Chapter 129: Recovered memories? (3)

The prey had walked in on its own.

This prey was a Special 1+++ grade prey that was perfect for what he needed right now!

Ju-Heon looked as if he would start a grill for this special-grade Hanwoo that suddenly showed up. [1]

The prey that had walked in on its own was none other than Lee Seol-A.

The distance was about 400m. Lee Seol-A, who was pointing a sniper rifle from on top of an abandoned building’s roof, bit down on her lips.

‘This is really my last chance.’

It sure was. Lee Seol-A was here after receiving orders from Zhen Cai Yuan.

‘Bring back the artifacts the bastard took even if you need to kill him to do it.’

Zhen Cai Yuan seemed to have lost an important artifact to Ju-Heon.

To be more specific, it was when Ju-Heon had taken the donations(?) from the Pandora members. Well, when he stole the artifacts while justifying it as donations that is.

Honestly speaking, it was fine that Ju-Heon looted Pandora which was a thorn in her eyes. The C-R Alliance could just sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch that happen.

The C-R Alliance would be happy whether Pandora members were beaten up or started to shit blood.

‘But why did he have to take our spy artifact too?’

The problem was that one of the Pandora members was the C-R alliance's spy. And that spy had been Zhen Cai Yuan’s eyes and ears.

Was that the reason? Zhen Cai Yuan had even dragged in Richard the restorer. He had also smiled while giving an overbearing order to Lee Seol-A.

“You understand? Kill Seo Ju-Heon. You’re out if you fail again. Your younger siblings and that immature older brother of yours will all end up as experiments for that parasite artifact.
You will also be used to deal with an artifact's risk.’

She was basically being told to shut up and die. How could she not grind her teeth in such a situation?

‘That motherfucking woman.’

Only if that shithead of an older brother didn’t end up with such a large debt against the nation!

At that moment…

“Hey hey, when are we firing?”
“Are they still telling us to wait?”

Her close colleagues who were next to her started to ask. They were all aiming at Ju-Heon.
They were all talented marksmen who were part of the special forces.

Their weapons were not ordinary guns though.

Odin’s weapon Gungnir was said to be able to hit a target that was on the other side of the world.

These weapons were not at that Divine-Grade weapon's level, but they were still A-Grade long distance weapon artifacts that were said to strike the target 100 out of 100 times.

They were thinking that Lee Seol-A was hesitant to fire.

“Hey Seol-A, there’s no need to wait for a signal. Let's just fire.”
“Yeah. I know you're being very careful because even someone like you ended up eating shit multiple times because of this guy, but…”
“That bastard doesn't even have the Code of Hammurabi right now.”

That made Lee Seol-A start to think.

Ju-Heon did not have the Code of Hammurabi on him as her friends mentioned. It was because they purposely timed it so that Yoo Jaeha would be restoring it when they abducted him.

It was all part of Zhen Cai Yuan’s plan.

‘He won't be able to reflect that artifact’s ability if he doesn’t have the Code of Hammurabi.’

Zhen Cai Yuan seemed to know which artifacts Ju-Heon had.

She even seemed to know about those artifacts’ penalties and weaknesses.

This was the reason the snipers aiming for Ju-Heon could not help but be arrogant.

“It's fine. Let’s just hurry up and put a bullet through his head.”

Lee Seol-A sighed after hearing them chuckling as if they were playing a game of darts.

They definitely seemed to be losing their humanity because of the artifact’s risk as she had been told.

But Lee Seol-A firmed her resolve regardless of whether that was the case.

“Okay, we are firing. Get ready.”

She didn't like it but this was a matter of life and death for her.

She couldn’t let compassion get in her way. But as they channeled their Dominance to activate the artifacts…


Ju-Heon urgently turned his head after feeling auras that were full of murderous intent.

The snipers started to laugh once they saw his annoyed face through the scope.

“Wow, this is crazy! He’s a total monster, a monster.”
“You're too late, you bastard!”

Lee Seol-A and the snipers all pulled the trigger.

Tang! Tang!

Sparks flew out of the barrel. The bullets then even changed directions to blow Ju-Heon's head off.

But there was more. The snipers started to cheer in joy about how they all got perfect scores as the pierced Ju-Heon fell backward.

“Good. We'll receive a ton of bonus now……”

But at that moment…

“Ah fuck, that hurt like hell.”

