Chapter 121: Affection is thicker than blood (2)

Ju-Heon's eyes shined viciously.

‘Who do they think they’re trying to rip off?’

Ju-Heon could not hold back during this ridiculous situation any longer.

Inspector Kim seemed to have faced a shocking situation a month ago. He was preparing dinner when his 20 pyeong house suddenly turned into a low-grade tomb.
It was just a lowly level 1, < Boundary > Grade tomb. It was the lowest-grade tomb so that rather than the entire area turning into a dungeon, it only turned a wall or a portion of the floor into a tomb, making it possible to continue with everyday life.

‘Even a layperson would be able to easily clear it.’

That was how not dangerous level 1 tombs were said to be.

In simple terms, it would be as if there was a fire, but it was small enough to put out with a fire extinguisher.


[In Korea, anybody without permission cannot possess or gather artifacts or enter tombs.]

Whether this was an order from Pandora or the Korean government did it on their own, civilians were not even allowed to clear tombs.

But when did things go as planned in the world?

What a cute kid! How cute! Cry some more! Cry!

The artifact pulled at the infant’s hair and tormented(?) it, and the shocked Inspector Kim and Eun Ji-Yoon went nuts.

‘Doh Yoon!’

Inspector Kim ended up grabbing anything he could grab, which happened to be the head of napa cabbage kimchi his wife was cutting, and slapped the artifact’s f...

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