Chapter 128: Recovered memories? (2)


The phone was hung up extremely rudely.

Thanks to that, Richard wondered if he had said something incorrectly. However, he didn't think he said anything wrong once he thought about it.

Richard had definitely said that he had abducted Ju-Heon's subordinate, but…

He hung up.

“This totally crazy bastard.”

‘Did he just hang up on the abductors? Is this bastard really crazy?’

Richard couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

‘What is making him so confident?’

It happened at that moment.


He received a text message from Chairman Kwon.

[What the hell are you doing?]

It was obvious Chairman Kwon was angry.

It could not be helped. Richard, who was affiliated with Chairman Kwon, had created his own excavation team, cleared one of the 7 Great Tombs, and took the important artifact for himself. Furthermore, he used Chairman Kwon's lackeys to get it done.

[I never said you could use them for such endeavors when I lent you my subordinates.]

This was the truth.

On the other hand, Richard was smiling. Honestly speaking, Richard had done this on his own without Chairman Kwon’s knowledge.

Zhen Cai Yuan. China’s strong faction.

He had done this to shake hands with the Monarch of Gluttony who would become one of the future Four Emperors.

‘Zhen Cai Yuan.’

Richard had only heard rumors about her. But Richard was most focused on her artifact.

‘They said it is able to make any artifact submit?’

Although he didn’t know for sure, he was told that all artifacts would kneel in front of her artifact of gluttony. The level of Dominance, even if it was a possession-type artifact with a different master, none of that mattered.

Not only would they submit, they would obey the orders of Zhen Cai Yuan’s artifact.

‘It's basically the king of artifacts.’

Richard was pretty much correct.
Her artifact of gluttony was the Supreme Leader of the artifacts. It was a powerful artifact with a significant amount of influence.

That overwhelming power was the reason she was able to become the strongest of the Four Emperors.

Either way, Richard was more interested in Zhen Cai Yuan than Chairman Kwon right now.


‘If I work together with Zhen Cai Yuan, we can even make Chairman Kwon's artifacts submit.’

Richard was quite envious of Chairman Kwon’s < Conquest > artifact.
Not only that…

‘I can end up with other bastards’ artifacts as well. Pandora’s Executive Board will think better of me if I told them I created a connection with China as well.’

He was not someone who would be satisfied with just being Chairman Kwon’s restorer. Richard started to laugh while looking at Chairman Kwon’s message.

‘How dare you try to use the Yoo Jaeha incident to blackmail me. You despicable Kwon Tae Joon.’

There was nothing that said yesterday's friends could not become today's enemies. It wasn't as if there was a lot of trust in their relationship anyway.

But before all of that, Seo Ju-Heon…

"What the hell is this bastard trying to do?”

It didn't matter.

‘That bastard Yoo Jaeha should be dead.’

Even he didn’t know where Jaeha ended up being sent. The Panhandling Expert Francisco had randomly sent Jaeha flying at Nostradamus's order.

[Put the target in an extremely deep hell.]

That was supposedly the description he placed to use his ability.

‘This gets rid of all the thorns in my eyes.’

Jean Richard couldn't help but grind his teeth while thinking about Yoo Jaeha. It was because of what the Monarch of Fate told him.

'That kid, he will end up becoming the world's one and only genius restorer if he's left alone. That means that only Seo Ju-Heon would see significant benefit.’

‘Ho, if that bastard can become a world-class restorer, then I must be an universe-class restorer.’

‘Are you sure you didn't steal everything because you were jealous of your student’s talent and covered it up? Or, maybe you were scared of his genius-level talent?’

Richard started to glare while thinking about the Monarch of Fate's teasing.

‘Scared my ass! That bastard had no talent. He barely deserved to put the paint out for me.’

Either way, the headache of an original artist and Seo Ju-Heon who lost his restorer could be taken out together now. Richard laughed out loud in joy.

He had one of the 7 great artifacts, he had the attention of the world, it seemed as if his luck was getting much better!

Unfortunately, Yoo Jaeha, the person he had tried to kill, was still alive.


“Aigoo, Captain-nim. I'm sorry I left without writing my will.”

He felt as if he would die.

Where he was right now looked fine. Actually, forget fine, it was an extremely dazzling place.

‘Why is there such a grand mansion underground?’

Yoo Jaeha was very shocked. He thought that all tombs were eerie-looking caves.
But this was a luxurious mansion glowing gold and red.

The marble floor that was so clean his face reflected off it made a clear noise every time he took a step, and the ceiling was high as if someone carved it out. Furthermore, the paintings and artwork all around the walls and hallway made Yoo Jaeha's eyes sparkle.

Well, they would have, if it wasn’t for the crazy woman who appeared here.

‘Human, serve me as your master. Start doing what I tell you to do!’

She must be this tomb's master.
‘Alright! Hurry up and do the things I'm telling you to do!’

Why did he have to listen to a monster?!

That was why he had asked, ‘will you let me go if I do as you say?’

But she said no.

Did she think he was crazy?

Yoo Jaeha just tried his best to keep running away. He believed Ju-Heon would send him a message if he did his best to survive.

‘He's not the type to throw away his subordinates.’

Yoo Jaeha had ended up surviving in this tomb in a peculiar way.
He had pretty much figured out the identity and weakness of this artifact already.

‘Now I just need to wait for the Captain-nim.’

Yoo Jaeha looked around and stealthily walked down the hallway.

They had already been playing this game of hide and seek for 30 minutes.

‘I'm dead if I get caught.’

But the moment Yoo Jaeha lifted his foot up again!


