Chapter 137: Welcome, Monarch of Plunder! (1)

“You don't know? I thought you would know.”
“Excuse me? Not at all.”

The people there could not locate Richard.


It was because Richard had turned into an art item instead of a person!

He had hidden himself among the ceramic busts! Yes, those ceramic busts that are frequently found in art classrooms! Nobody would probably pay any attention to the number of busts going up by one, and it would be difficult for them to tell which was the fake one.

In fact, nobody had noticed.

Well, nobody except Ju-Heon.

“How did you figure it out when nobody else noticed it?”
“How else?”

Ju-Heon showed his phone instead of responding. He seemed to have taken a picture of something.

“What is different?”

Ju-Heon tapped the screen as he continued to speak.

“Take a good look. Only this Agrippa is bald.”

Yoo Jaeha took another look at the picture as soon as he heard that.

It really was there. There was a bald bust! The rest looked normal but only one was shining brightly!

It was shiny, as if it was recently washed and oiled. It was shiny even though it should only have a dull luster!

Yoo Jaeha was flabbergasted. He had not recognized it because he was very familiar with seeing ceramic busts, but......

“...This is crazy.”

Was it a bald Agrippa because he is bald?

Ju-Heon laughed out loud after hearing that reaction.

“That’s why you need to be careful when using artifacts.”

Ju-Heon placed Richard’s transformation artifact that nobody knew when he stole into the bag.

“Anyway, keep on working hard for the restoration stuff. For your private exhibition as well.”

Yoo Jaeha kowtowed again in gratitude.

“How could I have any complaints?! I will get it all done even if I need to sacrifice some sleep! I must do well since my benevolent Captain-nim prepared it for me!”
“Oh, the profits from the private exhibition will be split 9:1.”
“Excuse me?”
“By the way, I'm the 9. You are the 1.”

‘W, what did he say?’

Yoo Jaeha turned pale but Ju-Heon was laughing. No matter how much Jaeha tried, he would forever be Slave number 1.

It was at that moment. A message popped up as if to reward him for this.

[You have earned your subordinates loyalty and he would never betray you.]
[Your Dominance has increased due to the charisma from your subordinate’s loyalty.]
[Your Leader Fit that allows you to handle military artifacts well has increased.]
[You have earned the title of < Generosity felt from an evil man > and even artifacts that hate you are starting to change their minds.]
[You have earned the < Training > skill.]

Yoo Jaeha truly must have been thankful for this. But a training skill...

‘This Crow bastard. Where the hell does it want me to use this skill?’

Was it telling him to train artifacts?

Seol-A whispered to the sniffling Yoo Jaeha at that moment.

“Jaeha, give it to me since things worked out.”
“The pictures!”

This was her chance since Irene was not here right now.

It was her chance to get the pictures of Ju-Heon that Yoo Jaeha supposedly had!

“You told me earlier you would give it to me! I need to go to China today so hurry up and hand it over!”

She didn’t enjoy almost begging for it like this because of all the issues she had with the Monarch of Fraud in the past, but it couldn't be helped.

‘Pictures of the Captain-nim are too precious!’

It was to the point that there was a paparazzi in the past whose only job was to sneak around to take pictures of Ju-Heon! Ju-Heon was someone who would even use artifacts to destroy any pictures of him. That was why the rich folks with unyielding spirits had hired the paparazzi.
He had taken a few pictures with her, but they were in the past now.

There was no way she still had those pictures! Furthermore, the Captain-nim was now in his early 20s and looked hot! She wanted those revealing shots!

Seol-A started to frown just as she was about to blush.

“Hold on. Now that I think about it, why do you have revealing shots of the Captain-nim?”

Yoo Jaeha foamed at the mouth and said that he got the chills as Lee Seol-A looked at him suspiciously.

“You idiot! It’s not like that! These pictures are for the believers!”
“B, believers......?”

What bullshit was this? She looked toward Yoo Jaeha in confusion and Yoo Jaeha asked if she remembered the harem artifact.

