Chapter 117: The World's Greatest Artifact of Lust? (5)

‘Man, this is almost as annoying of a shape as Ong-Nyeo's artifact.’

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

He didn't know why that guy had that over his head, but it wasn't too weird since it was an artifact's doing.

Artifacts loved to bring down a human’s authority and make them embarrassed.

‘The important thing is to figure out how to take that away.’

He would do it himself, but honestly speaking, even he got the chills thinking about dealing with them.

However, the women who were causing a scene outside finally manage to destroy the door.


“Kya! We finally got through!”
“Go inside! Go inside!”

The women charged in as soon as the sealed door was breached.
“Kya! I'm first!”
“No! I'm first!”

If Yoo Jaeha was in a male hell, Ju-Heon was in a female hell.

Danger had struck Ju-Heon this time.

“Young maaaan!”
“Oppa! Oppa!”

All of the women were charging toward Ju-Heon.


But at that moment…

[The power of destitution that calls forth disasters is intimidating them.]


Thunderbolts started to strike down from the clear sky and the earth started to shake.

“Mommy! What's going on?!”

The women who were trying to grab Ju-Heon all fell through the crack on the ground.

“Help me out! Help me out now!”

Of course, Ju-Heon couldn't help but be shocked while looking at the message and the struggling women.

‘Wait, the power of destitution? Why would that suddenly appear? Irene isn’t even here?’

However, Ju-Heon only debated for a few moments before he turned his head.

it was because he heard some familiar voices outside the door.

“Huh? It’s the Captain-nim, Captain-nim, it’s you right?! Captain-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim! Please save me! Please!”
"What’s wrong? You look like you're having fun.”

Yoo Jaeha was crying as he ranted.

It was fine when he secretly followed Ju-Heon here because he said the artifact was a total babe even for an artifactphile like Ju-Heon.
He was also intrigued at the fact that the women around this tomb ended up seeking out men.


“Waaaaaah, what the hell?!”

The women he had been looking forward to were all gathered around Ju-Heon!

He was jealous. He also found Ju-Heon to be amazing!

But Ju-Heon just shouted without knowing what his subordinate was thinking.

“Jaeha! Stop playing around and hold them down for a bit! I need to take that thing off their head!”

Yoo Jaeha screamed as soon as he said that.

“Hold them down? Are you telling me to die?!”

Ju-Heon admitted Jaeha was right.

Yoo Jaeha just looked like a baby rat in front of these muscular bodybuilders.

It was almost certain that Yoo Jaeha's life would be over if he stopped moving.

Well, his life as a straight man that is.

Ju-Heon debated for a moment before shouting toward them.
“Hey! You guys! Stop for a moment! We will all just waste time and energy, so stop chasing my subordinate bastard and let’s negotiate!”
“What? Negotiate?”

The muscular men frowned after hearing that while Yoo Jaeha's face turned bright.

“Wow, truly a loyal man. He won't let his subordinate face danger……”
“I'll give you his number if you hand over the thing on your head!”

Yoo Jaeha who had instantly been sold started to foam at the mouth.

‘I thought he said he would guarantee my life and safety!’

On the other hand, the men’s reaction was hot.

“Oh! Cool guy! You know how to negotiate! I like you! Fine! I’ll trade this for his number!”

Ju-Heon calmly sold Yoo Jaeha's cellphone number without caring about the fact that Yoo Jaeha was crying.

Ju-Heon who had traded his subordinate's chastity(?) for the artifact looked extremely satisfied.

‘I can meet the true owner of the tomb now.’

Of course, Yoo Jaeha just fell to the ground and started to lament.

“I'm going to change my number as soon as I get out of here……I will change it.”

He really looked sad.

But as Ju-Heon tried to use Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo's artifacts…

“Hand over those artifacts.”

Lee Seol-A who had quietly been looking for an opening had taken out an ornamental silver knife.

“I’ll tell you once more. Hand them over if you don't want to die.”

The sniffling Yoo Jaeha looked at Lee Seol-A as if she was trying to attack the person who saved her.

