Chapter 111: Fanning a burning house? (3)

He said to hand it over.

He wanted the novel that Nero had written.

However, Nero seemed to be shocked after hearing what Ju-Heon said. That was the same for the other artifacts.

What did that bastard just say?

He wants the novel? Is he crazy?

They were all flustered.

What did that human just say?!

Haha! Hey idiot! You can’t read our language!

Even if we can understand the lowly human language, who does this human bastard think he is?!

Nero sneered at Ju-Heon as well.

[Enough with the bluffing, human. Humans cannot read Toombglyph. No humans have ever been able to read that advanced language and there will never be anybody who can. Would you like this Emperor to be nice and translate it for you?]

‘What the hell is he saying?’

“Shut up and hand it over. Are you deaf?”

‘This little punk.’

Nero was flustered but continued to sneer as he summoned his novel into the air.

The novel was in the shape of a papyrus scroll used in ancient Greece.

[Fine, here! Here you go! This Emperor will kneel to you if you can even read a single line.]

The artifacts sneered at Ju-Heon as well.

I'll self-destruct if that bastard can read it! Really!

Haha, he can't read it. How can a human read……

It was at that moment.

“This Emperor saw a carp today.”

The artifacts questioned their ears after hearing that.


[H, he just read it? A human?]

It made no sense!

But Ju-Heon continued to read it correctly word for word, as if that was not a mistake.

“Both men and women were looking at this Emperor out in the town. Ah, I guess you wrote about your time as the Emperor.”

That made the artifacts gasp and start to scream.

He clearly read it! That bastard is reading Nero's book!

C, crazy! He read it! He really read it!

That makes no sense! It’s a precursor for a disaster! How could a mere human read our language?!

Of course, the only artifact jumping up and down in joy while every other artifact was astonished was the rope.

‘See, see! He can read it! He can read it!’
That seemed to be what it was saying.

Nero's jaw was dropped at this unbelievable situation as well.

‘Who the f*ck is this bastard?!’

But Ju-Heon just started to smile without caring whether Nero was shocked or now.

“Time to kneel.”


“You said you would kneel if I could read it.”


Nero started to frown and Ju-Heon walked toward Nero while sneering.

"Well, if you don’t like that, I’ll make you kneel in a different way.”

[W, what did you say?]

He sounded coercive compared to before.

Nero seemed to be shocked at this demeanor, but Ju-Heon was just looking at it as if it was ridiculous.

‘This bastard is just a golden spoon Emperor who had an easy life.’

That was why even though it lacked any artistic skill at all, it probably never heard any criticisms.

All it heard were probably praise and more praise.

Nero would have liked people who flattered him, and the people probably praised him all he wanted as he would give them gold every time they praised him.

‘That is why he should be weak against criticism.’

As for how many bets in this golden palace would be beneficial to Nero?

Who cares about that? Ju-Heon didn't plan on making a bet at all. Wouldn’t it be his victory if he could just get this bastard to say he lost with his own mouth?

‘So, all I need to do is destroy his mental state.’

Ju-Heon started to smile wickedly.

“I've never seen such shit in my life. Have you even written anything before?”

[W, what?]

“You saw a carp and both men and women looked at you when you went to town. The maids dress too conservatively. So what? What the hell are you trying to say? Get rid of this trash.”

Nero's glass heart started to crack even before they got started.

But that didn't seem to be enough as Ju-Heon tapped on the book like an evil editor.

“You got that? Even my dog could write better than this. I wouldn’t take such trash even if it was free. Ah, it might be useful to put a hot pot on top of it. It is pretty thick if you fold it. Either that, or I’ll use it to make some origami battle cards.”

Squish squish.

Nero started to shout almost in tears as he watched the papyrus turn into battle cards.

[Y, you bastard! This Emperor is an artist that Orpheus looked up to and Apollo envied! How dare you say my writing is……!]

“Ah, whatever. I'll fix this for you. I'll do that in place of this battle.”

[W, what?! How dare you try to change this Emperor's writing!]

Nero opposed it with a flushed face, but Ju-Heon just ignored him and took a red pen out of his pocket.

And then…

“First, change the title.”

He ruthlessly crossed out the title, < Nero, the Artist Who Makes Even the Gods Cry in Defeat >.

Nero started to scream after seeing the crossed out title.

[Aaaaah! What are you doing to the title this Emperor put so much thought into?! You bastard, I won’t let you get away with that!]

“The title is < The Emperor's Agony >.”

Nero was saying it was a terrible title, but the artifacts in the stands were responding positively.

[Wow! What a great title!]
[That’s crazy! Look at that classy title choice!]
[Damn it, it's like a billion times better than what that arsonist came up with!]

But the red lines did not stop at the title.

"This too! And this!”

Ju-Heon who opened the scroll all the way started to cross out a lot of Nero's writing.
He was ruthless.

Even if it was not well-written, there was nothing better to destroy someone's mental state than to mess with their work!

That was why Ju-Heon started to turn even bolder.

“Let’s see here. This Emperor saw a carp today? What bullshit. Change it to this Emperor saw a beautiful woman today.”


“Both men and women were looking at this Emperor out in the town? Pfft, get lost. Men are useless. Change it to only the women were looking at you.”

[Ohhhhhhhh! That’s right!]

“The maids were dressing too conservatively? So what? Listen up. We're changing that to all of them started to strip.”

[Woooooooooooooow! Yes, that’s it! That’s exactly it!]

The artifacts’ eyes started to sparkle. This was Ju-Heon’s writing that had made the artifacts go crazy in the first place.

[This bastard definitely knows something!]
[Ugh, he really is that author!]

The artifacts were jumping up and down, almost dying in joy.
By now, even Yoo Jaeha and Oh Seung Woo who could not understand the artifacts could tell that they were jumping up and down in joy.

