simon had done so in Kyoto.

Of course, Yoo Jaeha could not understand it.

“Isn’t this the middle of the desert? How are there so many people…?!”

He had not expected too many women because they were far from any towns.

But the number of womens who were flooding over were beyond anything he could have ever expected. They had even arrived before the terrorists!

The difference in original distance probably played a role, but it was most likely because they were burning up like fireflies.

He still thought that it was great.

“Even Kongming should not be able to handle this many…”

But Yoo Jaeha soon turned pale. It could not be helped.

“Wait, Captain-nim! They're all headed here! Over here!”

About a thousand women charged in as Yoo Jaeha screamed. They were moving so fiercely that they resembled wild buffalos running through a plain.

“Kyaa! Ju-Heon-nim! Ju-Heon-nim!”
“I was looking for you! Ju-Heon-nim!”

Yoo Jaeha was instantly slammed by the women and sent flying.

The women took off their hijabs and burkas as soon as they found Ju-Heon. There were a few tourists among the group as well, but there were many locals as this was not a large tourist attraction area.

“Ju-Heon-nim! Ju-Heon-nim!”

They were all quite pretty as well. They were all giving off the unique beauty of Middle Eastern women that could not be found in the East or West.

Maybe that was the reason. Lee Seol-A felt as if she was going to faint.

"C… Captain-nim.”

Was she mistaken to think that the artifact was working more effectively than when Simon had used it? Simon could only call twenty to thirty women at once.

‘A, as expected of the Captain-nim.’

There was such a difference when he was using the same artifact! Of course, she didn’t know whether she should be happy or cry in sorrow.

Ju-Heon screamed as soon as the horny women stuck to him. It was quite difficult to handle as the women's soft breasts and legs stuck to him.

“Not me! Over there! Go over there!”

The women freaked out after hearing that.

"Excuse me?! How come?!”
“Ju-Heon-nim! Please don't throw us away!”

‘There’s no need to talk about throwing you guys away or anything!’

This artifact was great other than the fact that the impacted people did not care about the time or place.

“Over there, over there! Go over there!”

The women pouted after seeing where Ju-Heon was pointing. They could all see Julian standing there. Was nerdy the best word to describe him?

Dark blonde hair and a stiff expression… He was quite handsome, but they didn’t seem to care for him at all.

“He has no style……”
"I like Ju-Heon-nim…”

Ju-Heon shouted at that moment.

“Hurry up and go!”

The women got off him with disappointment. They didn’t want to do it, but Ju-Heon had ordered them to do so.

“Kyaaaaaa! Ju-Heon-nim gave the order!”
“He said to go there!”
“I'm going to be praised!”

It felt as if there were 1,000 of the ropes, but it didn’t matter. Ju-Heon called out to Yoo Jaeha who was huffing after having been trampled by the women.

“Good. Take the pictures now.”
“……A, are you serious? You really want me to take pictures?”
"What’s wrong? You had no problems taking pictures of me.”
“N, no, that…”
“Take good pictures and make sure to consider the golden composition and golden ratio.”

Yoo Jaeha truly felt sorry for Julian. But it wasn't as if Ju-Heon had chosen normal methods when making him sign a contract either.

This was the person who had pointed a knife at him as he handed over a slave contract!

‘But this is still a crime!’

He was trying to send an innocent person off!

Ju-Heon said something else without caring for whether his subordinate was suffering or not.

“Do you understand? The Monarch of Gossip… No, take pictures that would even make Wade Haarmann go crazy. Take pictures that the press would like.”

Yoo Jaeha started to cry.

“I'd rather take pictures of women……why does everybody keep telling me to take pictures of men….”

Lee Seol-A and Irene had asked him to do that as well even though this wasn’t the reason he had studied photography.

“……Aigoo, aigoo, my poor life. To think that I studied photography to end up taking pictures of men…”
“200 million won per good picture.”
"I will put my life on the line to get it done, sir!”

Yoo Jaeha instantly turned from the Monarch of Pushoverness into the Monarch of Unpermitted Photography.