They gasped after hearing a vicious voice behind them.

“B, behind us?”

They screamed after looking back.

Ju-Heon who should be dead was touching his forehead while standing behind them.

He looked extremely upset like a sleeping lion that had its whisper pulled.

“C, crazy!”

They gasped and pulled out their pistols out of reflex and fired.

Tang! Tang tang!

But Ju-Heon did not fall.

He was fine even though bullets went into his body and legs!

Ju-Heon walked over toward them while telling them to stop.

“Ow, it still hurts even when I'm using an artifact, okay? So, ow, if you know it's useless…ow, shit, can you stop shooting me?!”

The roof cracked as soon as he said that.

They held onto the building’s walls and started to scream as they thought the building was going to crumble as it was shaking fervently.

‘This crazy bastard!’

Whether it hurt or not was not the problem right now!

“What artifact did this bastard use?!”

The Code of Hammurabi was his only defense-type artifact based on their reports.

‘It would have been a mess if we knew he had something like this!’

The only artifact with enough defense to make the user almost invincible was Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's Achilles’s Armor based on their knowledge!

This defense-type artifact was Athena’s Aegis. It was that shield with Medusa's head in it.

But their eyes just opened in shock.

“Hey! Where the hell did you get that?!”

‘Where did I get it?’

“I pulled it in a gatcha! Why?! You have issues with that?!”
"A gatcha?!”

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

Unfortunately, it was a consumable artifact so he couldn't use it too many times and it had many negatives compared to Achilles’s Armor.

Ju-Heon grabbed his twitching shoulder and smiled viciously.

‘I need to get rid of them quickly.’

Almost all of his useful artifacts were abducted with Yoo Jaeha, so……

“Eat this.”

Ju-Heon sprayed them with something.

The snipers screamed before they fell down.

They shockingly started to turn into women. They were placed in a state of mental chaos at these changes to their bodies they had never felt before.

“Aaah! Boobs, I have boobs!”
“Ahhh! It's gone, it’s gone! My dick! My dick is gone!”

There could be no greater shock than this.

Lee Seol-A's jaw dropped in shock. She tried to contact the base while in a state of shock and fear.
She was trying to report this to Zhen Cai Yuan.



Nero suddenly appeared and stomped on the transmitter.

[Human items truly do not understand art at all.]

Lee Seol-A was shocked at the appearance of this handsome fatty.


Lee Seol-A who recognized the artifact told the snipers to retreat for now. This was one of the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs for a reason.

‘This bastard must have caused the earthquake too.’

But the snipers who had instantly turned into women were huffing as they took out their guns.

“Fuck, what the hell is that fatass?!”
“Hurry up and return us to normal!”

Lee Seol-A became desperate.

“You idiots! Don’t do that!”

But she soon heard gunshots.

Tang tang!

Nero's eyes flashed.

[How dare you, you lowly humans!]


[Nero has declared his territory.]
[The area in a 50m radius will all become Nero's territory.]
[Nero’s < Shut up and do I as I say > ability has been activated in this territory.]

Because of that…

Fire started to shoot up, and…

[Kneel, humans. How dare you hold your heads up in front of this Emperor.]



They were forced to submit.

They were kneeling with their heads on the ground because of a strong force.

Nero found these humans to be despicable. He didn’t like the fact that they were standing straight with their heads up in front of him, but…

[How dare you attack the person this Emperor cherishes?]

The messages that popped up were overbearing.

[Nero's aura is exploding.]
[The emperor's aura is exploding.]
[The Sloth attribute is even getting rid of hostility!]
[The Sloth attribute is even making this building that is not alive to become flabby!]


It lived up to its name as an artifact from one of the 7 Great Tombs as Nero's explosive aura made the five-story building they were in become destroyed.


They started to scream as they fell to the ground.

They were fine even after falling from a high place because of Lee Seol-A’ Gildal, but they couldn't help but scream as Nero chased after them.

“Don’t come here!”

At that moment…

"Ah, hold on a bit.”

Ju-Heon calmly walked over to them while his body was still full of holes.

They foamed at the mouth after seeing Ju-Heon’s zombie-like appearance.

Nero found this to be odd.

[What is it, are you trying to let them live because they are your fellow humans?]

“Ah, I don’t care about what you do with the men, but leave the woman behind.”

