Chapter 140: Welcome, Monarch of Plunder! (4)

“That… we will at least head over to the potential location of the tomb.”

Julian's subordinates’ eyes opened wide.

"W, will it be okay?”
“Are you okay running into Seo Ju-Heon?”

Julian's calm face slowly started to turn rotten. Some of his subordinates saw his face and thought that this was as they had expected.

'Our poor captain… he suffered quite a bit in that police station after being framed.’

Seo Ju-Heon, that rotten bastard had such a glib tongue. The inspectors had treated Julian as if he was some extremely terrible criminal.

Julian had felt so wronged when they had interrogated him and asked if he was a habitual offender.

‘Captain Miller is someone who can’t even walk past an old lady without helping her with her bags!’

He usually helped refugees with an NGO and had taken on cases for people who had been wronged.
But he had suffered quite a bit after that incident as the press came to rip him apart. That was why he was stealthily moving around while hiding from the press!

Julian started to grind his teeth, probably because he recalled that nightmare.

“Do you understand? We will avoid Seo Ju-Heon. Don’t go up against that bastard.”
“Excuse me? Weren't you thinking about doing a face-to-face battle with him?”

Julian started to frown.

There was something called instincts. And that instinct was warning him right now.
You must never get caught up with that bastard!

It was not that he was scared. You don’t dodge shit because you're scared, you dodge it because it’s dirty!

‘That bastard is a villain beyond anybody's wildest imagination…!’

Of course, Julian admitted Ju-Heon was talented. Even his Zhuge Kongming's artifact was warning him about it. But there was a different reason he didn't like Ju-Heon.

‘He’s an extremely greedy guy.’

Julian didn’t think that people should use artifacts for personal greed.

‘Artifacts need to be used for the weak.’

That was the reason he was going around collecting artifacts.

‘That bastard did say I was a co-conspirator and said some weird things about working together, but…’

“Do you understand? We will never work together with that bastard.”
“Yes sir! T, then…”
“Seo Ju-Heon is an artifactphile. We will lure him away. We will then enter the Great Tomb.”

Julian had a confident smile as he sent an artifact flying.

“What did you just say?”

On the other hand, Lee Seol-A was frowning after hearing what the alliance excavation team had to say.

The people who heard her question found it odd.

“What? You didn't hear us?”
“Please tell me again.”
“We are splitting the profits 7:3.”

Lee Seol-A's eyebrows twitched.

Were these fools messing with them?

That was right. The alliance excavation team members were in front of Ju-Heon’s group right now.
These were the members of the < Alliance Excavation team > that the Monarch of Gossip had mentioned. This alliance seemed to be made of the people who mainly conducted business in West Asia.

All of that was fine.

Talented excavation team members working together to clear a dangerous tomb. How rational was that? Ju-Heon was actually interested as well.

But the problem was the contract that they handed over.

[All profits (artifacts) discovered in the tomb will be divided 7:3.]

“So, you guys get 7 and we get 3?”

That was the deal. She did not like the fact that Ju-Heon would only get 30 percent of the profits.

Of course, Yoo Jaeha just feigned ignorance and rolled his eyes. But she was frowning.

‘The Captain-nim will probably be doing all the work, so, how dare these bastards try to get 70 percent?!’

“The rest of the conditions are acceptable, but we must fix this profit split.”

They were shocked to hear Seol-A's statement.

“What? We have a lot of people while you guys only have three people! We’re already giving you too much by giving you 30 percent!”
“Yeah. 30 percent is too much.”

Ju-Heon interjected into the conversation. Seol-A was shocked at what Ju-Heon had to say.

“It’s too much?”
“Yeah. 9:1 is enough.”
“C, captain-nim?”

The Alliance Excavation team leaders started to laugh out loud as if they liked what they heard.

“Wow, you’re different from what we heard. Mr. Seo Ju-Heon, you're very modest, very modest.”
“Right, the Alliance Excavation team has a total of 2,500 people. A 7:3 split is very generous of us when there are only three of you.”

But they told him to accept it.

