Chapter 114: The World's Greatest Artifact of Lust? (2)

‘Now I get it.’

He now knew the identity of this bastard’s artifact.

Ju-Heon violently laughed.

He finally felt as if his questions were answered.

The artifact of < Conquest >.

He had wanted to figure out the identity of that artifact more than anybody else.
‘I wanted to get away from the bastard.’

He was tired and annoyed of being a slave because of the medicine.

That was why he had done all sorts of things to figure out the identity of Chairman Kwon's artifact.

He had even pretended to go crazy and hid in the ceiling of Chairman Kwon's restroom and bathroom for a few days and spied on Chairman Kwon’s daily routine at one point.

He had even seen the old fart's bedroom actions he never wanted to see!

But he never managed to figure it out despite everything he tried.

‘Only if I didn't get all those people getting in my way.’

Ju-Heon started to grind his teeth while thinking about those incidents.

It was obvious as to why the monopolizers would want to hide the identities of their artifacts. They didn't want their weaknesses to be found.

‘But Chairman Kwon tried almost excessively to hide its identity.’

That was why most users were unable to determine the identity of Chairman Kwon's artifact and Ju-Heon had probably come closest to figuring it out.

‘He was probably scared.’

That bastard had a lot of bad karma.

Thanks to that, that old fart couldn't even trust Ju-Heon who was his loyal subordinate and tried to cut his tail off.

But now, he finally had an idea about the identity of the artifact of conquest that he had wanted to know so badly.

‘I'm almost certain.’

Irene, who was bringing over some snacks that she had made herself, tilted her head in confusion after seeing Ju-Heon's smile.

“Umm, did you get some good information?”
“Ah, yes. I did. This old fart’s artifact might be Julius Caesar's artifact.”

Yoo Jaeha screamed as soon as he said that.
“C, crazy! You said it could be Julius Caesar’s artifact? Chairman Kwon’s artifact?!”

Julius Caesar, the man who said, ‘the die has been cast.’
And ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’

That Julius Caesar’s artifact.

Yoo Jaeha had been the one who had said they should sell Nero's artifact as Julius Caesar’s artifact.

There were no special reasons behind it.

He just thought something along the lines of, ‘wouldn’t someone like Caesar work better than that trash Nero for a Roman artifact?’

That was all it was.

Even if someone already had Caesar’s artifact, they would then be able to know the location of it, so it was killing two birds with one stone.

But that happened to be with Chairman Kwon?

A shocked Yoo Jaeha got chills throughout his body.

He then slapped his knees as if he was suddenly possessed.

“That’s it! That's why that Chairman didn’t show up at the auction! He had it so he knew what we were offering was a fake! Right, sir?”

That was true.

Even with any prophecy-type artifacts or search-type artifacts, nothing was better than an artifact in a person's possession to confirm if something was a fake!

Ju-Heon who had the same thought smiled more viciously than ever before.

‘I never expected to find out like this.’

His laughter that was a mix of hatred and jubilation made him seem crazy for a moment.

It was because something he had desired for so long had finally been revealed and it was too funny.

‘Caesar’s artifact was definitely on the list as I was figuring out the identity of the artifact of conquest.’

But Chairman Kwon barely managed to dodge Ju-Heon's sharp intuition when a different Julius Caesar’s artifact user had appeared.

‘But it's possible that all of it was a ruse.’

This was quite important information.

It was a chance to reformulate the incorrect information he had, but most importantly……

‘Artifacts have a correlative relationship.’

If you knew one person's artifact, you were able to speculate about other people’s artifacts as well.

For example, the artifacts that acted sensitively around Admiral Yi Sun-sin's artifact were highly likely to be an enemy soldier’s artifact.
There were things that were possible with Julius Caesar’s artifact as well.

‘I got you now. You old fart.’

Furthermore, he was openly using Brutus's artifact that should be Caesar's artifact’s greatest weakness.

It was extremely despicable.

But it was at that moment.

“Didn’t you say that Chairman Kwon Tae Joon is a Divine-Grade artifact user?”

Irene mentioned something unexpected.

“That…according to the ratings for artifacts you told me Mr. Ju-Heon, Caesar’s artifact should be an S-Grade (Legendary Hero-Grade) artifact and not a Divine-Grade artifact……”

That made his subordinates realize their mistake while Ju-Heon nodded his head as if he already knew about that.

“That’s right. That was what I was thinking about as well.”

Even Ju-Heon was thinking that Julius Caesar's artifact seemed more like an S-Grade (Legendary Hero-Grade) artifact than an SS-Grade (Divine-Grade) artifact.

He was an amazing person, but he was still human.

‘Qin Shi Huang's Herb of Eternal Youth could be a Divine-Grade artifact because it has an immortality component, but…….’

Did that old fart maybe pretend to be a Divine-Grade artifact user when he wasn’t one?

If that wasn't the case, did Chairman Kwon have a different secret they did not know about?

Ju-Heon started to frown as if it was a bit complicated.

‘Damn it. Zhuge Kongming would be able to use the analysis-type artifact to figure it out for sure……’

That bastard could not say anything in the past because of his own slave contract and he was not an ally right now.

He didn't want to consult Zhuge Kongming now and get this information out to a different artifact user.

The fact that he was curious about that and consulted him would reveal his strategy.

He didn’t want to use that method without turning Zhuge Kongming completely on his side. It would be difficult to trick that smart bastard as well.

‘Hmm, what to do…’

It was at that moment.

“Umm, Mr. Ju-Heon? Are you okay?”

Irene was so close that he could feel her breath.

His face must look extremely serious for Irene to be concerned.

