Chapter 109: Fanning a burning house? (1)

“Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house?”

Sophie was shocked. It was one thing for the artifact to run… But why had it gone there?

‘That artifact has no connections to Kwon Tae Joon.’

Chairman Kwon had not even shown up to Ju-Heon’s auction. For some reason, nobody related to TKBM was there at all.

‘That really was weird, but…’

It could just be because they didn’t want to deal with Ju-Heon. But the runaway artifact was by Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house?


Sophie could not understand it at all.

Of course, she was not the only one who could not understand the situation. Lee Seol-A who had tracked the artifact down was finding this to be odd.

Even still, it did not change the fact that the artifact was there.
“I'm certain. The artifact is around that vacation house.”

The princess’s advisor started to shout.

“That makes no sense. It is not common for an artifact to cross an ocean on its own.”
“That is why there is a chance that Chairman Kwon is involved in this issue.”
“Excuse me? I know the Chinese government doesn’t like TKBM, but please don't make unsupported accusations like that!
Chairman Kwon is Monaco's good business partner.”
“Please shut up for...

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