Nero and the snipers who used to be men disappeared somewhere.
He was hearing things like, ‘Aah, you really can’t sing!’
‘Can you even call this acting?!’
Along with some screams, but Ju-Heon didn't care.

Ju-Heon was smiling now that he was alone with Lee Seol-A.

"Welcome, Special 1+++.”

Lee Seol-A quickly retreated after seeing the spray in Ju-Heon’s hand.

“A, are you going to turn me into a transgender like those other bastards?”

Ju-Heon truly became angry.

"What? Are you crazy?”

Why would he do something so crazy to his cherished subordinate?

Ju-Heon looked at his injuries that were slowly closing as he continued to speak.

“I'm guessing that woman, that Zhen Cai Yuan said that she’ll sell off your younger siblings and older brother if you don’t do as she says.”

Lee Seol-A flinched and looked toward him in shock.

‘Wait, how does this bastard know about that?’

But Ju-Heon just started to smile.

‘This punk had close to 100 million dollars of debt when she came into TKBM.’

It was not her own debt.
Lee Seol-A's father was an executive who was making deals with the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

But he was murdered and his family was captured because he ran away after stealing something important. His family was captured so that they could help locate this important item that he had stolen.

‘He probably stole an artifact.’

But her troublemaker of an older brother thought the government being nice was them showing goodwill and continued to increase his debt.

It made Seol-A have to work for free to pay off that debt. Ju-Heon started to smile once he had that thought on his mind.

‘Seol-A's search and track abilities are the best.’

He couldn’t let someone else have that.

“How much do you want?”
“How much to buy you?”

Lee Seol-A then glared at Ju-Heon after becoming upset at that question.

‘Is he crazy?’

Lee Seol-A instantly took out a knife.

“Why don’t you pay with your life?”

She seemed to have misunderstood something, but it didn't matter. He didn't mean anything weird when he said that, but he did want to buy her.

‘100 million dollars is chump change for me now.’

“Will 200 million dollars be enough?”
“You bastard!”

Lee Seol-A started to grind her teeth. She might have just thought that Ju-Heon was just a billionaire who was speaking nonsense without knowing her situation.

She had hesitated until now because she didn’t think he was someone who needed to be killed, but…

“I’ll just kill you as I was ordered to do.”

She did not attack normally this time.


She was also the best in battle because she handled souls. She could make a soul possess her body to give her monster-like strength. Anybody would be in danger once she did that.

In response…

‘I guess it really is difficult for us to be allies in this lifetime.’

As Ju-Heon was disappointed, but was about to attack because he had no choice…


Something in Ju-Heon's pocket flashed. It was the crow's gift that had come out of the gourd.


[Odin's Raven Muninn (Memories)’s Tear (? Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

  • Remaining Uses: 10/10

That artifact started to glow as if it was given to him to use at this moment. The artifact flashed and Lee Seol-A who saw the light started to scream.

Lee Seol-A then had an odd experience. Things that she had never seen or felt started to flow into her mind.
It was quite magical. She saw Ju-Heon who looked older than he was right now and looked as pale as a vampire. She also saw Yoo Jaeha who had a much more twisted personality.

She saw Julian Miller arguing with Ju-Heon and many faces she had never seen before.

She saw how she cried as if the world had ended after Ju-Heon was injured, how they went into a monstrous tomb they had never seen before, and how she sacrificed herself to die in Ju-Heon's place.

Lee Seol-A was about to go crazy as she went dizzy from having those memories etched into her mind and heart. The malice and hate she had for Ju-Heon was turning into unbreakable trust and strong loyalty for some reason.

This was the truth. Lee Seol-A knew. Lee Seol-A knew things about this man. Furthermore, this man she was touching right now…

How she had wanted this man, how they had kissed, and…… Lee Seol-A screamed and plopped down on the ground once the embarrassing memory of their naked bodies coming together filled her mind.

Her face had turned as red as a tomato as she dropped her knife.

‘What the hell was that just now?!’

Of course, Ju-Heon just found it weird that she suddenly screamed and turned so red all of a sudden.

“Hey Seol-A?”

Lee Seol-A flinched and her heart started to beat wildly once she heard that voice.

Just hearing Ju-Heon's voice made Lee Seol-A feel as if she was going to cry.


1. The Hanwoo, also Hanu, is a breed of small cattle native to Korea. This breed is raised mainly for meat and is the source of Hanwoo beef, one of the most rare and expensive meats in the world.

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