Ju-Heon who saw Irene's face started to laugh out loud.

“Ah, now that I think about it, there’s no point worrying about it. Clearing the Tomb of Lust would allow me to somewhat figure out Chairman Kwon’s artifact as well.”

“Excuse me? Why?”

Why else?

“The Tomb of Lust is Cleopatra’s Tomb.”
“Excuse me?!”

Cleopatra was someone who had seduced Julius Caesar and other men of power to protect her country.

There should be a big reaction if he approached Chairman Kwon with Cleopatra's artifact in his possession.

That was the reason only male Congressmen were disappearing as a result of the Tomb Appearance.

‘Congressmen can be considered the powerful figures of modern society.’

At one point, he wondered, ‘Huh, that’s weird. Why is Cleopatra coming out in the Tomb of Lust?’

But what could he do about it? That was what had happened.

Either way, this could be called some amazing timing.
He definitely needed to get his hands on the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs even if it wasn't for Chairman Kwon.

Furthermore, he already knew the method of clearing Cleopatra’s Tomb very well.

‘This is like taking candy from a baby.’

It was at that moment.

[We have some breaking news. The missing people incident that has started in Chungbuk province’s Cheongju city has spread throughout the nation. Based on stories, in addition to Congressmen, soldiers on vacation, old men and young men are all starting to go missing……. Furthermore, women are starting to go missing as well.]

Ju-Heon flinched after hearing that.

‘……That’s weird. This is Cleopatra's Tomb, right?’

“Something is definitely weird.”

Korea looked extremely odd after returning after a few months.

Korea itself had not changed, but the weird thing had to do with the Tomb Appearance from one of the 7 Great Tombs.

‘Now I'm certain. This is different from what I remember.’

The date, the location of the tomb and its entrance, the shape of the tomb, and the damage were all completely the same.

But there was one difference.

The effects were slightly different.

‘Only the male Congressmen disappeared in the past.’

But apparently everybody except children were disappearing this time.

Young men and women, middle-aged men and women, and even grandmas and grandpas!

‘What is going on?’

But there was more.

Ju-Heon started to frown while looking at the people gathered around Mt. Seorak.

‘There’s so many people here.’

Even if this was a tourist attraction, this many people made it seem as if they were at an amusement park. There were so many people.

That was the case.

Ju-Heon had come alone to Gangwon-do province's Sokcho city.

‘This place can be considered the core of this tomb.’

That meant this was where the artifact should be located.

However, Cleopatra's Tomb hated humans as she had closed Egypt off and would not have gathered people like this.

In fact, people had stopped coming here at one point despite the fact that it was a tourist attraction in the past.

‘But the Chinese bastards have gathered here as well.’

The area was full of Chinese excavation team members who seemed to be mixing in with the tourists.

Of course, they were dressed as tourists on vacation as they wanted to excavate the tomb without the Korean government knowing about it.

‘Seol-A is here too.’

Lee Seol-A was pretending to be a tourist as well, wearing a one piece and a hat and looked extremely beautiful that he almost lost focus, but……

‘You idiot, look at your expression. How would anybody think that you are a tourist?’

It didn't matter.

‘I’ll swipe it before them.’

He knew where the artifact was located. That was why he just needed to break through and swipe it.

The numerous competitors gathered here didn’t mean anything.

But at that moment…


Something weird happened in this mountain area.

"What the, what the hell is this?”

There was a strong earthquake and a strong aura shot out from multiple locations.


As a result, pillars of light shot through the ground and into the sky.

Those pillars of lights seemed to create a barrier as it started to surround a portion of Gangwon-do province.

[You have been captured inside an above ground tomb.]
[You cannot get out here using any method until the tomb has been cleared.]


It was the work of the artifact here. It seemed as if it had done that to capture the people who had gathered around.

However, Ju-Heon became certain after feeling the aura.

‘It really is not Cleopatra's Tomb.’

He had thought it was weird this whole time, but this was not Cleopatra’s aura.

‘The future has changed.’

It was actually an artifact he had never seen before.
However, the size and signs meant it was definitely one of the 7 Great Tombs.

‘Damn it, then whose tomb is this?’

But at that moment…

[Everybody imprisoned inside the tomb is starting to be actively affected by the artifact.]
[Your virility has increased.]
[Warning. The people affected by the artifact are starting to go on a rampage.]
[The harem artifact in your possession has been activated.]
[Women with strong yin energy are rushing over.]

Ju-Heon felt as if he saw something he should not have seen.

‘Y, yin energy?’

Ju-Heon then turned around and gasped.

They must have been affected by the artifact as all women, young, middle-aged, and old were charging toward him.

“Kyaaaa! Look, there’s a man! There's a man over there!”
“There's a man with strong yang energy!”

He saw another message as the women fervently charged toward him.

Ju-Heon's face turned pale and he started to swear as soon as he saw that message.

[This is the tomb of Byeon Kang-Soe, the man with the greatest virility in the world, and Ong-Nyeo, the lewdest woman in the world.]
[Warning. You may die from sex due to a woman’s yin energy.]

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miraclerifle's Thoughts

This is a Korean story of Byeon Kang-Soe, a man who was known for making women unable to stand having sex with him after one night because he can keep going and going nonstop. He then goes to search for Ong-Nyeo, who was known for sending any man who slept with her to the afterlife (based on the message we saw at the end, I would say due to her yin energy being too much). The two of them meet up and immediately decide to be together until the dude chops down a totem for firewood and gets cursed and dies, leaving her all alone again. There’s an original story that doesn’t revolve as much around sex, but there was a movie in the 80s that was one of the first erotic movies in Korean history revolving around the story, which is where the concept comes from.