Chapter 138: Welcome, Monarch of Plunder! (2)

“Haha. The Monarch of Plunder, he’s the Monarch of Plunder!”

Yoo Jaeha seemed so amused that he looked ready to roll around on the floor laughing. Lee Seol-A, who was next to him, was smiling brightly.

It was to be expected.

‘My goodness, the Monarch-Grade?!’

This was amazing.

Her Captain-nim who was only at the Expert-Grade (High-grade) in the past was now at the highest grade possible.

Lee Seol-A quickly looked through the list as her heart beat wildly. Pandora had labeled five people, including Ju-Heon, as Monarchs right now.

[Monarch of Plunder, Seo Ju-Heon]
[Monarch of Destitution, Irene]
[Monarch of Fate, Joshua]
[Monarch of Conquest, Kwon Tae Joon]
[Monarch of Gossip, Wade Haarmann]

They were all familiar names.
‘Everybody who should be here is here.’

Seol-A might not like Irene, but she had to accept that Irene was talented.

‘It's natural that the Monarch of Fate, Nostradamus, is on there.’

He was a future monopolizer. The power of prophecy was like the ability of history's greatest religious leader.

And Kwon Tae Joon? No matter how much she was shaking in anger, he was a personnel monopolizer. It made sense that he would be a Monarch because he had the power of conquest to subdue others. That annoying Monarch of Gossip could monopolize the press. He was extremely talented at instigating things.
‘And the Captain-nim……’

She was happy. It seemed that Ju-Heon’s choice to imprison Pandora's members into the golden palace and rip them off was helpful.

The people labeled as Monarchs so far were all people who have recently used their artifacts and become conspicuous. This was a natural first step to do greater things.

‘The Captain-nim’s greatest desire will come true!’

But Lee Seol-A almost fainted after looking at Ju-Heon's face.

“K, kya! C, Captain-nim?”

She couldn’t help it because Ju-Heon's face was extremely cold.

“Umm, umm umm umm Captain-nim.”
"Why I gotta kill all of those bastards.”

That was right. Ju-Heon did not like being labeled as the Monarch of Plunder!

Because of that…

Crack! A crack appeared on the screen of the phone Ju-Heon was using to read the e-mail.

“Kya, Captain-nim!”

Lee Seol-A seemed as if she didn’t know what to do after he destroyed that screen.

“Yes, yes sir! Captain-nim! Shall I go chop the Pandora members’ heads off?! Or maybe, you need me to kidnap a president……!”

Why was she bringing in innocent presidents into this?

Honestly speaking, she looked very strong but she feared Ju-Heon’s anger the most in the world. But Ju-Heon didn’t care and just clicked his tongue.

“Where the hell did these shitheads come up with such a shitty title…….”

Lee Seol-A bitterly smiled in response.

‘But it's not a shitty title. It’s perfect for the Captain-nim.’

She quietly stood there without being able to say it while Yoo Jaeha, who couldn't read the mood, was still rolling on the floor laughing.

“Hahaha, the Monarch of Plunder, he’s the Monarch of Plunder! I don’t know who came up with it, but they have great sense at coming up with titles! It’s perfect!”

Veins started to appear in Ju-Heon's forehead as he listened.

“Ahahahaha! The Monarch of Plunder, plunder!”

‘Who the hell does he think he’s mocking right now?’

And then…


“Shut up, you world-approved pushover.”
“W, what did you say, sir?!”

Yoo Jaeha felt that it was unfair, but what could he do?

He truly had become an Expert Pushover.

It happened at that moment.

[You have received the title of Monarch of Plunder.]
[You seemed to have chosen the wrong aptitude in this life.]
[Would you like to change occupations?]

This damn crow was sending these messages again.

‘This damn stalker artifact.’

It probably meant that the crow would give him different abilities if he chose to change occupations. As a result…

[Changing occupations from Tomb Raider to Monarch of Plunder would result in the skills you have gained disappearing.]
[You will receive new skills in their place.]
[Would you like to change occupations?]

That message appeared in front of him again.

Ju-Heon scoffed after looking at it.

It was tempting. He was curious to know what skills he would get if he chose to become the Monarch of Plunder.
But Ju-Heon had no plans whatsoever, to throw away his tomb raiding skills. He would have to be crazy to throw away these tomb-related skills that he was most familiar with.

They were like the roots helping Ju-Heon survive in this era.

‘Is there no way to have both?’


[The skills will automatically be reset in a month if you do not change your aptitude.]
[You will automatically change occupations from Tomb Raider to Monarch of Plunder and gain new skills if this continues. Please consider this warning.]

‘Oh, now it's going to be a forced change?’

