Chapter 106: I got you now, you bastard! (3)

“Excuse me? A fake? What bullshit are you talking about? That’s the real thing.”

He played it off at first.

He felt guilty, but there were probably no idiots who would out themselves like that.

Although Yoo Jaeha always lost to Ju-Heon, he was a talented scammer who had scammed many wealthy people.

He wasn’t an inexperienced newbie whose face would give everything away after being called out like that.

That was why he glared at Julian instead.

“Are you trying to lower the price by doing this?”

Julian glared at the scammer in disbelief.

‘How dare he act this way.’

“You can’t trick my eyes. That’s not the same one that was in the tomb.”

But Yoo Jaeha’s face was thick.

"Aigoo, is that so? Your sight must be as good as a microscope. Anyway, you keep speaking nonsense, but that is the thing we got from the tomb, okay?”

Julian was truly flabbergasted.

This punk looked as if he was ready to argue that the Earth was square.

‘How can he act so confidently while bringing a fake?’

Honestly speaking, Julian was one of the people who was hooked and paid the admission fee. He was interested in this auction.

Which artifact user in the world would not be interested in an artifact from one of the 7 Great Tombs?
But as for the artifact he got to inspect after following the rule and paying an artifact…

That was a fake.

The others did not notice at all, but thanks to Zhuge Kongming's artifact, his eyes could tell that the flow of aura was different.

So, how could he not grind his teeth in anger?

‘There’s a limit to being shameless.’

The angry Julian’s eyes opened wide.

“I’ll let you know that my eyes can see it. What you guys put out there is definitely a fake. Why don't you admit to it while I'm asking nicely?”

Yoo Jaeha started to grind his teeth as if his pride took a hit.

‘Damn it, I didn’t do a shoddy job so that it would get caught.’

“Do you have any proof?”
“That’s right. You're going to be sued for defamation if you keep speaking bullshit like that. Do you understand?”

No matter what, Yoo Jaeha was confident.

His copy was perfect and nobody else here was able to notice that it was a fake. There was no way there would be any proof.

“Alright then. I'll show you proof.”

Julian coolly turned around, making Yoo Jaeha gasp.

“H, hey?”

‘There’s no way he really has proof, right?'

“Hey! Hey you! You over there! Where are you going?!”
“Seo Ju-Heon!”
“Isn’t the real one with Seo Ju-Heon anyway? I already confirmed it. I'm sure it’ll come out if I grab his collar and shake.”

‘What?! Is he crazy?!’

Yoo Jaeha urgently chased after Julian.

Ju-Heon should be receiving people's bids inside right now. He did have the real artifact on him.

‘Damn it, it's probably full of reporters inside.’

How had he figured out that Ju-Heon had the real one on him?

That wasn't important right now.

What would happen if Julian went inside and caused a ruckus right now?!

The auction would naturally be canceled.

There would be a lot of negative press about how he tried to scam the world and Ju-Heon's rivals would start bothering him…… Then Ju-Heon would be very annoyed……then that would mean…….

‘…….Damn it, I’ll probably be killed by the Captain-nim!’

Yoo Jaeha turned pale. Ju-Heon might execute him for being unable to stop one person.

‘I need to stop him with everything I have!’

“Hey! Stop right there! Hey!”

However, Julian quickly started to enter through the door regardless of whether someone was shouting behind him.
Yoo Jaeha shouted at that moment.

"Wait! Wait! Okay! I'll tell you everything!"

“I'll tell you everything!”

Julian, who was about to enter the hall, stopped immediately.

“You’ll tell me? You'll tell me what?”
“Basically, we had no choice but to put a fake one on display. We were going to give the real thing to the winning bidder!”

Yoo Jaeha forced his muscles to smile.

‘Damn it. Let’s trick him first.’

Who cared about what would happen later? They just had to disappear for a while if something blew up.
Yoo Jaeha who came up with a great excuse fitting a former scammer smiled like a nice person.

Maybe it was because he looked innocent and believable, but he didn't seem like someone who would trick people if you didn't consider what was on the inside.

“Alright, I'll give you some secret artifact information related to this, so, why don't we go chat over there? Well? I'll let you know because we’ve met before.”

Julian just turned around as if he didn't care.

“Enjoy chatting to the wall. I will do the confession for you!”

‘How can someone be like a damn pumpkin?!
He doesn't even pretend to listen!
Damn it, most people would try to listen if they were told it was some secret artifact information!’

But Julian entered the hall without even looking back.

There were only fifty people inside the small theatre, but it was as fired up as a 50,000 person concert hall.

“$100,000,000 plus the artifacts I have with me!”
“Then me too!”
“Crazy, it's mine! Get lost!”

It was as fired up as an idol's concert hall. It must be because Ju-Heon was doing some amazing work.

But at that moment…

“Hold on!”

Julian, who noticed the truth about the artifact, shouted in the hall filled with colossuses.

“Stop the auction for a moment!”

His voice was as loud as if he was using an amplifier. People jumped after hearing his voice.

"Damn it, that scared me!”
“How can his voice be so loud even without a mic……!”

Of course, that was not his normal voice. He had used an amplifying artifact.

Julian who had his finger on his neck sternly shouted.

"Stop the auction! There’s something I need to tell the people here!”

Some of them recognized Julian.
“Huh? That bastard is here too?”
“Isn’t he the guy who rejected TKBM's scouting? But why is he……”

Ju-Heon who saw him from the stage started to frown.

He couldn't help it as he saw the serious look on Yoo Jaeha's face behind Julian.

‘That bastard.’

The extremely sharp Ju-Heon was able to instantly tell what had happened.

