Chapter 110: Fanning a burning house? (2)

Chairman Kwon could not understand this situation at all.

How did any of this make sense?!

Not only was his vacation house area burned to the ground all of a sudden, Monaco was trying to restrict the goods from his company imported into the country?

‘The royal family personally declared it?’

A flustered Chairman Kwon calmly asked back.

“Were there any issues with the product? Did something explode? Did it crack?”
“N, no sir. No issues at all.”
“Then did our promotions or advertising, etc have any content that the Monaco royal family would object?”
“Not at all, sir.”

Of course, this was the expected response.

They would have been ripped apart by the press if there were any issues and he would have heard about it.
‘The product for the second half of the year hasn't even come out yet.’

They shouldn’t be trying to restrict the import of the products because of any issues as they haven’t even had a press conference to introduce the new product.

That meant that…

‘There’s a different reason behind it.’

But the problem was that nothing was coming to mind as to what that reason could be.

The things that came to Chairman Kwon’s mind when he thought about Monaco were that:

  1. It was his tax haven.

  2. That the Monaco princess won the bidding for Julius Caesar’s artifact that Seo Ju-Heon put out for bidding.

‘So why?’

However, Chairman Kwon started to frown and reached out his hand as he could not come up with an answer no matter how hard he thought about it.

“Connect them to me.”

Yoon Shi Woo bowed his head and had the secretary connect the call.

He unexpectedly heard a young woman’s voice on the other end.

[It’s been a while. Chairman Kwon Tae Joon. I am Sophie Grimaldi.]

It was the princess herself.

They had met at a Pandora gathering before, but Chairman Kwon couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was because of the threat she started to make.

[Do you understand? If you lie to any of my questions right now, TKBM will never be able to even set foot in Monaco anymore.]

She sounded extremely hostile as well.

That was why Chairman Kwon was wondering what was up with this woman but still laughed out loud.

“What is going on, princess? You’re about to give me a heart attack.”

[I believe you are aware that I won the bidding for Julius Caesar's artifact?]

Of course he knew.

He had purposely not gone to Seo Ju-Heon's auction, but the entire world knew about her winning the bidding. How could he not know?

The princess continued to speak.

[You should also be aware that your vacation house is burning right now.]

Chairman Kwon started to frown.

His hand was shaking thinking about the cost of the damage, but he held himself together.

He had no idea why the princess was coming at him in such an overbearing way, but Chairman Kwon maintained his businessman’s poker face.

“Haha. Thank you for your concern. But it is okay. Accidents happen from time……”

The princess snorted as if she was angry.

[Concern? Do you really think I called because of that?]


[It’s fine, please answer this first. Why is my artifact at your vacation house, Chairman Kwon?]

Chairman Kwon was suddenly at a loss for words.

“Excuse me?”

He thought he had heard incorrectly.

“What did you just say? You said that the artifact you won is at my vacation house?]

[Please don't act like you don’t know.]

“N, no, please wait a moment.”

[Pandora’s detection artifact has revealed everything. They said that the artifact is the one causing a rampage at your vacation house right now, Chairman Kwon! And I am asking why my artifact suddenly disappeared and happened to appear at your vacation house!]


[Do you not understand what I am saying? Even France, our ally is angry. All members of the EU who were going to use that artifact are upset! Do you not want to do business in Europe anymore?!]

He didn't seem to have heard incorrectly.

But Chairman Kwon really was flabbergasted.

‘Wait, the princess's artifact suddenly disappeared? And that artifact is in my destroyed vacation house right now? And all of Europe is angry about it? What the hell is she talking about?!’

This was a serious international matter.

That was why Chairman Kwon urgently looked toward Yoon Shi Woo. Yoon Shi Woo quickly delivered a message from Pandora.

The contents of Pandora’s message was simple.

[The artifact rampaging at the Chairman's vacation house is the artifact from the Kyoto tomb.]
[We do not know why Princess Sophie's artifact is over there, but your attention to the matter is highly encouraged.]