[Over here! The noise came from this side!]
[Get him!]

He heard a voice from one side of the hallway.

‘Holy crap!’

As Yoo Jaeha urgently changed directions to run…

[We found him!]
[He’s over here!]

‘Damn it!

Am I just a rat in a jar? There’s nowhere to run!’

As Yoo Jaeha clenched his eyes shut!


Something slithered down from the ceiling and swept Yoo Jaeha up. It was so strong that Yoo Jaeha was lifted up in an instant.

The servants of the castle who had chased after Yoo Jaeha started to talk.

[What the, where did he go?]
[I definitely saw him going up to the ceiling!]

But they could not see Yoo Jaeha even while looking up.

Yoo Jaeha was already somewhere else as he coughed.

“You, you punk.”

The one to save Yoo Jaeha was none other than the rope.

Who told you to go off on your own?! Who told you to do that?!

The rope’s body was moving up and down in anger.

It seemed to have struggled to find Yoo Jaeha.



Yoo Jaeha was ruthlessly being slapped by the rope.

“You, what the hell… ugh!”

Are you going to keep moving around alone like that? Are you?!

Yoo Jaeha was its master's property.

That was why the rope that did not listen to anybody but its master had to protect its fellow property.

Unfortunately, Yoo Jaeha could not understand the rope and just thought that the rope had gone crazy.

“You stupid shit that can't even recognize its master…ugh!”

Who is my master?!
Who is my master?!
Do you want to get in trouble? Do you want to get in trouble?

Not only that… The rope seemed to be angry that its special ability that did not work on Ju-Heon worked on Yoo Jaeha.

[Gate to Heaven]

Originally, grabbing the rope in a state of danger would allow the person to randomly teleport to a nearby area.

It was similar to how the siblings who became the sun and the moon grabbed the rope to escape to heaven while being chased by the tiger.

However, it had said that Ju-Heon could not do so because he had too much negative karma.

But why does it work for you?! Why, why does it work for you?!

Slap, slap!

That seemed to be what was making the rope extremely angry. Yoo Jaeha couldn't do anything as the rope slapped him over and over.

‘What the hell did I do wrong?! Why does it act this way around me when it does all sorts of things to act cute in front of the Captain-nim?!’

Yoo Jaeha found this to be unfair. He felt as if he was being ignored by a puppy.

‘Was the Captain-nim telling the truth when he said that having high Affinity would make the artifacts think you're a pushover?!’

But he could not give up his Affinity because of his restoration artifact! Anyway, Yoo Jaeha realized he would be in a bad situation if this continued and started to growl.

“Damn it, you just wait and see. I heard about an artifact from the Captain-nim. I'll use that to turn you human and we can fight on equal conditions.”

He was thinking that the rope would be easy to take on if it was in human form.

But suddenly, the rope calmed down.

Huh? There’s such an artifact? There is?

Just then…

[We found you, you bastard!]


They were discovered by the enemies again. The enemies were men holding swords and spears.

But they didn't seem too threatening to the rope.

That was why it asked the question.

What is it? Which artifact is it?

But Yoo Jaeha ran away again as it asked.

“Ahhhhh! Don't follow me!”

It was a natural reaction for a human, but the rope started to shake in anger. It then started to chase after Yoo Jaeha as it shouted.

I told you not to run! I told you not to!

[The aura of gluttony can be felt nearby.]
[The aura of gluttony can be felt nearby.]
[Warning. You will be within the artifact of gluttony's search range in 1km.]

Ju-Heon started to frown after seeing the message.

It was fine that he had come to Syria to recover Yoo Jaeha and the few artifacts he had with him to restore.

It was an area of civil war, but this area was pretty safe as the refugee tents were all gathered here.

Furthermore, this was the place Richard had set his base camp.

But he was certain about something else.

“Tsk. Is that woman here too?”

The aura of gluttony must mean Zhen Cai Yuan.

That crazy future strongest member of the Four Emperors was here.
It made sense that the Chinese excavation team would be here as one of the 7 Great Tombs had opened here, but why would he feel her aura at Richard’s base camp?

‘I was wondering what that bastard Richard was relying on to betray that old bastard.’

He had thought he just needed to get past Richard and the Monarch of Panhandling here…

Ju-Heon was displeased. He had first met Zhen Cai Yuan when he was ordered by Chairman Kwon to approach her.

He first approached her naturally as if they had been set up on a blind date and ended up getting pretty close, but he had soon realized something.

‘She’s a dangerous woman.’

That was why Ju-Heon dumped her first. He didn't care how Zhen Cai Yuan would have reacted to it. And now…

‘I don't want to get caught in that woman’s radar.’

It wasn't difficult to drag Yoo Jaeha out of the tomb. Ju-Heon just needed to find where Jaeha was and use the Tomb Destruction skill to make a hole. He then just had to call the rope to him and drag Jaeha out that way.

‘But I don’t know where he is.’

He was concerned about the layout of the Tomb of Envy and Zhen Cai Yuan’s radar to go in without thinking about it.

‘I need a radar that is even better than theirs.’

Ju-Heon sighed.

‘It would be perfect if I had Seol-A right now.’

That had been Seol-A's job in his tomb raiding team.

He had sent her back with a tracker and a bug to figure out what the Chinese excavation teams were doing, but they seemed to have become useless.

‘The last place it stopped was in Beijing.’

It happened at that moment.

There was someone who was looking at Ju-Heon with a vicious gaze.

‘I found you, Seo Ju-Heon.’

The prey had walked in on its own.

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