Chapter 105: I got you now, you bastard! (2)

How many would bite?

A number of people that went beyond anything he could have expected, bit the bait like a pile of ants.

Yoo Jaeha was laughing out loud while looking at the post they made.

“Haha, wow, jackpot! This is as good as a Youtube video with over 100 million views! Captain-nim, look at how the views and comments are exploding!”

Those weren't the only things to explode.

“The site has exploded as well.”

Yoo Jaeha clutched his stomach and laughed.

[Selling. Artifact found in Kyoto’s tomb.]
[Believed to be Julius Caesar’s artifact. Hoping for a price of $500,000,000 or higher.]

Their post just looked like someone selling an item for a video game.

But this post ended up going viral and landed on the news throughout the world.

There was a simple reason for it.

‘That's crazy, did it say the Kyoto tomb?’

‘Did the person who cleared that Great Tomb post it?’

‘I heard that he went through the entrance that nobody else was able to open and swiped the artifact……!’

‘It must be a lie!’

‘Figure out where they posted from and if it is true!’

That was how Pandora, the different nations and guerrilla excavation teams, and even civilians who heard the rumors reacted…

The whole world was in chaos because of this mischievous post that was posted in this forum.

Nobody would have believed it if it wasn’t posted on the site maintained by Pandora.

"They’re all biting, they’re all biting.”

How could he not laugh in such a situation?

But such a response was obvious. Pandora’s warning, the seer’s prophecy, and the fact that the Tomb Appearance was large enough to cover all of Kyoto…

All things were pointing to the fact that the tomb was special. And that was an interesting story even to the civilians.

These two people managed to clear a tomb that excavation teams with hundreds of people could not and now they wanted to sell that artifact that the entire world wanted?

Whether the post was true or not, it was obvious that the entire world would be frantic to figure out what was going on.

‘Where will you do the auction?’

‘Is it the real thing?’

‘Pick up my call.’

‘I will offer great conditions to purchase it.’

‘Please, I wish to meet with you at least once, sir.’

‘I will give you as much money as you want.’

Ju-Heon seemed to find these love calls to be annoying as he left one comment in English.

[The item will be auctioned in the US this month.]
[I will not sell it if you guys keep bothering me.]

He was as unfriendly as possible.

He didn't even clearly state where it would be auctioned, so auction houses around the world were being flooded with calls.

“I'm sure they’re going crazy.”

China and Russia were grinding their teeth because of Ju-Heon.

These two large countries that were enemies with Pandora that was based in the US found this situation to be too frustrating. They figured out where Ju-Heon was staying and had tried to stealthily contact him, but why did he have to do an auction of all things?

“The hyenas are going to rush over.”
“That’s why we would have been able to take that tomb for ourselves if Simon's plan didn’t fail!”
“We would have been able to clear it if the harem artifact was safe.”
“Enough, we all know whose fault it is.”

They all glared at someone who flinched.
This person was Lee Seol-A.

She had managed to get away from Ju-Heon, but… Ju-Heon had let her go on purpose. He put a weird device on her, as if he wanted to see what China and Russia were up to.

She was already angry that she had been captured by Ju-Heon but now she had to keep her head down in front of China and Russia.

Her annoying superiors were fine.

‘But why is the Russian president here…’

Lee Seol-A who would only be a non-commissioned officer in the military was tense because of the wild beast in front of her.

Putin, the current Russian president and the former KGB member.

He seemed to be quite interested in this issue. Actually, it might be better to say that he was interested in Seo Ju-Heon.

This seemed to be the case as he said the following.

“The item that Korean man named Seo Ju-Heon took was Julius Caesar’s item?”
“He is claiming it is.”
“It would be great to hire him if that is true.”

He licked his lips. He probably wanted Ju-Heon who could clear a tomb that everybody else was struggling with to work for him.

‘Pandora, that damn thorn in my eye.’

Although it was called an alliance for artifacts, they just thought it was a gathering of the US and their close lackeys.

They would have to be stupid to not know that Pandora was trying to monopolize artifacts instead of nuclear weapons to take control of the international society.

‘This is an invisible war between nations.’

That was why Russia and China were working together to gather hundreds of thousands of people to excavate tombs, gather intelligence, protect and observe individuals, and secure their items.

This was the birth of a Tomb-based KGB.

Lee Seol-A was one of those members and she was supposed to keep an eye on Simon who was going to clear the Great Tomb with his harem artifact.


“The item was stolen and the hyenas are gathering because that item is showing up at an auction.”

Lee Seol-A who could not raise her eyes just clenched them shut.

‘Damn it, this is all because of that damn Seo Ju-Heon bastard.’

If only that motherfucking bastard had not appeared!

“I'm sorry for this……”
“I have no need for excuses. Take responsibility and go steal it! I've heard that the artifacts of the 7 Great Tombs are keys for world dominance.”

Lee Seol-A was put in an awkward situation.

‘Even if you want me to steal it…!

“That’s already going to be auctioned……!”

It was at that moment.
“Do it if we tell you to do it. Can't you understand it the first time we tell you?”

It was an overbearing woman’s sneering voice. She sounded as overbearing as a queen.

Lee Seol-A turned around after hearing that familiar voice. She saw a young female professor who was reading something among the executives.

“Professor Zhen Cai Yuan!”