But there was more.

Richard must have heard about it as well as he had sent a message.

[Chairman Kwon, did you use the artifact of conquest to swipe Princess Sophie's artifact?]

‘Aigoo, what the hell?’

Chairman Kwon put a hand on his forehead.

Chairman Kwon finally started to understand why Sophie was causing such a fuss. It was too obvious.

Sophie had won the auction just three days ago.


‘There’s no way an artifact would have crossed an ocean and moved to a different continent in a few days.’

That was one of the characteristics of artifacts that Pandora had revealed.

Artifacts that were similar to wild animals may cause issues as they moved, but they did not suddenly disappear in the east and pop up in the west.

In addition, artifacts that loved areas with a lot of people would have no reason to go to Chairman Kwon's vacation house that was close to deserted.

‘So, why the hell is an artifact that was in Europe causing a ruckus in Hawaii?!’

Some weird misunderstandings were caused by it!

Chairman Kwon was extremely angry but held himself back as he urgently started to speak to Sophie.
“Umm, I know what you might be thinking, but please let me make it clear. It wasn’t me. In fact, I am probably the person who wants to know why that artifact is destroying my vacation house the most.”

But Sophie responded as if she still suspected Chairman Kwon.

[In that case, is it okay for me to head to your vacation house right now? I want to get my artifact back and check for myself.]

‘Damn it, do whatever you want!’

The innocent Chairman Kwon finished the call and hung up.

The veins in his neck became visible as he started to shout.

“What the hell were you doing, letting things get to this point?! What about our employees inside?! How can there be no witnesses?!”

Yoon Shi Woo seemed troubled as he started to speak.

“Umm, you see……the employees happened to leave their posts at that moment………”
“What? Leave their posts?! Are they crazy? Why?!”

Yoon Shi Woo avoided his gaze.

“……That………to be honest with you, some crazy bastards throwing money around appeared by the place so………”
“Throwing money around? What did they look like?”
“…………A rope and a worm.”
Chairman Kwon questioned his ears.

‘What? A rope? A worm? Is this punk making shit up?’

“Yoon Shi Woo, tell me the truth! What is up with this bullshit?!”

Well, this was actually the truth.

Yoon Shi Woo was tearing up as he handed Chairman Kwon his cellphone.

Something was going viral right now.

[This is crazy, I'm in Hawaii and there is a rope that has a worm on it and they are going crazy kekekekekekeke, they must be crazy kekekeke]
[Anyway, these things are throwing money around. At least a thousand people seem to have gathered around them. But they’re really hard to catch. #Luckysilverrope #artifact]
[Kyaa, look at that. That rope is so cute. - Liked by 10,000 people]
[Let me send the coordinates. #Kawaii #changeoffortune #itemdrop #forall]
[I got myself $1,000. Easy money kekekekeke]
[Jackpot. Not fake money. I confirmed for myself.]
[O wow, total jackpot! I earned $10,000! #Hawaii #iwasinthemiddleofoilingsomeone #quitmyparttimejob]

Chairman Kwon's face muscles started to twitch in disbelief.

“T, there's no way……..”
“Yes sir. They apparently got a report about an hour before the vacation house was destroyed. They got a call that this money-throwing lifeform was heading to your private property……and they were asked to catch it……”
“Ho, so the employees all rushed over? All of them?”
“……Yes sir.”

Yoon Shi Woo didn’t know what else to say.
But it was understandable.

It was normal for people to go wild if someone was throwing money around by the beach.

Especially when $10 bills, no, $100 bills were flying around in stacks.

Who would sit still when following the rope around for a while would make them their annual salary?

The employees went to confirm if it was real or not, actually, they probably went to get some money themselves.

‘Well, they just claimed it was to catch the suspicious rope that was on the private property.’

Since the world was filled with weird things right now due to the artifacts, it wasn't weird to think that a rope would be going around throwing money.