Of course, the humans couldn't understand why after hearing the things Ju-Heon was changing.

It made sense since all Ju-Heon did was change some words.

“……D, do these things just like anything erotic?”

Nero's body started to shake from embarrassment as the praise and cheering poured out for Ju-Heon.

[You deplorable bastards……! How dare you cheer at such foolishness……!]

Most importantly, this was his palace.

His Absolute Authority had been activated, and these bastards were supposed to praise and cheer him as the judges.

[You bastards! What the hell are you doing?! Do you all want to die here?!]

An angry Nero called forth the fire.

The artifacts started to scream inside the fire.

[I cannot accept this! Hurry up and say that this Emperor's writing is better!]

But the artifacts shouted in defiance even as they were crying because of the pain from Nero's fire.

Damn it, I'd rather die!

[#($#(!] Fck, I cannot lie even if it means I’ll die! Just kill me!

[You bastards! This Emperor will not accept it! This Emperor cannot accept it!]

Ju-Heon stabbed Nero with the final blow.

“Shut up, trash.”

Rip, rip.

He ripped the book in front of everyone. Nero fell to the ground as the pieces of papyrus disappeared.

[Nero's heart has been crushed.]
[Nero has fallen into a state of shock.]
[It may never be able to pick up a pen ever again.]
[It needs time to heal.]

Ju-Heon chuckled after reading that.

‘Time to heal my ass.’

Did it expect him to give it time to heal?

Ju-Heon threw a piece of paper to Nero.

“Here, take it. It’s a bonus gift I prepared for you.”

A scream and unbelievable messages started to pop up once Nero read the paper.

[Nero has lost his sanity.]
[Nero has lost his mind.]
[Nero has realized that he should never write again.]
[Nero has accepted defeat.]
[The Absolute Authority on the palace has been destroyed as Nero has lost his sanity.]
[Nero's sloth attribute is changing into the screaming attribute.]
[The tomb that Nero has created is starting to shake.]
[The tomb is about to be completely cleared.]

Nero's golden palace started to crumble as well.


Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed at that moment.

‘Now's the time.’

“Alright, be good and submit! I'll give you some pointers if you listen to me!”

Nero's body flashed as soon as he said that and Toombglyphs appeared on Ju-Heon's arm.

That was proof that he had contracted a possession-type artifact.

Another message popped up as proof.

[You have successfully contracted the artifact of sloth and have earned the power of sloth.]
[You are able to destroy the morale of enemy artifacts.]
[In addition, you are able to control the Absolute Authority and this < Golden Palace > where everything you imagine can be turned into reality as you please.]
[You have developed an aptitude for < Conquest > after making an Emperor artifact submit and your Dominance has increased.]
[This will help you handle unyielding artifacts such as Generals or other artifacts with strong fighting spirits.]

Ju-Heon’s subordinates who were freed ran toward him. They seemed to be curious about something.

“Captain-nim! What the hell did you show Nero?”
“What did you do that turned that bastard into such a mess?”
“What else?”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly handed the paper to them.

Oh Seung Woo and Yoo Jaeha who saw that dropped their jaws in shock.

“T, this is!”

Yes. The things written on the paper were typical malicious comments that could be found on the internet.

Ju-Heon who had calmly thrown malicious comments around was laughing.

“They’re just artifacts. They can’t look down at the level of malicious comments in today's world.”

Of course, these were nothing for humans, but his subordinates clicked their tongues.

“This devil……”
“A keyboard warrior must have possessed his body……”

Ju-Heon picked up Nero's artifact as he started to speak.

“It’s fine, it's fine. It’ll cheer up again if you praise it.”
“Making it sick and then giving it the medicine……”
“You terrible person……”

‘These punks.’ It was at that moment. The artifacts that came to watch started to chat now that Nero had submitted.

Huh, what? The battle’s already over?

I guess we just go home now?

Yeah, yeah, it was fun! It’s time to go home!

They started to move similar to people exiting the theatre after a movie. Some of them were heading to their contractor's homes while others were heading to random buildings around the city. They had many different places to go.

It was at that moment.

"Where do you think you're going?”

Someone sneered and the artifacts started to scream. A giant net was suddenly flying toward them.

It was as if the battle was nothing and this had been the plan from the beginning!

Aaaah, what the hell?!

Waaaa, I'm caught! Waaaa!

The artifacts got tangled up in the net and were unable to escape.
It didn’t seem to be a regular net as the artifacts could not cut or break through it.

What the, what the hell is this?!

The artifacts couldn't help but be shocked.


Ju-Heon was the person who had thrown the net. Thanks to that, the artifacts became so shocked that they started to stutter.

T, this bastard! What the hell is this?! What the hell is this?! Let go of me! The battle is over!

Let go of me! I need to go home! I need to go watch my drama!

It was time to go home and rest now that the entertainment was over.

But what the hell?!

But Ju-Heon who was as satisfied as a fisherman coming home with a boat full of fish snorted back.

“You guys seem to have misunderstood something.”


“Who said you could go home?”

Ju-Heon wickedly smiled.

Why would he send these idiots that had gathered here on their own accord go? It was their choice to come in but not to go out.

‘It’s fine since I contracted Nero already. All that's left are these idiots that came rolling in!’

He would make them his as well.

Ju-Heon tightly clenched the specially-made net and started to shout.

“Alright, time to pay the price since you watched the show for free!”

But the artifacts could not believe it. They couldn’t believe what Ju-Heon was saying.

How could they?

Free?! What the hell are you talking about?! We already paid for admission!

That’s right! We already paid! We did!

But Ju-Heon just sneered at them.

“Shut up, the VAT is separate!”

The kidnapper who shouted that started to pull on the net.

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