Chapter 125: Relationships from the past (1)

[You have satisfied the requirement.]

The message that came after that was very good news for Ju-Heon.

[The rope has earned the potential to level up once again from this event.]

‘The potential to level up again?’

Ju-Heon started to smile. But there was more.

[You have earned the title of < One who knows pleasures > and now give off a special aura.]
[Midas’s < Wealth ability > was influenced by that aura and dragged out. You have successfully drawn out the Wealth ability.]
[You now give off yang energy that artifacts like.]

Ju-Heon ended up laughing out loud after seeing that last message.

‘My goodness, the rope is one thing, but…

I was wondering how I could awaken the Wealth ability.’

Ju-Heon had not been able to release the Wealth ability no matter how hard he tried. But he was able to figure something out after seeing that message.

‘Midas's artifact might have two personalities.’

Irene’s artifact came with two different abilities.

Destitution and wealth.

So, if there were different personalities that controlled the Destitution and the Wealth?

‘There’s a good chance that is the case.’

They were split in the tomb from the beginning. Maybe the personality that deals with Wealth was drawn out by his scent or whatever.

‘Either way, it means she can use the Wealth ability now.’

There must have been a reaction as he heard a scream from the room at that moment.

It was Irene. Yoo Jaeha and Ju-Heon's roommate were shocked after hearing her scream.

“What is that? What the?”
"Captain-nim, did you do something to Irene?”

‘Uhh……I did do something, but…’


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