He didn’t know who made the call, but they sure used their heads.

But they became certain because of this.

“That means that some bastards lured the people away to sneak in.”
“Y, yes sir……”

Chairman Kwon’s chaotic Dominance struck the room as soon as he heard that.

Yoon Shi Woo clenched his head and the artifacts started to die at the vicious Dominance.

“Why I oughta!”

It was obvious that whoever it was that did this was doing it to screw both Princess Sophie and him over at the same time.

‘Who the hell is doing this at someone else’s house……’

Chairman Kwon suddenly realized something.

‘No way, right?’

An annoying face that he had temporarily forgotten about but could never actually forget passed through his mind.

Chairman Kwon jumped up from his seat.

“Seo Ju-Heon, you son of……”

Chairman Kwon held himself back from swearing and gave an order.

“Get it ready.”
“Excuse me?”
“The plane!”

Chairman Kwon was boiling inside but started to laugh.

‘No, it’s actually better this way. I'll finish him off this time.’

Chairman Kwon then picked up an artifact.

Ohhhhhhhh! It’s starting, it’s starting!

The artifacts seemed to be very excited for this battle.

It was an obvious reaction. They wanted to check if a human really wrote that novel.

But most of them were snorting.

‘There’s no way a human wrote that.’

Nero glared at Ju-Heon and started to speak at that moment.

[Seo Ju-Heon, do you understand? I'll let you know in advance that this Emperor’s writing was unable to see the light because of you.]


[This Emperor also released a novel but there was only one purchase!]

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

“You weren’t that one purchase, were you?”

Nero flinched before starting to shout.

[Shut up, this is all because you released your novel first, Seo Ju-Heon! My peers were too busy reading your novel that this Emperor’s novel didn’t sell at all! This Emperor is the victim!]

The artifacts tilted their heads in confusion.

Anybody know what this bastard wrote?

I know. I know. < Nero, the Artist Who Makes Even the Gods Cry in Defeat >.

Ah, that trash.

It was ranked number 1 in views but it sold only one copy.

Nero's body started to shake as he heard the artifacts whispering.

[Shut the hell up!]

The artifacts started to scream as Nero released his aura that was fitting of an S-Grade artifact.

Nero then started to use his authority as well.

[The violent Nero who does whatever the hell he wants released its power, < Absolute Authority >. Anything in this place happens the way Nero wants it to happen.]
[Warning. All bets will be beneficial to Nero.]
[You cannot leave this palace until Nero removes this order.]

Nero started to laugh and shout.

[You understand?! I order all the spectators to become the judges! And you will all decide that this Emperor has won this battle. All of you will die if you do not do that!]

What?! Is he crazy?!

Would he have burned his own territory down if he wasn't crazy?!


This is tyranny! Total tyranny!

Nero released his strong aura and attacked them after hearing that.

[Shut the hell up!]

The fires of hell started to fill the palace as soon as he said that.


That made the artifacts in the stands and Ju-Heon's subordinates who had suddenly ended up tied to crosses scream in pain.


“Ahh, damn it, what the hell is this?!”
“Hyu, hyung-nim!”

Nero who decided on the judges started to triumphantly laugh.

[My art will receive the fair reviews it deserves now.]

Well, it seemed as if fair reviews had already sailed away…

Ju-Heon actually found all of this to be annoying.

He wasn’t interested in something like this and didn't care to play along with an artifact’s request. Plus, he didn't have time to write another novel.

‘I do want its abilities though.’

That was why Ju-Heon's goal was to quickly take care of this and get out.

‘I need to quickly get to the spot for the second of the 7 Great Tombs.’

But Nero didn't care and triumphantly asked in a voice that seemed to be full of expectations.

[Alright, how will you show your abilities?]

Ju-Heon thought for a moment before reaching his hand out.

“Then give it to me.”

[Give what?]

“That novel you wrote.”

Ju-Heon was asking to read it.

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