“Do you remember the girl named Sasaki?”
“The girl wearing the gyaru makeup?”
“Yeah! She's currently evangelizing for our Captain-nim!”
“......E, evangelizing?”

Avesta. This was about the artifact of evangelism.

There was a condition of increasing the user’s number of fans to activate the artifact of evangelism. Sasaki, the girl they had met in Japan, had said that she would take responsibility to increase Ju-Heon’s number of fans.

He now had the artifacts that were his fans, but...

“Sasaki said that she needed pictures of the Captain-nim to increase the number of fans! She told me to take those revealing photos!”

Murderous intent was visible in Seol-A’s eyes after hearing that those pictures were to be sent to women.

But Yoo Jaeha, ahem, avoided her gaze.

‘Oppa, I'll give you some of the profits if the photos sell well!’

Sasaki had said that someone of Ju-Heon's caliber would be easy to market.

He was tall, muscular, and he even had a handsome face.

She mentioned something about how Ju-Heon could work as a model instead of a human trafficker or loan shark as long as he kept his mouth shut.

Of course, the person himself only liked artifacts, but he seemed to appeal to women very well.

Female middle school and high school students around Sasaki’s age, college students, and even housewives in their thirties and forties would respond well to this.

“So, you should cooperate as well. If it succeeds, his artifacts can level up and most importantly, they’ll become the Captain-nim’s natural excavation team.”

But Lee Seol-A just looked toward Yoo Jaeha with a suspicious gaze.

“But there’s no way the Captain-nim would have approved of something like that.”

Their Captain-nim who hated having his picture taken? The same person who destroyed hundreds of paparazzi cameras because he was annoyed?

Yoo Jaeha soon started to shake his leg as he looked away.

“N, no... The Captain-nim naturally approved of all of this......”

‘Am I shaking right now?’

Lee Seol-A seemed to have realized something at his reaction as her eyes turned as ferocious as those of wild beasts.

“Bullshit! How much did they give you?! How much did you try to sell the Captain-nim’s pure naked body for?!”
“No, everything that needed to be covered was cov......ugh!”

Lee Seol-A was choking Yoo Jaeha.

“How dare you sell the Captain-nim off to women whom you don’t even know! Hurry up and get those pictures back!”

It was at that moment.

“What? Pictures?”

Both Lee Seol-A and Yoo Jaeha jumped in shock after hearing that sharp tone.

Yoo Jaeha really seemed to have secretly taken those photos, as he started to shake.

Lee Seol-A, who had tried to buy those pictures from him, was also shaking.

Ju-Heon started to frown.

“The two of you are acting very suspicious.”

Yoo Jaeha instantly had his phone taken away.

“Eek, hold on, Captain-nim!”

Ju-Heon looked through Yoo Jaeha's phone.

There was a password on it, but it was meaningless.

Yoo Jaeha, the Monarch of Fraud, had a limited combination of passwords he used.

[to. Sasaki]

He opened an album with that name and found tens of pictures inside.

Lee Seol-A's face turned red after seeing those pictures.

Flesh, flesh, flesh.

Numerous pictures that would have Ju-Heon be cursed by other men and loved by many women appeared.

They were great pictures. He deserved his title as an expert artist as he even considered the golden composition and golden ratio.

He had used a cellphone camera to take DSLR quality photos. The problem was that they were all secretly taken.

Maybe that was the reason.



Ju-Heon destroyed the phone without saying anything.

Yoo Jaeha screamed after seeing that.

“Ahhhhh! My phone! I haven't even finished paying it off!”
“Did you send it to that gyaru?”
“N, no sir. Not yet......”

Ju-Heon then sent a message to farmer Oh Seung Woo.

[Destroy Yoo Jaeha’s computer. The hard drive, the LAN card, any USBs, the laptop itself, everything.]

He also sent a message to Sasaki.

[You're dead if you receive even a single picture from Yoo Jaeha.]

His heinous murderous intent was clearly visible in the message. Even Sasaki, who was across the ocean right now, was probably extremely scared right now.