“Seo Ju-Heon. You’ve already cleared 3 of the 7 Great Tombs. We are treating you well because of that. So, please guide us properly.”
"Furthermore, we'll make sure to compensate you properly for dealing with that Zhuge Kongming or whatever bastard.”
“This punk is more modest than we expected to want only 10 percent.”

Ju-Heon started to frown in response.

“What bullshit are you talking about?”

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue.

“Don't get the wrong idea. I'm the 9. You guys are the 1. Ah, by the way, the profit split is for things such as tomb information and extra stuff. The artifacts inside are all naturally mine.”

Multiple people started to swear in response.

“Are you fucking crazy?!”
“Are you saying that you’re going to take everything that is in there?!”
“Wow, I guess he's been shameless so much that he's forgotten what it means to be shameless!”
“Hello? I'm sorry. It makes no sense that you want all of the profits. We were the ones to find the tomb and you have to consider that we need to pay our members.”
“Then go without any of them. We don't need them.”
“What did you say?”

They were truly flustered. He wanted them to get rid of the people when they had no idea what kind of traps or tests would come up in the tomb?

The people were used to find paths and artifacts, but 90% of their job was to take care of the traps.
Basically, they were cannon fodder. They needed to pay them handsomely in return.

They naturally vehemently opposed.

“Are you joking? We are a large-scale excavation team while you guys only have three people!”
“It’s obvious why we should get more!”

‘Only three people my ass. Each of my subordinates are worth more than 1,000 of you guys.’

Ju-Heon's tomb raiding team had a total of 7 main members and three supporters. They were able to take down excavation teams with hundreds and thousands of people with just ten people.

It didn’t matter.

“9:1. Artifacts are mine. If you don’t want to meet my conditions, then feel free to take care of Julian Miller on your own as well. I don’t care whether you guys have your items destroyed by him as well.”

The excavation team members were shaking once Ju-Heon turned around.

‘This bastard, I heard his name was on the black list!’

They started to shout without being able to hold back anymore.

“Captain! Let's just leave this bastard out of it! We should be able to take care of Zhuge Kongming on our own!”
“We don’t need to go into the Great Tomb with him!”

As they were getting rowdy…

They could see an electric current that was so clear that they could see it with their bare eyes.

“Uhh, uhh?”

And at that moment… The excavation team's machines started to break.

Bang bang bang!

“Ahhhhh! What the hell?!”
“Fuck, he's here! It’s that bastard!”

A vicious thunderbolt struck down from the sky at that moment.



The artifacts they had set up around the base camp as lookouts were starting to be destroyed.

The nearby area started to crumble while the people who were struck by thunderbolts were screaming as they fainted. Julian only appeared once he destroyed the internal areas.

“That should take care of it.”

Julian leisurely walked into the base camp. However…

“I was waiting for you. You bastard!”

Julian's eyes opened wide.

The base camp that he had expected to turn into a mess was quite fine. The alliance members seemed to have prepared counter measures after being on the receiving end for a while.

“Haha! Look at how flustered he is!”
"The thunderbolts won't work on us anymore!”

They then activated the artifacts they had prepared in advance.

“We don’t even need Seo Ju-Heon!”
"Grab that bastard! Get our revenge!”

Ju-Heon, who was watching from a distance, snorted after watching this.

‘What you are doing is useless. You idiots.’

He was right.

Crack, craaaaaaaaaaaackle!


The alliance team members who had been talking triumphantly foamed at the mouth and fainted because of the thunderbolt.

A single thunderbolt from Julian had taken out about 80% of the alliance team members.

The people who were not attacked started to shake in fear.

“I, in an instant.”
“But why?! We blocked it once!”

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

‘Block it my ass. That nice bastard went easy on you.’

Ju-Heon, who had been hiding, triumphantly walked out.

“See, I told you. You need my help.”

The alliance team members were shaking but shouted as if they didn't have a choice.

“Fuck! Okay! We’ll do the split as you mentioned earlier!”
“Good. Then it is 10:0.”

Julian, who found Ju-Heon, started to frown.

‘Why is this bastard here?!’

It could not be helped.

"Why are you here? I thought I lured you away with a different artifact.”

Ju-Heon scoffed after hearing that.