“Wow, you have a lovely time with the Captain-nim and now you want him to hand over the artifacts?”
“What? A lovely time? What are you talking about?”
"What’s wrong? Both of your clothes are ripped. Are you telling me you didn't have some fun with our Captain-nim?”

Lee Seol-A became flustered and her face turned red as she looked at Ju-Heon.

“T, that’s not what happened! This is!”

Lee Seol-A tried to gather her ripped skirt for a moment before she lifted her knife as if she would strike down with it.
She decided that there was no need to explain anything to this joke of a man.

“Enough, you can just die!”
“Oh sure, you remember how you broke my rib last time? Do you know how much pain I was in at the hospital?!”

Ju-Heon started to laugh seeing the two of them who had terrible first impressions with each other starting to growl like this.

It was really nice to see his old subordinates fighting like this again.

‘These two always hated each other.’

Ju-Heon laughed with satisfaction before walking over to them.
“You bitch, let me show you the self-defense skills I learned while being beaten up by the Captain-ni……”

Yoo Jaeha was sent flying by Ju-Heon's kick at that moment.

“Ow, ow, ow!”

He had really been ruthlessly kicked. Yoo Jaeha felt as if he was wronged.

“Wow, this is too much sir! Are you discriminating because she is a pretty girl?! I was trying to take her artifact and hand……aaah!”

Lee Seol-A's knife slashed as if she was trying to cut both of their necks off.

Yoo Jaeha would probably have been caught by Lee Seol-A if Ju-Heon had not kicked him away.

“Damn it, that bitch! Captain-nim, I’ll hold her down so you can take it away?”
“Enough. Your life will be over if that knife even scratches you.”

Yoo Jaeha's eyes opened wide in shock.

“Huh? Because of that ornamental silver knife? Isn’t that only a C-Grade artifact?”

Ju-Heon’s lessons must be paying off as Jaeha’s ability to tell artifacts apart had become much better. The ornamental silver knife artifact in Lee Seol-A’s hand was indeed a C-Grade artifact.

But this was no ordinary artifact.

Although this item was carried by both men and women, the ornamental silver knife was remembered most as an item signaling a woman’s chastity.

It naturally had an extremely terrible ability against men.

“That thing just scratching you will turn you into an eunuch, you idiot.”

Yoo Jaeha immediately retreated in shock, as if he had not been willing to take her down in the first place.

Ju-Heon also had no intentions of going near her.
He didn't want to become an eunuch either.

However, there was something that was concerning.

‘That artifact is the one that the lunatic liked to use.’

Zhen Cai Yuan, one of the Four Emperors.

This woman who was the strongest of the Emperors and had overbearing power had made him eat shit by committing suicide in front of his eyes.

That was why Ju-Heon started to frown as he asked.

“Let me ask you a question. Who did you get that artifact from?”

Lee Seol-A pointed the knife at Ju-Heon instead of responding. She didn't want to use this ornamental silver knife artifact if she didn't have to, but she had no choice.

‘If I don’t manage to take the artifacts this time either, my debt to China will once again……!’

Her gaze looked quite anxious and desperate.

But as the ornamental silver knife flashed dangerously once again…


A bright light flashed in front of them.

[An unknown power of destitution is attacking the opponent.]

Lee Seol-A immediately grabbed her stomach and curled over.


It hurt, it really hurt.

Lee Seol-A teared up and ended up on her knees as it was the same pain she had felt earlier.

“Damn it……!”

This was definitely an artifact's abilities.

‘Who the hell has been doing this since earlier?!’

Of course, Ju-Heon just chuckled as he watched.

He couldn't tell who was doing it, but that person didn’t seem to want Ju-Heon to turn into a eunuch.

‘Either way, thank you!’

Ju-Heon did not miss this opening.


He instantly kicked the ornamental silver knife away and got on top of Lee Seol-A to suppress her.


He then pushed her arms that were trying to resist down with his legs.

“I asked you a question. Who did you get the ornamental silver knife from?”
“Ugh! Why should I answer your ques……”
“Is it a professor named Zhen Cai Yuan?”

Lee Seol-A’s pupils started to shake after simply hearing the name.