Ju-Heon, who quickly took care of things, looked toward Yoo Jaeha with a vicious expression.

“Your private exhibition is canceled.”
“U, ugh!”
“Your salary is reduced to 1/10th of what it is right now.”
“All money coming to you from now on is going to be mine 10:0.”
“Waaaa! Captain-nim! I've committed a grave sin, sir!”

Yoo Jaeha started to cry and his only one month old cellphone started to cry as well.

Of course, Ju-Heon, who had taken care of the data, looked refreshed.

‘Well, I'm half joking.’

Even the revealing shots were just shots of his upper body. It didn't matter. He was just annoyed.

It was at that moment.

“You're really good at taking photos...”
“W, what?”

Lee Seol-A was looking at Yoo Jaeha with a serious expression.

“Jaeha, I'm hiring you as paparazzi.”
“What did you say?! Did you not see the Captain-nim’s reaction just now?! I'm dead if I get caught!”
“Then draw it for me!”
“You're good at drawing. Draw me a nude photo of him!”

Yoo Jaeha started to cry again. ‘I didn’t study art to do something like this!’

“I'll pay you good money for it if you draw a fantastic nude painting of the Captain-nim.”

It happened at that moment. Something was poking Yoo Jaeha.

He turned around to see what it was, and surprisingly, it was the rope. The rope's eyes were sparkling as it looked toward Yoo Jaeha.

Give me a copy of it too. Give me a copy. It even had a bill in its mouth.

But at that moment...


Ju-Heon received a call.

Edward was calling him.

“Yeah, what?”

What Edward had found out was Pandora’s unexpected emergency proclamation. This was information that would change Ju-Heon's fate as well.

[D, Director. It’s urgent news.]

‘Urgent news?’

[I sent you an e-mail just now, take a look right away.]

They all gathered to open the e-mail. The contents had been translated to Korean.

< Regarding Tomb Ranks >

Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion while looking at it.

“What about it? I had George bring this up.”

[No, no, that’s not the important thing!]


Ju-Heon scrolled down on the e-mail. The important part came up.

< Ranks of Artifact Users >


  • Level 4 (Ruler. A person who is able to influence the entire world and can cause destruction equivalent to the damage during a World War.)


  • Level 3 (High-grade. People who can cause issues in the world)


  • Level 2 (Middle-grade. People who can cause issues in a country)


  • Level 1 (Low-grade. People who can cause issues in a small area)


Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide at this unexpected information. There had only been rankings for tombs or artifacts until now.

This was the first time artifact users were divided by grades. But Ju-Heon started to smile after looking at it.

‘It looks like the Pandora system artifact has officially started to designate Monarchs.’

He was right.

< Monarchs >
[Monarch of Destitution (Economy)]
Irene Holten

[Monarch of Fate (Prophecy)]

[Monarch of Conquest (Manpower)]
Kwon Tae Joon


< Experts > 180 People

[Expert Strategist]
[Expert Conqueror]
[Expert Supplier]
[Expert Gambler]


[Expert Seller]
[Expert Scoundrel]
[Expert Instigator]

Many people had appeared. Of course, Yoo Jaeha and Lee Seol-A were on there as well.

[Expert Pushover]
Yoo Jaeha

[Expert Scout]
Lee Seol-A

They were both high-grade artifact users in Pandora’s comprehensive evaluation. The fact that the Pandora system artifact revealed this was very important.

‘There’s an important incident that happens once this is revealed.’

The titles received here would change the future a bit as well. Well, the crow talked some nonsense about changing occupations or what not, but...

‘I'm sure it’ll say I'm a Monarch of Excavation. I was an Expert Excavator in the past.’

Their eyes opened wide after seeing something.

It was understandable.

"C, Captain-nim’s title......”

Lee Seol-A's jaw dropped as she read it.

Yoo Jaeha started to laugh out loud as he thought it was perfect.

[Monarch of Plunder]
Seo Ju-Heon

It really seemed as if he should change occupations.

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