Chapter 124: A headache of a risk (?)

Ju-Heon had struggled quite a bit with this risk on his neck.

It was fine that he had imprisoned the Pandora bastards and ripped them off as he broadcasted it to the world.

But this motherfucking artifact must have gotten annoyed at something.

It activated Irene's risk while all the Pandora members were looking at him.
Irene had suddenly hugged Ju-Heon and shoved her face at Ju-Heon’s neck.


Thanks to that, the Pandora members and Ju-Heon were all shocked.

She looked like a seductive Vampire.

She gently grabbed Ju-Heon's face and started to caress his neck, making the Pandora members almost die from envy.

The artifact might have been going like, ‘Okay! Hurry up and react, human! React to her, human!’
As it smiled like the devil, but Ju-Heon would not fall for it so easily.
‘Do you think I would fall for a damn artifact’s mischief?’

Ju-Heon chuckled like that as he walked into his room while thinking about what happened.

He was going to plan a couple things out since he was back in Korea anyway.

But Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide once he came into the room.

“What the hell?”

There was something there.

There was a lump on his bed for some reason.

Furthermore, it was squirming. It was obvious that there was something underneath his blanket.
But forget being nervous, Ju-Heon just scoffed as if he found it despicable.

‘That damn Daji.’

It kept doing things like this, as if it was trying to conquer him.

‘It does seem to have some principles though.’

It treated all other men like pumpkins but tried to act cute to Ju-Heon.

But it didn't matter because it was an artifact!

“Do you understand? No matter how many times you do this, I will not fall for an artifa……!”

But as Ju-Heon pulled the blanket away…


Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide once more once he pulled the blanket off.

Underneath his blanket was not the fox Daji but Irene!

“Huh? Huh?”

Furthermore, Irene only had a thin blouse on as she lay on the bed.

Thanks to that, even the great and mighty Ju-Heon could not help but get flustered.

‘What the……!’

His gaze naturally headed toward Irene’s smooth thighs.
Certain parts were just barely covered by the long shirt, but it was easy to imagine.

Ju-Heon felt as if someone had punched him as his mind became complicated.

Something seemed off.

He should have taken care of Irene’s risk!

It should have ended with the hickeys!

It was to the point Ju-Heon even had this thought.

‘Did that damn Daji transform into Irene?’

Ju-Heon urgently started to touch Irene’s butt.

‘Tail, tail.’

But forget finding a tail, all he ended up doing was touching her soft butt!

Irene’s juicy butt felt really nice at the tip of his hands.

Ju-Heon then started to frown as if he had received a shock.

‘This is not an artifact.’

His head stopped shaking for a moment, but he did not feel the special aura of artifacts.

'This really is Irene.’

But why?!

He should have already fulfilled the risk!
Messages started to pop up at that moment as if to sneer at Ju-Heon.

[The remaining risk of destitution is activating at once.]
[The remaining risk of destitution is activating at once.]
[The remaining risk of destitution is activating at once.]


Ju-Heon's jaw dropped.

What happened earlier did not seem to be the full risk!

‘Damn it, what the hell is the risk this time?’

The message was nice and answered his question.

[The risk of greed this time is for your < chastity >.]
“W, what?!”

What the hell was it talking about?

Ohhhh! Human! Are you about to do it?!

We will help you!


He heard some excited voices coming from the balcony.

They were the Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo artifacts that had followed him from the Tomb of Lust.

Ju-Heon started to frown as soon as he saw them.

‘Why the hell are they here again when I threw them away?’

They were getting excited and jumping up and down on the balcony regardless of whether Ju-Heon was grinding his teeth or not.

Huff, huff, we will help you! We will help!

We’ll let you experience a ton of pleasure!


The panty and penis jumping up and down on the balcony was quite… bizarre.

We said we would help! We'll send you off all the way to Hong Kong!

We'll help you feel the best feeling ever!

“Best feeling my ass!”

Ju-Heon walked out to the balcony and chucked the two excited artifacts down.

The two artifacts screamed as they fell.

“Damn it, can someone please pick those two up and take them away?”

But as Ju-Heon walked back in and tried to walk out of his room…


Irene pulled Ju-Heon to her before he could even think.


He was pushed down on a bed again.

It had instantly turned into this kind of situation once again.

“Mr. Ju-Heon.”

The smiling Irene slowly climbed on top of Ju-Heon. Of course, she didn’t forget to undo the buttons of her blouse as she did that.


Her deep cleavage was revealed before Irene moved her body up against Ju-Heon.

The supple softness touching his skin made Ju-Heon subconsciously turn 'tense.’

Irene's sweet scent that tickled his nose made his mind start to go blank.

'Damn it.’

Irene’s natural beauty, her voluptuous breasts, her slender waist and her smooth legs…

Any of those would have been enough to excite a man.


‘This is an artifact’s risk.’

That was the only thing he could think about.

Artifacts enjoyed destroying people's sense of rationality and toying with them.

It picked the right way to make things complicated for him.

“This artifact bastard……huh?”

Irene, who had noticed that Ju-Heon was thinking about something else, pushed her lips against Ju-Heon’s lips.


Their moist tongues wrapped around each other and started this time of pleasure.

The noises and heavy breathing coming from the room signaled that was the case.

But it didn’t stop there.

Irene grabbed Ju-Heon's hand and placed it on her breast.

