Chapter 109: Fanning a burning house? (1)

“Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house?”

Sophie was shocked. It was one thing for the artifact to run… But why had it gone there?

‘That artifact has no connections to Kwon Tae Joon.’

Chairman Kwon had not even shown up to Ju-Heon’s auction. For some reason, nobody related to TKBM was there at all.

‘That really was weird, but…’

It could just be because they didn’t want to deal with Ju-Heon. But the runaway artifact was by Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house?


Sophie could not understand it at all.

Of course, she was not the only one who could not understand the situation. Lee Seol-A who had tracked the artifact down was finding this to be odd.

Even still, it did not change the fact that the artifact was there.
“I'm certain. The artifact is around that vacation house.”

The princess’s advisor started to shout.

“That makes no sense. It is not common for an artifact to cross an ocean on its own.”
“That is why there is a chance that Chairman Kwon is involved in this issue.”
“Excuse me? I know the Chinese government doesn’t like TKBM, but please don't make unsupported accusations like that!
Chairman Kwon is Monaco's good business partner.”
“Please shut up for now.”
“Your highness!”

The young princess started to grind her teeth.

Monano was the second smallest nation after Vatican City, but it was an extremely wealthy country with one of the top GDPs in the world. In fact, Sophie's uncle ranked in the top five in wealth among the royalties around the world.

However, their domestic affairs was a mess, with their right to defend the country against invaders resting with France and the country having to merge with France if there were no successors.

‘But it’s a different story if we have artifacts.’

Artifacts were considered as alternatives for nuclear weapons. These were important items that could give a country significant power even without much land, population, or influence.

And this Julius Caesar's artifact was said to have come out from a Great Tomb! She needed to recover this artifact she worked so hard to win in order to survive in the international society.

“You understand? The important thing right now is that my artifact is over there. My artifact that I worked so hard to win!”
"Y, yes, your highness.”

The princess looked toward Lee Seol-A.

“Are you certain the artifact headed for Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good. Then let’s go over there. Miss Lee Seol-A, I trust you. Not only did you tell me that the artifact was fake, you also have tracking abilities almost as strong as the Pandora system artifact.”

She had no idea why the artifact had gone over there.

It was possible that Chairman Kwon Tae Joon did have something to do with it.

She would not leave anybody who put their hands on her artifact alone.

She would make them pay for it.

Unfortunately, Chairman Kwon had no idea about that, and the area around his vacation house was peaceful. There wasn’t even a cloud in the sky.

However, the devil who would bring disaster here was as relaxed as possible.

“Wow, the weather is really nice here.”

The people shaking in fear were the ones who followed Ju-Heon here.

“Wow, shit, we really came here.”

The water that was glowing like emeralds, a waterfall, and the natural scenery that made everybody go wow in admiration.

A beautiful resting place was in front of them, but they couldn't enjoy it.

“I mean, seriously, how can you choose Chairman Kwon Tae Joon's vacation house……”

This would not be the response if they had come here after getting approved for a vacation.

Yoo Jaeha who had realized Ju-Heon's plan could only click his tongue at Ju-Heon's wickedness.

It was obvious. That Emperor who did whatever he wanted would definitely pull out his pride and joy, the Domus Aurea for this literary battle. And that building was a huge building that was 50 hectare wide!

Then what would happen to the buildings that are already here?!

‘I think they’ll be destroyed. Actually, this whole place will be destroyed.’

It was bound to disappear from the maps without a trace.

‘We’ll be lucky if it doesn't end up like Atlantis.’

Of course, there won’t be any people who were hurt if they do it here.

Chairman Kwon owned about 6 km² (60 hectares) of land on this island.
Ju-Heon who knew very well that that was the case lightly chuckled.

‘Chairman Kwon spent a lot of money for this place and it is the largest of his vacation houses.’

He had called it the Future Village of Dreams or something?

That was why nobody lived here. Only the newest automatic systems were here and Chairman Kwon was trying them out as he wanted.

Basically, this was TKBM's technology testing site.

That was why there were only the maintenance people and a few researchers.

Well, it was a wide area and had a house, organic farming area, wine factory, a private museum, library, gym, and even a fancy movie facility Chairman Kwon had decorated, but who cares?

‘I’ll put it to much better use.’

Yoo Jaeha seemed to have died and reached nirvana after seeing Ju-Heon’s expression. He was calling somewhere as he started to speak.

“Captain-nim, the people inside seemed to have all left after we threw the bait. I confirmed it so it looks like you can get started.”

Ju-Heon who had openly entered private property using an artifact took the laurel wreath out of his backpack.

Nero started to jump up and down as if he really liked this place.

[Ohhh, a vast area with forests that suit my palace! What a perfect place for our battle!]

However, Nero thought there was just one thing missing.

[But there are no spectators here. There’s also no judge!]

This bastard seemed to like being praised in front of a lot of spectators as it was grumbling about nobody being here. But Ju-Heon told it not to worry.

“This bastard will take care of that.”

What Ju-Heon took out was unexpectedly a squirming worm.

The worm was screaming in Ju-Heon's hand.

[You bastard, I gathered the artifacts for you! Hand over the money! Hand over the money!]