That was enough of a response for him.

Ju-Heon secretly started to grind his teeth.

‘Damn it. Is that why Seol-A is with China right now?’

That woman had a keen eye.

Chairman Kwon was a pro in gathering talented individuals, but Zhen Cai Yuan was unfortunately even better.

This woman had tried many times to swipe his precious Tomb raiding team members in the past!

‘Seol-A's talent for detecting things is almost as good as the Pandora system.’

She was pretty much a human radar who could easily detect artifact users.

Her detection skills had been quite important for their Tomb raiding team in the past as well.

Most humans could not feel the aura of an artifact well once they were about 30m away from it.

That was why detecting an artifact that had escaped to a different continent was something that could not happen.

But Lee Seol-A was capable of doing that.
Of course, he had helped her develop that ability in the past, but it was possible because similar to Yoo Jaeha, she had high Fit in that aspect.

‘That must be why she caught that woman’s attention.’

Ju-Heon felt his insides starting to twist after having that thought. It could not be helped.

‘I would have to be crazy to give my subordinate’s ability to someone else.’

He could not accept it.

He would rather turn her into a regular person at that rate.

He was slowly planning on developing a connection with Lee Seol-A, but……

‘Why the hell does she have to be under that woman? No, no.’

Leaving her like this will make Lee Seol-A turn into China's radar.

‘Hmm, but how do I lure her out of there?’

She wouldn't fall for anything he said and she wasn’t easy to use force to make submit either.

It was at that moment.

“Captain-nim, your pocket, your pocket!”

A bright light shot out of his pocket.

The Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo artifacts he had left along were showing weird reactions.

Aaaaang! Not there! No!

Huff, huff, right there, right there! Euuuuuuuung!

These artifacts of lust were suddenly becoming hot and releasing strong auras.

Ju-Heon wondered if they had suddenly gone crazy, but he soon realized what was going on.


Lee Seol-A’s goblin artifact had approached him in its soul-state and touched the two artifacts of lust.

And it scratched the places they liked(?) and they were going crazy.

But why was it doing this and not thinking about stealing it?

Something unexpected happened at that moment.

Aaaaaang, I'm almost there!

Huff, huff, almost there!

A gate to go somewhere suddenly opened as soon as they said that.

Ju-Heon's jaw dropped in shock.

‘Is this how you’re supposed to use these artifacts?!’

This gate to some other location must open when the two artifacts reached climax(?).

‘What annoying artifacts……!’

Anyway, as Gildal was an artifact, it probably knew how to use its fellow artifacts better than the humans.

Lee Seol-A must have received a message from Gildal as she smiled and started to shout.

“Okay, I got it! Go and find the true owner of this tomb! We will swipe the artifact first!”

The true owner of the tomb seemed to be on the other side of this gate.

Ju-Heon shouted to Yoo Jaeha once the red goblin jumped into the gate.

“You head over first too!”
“Yes sir! Just leave it to me!”

Lee Seol-A, who was still under Ju-Heon, sneered once Yoo Jaeha disappeared as well.

“My artifact will probably get it first even if he's chasing behind it.”

Ju-Heon just looked at her as if she was ridiculous.

“Ohh, you sound so confident. Do you want to bet on it? Shall we bet on who will get it first?”
“And will you hand it over if I win?”

Ju-Heon’s eyes turned mischievous as he looked at Lee Seol-A.

“Your body.”

On the other side, Yoo Jaeha who arrived at some sort of entrance after going through a large cave dropped his jaw.

The true owner of the tomb did seem to be inside there.

But this door required a certain condition to be met in order to open.


“……Wow, this is crazy. We've been had by this artifact bastard. Who the hell can clear this condition in here?!”

He was certain.

It was obvious that it didn't want to let anybody inside.

‘I guess it wasn’t going to let anybody clear it in the first place.’

It seemed that way as this was the Tomb of Lust.

There were no children in here and everybody was excitedly running around lusting for one another because of the artifact.

So, how could anybody meet this condition?!

< Requirement >
[Only a pure man will be able to open this door! Don't even think about coming in otherwise!]

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