Chapter 115: The World's Greatest Artifact of Lust? (3)

[This is the tomb of Byeon Kang-Soe, the man with the greatest virility in the world, and Ong-Nyeo, the lewdest woman in the world.]
[Warning. You may die from sex due to a woman’s yin energy.]


Ju-Heon honestly wanted to swear out loud.

He knew something was weird, but what the hell was this?!

Even the great and mighty Ju-Heon could not help but stiffen up at this unexpected situation. [1] However, Ju-Heon couldn’t stand there and swear, he had to run away.

It was because hundreds of women were charging toward him.

“Kyaaaa! Oppa! Wait for me!”
“Get him! Get hiiiiim!”
“Ahh, I can't hold back any longer! Stop!”

‘What the hell can’t you hold back?! Damn it.’

Ju-Heon ran away as best as he could.

Some people may question why he would not like a lot of women coming for him, but there was a time and place for things.
It was great, but why would anybody stay when it seemed as if he would die from getting his energy sucked out the moment he was caught?!

‘I, I need to run away.’

This did not seem normal at all. They must have all gone crazy because of the artifact’s abilities.

Of course, it was not just the women who were feeling lust and chasing after the men.

This was Ong-Nyeo's tomb but also Byeon Kang-Soe’s tomb.

The men who were overflowing with virility were also looking for the women as well.

However, the problem was…
“Fuck! Why are the women only chasing after him?!”
“What the hell does that bastard have that I don't?!”
“Ahhhhh! I'm getting so angry!”

All the women in this area were only aiming for Ju-Heon!

Even though there were other men around, all the women were chasing after Ju-Heon as if they had agreed to do that.

“Kyaaaaaa! Oppa is going up over there!”
“Oppa, don't run away!”
“Young man, over here, over here!”

All of these women must be seeing the other men as stone statues or something.

But why?

He didn’t need to question it for too long.

[Congratulations. You have received Byeon Kang-Soe’s special blessing.]
[Congratulations. You have become a candidate for transcendental stamina and virility to last a whole month without stopping.]
[Congratulations. Every woman in the world, regardless of age, is coming for you.]

‘This crow bastard, why I ought to really twist its damn neck off!'

The old women were chasing after Ju-Heon at that moment.

“Healthy young maaaaan!”
“Stop there!”

The old women were chasing after Ju-Heon with extremely embarrassed expressions.

It made him wonder how these grandmas could have such stamina to keep chasing after him!

“Young maaaan! I'll leave the door ajar for you tonight. What do you think?”
“Ma’am, just lock the door and get some rest! You'll be robbed if you leave the door open!”

The grannies who had been chasing him opened their eyes wide as soon as they heard that.

"Are you looking down on us for being grannies?!”
“We might be wrinkly but we won't lose to the youngins!”

They definitely looked as if they would not lose to the younger girls.

The angry grannies looked ready to kidnap him.

“Get him, get him!”

Ju-Heon, who had been running away to the top of a mountain, jumped onto a tall tree.


Ju-Heon was actually pretty good at climbing trees.

He used swift moments to quickly climb up.

“Ah! He went up there!”

The women gathered below were throwing a fuss.

“Oppa! Please come down!”

They tried to climb the tree after Ju-Heon before they started to fight with each other over Ju-Heon.

“Hey, let go of me! My skirt is going to rip!”
"That man is mine! Where do you think you're going?!”
“He’s mine! Get out of my way!”
“What did you say? You bitch!”

Of course, they tried to climb the tree in their skirts before sliding down and landing on their butts.

They didn't seem skilled enough to climb trees.

Ju-Heon sighed in relief before sitting down on a thick branch. It was fine that the women were throwing a fuss down there.

‘Damn it, what the hell is going on?’

Ju-Heon started to think deeply about the situation.

The future had definitely changed.

Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo’s Tomb had come out instead of Cleopatra’s Tomb.

Of course, it was understandable that they were here because it was the Tomb of Lust.


‘Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo are S-Grade (Legendary Hero-Grade) artifacts?’

That seemed weird.

Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo was quite an amazing(?) pansori folktale, but for them to be called Legendary Hero-Grade……

Ju-Heon used his Spy skill to detect the nearby aura to see if this really was one of the 7 Great Tombs, and that was correct.

That fact had not changed.

‘Is this just a variable as a result of the future changing?’

Ju-Heon groaned and started to frown.

‘No. Something’s up.’

As Ju-Heon was deep in thought…

Bang, bang!


He heard an extremely loud noise coming from below.

The noise continued and he started to feel the tree shake.

"W, what?”

A shocked Ju-Heon urgently looked down and almost fainted.

The young women who had been throwing a fuss were striking the tree with axes!

“Come down!”
“Please come down!”

Boom, boom!

“Damn it!”

‘Where the hell did they get those axes?'

Even the grannies Ju-Heon had ran away from earlier were eagerly helping them chop the three down.

“Come down!”
“Come down young man!”
“Don’t look down on us grannies!”

Bang! Bang!

The axes continued to slam into the tree and the tree started to shake. But as he thought he might die like this…

Master, hurry up and grab on! Hurry up and grab on!

The rope suddenly appeared and shot up into the air.

It was floating in the air, becoming a tool that would allow Ju-Heon to stay in the air.

Ju-Heon laughed while looking at it.

“Good. Good job!”

The rope got extremely excited after hearing Ju-Heon praise it. This punk was the < Rope from Heaven > after all.

‘I can run away to the sky all I want.’

