Chapter 110: Fanning a burning house? (2)

Chairman Kwon could not understand this situation at all.

How did any of this make sense?!

Not only was his vacation house area burned to the ground all of a sudden, Monaco was trying to restrict the goods from his company imported into the country?

‘The royal family personally declared it?’

A flustered Chairman Kwon calmly asked back.

“Were there any issues with the product? Did something explode? Did it crack?”
“N, no sir. No issues at all.”
“Then did our promotions or advertising, etc have any content that the Monaco royal family would object?”
“Not at all, sir.”

Of course, this was the expected response.

They would have been ripped apart by the press if there were any issues and he would have heard about it.
‘The product for the second half of the year hasn't even come out yet.’

They shouldn’t be trying to restrict the import of the products because of any issues as they haven’t even had a press conference to introduce the new product.

That meant that…

‘There’s a different reason behind it.’

But the problem was that nothing was coming to mind as to what that reason could be.

The things that came to Chairman Kwon’s mind when he thought about Monaco were that:

  1. It was his tax haven.

  2. That the Monaco princess won the bidding for Julius Caesar’s artifact that Seo Ju-Heon put out...

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