Chapter 111: Fanning a burning house? (3)

He said to hand it over.

He wanted the novel that Nero had written.

However, Nero seemed to be shocked after hearing what Ju-Heon said. That was the same for the other artifacts.

What did that bastard just say?

He wants the novel? Is he crazy?

They were all flustered.

What did that human just say?!

Haha! Hey idiot! You can’t read our language!

Even if we can understand the lowly human language, who does this human bastard think he is?!

Nero sneered at Ju-Heon as well.

[Enough with the bluffing, human. Humans cannot read Toombglyph. No humans have ever been able to read that advanced language and there will never be anybody who can. Would you like this Emperor to be nice and translate it for you?]

‘What the hell is he saying?’

“Shut up and hand it over. Are you deaf?”

‘This little punk.’

Nero was flustered but continued to sneer as he summoned his novel into the air.

The novel was in the shape of a papyrus scroll used in ancient Greece.

[Fine, here! Here you go! This Emperor will kneel to you if you can even read a single line.]

The artifacts sneered at Ju-Heon as well.

I'll self-destruct if that bastard can read it! Really!

Haha, he can't read it. How can a human read……

It was at that moment.

“This Emperor...

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