But the moment Ju-Heon tried to grab onto the rope and escape to the sky!

[Warning. Only good people can rise to heaven.]
You have too much negative karma to escape to the sky.]
[The owner of the tomb is launching a punishment.]
[The thunderbolt of punishment is striking down.]

"W, what?!”


The thunderbolt of punishment struck down from the sky.

The rope and Ju-Heon had no choice but to fall to the ground in shock.



He wasn’t injured much thanks to the rope grabbing him, but Ju-Heon started to groan once he fell down.

“Damn it. What the hell?”

The rope was roaming around Ju-Heon to make sure he wasn’t hurt as Ju-Heon saw another message.

[The strength of the tomb owner is too strong to escape.]

‘The tomb owner?

Are you joking with me?

You're telling me Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo are capable of causing natural disasters?!

How does that make any sense?!’

The women jumped on Ju-Heon as if to stop him from running away again.

“Kyaaaa! Oppa!”
“I'm first! Move!”
“You move!”

The first to straddle Ju-Heon was a young woman who seemed slightly older than him.

“He truly seems different than the other guys.”

She smiled erotically before caressing Ju-Heon's chest and stomach. Her seemingly experienced hands slowly made their way down.


Her hands were moving in a firm yet sensual way, making him feel as if he could lose his rationality at any moment.
But there was more.

Once one of them made her move, the others started to stick to Ju-Heon as well.

‘Damn it.’

Even Ju-Heon couldn’t help but flinch as the numerous women’s flesh touched him.

It was an obvious reaction. Even if he had not turned into an animal like the other men thanks to his Tolerance, this Tomb Appearance location was too dangerous.

This situation was slightly dangerous as well.

However, as the women stripped Ju-Heon down and erotically kissed his body…

Get away! Get away!

The rope could not hold back anymore and started to whip the women.

Slap slap!

"What the, what is this?!”

The women screamed and moved away.

However, the women were instantly tied up in BDSM rope harnesses by the angry rope and started to dangle in the air.

Don't touch him! Don’t touch him!

The rope whipped down on the ground and was being menacing, as if it was saying that it would punish anybody who got closer than 3 meters.

However, there was another shout as the women ignored the warning and tried to get closer than 3 meters.

I told you not to get closer! I told you!

The rope that was giving off a venomous aura seemed extremely angry.

He didn't know why, but it seemed to not like the women putting their hands on Ju-Heon’s body.

Ju-Heon quickly snapped out of it and praised it internally.

‘Good job.’

He did not want to lose his rationality because of an artifact’s influence in such a place.

But as soon as he stood up…

[Oh my, he’s not succumbing, how interesting. I wonder why.]

He heard an artifact's voice somewhere even though it sounded as if it was talking to itself.

It was an extremely charming and clear voice.

Ju-Heon started to frown after hearing that bewitching voice.
‘Is that Ong-Nyeo?’

No, it couldn’t be. It was a much more vicious and stronger aura.

Ju-Heon urgently looked in the direction of the voice.

‘It definitely came from the mountain.’

He could hear men screaming and women moaning inside the mountain, but that was fine.

A curious Ju-Heon quickly started to move.


On the other hand, Irene who had stayed at home was shocked.

Ju-Heon's group that had stayed at her villa had gone to Korea a long time ago.

They should have had plenty of time to go into the Tomb of Lust by now.


"Why did this……”

The numerous gifts she had been planning to give to Ju-Heon had been destroyed. She wasn’t too superstitious, but this gave her a bad feeling.

It was at that moment.

“My goodness, young miss, young miss! Please take a look at this!”

One of the staff employed to maintain the house was shouting for Irene.

“Look at the news right now. Isn’t that where Mr. Ju-Heon is right now?”

She felt an ominous feeling and immediately looked toward the TV. George Holten and her parents were already watching the TV with their jaws dropped.

[An extremely strong Tomb Appearance has appeared in the Republic of Korea. It is in Sokcho in Gangwon-do province……]
[According to Pandora’s analysis, this is the Tomb of Lust and they have detected an even stronger artifact than the one that was found in the Kyoto tomb……]
[Excavation teams from Pandora and all around the world are currently heading over, but anybody entering the region is said to become filled with lust and start to……]

The entire world was treating the Tomb Appearance in Korea as important news. This was definitely related to the tomb Ju-Heon left to excavate.

George Holten and the Holten couple became serious while watching.
“Wow, that damn thug is over there?”
“I'm a bit envious in some……ugh!”

Irene’s father had his ear almost ripped out by his wife, but Irene urgently returned with an artifact.

“I, Irene?”

The artifact Irene had brought over was an ancient book Ju-Heon had told her to use in a state of emergency.

[The Books of the Mayan Priest Chilam Balam (B-Grade:Rare-Grade/ Consumable Artifact)]

  • Remaining Uses (376/1000)

This artifact was a record of the Mayans after the Spanish Conquest.

The Mayan priest had tried to use this new language, the alphabet, to recreate texts that had been burnt.

The contents were said to include mythologies, but honestly speaking, it was closer to a difficult to decipher book of Prophecies by a seer.

In other words, this was an artifact that was able to show you the dangers someone might be facing.

‘This should at least give me an idea about the troubles Mr. Ju-Heon is about to face.’

Irene quickly thought about Ju-Heon as she activated the artifact.
The message that popped up about Ju-Heon was extremely shocking.


That word made Irene turn pale.

‘I have a bad feeling about this!’

She didn’t know why, but she had an extremely ominous feeling about this!

1. Pun not intended. Lol.

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