Ju-Heon read those messages as he called someone.


“C, Captain-nim? Who are you calling?”
“Excuse me? Why are you calling them?”
“To create a second hit list.”

The messages were one thing, but he really had complaints about this title.

‘How the hell am I the Monarch of Plunder, the Monarch of Plunder is…’

Ju-Heon started to speak in a sharp tone as soon as the call was connected.

“Get George Holten on the phone.”

[E, excuse me?]

The person who picked up was a Pandora employee.

The employee seemed flustered at the fact that the caller got right to the point without even announcing who they were, but screamed as soon as he saw the number.

[This monstrous son of a…ah, no, Mr. Seo Ju-Heon!]

It was obvious how Pandora was addressing Ju-Heon’s existence right now.

[U…….umm, Mr. Seo Ju-Heon. The core members are currently in a meeting!]

“Hurry up and get him on the line. Do you want me to summon all of you to the palace again?”

[Kyaaaa! I, I understand! Please wait a moment!]

“I will give you five seconds. 5…4…”


There was another scream before a familiar voice answered the phone.

[Hey, benefactor. We’re currently in a meeting. What is it?]

It was a rough but welcoming voice.
But Ju-Heon just coldly got to the point.

“Hey. What the hell is this?”


“Monarch of Plunder.”

[Ah, ah! That thing!]

George Holten started to laugh as he continued to speak.

[Congratulations! Monarch of Plu……]

“Enough. Who the hell told you to do this?”

[Huh? I wasn't supposed to put you as a Monarch? I put you up as a candidate.]

“No, that is praiseworthy. I'm asking who the hell came up with this title.”

George Holten was chuckling, as if he found Ju-Heon's voice that was full of venomous aura to be quite cute.

[Who came up with it? Why? You are indeed the Monarch of Plunder, aren't you?]

"Was it you?”

[No, it was a unanimous decision.]


[You should be thankful that we didn't call you the Monarch of Thievery! You damn Monarch of Robbery!]

‘Why I ought to.’

"Change it immediately. Change it to something like the Monarch of Holiness.”

[……Are you serious?]

“I'm serious.”


‘Is this punk crazy?’

George Holten wanted to ask Ju-Heon to put his hand over his heart and say that again.

[I'm sorry, but we can't change it because the Pandora system artifact chose the titles.]

“Is that so?”

[Yes. We're going to send that list to the press in a few days…]

“…I guess I need to go and destroy that system artifact.”

[W, what did you say?]

"Anyway, all of you are all on the second hit list.”

[W, what? Hol……!]

“Keep your necks clean.”


Ju-Heon ruthlessly hung up the phone. He seemed to be getting the attention of the world for a multitude of reasons right now.

Well, it didn’t matter.

‘At least I made it to the Monarch-Grade.’

Becoming a Monarch gave the person the < Token of a Monarch >. It gave them the rights to the < Heirloom > artifacts. That was the important incident that would happen soon.

The number one spot that Chairman Kwon had taken in the past… The biggest goal in order to aim for that spot was this incident.

He didn’t know exactly what happened, but the people who became famous for being Monarchs would have the Heirloom artifacts appear in front of them.

There were a total of 15 of them. Of course, Ju-Heon didn’t know the specific uses for them because he was only an Expert-Grade user. But there was one thing he was certain about.

‘They’re extremely strong buff-type artifacts.’

He was certain that the reason the Monarchs and eventual monopolizers were so strong and did not seem to be human were because of these artifacts. This was the reason he could never reach them as an Expert-Grade user. The Expert-Grade users like him had shed so much blood fighting to earn and steal those Tokens of a Monarch.

‘But they just ended up in terrible conditions.’

Anyway, he was a sort of False Monarch right now.

He would be able to become a full-fledged Monarch after receiving a Token of a Monarch.

The artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs were important key artifacts to earn a Token of a Monarch.

According to a prophecy in the past, the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs would open the path to the Heirlooms or something.

‘But why the hell did they have to go with the Monarch of Plunder? Really, Monarch of Plunder?’

Ju-Heon was grumbling because it did not sound cool.

‘Well, nothing I can do about it.’

He could not give up on Tomb raiding when there were still many tombs that had yet to appear.

It seemed as if he had no choice but to properly act as a tomb raider.

‘But the skills of a Monarch of Plunder sound like they’ll be fun too.’

Would he get skills related to stealing? It was a bit disappointing that he would not get to use those potential entertaining skills.

He realized something at that moment. Ju-Heon’s face lit up as if his problems had been solved.

‘I'm an idiot.’

He realized that he didn’t need to think about this.

