Chapter 120: Affection is thicker than blood (1)

It was a young woman who seemed to be about Ju-Heon's age.

“What do you think? Doesn’t she look like you?”

Yoo Jaeha slowly crawled over after becoming curious at Irene’s statement.

"What is it? What is it? Who looks like our Captain-nim?”
“Ah, this person who is being interviewed……”

It seemed to be news of the Middle East.

It was the interview of an NGO that was out helping people in a refugee camp.

The news was one thing, but Yoo Jaeha started to clap like a seal after seeing the woman being interviewed.

“Wow, jackpot. She's totally my type! She’s a hot babe!”

But it only lasted for a moment as Yoo Jaeha started to peek toward Ju-Heon.

“But she really does look like you, Captain-nim. Is she one of the doctors for the NGO?”
“Probably. Ah, apparently there was a Tomb Appearance where she is being interviewed.”
"Based on the information, it seems to be the Tomb of Pride, one of the 7 Great Tombs…”

Yoo Jaeha gasped and looked toward Ju-Heon.

“Captain-nim, she said it’s one of the 7 Great Tombs.”

But Ju-Heon didn’t even seem to care. In fact, his gaze was focused on the woman being interviewed.

[Please tell us something. What was it like at that time?]
[Umm…It was different from the Tomb Appearances I've seen on the news. There were no signs that it was going to happen and we were suddenly swept into it so we...

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