Ju-Heon seemed to have used Xu Fu's artifact to gather spectators through the artifact network (?).

He didn’t know how it worked, but the artifacts seemed to have gathered after it told them that author Seo Ju-Heon was going to have a literary battle.

“Alright, so shut up and get started.”

Nero's artifact became excited and activated its aura.

And at that moment…


There was a bright light and a festival had started inside Chairman Kwon's territory.

[The artifact that likes to be praised has activated its power.]
[The Golden House is descending in 50 hectares of space.]
[A Tomb Appearance is starting. The tombification has started.]

It was as destructive as lightning striking down from the sky.

The lightning that looked as if it could destroy the world fell to the ground.

Buildings quickly started to rise from the spot the lightning fell, similar to bamboo shoots growing from the ground.


Nero's amphitheatre then rose up where Ju-Heon was standing. Tens of columns shot up and a beautiful wall appeared as if it was covering those skeleton-like columns.

Of course, the issue was that every wall had Nero's face on it.

But there was more.

Boom boom boom!

35m tall sculptures of Nero appeared one after another. Majestic Nero, slightly concerned Nero, angry Nero, contemplating Nero, fighting Nero, and Nero making love to a woman……
Anyway, the dream palace of a bastard Ju-Heon didn’t care about had descended on this area.

The hall alone was more than 1 km wide.

“Wow, this is crazy!”

Once the dome-shaped stage was finished, beautiful flower petals started to fall down from the sky.

[Alright, hurry up and cheer this Emperor's talented artistic abilities! Praise it!]

A message popped up in front of Ju-Heon at the same time.
[A golden stage has appeared.]
[The tombification has been completed.]
[The space inside has become separated with the space outside.]
[Warning. You are imprisoned inside the Domus Aurea. You cannot escape from this stage until you offer sincere cheering and praise.]
[Warning. Nero's power will be much stronger in his personal palace; everything will be used in Nero's favor.]
[All spectators and judges invited here will be bribed by Nero.]

He could hear voices whispering in the stands around the central stage as soon as he saw that last message.

Damn it, hurry up and get started! I paid 30,000,000 to the worm to see this!

‘What? Damn it! I paid 300 million! Why is the admission fee different?!

Damn it, I bought a scalped ticket!

Aigoo, I should have purchased a VIP seat! Damn it, can’t you move your damn head?!

Anyway, just hurry up and get started!


There were some heated cheering and the stands that seemed to be able to fit over ten thousand spectators were almost full already.

There were some artifacts jumping up and down in their item state while many of them had transformed into their human or animal forms.

‘I’m sure there are some artifacts that have already contracted with someone and have owners among them.’

Of course, there were artifacts like Anubis that would have called its subordinates over as well, so there was no way to get an accurate count.

Either way, the number of artifacts gathered here would go beyond all expectations.

Ju-Heon, who was going crazy at that thought, smiled greedily seeing that there were more artifacts here than he had expected.

‘These bastards walked in here on their own asking to be captured.’

However, it was at that moment.


The stands turned quiet and the stage with Ju-Heon and Nero started to glow.

The artifacts cheered as they watched.

Kya, it’s finally starting! I even threw away my human slave to come watch this!

Ohhhhh, to be able to see this author with my own eyes.

Shut up. I'm sure it was a fluke. The Slutty Secretary is probably not even his work. I’ll confirm if that is the case with my own eyes.


He’s right! How can a lowly human bastard write something like that?!

[#($*#([email protected]$]
Be honest! You had a ghost-writer, didn't you!

It seemed as if the artifacts did not believe that Ju-Heon had written < The Slutty Secretary >.

The battle between an artifact and a human started among all those shouts.

On the other hand, Chairman Kwon who was quietly going over his Tomb Excavation business in his office couldn't help but gasp in shock.

“What did you just say? Repeat what you just said.”

It was because of what Yoon Shi Woo had just told him.

“Umm, that……Chairman-nim, your vacation house area in Hawaii was destroyed……”
“Destroyed? What the hell are you talking about?!”

Yoon Shi Woo was looking at the delivered images and files while not knowing what to say.

“I don’t know exactly what is going on, but a 50 hectare worth of Greek buildings suddenly started to shoot up……”
"Greek buildings? Is it a Tomb Appearance?”
“Pandora says that it is an artifact's doing.
However, Pandora’s scholars are saying that it is the same as the buildings that had appeared in the Kyoto tomb.”
“One of the 7 Great Tombs?”
“Yes sir. And nobody was injured because of this incident but your museum and the 70 million dollars worth of art inside was burned to the ground and there were damages to the farms and factories. There is an estimated damage of over 200 million dollars……and this is just the minimum damage because they are still looking into it……”

Chairman Kwon got a headache.
What the hell was going on?

“Umm, also……”
“What, there’s more?!”

Yoon Shi Woo started to shake in fear.

“W, we got a call from Monaco's royal family for some reason. And as for TKBM's third quarter new product… They want us to put a hold on the deal for now……”

Chairman Kwon’s eyes opened wide in shock.

‘Why the hell are they suddenly asking for that?!’

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