Chapter 124: A headache of a risk (?)

Ju-Heon had struggled quite a bit with this risk on his neck.

It was fine that he had imprisoned the Pandora bastards and ripped them off as he broadcasted it to the world.

But this motherfucking artifact must have gotten annoyed at something.

It activated Irene's risk while all the Pandora members were looking at him.
Irene had suddenly hugged Ju-Heon and shoved her face at Ju-Heon’s neck.


Thanks to that, the Pandora members and Ju-Heon were all shocked.

She looked like a seductive Vampire.

She gently grabbed Ju-Heon's face and started to caress his neck, making the Pandora members almost die from envy.

The artifact might have been going like, ‘Okay! Hurry up and react, human! React to her, human!’
As it smiled like the devil, but Ju-Heon would not fall for it so easily.
‘Do you think I would fall for a damn artifact’s mischief?’

Ju-Heon chuckled like that as he walked into his room while thinking about what happened.

He was going to plan a couple things out since he was back in Korea anyway.

But Ju-Heon's eyes opened wide once he came into the room.

“What the hell?”

There was something there.

There was a lump on his bed for some reason.

Furthermore, it was squirming. It was obvious that there was something underneath his blanket.
But forget being...

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