Chapter 126: Slowly saw away

‘What? It’s a guaranteed jackpot gourd if he uses the Wealth ability?’

Yoo Jaeha gasped.

That was right. This person was saying they should scratch off their lottery tickets now. Furthermore, this was a lottery ticket with a 100% chance of winning!

Ju-Heon's smile was so wicked that Yoo Jaeha clicked his tongue.

“Isn't that a scam? It’s like discretely highering the chances of the roulette ball landing on a certain number at the casino……”
“Who cares? The only thing that matters is that we get good results.”

‘Aigoo, look at this Captain-nim!’

“You’re going to receive heavenly tribulation like this!”

Ju-Heon didn't seem to hear his subordinate as he just tightly grabbed Irene’s hand.

“Shall we cut open the gourd? It's a great chance to test out your ability.”

Although he was saying that, Ju-Heon's eyes were sparkling for a different reason.

‘100% chance of jackpot. 100% chance of jackpot.’

But Irene who had no way of knowing his black heart was about to die because her heart was beating wildly once Ju-Heon grabbed her hand.

She might have also remembered what happened last night as her face turned red and she didn’t know what to do.

‘No, no.’

Irene barely managed to calm herself down and placed her hand on the gourd.

And at that moment!


A strong gust of wind burst out and Irene’s ability was activated through her hand! The green gourd started to glow gold!

Crack, crack!

Ju-Heon started to smile. Started...

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