“I just need to earn the skills of the Monarch of Plunder as well!’

Tomb raiders and thieves were pretty much the same! That meant that all he had to do was choke the crow's neck and force it to give it to him later on.

Lee Seol-A peeked toward Ju-Heon as he had these thoughts.

“Umm, Captain-nim?”

Lee Seol-A was extremely anxious seeing Ju-Heon look serious, angry, and then smiling in such a short duration of time. But she soon whispered quietly so that Yoo Jaeha could not hear.

“Umm, is it okay like this? Is it okay that Yoo Jaeha isn’t the Monarch of Fraud?”

There were many things that had only been possible in the past because Yoo Jaeha was the Monarch of Fraud. There was a chance that the future might change. But Ju-Heon just coolly nodded his head.

“If all else fails, I’ll just make him become the Monarch of Pushoverness.”

Lee Seol-A had a serious expression after hearing that. What kind of abilities would the Monarch of Pushoverness be able to use?
It was at that moment.


[Restricted Caller]

He received a call from a suspicious person.

Ju-Heon picked up the call.

“Who the hell are you?”

The caller laughed after hearing his cold voice.

[Hey, Monarch of Plunder. Why the hell do you pick up the phone like that? You should be nice to the person who helped you send Jean Richard off.]

The man on the other side of the phone was laughing triumphantly.

[You don’t know who I am, do you? You’re curious to know, aren’t you? Huh? But I know so much about you…]

“Shut up. Keep your sleep talking for the bed. Wade Haarmann.”

He heard someone fall down on the other end of the line as soon as he did that.

The person must have dropped the phone in their hand.

[……H, hold on, what?]

“I know quite a lot about you, so don't try to crawl over me.”

That was right. The man who called was the < Monarch of Gossip > who had released the article about Yoo Jaeha and Richard.

He was that Monarch who seemed to be appealing to Ju-Heon's group for some reason. He was even on the list of Monarchs as well.

“I'm hanging up then.”

The flustered person responded back.

[Wow! H, hold on! I heard that you were a weird bastard, but you really are a weird bastard.]

He quickly changed his attitude as he approved of Ju-Heon unlike the other Monarchs.

[I'll get right to the point. Team up with me. It won't be a bad alliance for you. If you and I work together..]

“Mm, get lost."

[Wait, what?! Hold on, did you forget that I helped you send Jean Richard off?]

“You did that on your own accord.”

Of course, he had happily used this man for his benefit. Ju-Heon then tried to hang up.

‘This bastard is just a troublemaker who enjoys gossip.’

He was very much the, ‘If not then, whatever!’
Type of wishy-washy tabloid person. There was no way that he would be happy to hear from this bastard.

The biggest reason was that Ju-Heon hated this bastard’s artifact quite a bit.

‘I remember it was that bastard Goebbels’s artifact.’

He was one of Hitler's close associates and was the Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda. He was an instigator talented in public speaking who played a pivotal role in Hitler coming into power, World War II, and the Holocaust.

This bastard was the monopolizer who had used that artifact to control the press throughout the world and instigated the public. There was no way Ju-Heon could have good feelings about this guy after having been harmed by his actions in the past.

“I have nothing to give you. Get lost if you understand……”

It was at that moment.

[Wait! I'll tell you about the Monarchs’ Heirlooms!]


Ju-Heon seemed slightly curious.

“The Monarchs’ Heirlooms?”

These were the Tokens of a Monarch that would appear to the fifteen Monarchs. But there should be nobody right now who should know about them.

The seer, the Monarch of Fate, should be the only one to know right now…

‘Did he get something from that bastard?’

Even Ju-Heon did not know much about the Heirlooms. He was only an Expert-Grade user in the past and the heirlooms were the secrets of the victorious Monarchs.

[I'll share information about them. It’s very important information. So let’s clear the 7 Great Tombs together.]

It was too concerning to brush it aside.

[But there’s someone I would like for you to take care of before that. I need your help.]

“My help?”

[That's right! I'm trying to excavate a tomb that seems to be one of the 7 Great Tombs, but this annoying bastard keeps hindering me!]

“An annoying bastard?”

[I formed an alliance with some other people but he still beat us! He even took the artifacts we were supposed to take! He was using some weird thunder artifact!]

A thunder artifact?

‘Thunder is at least a Divine-Grade artifact.’

Ju-Heon's eyes sparkled as if he was quite amused.

"And who is that annoying bastard?”

[Zhuge Kongming, Julian Miller! That motherfucking bastard!]

Ju-Heon chuckled after hearing that name.

‘Would you look at that, the Vice Captain bastard who was questioned for fraud was playing around over there.’

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