But Julian quickly pointed to the glass container at the center of the hall.
It was a square glass container that could be found in a museum.

“Listen carefully! That artifact there is……!”

But the moment Julian was about to reveal the truth!


The rope that had quickly flung itself had grabbed Julian.

Why are you bothering my master! Why are you bothering him?!

Julian was tied from mouth to toe by the angry rope.

People in the room became flustered, but Ju-Heon who had quickly sent the rope over calmly grabbed the mic.

“Haha. You can’t interrupt us no matter how much you want to win the auction. Bid fairly.”

Ju-Heon just laughed as people started to whisper.

“It’s nothing much. To be honest with you, Mr. Julian Miller has been persistently calling me and saying that this artifact is his. He told me that he has no money but that I must not sell it to anybody else.”

‘What? When did I do that?!’

Julian seemed to want to say something but the rope tightly bound Julian.

Are you not going to sit still? Are you not?!

“I understand how you feel, but the important VIPs here are all fairly participating in the auction.
No whining or unfair methods are allowed.”

The people at the auction started to laugh. Only a few people knew at this point that he had Zhuge Kongming's artifact.

Ju-Heon then glared at Yoo Jaeha and gave him an order.
‘Drag him out.’

And then…

‘You’re dead tonight.’

He let Yoo Jaeha know he would be murdered. He was smiling, but his gaze was viciously plotting for Jaeha's death.

Yoo Jaeha who also saw his future was crying internally.

‘Aigoo, aigoo, Julian you damn bastard.’

He felt that it was unfair. He could only scam someone if they would listen to him.

Anyway, the rope excitedly dragged Julian as Yoo Jaeha was about to drag him out.

It wasn’t hard for the rope to drag out a healthy adult man.

“Congratulations! Julius Caesar's artifact has sold for $200,000,000!”

The auctioneer bang his gavel and both joy and sorrow filled the small auction house.

The person who won Caesar's artifact was smiling.
‘I now have one of the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs.’

The person who won the item after a fierce bidding was Sophie, a lovely European princess.

Austin who was bidding with her until the end sighed.

“Damn it, a person I didn't expect……!”
"And for only 200 million……!”

Although a country like Greece with struggling economies had to stop bidding near the middle, but Italy, US, and wealthy people like Austin would not lose when it came to money.

Even if the competitor was royalty, the winning bid was only 200 million dollars.
It was an exorbitant amount that was about 200 billion won, but it was still a low amount for the bidders.


“Damn it, Seo Ju-Heon. I didn't expect him to like artifacts more than money……!”

That was the case.

It was only 200 million dollars in cash, but there was more to it.

“Then please hand over the 200 million dollars, one SS-Grade artifact, two S-Grade artifacts, three A-Grade artifacts, and ten B-Grade artifacts. Congratulations and thank you very much!”

They pulled at their hair at the auctioneer's shout.

“Damn it, he handed it over!”

Honestly speaking, Sophie must have felt the competitors were fierce as she started to bid artifacts once the price reached 900 million dollars.

For some reason, Ju-Heon had kicked the 900 million dollars away and ended the bid with Sophie's artifacts.

Ju-Heon had a simple response when the reporters asked why he had done that.

“It’s only 900 million dollars. I can easily make that much on my own.”

But it was different for artifacts.

Austin was pounding his foot and grinding his teeth. As someone with both wealth and artifacts, he too had bid artifacts as Sophie had done.

But Ju-Heon did not care about Austin’s artifacts at all. In fact, he was completely ignored.

That was why this kind of misunderstanding couldn’t help but happen.

“Damn it, he probably sold it to her because that princess is pretty!”
“Exactly! There are no special artifacts among the ones the princess offered!”

The artifact users from around the world who were gathered here were all grumbling.

On the other hand, the princess was smiling wickedly while thinking about Ju-Heon.

‘I got it. Men truly are weak against pretty women.’

Either way, she now had an artifact from the 7 Great Tombs that other countries desired. It was now only a matter of time for her to raise her own position and her country’s power.

‘I can now become an artifact user Pandora is wary about as well.’

Well, she would have been able to, if that was the real thing.

“What a masterpiece, truly a masterpiece.”

The current location was a supply closet in this small theatre.

Julian was hanging from the ceiling in the rope's preferred method of binding.


The rope quickly rushed over to Ju-Heon and rubbed itself on him as Ju-Heon motioned for it to release Julian’s mouth.

It was telling him to praise it.

But Ju-Heon just ignored it and scoffed at Julian who was covered in dust and huffing.

“I'm going to reveal that the one you sold to the princess is a fake as soon as I get out of here. How dare you think about selling a fake……!”
“Stop, stop. Things will become complicated even for me if you reveal to the world that what she has is a fake.
“It’ll be really annoying, especially since a country’s princess was the one who won the bidding.”

It would not just be annoying.

He would probably be executed.
Julian started to speak to Ju-Heon as if he found him to be ridiculous.

“You shouldn't have done something like this if you were scared of that. I have no reason to listen to you. I will get out of here and show your shameless side to the world.”

This was not just a bluff.

They had currently taken away his artifacts and he was bound by the rope, but this bastard would definitely find a way out eventually.

Zhuge Kongming's artifact would allow him to quickly figure out the rope's weak area.

In addition…

‘Based on my memories, the second of the 7 Great Tombs should be appearing soon.’

He needed to contract Nero's artifact before that and then aim for the second one. He didn’t want to be chased around by people because of this bastard.

The best thing to do was to stop this bastard from speaking.

But Julian was not the type to easily die.

That was why he was going to go with the most effective method.
What is that?

‘Making him an accomplice.’

Ju-Heon started to smile.

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