“Hey hey hey hey! Do it properly! Oggle the women or something! Move your hands! Play along so that it will be easy to edit!”

Julian, who had instantly fallen into a blissful torture, started to shake.

‘These bastards.’

It was an obvious reaction. They were acting as if they knew the risk of his artifact.

Indra’s artifact’s risk was as strong as its power and had three stages of risks. The first level would make him turn into the worst scoundrel ever. That was the reason Julian purposely avoided women.

Indra’s artifact started to react.

Ohhh, women, 1,000 women came over for me!

‘This is driving me crazy.’

He couldn’t understand artifact language as Ju-Heon could, but he had a pretty good idea since he was contracted with it.

The situation was quite dangerous. But Julian was a person who could even handle Zhuge Kongming's artifact’s shitty risk as well.
There was no way he would lose control to this damn scoundrel of an artifact! And then…

“Kyaaaa! Attempting Ju-Heon-nim’s orders…huh?”


A thunderbolt shot out. A bright light flashed at the center of the women as the thunderbolt shot out.

The women screamed and fell down. Of course, it was not a strong thunderbolt that would harm them. It just made them temporarily faint.

Yoo Jaeha and Lee Seol-A’s jaws dropped in shock.

‘Amazing. He made that many people faint without harming them.’

That was what Lee Seol-A was thinking.

‘Wow, that’s a stone Buddha, a total stone Buddha.’

Yoo Jaeha was giving Julian a ton of respect.

Even Ju-Heon, who was participating in this Zhuge Kongming raid, couldn’t help but admire him.

‘As expected of this vicious bastard.’

This bastard was someone who could even suppress risks with his mental fortitude. Well, this was how this bastard had always been.

It was said that it was easier to handle the artifacts’ attempts to mess with you if you had no greed. That was the reason this bastard had many uses.

‘I definitely need to control this bastard.’

This bastard’s wishes weren’t important. All useful things had to become his.

As Ju-Heon warmly(?) smiled and started to walk over to Julian… Zhuge Kongming started to run without looking back.


Ju-Heon was shocked.

‘How dare this son of a bitch try to run away!’

This wouldn't normally happen, but this was a terrible match-up for Julian!

Ju-Heon was the craziest of all foes that Julian had run into.

‘He’s an extremely crazy bastard!’

Furthermore, his goal wasn’t the artifact here anyway.

‘That’s why I'll hit and run!’

There would be no good things that would come out of getting involved with this kind of scammer thug anyway! There were too many people in the world waiting for Julian's help!

Of course, Ju-Heon could easily guess what despicable thoughts were going through Julian’s mind.
Maybe that was the reason. Ju-Heon let out a deep breath.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this because you had a reputation to maintain as the Vice Captain, but….”

‘I guess I have no choice. How dare he try to get ahead.’

“C, captain-nim?”
“Come on out. Time for the two of you to get to work.”

A light flashed next to Ju-Heon as soon as he said that.

But Julian just sneered.

‘It’s obvious he’s calling the artifact of lust!’

It was well-known that Ju-Heon had cleared the Tomb of Lust.

In fact, it really was Daji that appeared! Extreme beauty to shake the hearts of men, fox ears, nine tails that looked fluffier than anything in this world…

Daji, who could get almost anybody to fall with a single elegant movement, sensually smiled.

Next to her was a rope that Ju-Heon had not even called out…

Do I just need to seduce that person? Do I?

Its eyes were sparkling with excitement. [1]

Julian was in disbelief after seeing this weird combination.

‘Wait, the artifact of lust and a rope? What kind of perverted play is this bastard trying to do?!’

But Ju-Heon didn't care and just confidently shouted to the two of them.

"Alright, the two of you go and seduce that bastard!”

‘Seduce, my ass! It won’t work even if you try to seduce me with the artifact of lust!’

Julian didn't have Tolerance like Ju-Heon did, but his mental fortitude was strong.

It was at that moment.


He reacted. His body that was a steel wall similar to that of a practitioner practicing the dao, started to react!


The proof was the fact that Indra’s artifact that he had been suppressing started to run wild!