"Ah, that weird blue bird?”

A blue bird had indeed appeared in front of Ju-Heon before he met up with the alliance team.

It was that blue bird in a fairy tale that had turned into an artifact.

It was Julian’s plot as he knew that Ju-Heon would go crazy for artifacts.


“You idiot, did you really think you could lure me away with something like that?”
“What? You excitedly followed it into a woman’s changing room……ugh!”

Yoo Jaeha was beaten up once again. Seol-A quietly whispered at that moment.

“Captain-nim. The Vice Captain-nim is not someone you can talk with. Why don’t you use the memory artifact like you did for me last time…”

That would be extremely effective. But Ju-Heon shook his head.

“I won't use that on this bastard just yet.”
“Excuse me?”

It wouldn't matter if he used it, but Julian would be a headache for a different reason if he restored Julian's memories.


Lee Seol-A was a loyal subordinate who would kill herself if he told her to do so, but Julian was his completely opposite. Restoring his memories might make Julian throw a fuss and get in his way.

Either way, restoring the memory of someone who was not certain to be his ally could just be giving information about the future without any benefits to himself.

‘This bastard is a monster who would go up to the level of the Four Emperors if he also had the information about the future.’

That was why he couldn’t just give the memories back to him.

“That’s why we need to first dye that bastard the same color as us.”
"Dye him?”

Julian wondered what nonsense Ju-Heon was spewing as he cast another thunderbolt.

“Ho, whatever. I might as well return the shame you caused me!”

Indra's artifact was generating a large thunderbolt as if it would gobble Ju-Heon up.


Yoo Jaeha screamed after seeing that huge thunderbolt while Lee Seol-A got the chills.

‘The Vice Captain-nim truly is strong!’

It was at that moment. Seol-A, the Expert Scout, realized something after feeling a sensation.

‘This is…’

They were still a bit far away, but numerous people were heading over. Her instincts told them who they must be.

‘Are they the Monarch of Evangelism’s subordinates?’

They were most likely Middle Eastern terrorists.

These terrorists were probably coming to kill them for being in their territory and take the tomb for themselves.

Seol-A became urgent.

“Captain-nim, the terrorists are heading over. We need to hurry up and get the Vice Captain-nim!”
“Don't worry. I'm using this!”
“You really had a plan!”

But Lee Seol-A turned pale after seeing the item that Ju-Heon pulled out.

‘W, wait, that is!’

“T, that is the harem artifact!”
“I'll call women over with this.”
“Excuse me?!”

Flash, the harem artifact was activated. It sounded as if they could hear a lot of women not too far away.

Lee Seol-A could not understand it at all.

“Umm, Captain-nim. I don’t remember the Vice Captain being very lustful…!”

Ju-Heon rubbed his ear after hearing that.

“That is true. Be honest, who do you think would win if I went up against Kongming right now?”

Even Seol-A could not tell. Other people might say that Ju-Heon would have the advantage because of Anubis’s army, the Code of Hammurabi, Nero's artifact, etc, but…

‘The Vice Captain-nim has Zhuge Kongming’s artifact.’

He hadn’t been Chairman Kwon's left arm alongside Ju-Heon for no reason.

“Well, I could take care of Kongming before he figured out my weaknesses if I went at full power. But that was before that bastard had this thunder artifact.”

An Expert Strategist getting a strong attacking power made him extremely difficult to handle.

“But it's still okay. Indra is famous for being a horny bastard. That was why his testicles ended up being chopped off.”

Seol-A gasped.

‘Even if he manages to block the artifact with that……!’

"What about the Vice Captain-nim?! You can’t make up with the Vice Captain-nim using that method…!”
"Who said anything about making up? I'm hunting him down.”
“Excuse me?”

Using regular methods against an honest person like him was annoying and tiring. He naturally needed to cheat. Ju-Heon chuckled and called Yoo Jaeha over.

“Jaeha. Take some pictures when the women rush over.”
“Excuse me?”
“Proof of sexual harassment.”
“Excuse me?!”
“You’re good at taking pictures. Use the skills you used to sneak pictures of me to take some good pictures.”

‘Hey, you bastard!’

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