Her breast filled his hand and the supple and smooth sensation went from the tip of his hands straight to his brain.

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“How critical."

It was a terrible risk now that he thought about it. It was perfect to toy with humans.

But this was a risk that could never come out unless Irene herself wanted this to happen.

Ju-Heon didn't have to think about it for long.

‘It’s obvious the artifact bastard wants to see Irene or me getting flustered, but…’

Ju-Heon viciously smiled and let his instincts take over. Irene quietly moaned and her white body started to shake.

“Ah, aahh……”

Irene, who seemed embarrassed at first, quickly welcomed Ju-Heon's hand.

Irene's breathing started to get heavier.

He didn't even do much with his hand but Irene’s bell-like voice teared up as she hugged Ju-Heon.

“Mr. Ju-Heon, stop, stop…”

Irene, who was shocked to hear that, quickly shook her head.

It didn't seem as if she didn’t like it.

Ju-Heon, who thought she was cute, again lifted his body up. He then pulled Irene by the hips and placed her on top of his thighs.

A small moan that Irene had been holding in escaped from her mouth.

As expected, a night between a young man and a young woman couldn’t help but be steamy.

It was at that moment.

[#$&#? #$&#?]
Huh? This isn't what I intended! This isn't what I intended!

They could hear the oddly shocked artifact of destitution's voice, but it was already too late.

‘Thank you. You little bastard.’

The artifact started to scream after realizing that they were not going to blame it on the risk any longer.

No! This isn't what I intended!

The night continued on whether the artifact was shouting or not.

Ju-Heon suddenly had a thought as they were continuing to keep things hot.

‘Ah, this room isn't soundproof. Whatever. I'm not the one who is going to suffer.’

“What the hell, where did you guys go?”

10 am.

Ju-Heon found it odd to see his roommate and Yoo Jaeha walking together looking like best friends.

“Did you guys go out late at night to go drink?”

The two young men who were coming back with sandwiches started to grumble.

“Yes, we went out for chicken and beer.”
“Ugh, we went to clubs too but we were kicked out of all of them! Damn it!”

Ju-Heon found it quite odd seeing the two of them grumbling together like this.

“Oh, but when did you guys get so close?”

Both of the young men clenched their fists at that moment.

‘What? When did we get so close?’

“Since last night, you bastard!”
“Captain-nim, you traitor! Just go out and die!”
“Yeah! Go die!”
“No thanks. Why would I go die for no reason?”

The two young men started to tear up as Ju-Heon shamelessly stole the sandwiches they had just bought.

They had to leave in the middle of the night because they couldn't handle it anymore, but why was it so sad?

It happened at that moment.

[Human. Your yang energy is much stronger than usual today.]

Daji, the young nine-tailed fox that was disguised as a black cat, was sniffing Ju-Heon's clothes.

[I also smell the scent of a woman’s perfume.]

She looked up at Ju-Heon with a coy expression and Ju-Heon started to laugh.

How could he not?

“You can stop talking about chastity with me now.”

He wasn’t a virgin anymore.

But Daji just started to laugh as well.

[I don't care about copulation between humans. You are still pure.]


[You’re guaranteed to be popular with all artifacts. I'm certain of it.]

As Ju-Heon's face stiffened up unlike his usual self after seeming to have realized something…

The rope suddenly appeared and crawled over to Ju-Heon.

It then climbed up Ju-Heon’s body and started to rub itself on Ju-Heon saying it loved its master.

However, at that moment…

The rope that was acting cute suddenly flinched.

It then seemed to be sniffing around as if it smelled something different than normal.

It then oddly looked upset.

It was probably because of the woman’s perfume, but the rope couldn't tell why it was upset.

It couldn't describe why, but it was upset.

It started to search its master’s body to figure out the reason.

Huh? Is it this thing? Is it this thing?

What the rope found was none other than the pain relief patch on Ju-Heon's neck. The rope sniffed it before it started to shake.

The scent of medicine was like hell for artifacts.

Yes, it must be this! It must be this thing!

It must have gotten upset because of this patch!

Was that the reason?

The rope that was looking at the patch as if it was a bitter enemy squirmed before it ripped it off with its mouth(?).

The rope's eyes(?) then sparkled in joy.

It won’t smell like that anymore! It won’t smell like that!

As the rope was about to rub its body again!


The rope noticed the red hickeys underneath the patch.

But Ju-Heon didn't really care.

‘What would an artifact know?’

The rope seemed to be observing the hickeys for quite a while as if to prove he was right.

It was taking a good look at it. It was taking a very good look at it.

But at that moment…


Ju-Heon felt the world tilt.

The rope pushed Ju-Heon down on the ground and started to search multiple places.
It even crawled into his clothes and took them off!

Ju-Heon couldn’t hold back any longer and shouted once the rope started to crawl into his underwear.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!”

The rope's eyes sparkled again once it didn't find anything else other than the marks on his neck.

I’ll go get you some medicine! I’ll go get you some medicine!

The rope then flew out.

Ju-Heon was shocked.

"What the hell is up with that thing?”

The rope was extremely active, as if it thought they were injuries or just wanted to get rid of them quickly.

It was at that moment.

A message popped up in front of him.

[You have satisfied the requirement.]

The message that came after that was very good news for Ju-Heon.

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