Sniff sniff, it’s the scent of a woman! It’s a scent I can’t resist!

Julian started to scream. This was very dangerous.

‘The second level of risk is going to pop out like this as well!’

But why was this happening all of a sudden?

As he thought that…

“You’re not a real human if you can hold yourself back against these two.”

Julian's jaw dropped after seeing the two terrible items in Ju-Heon’s hands.

These items that would make someone gasp just looking at them were…!

Huff, huff, huff! I'm coming! Comiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Aaaaaaaaaahng, I can’t hold back anymore. Huff huff! I'm about to cum!

They were Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo's artifacts!

Ju-Heon started to smirk.

“What do you think? You've never experienced Korean artifacts of lust, right?”

And then…

[Yang energy and Yin energy at levels beyond all expectations are exploding out 1km in all directions!]
[Yang energy and Yin energy at levels beyond all expectations are exploding out 1km in all directions!]
[They are strong enough to even make someone with erectile dysfunction stand up tall.]
[They are strong enough that even a stone Buddha would not be able to hold back its lust.]

Yoo Jaeha became shocked while seeing what Ju-Heon was doing.

“Wow, shit, when did he bring those ones?!”

These two artifacts chased Ju-Heon around saying they liked him, but Ju-Heon always threw them away saying they were disgusting.

Anyway, why they were here right now was not important.


The Yin energy didn't matter because all of the women nearby had fainted, but the effect of the Yang energy was amazing.

The men who were hiding started to go berserk.

“Ohhhhhhhh! It’s a woman! A woman!”
“A woman!”

The Alliance excavation team members who had been defeated by Julian earlier started to smile lecherously while looking at the fainted women.

Of course, Ju-Heon would not just sit back and let them do that.

“All of you get lost. Kamikakushi!”

Ju-Heon instantly sent all members of the Alliance excavation team off elsewhere. Yoo Jaeha was fine to stay here because Ju-Heon was stepping on him with his foot to make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble.

As for Ju-Heon, his Tolerance would allow him to not turn into a horny bastard even with this overflow of Yang energy.
That meant that the only one left was Zhuge Kongming! Ju-Heon started to laugh.

"Alright, be good and give in to the anguish! Give yourself into the risk! You old-fashioned blockhead!”

‘T, this bastard!’

“Also tell me why you attacked the other excavation teams while you're at it!”
"What’s wrong? There’s no reason you would attack them for no reason. I'm sure there’s something there.”
“Ugh…! Do you really think I would tell a villain like you?!”
“Okay, fine.”

The quick-witted rope’s eyes flashed after seeing Ju-Heon motion for it. It quickly bound Julian and threw him toward Daji. Daji, who knew exactly what to do, started to scream.

[It’s a pervert, a pervert! This lowly human!]


And at that moment…


Julian heard the sound of a camera shutter. Daji smacked Julian away with a haughty expression as soon as she heard the shutter.


Julian, who was suddenly hit by her tail, could not think straight. Ju-Heon then started to chuckle.

“Alright, come serve under me if you don’t want this picture getting out.”

Julian was in disbelief.

Did he really need to do all of this for a single picture?

He felt wronged!

“Hey! Why are you doing this to me?! Did we have a terrible relationship in a past life or something?!”

‘A terrible relationship in a past life?’

“It was very bad. Very, very bad.”

Ju-Heon then started to shake a contract.

Of course, it was written as a contract but read as a slave contract.

“Miller. I don’t care whether you go around doing charity work or try to win the Nobel Peace Prize or whatever. In fact, I would help you if you want to do those things. So just become my sla… No, just cooperate with me.”

‘Do you think I would do that. You're treating me like shit!’

Julian started to grind his teeth while having that thought.

“Fine. But that picture comes first. Delete it immediately.”
“No thanks. The contract comes first.”
“The picture comes first……!”
“I'll send it to the press if you don’t want to.”

Ju-Heon naturally had no plans on really sending the picture, but he just smiled.

“Okay. Sign it.”

Julian wanted to die.

1. The author refers to the rope’s eyes so much… I wonder if it really has eyes lol.

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