She was the < Monarch of Gluttony >, the last of the past Four Emperors whom even Ju-Heon did not want to see again.

She was the strongest of the Four Emperors in the past and the one with the worst personality, the artifact user who had the artifact of gluttony.
Jodie Moore. Her original name was Zhen Cai Yuan.

She spoke to the Chinese administrators with a sharp but elegant gaze.

“I'm a busy person. I pray you don’t make me have to act.”
“Tsk, it is as the professor said. Make sure you don't fail.”
“Remember who has your troublemaker older brother and your younger siblings.”
“You know your debt grew by another 1 billion not too long ago, right?”
“Make sure to get the item.”

Lee Seol-A was grinding her teeth and glaring at them.

“I understand.”

The teeth grinding Lee Seol-A left while Zhen Cai Yuan was smiling.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, Seo Ju-Heon. He's holding the entire world hostage with a single artifact.’

There were many wealthy individuals, nations, top Hollywood actors, athletes, royalty etc, with a lot of money and high Dominance among the artifact users right now.

But Ju-Heon had nothing that stood out like they did. That was why she had thought he wasn’t much, but…
“A way of clearing a tomb that even the seer didn't know about……”

‘He’s a total dark horse.’

Was that the reason?

“Investigate him thoroughly. Stick some people in the auction house as well.”

The world, as well as the past monopolizers and future Monarch-Grade users were all focusing on or greedy for Ju-Heon.

At a small theatre in LA.
The fanciest of auctions was taking place in this theatre that could barely fit 50 people. The colossuses who had no choice but to participate in this auction were shivering.

In fact, everybody here might have been shaking in disbelief.

It made sense given the circumstances.

"What? The entrance fee is an artifact?”
“Yes, yes sir. That is what the owner told us.”

People were whispering to each other.

That was the case. Ju-Heon had rented this tiny 20 pyeong space for the auction.

But there were thousands of people who had gathered here. Civilians groups, interest groups, colossuses, reporters, and even government workers from different countries were all gathered here. But how could this small theatre fit all of them?!

There was a fight to get inside and that was why Ju-Heon despicably put the following condition.

[Admission fee: Regardless of whether people are in the same party, one artifact per person.]

“Fuck! What the hell is this?!”

The intention behind this was obvious!

‘There’s no way this bastard didn’t expect a ton of people to gather here!’

Austin Rockefeller could not hold back any longer and punched the post on the wall that mentioned the admission fee.

“How dare he try to gobble up artifacts like this!”

However, there were people nonchalantly responding to him.

"What’s wrong? You have issues with it?”

Ju-Heon was the one to respond to Austin.

However, the people who followed the colossuses here couldn't help but gasp.

It could not be helped.

‘A, a track suit?’

What kind of people does he think are here?

‘And he even showed up late?’

But that wasn't important.

"What is up with this artifact as an admission fee?!”
“What else? Nothing can be done about it even if you complain. There’s only so many seats and it's too late to do it by who got here first. It’s too unfair to the people who don’t have much capital if I make the admission fee too high.”
“That’s why we are able to get a small group of people if we accept an artifact as the admission fee. It is fine even if it’s a trash artifact rolling around, so feel free to bring something like that.”

The people’s faces started to twitch as Yoo Jaeha added on as well.

‘These bastards. Ask for money instead.’

‘No, they’re saying bring the lowest-grade artifacts.
But there's no way anybody brought useless low-grade artifacts with them and we don’t have time to go get another one!’

Furthermore, the theatre could only fit 50 people, so it actually was a first come first serve type of situation.

The angry people started to shout.

“All you need to do is move it to a bigger venue instead of doing this!”
“That’s up to the seller. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to do so. I have no qualms about not selling it.”

Ju-Heon then turned around and people started to whisper.
They could not go back now while knowing that he was the one who conquered one of the 7 Great Tombs and earned the artifact.

‘He knows how curious we are about the artifact’s identity.’

The people, who did not have a good impression of Ju-Heon from the beginning, were getting close to exploding.

“Hmph, fine. Sure. Then don't say anything even if we forcibly take it away!”
“Who are you to even take the artifact from the Great Tomb? You probably swiped it away when other people excavated most of it!”
“That’s right! How could you get it with just the two of you? You're not even skilled……!”

Some of the more impatient artifact users activated their artifacts to try to take it by force.



A fire attack that was heading toward Ju-Heon turned around and hit the caster instead.

Ju-Heon who had activated the Code of Hammurabi started to laugh as if his body was itchy.

“Anybody who uses an artifact would be seen as giving the signal to attack.”


The people became silent.

They didn't know which artifact it was as Ju-Heon was hiding it, but it was obviously a counter-type.

‘I'll lose if I attack without thinking about it.’

Ju-Heon scratched his head as if he was annoyed before waving his hand.

“Feel free to go back if you don’t want to buy it. I won’t stop it. It doesn’t matter to me whether I sell it or not.”
“That’s right, feel free to bring Appraisers to check it all you want if you are suspicious of the item!”

Their reaction made it seem as if they were not going to offer a fake at the auction.

Anybody with a brain would not do something as stupid as turning the colosuses gathered here, political figures, and the entire world as their enemies.

Maybe it was because they were crazed by that thought…

“I understand! I'll pay the artifact I have on me as the admission fee! Please let me in!”
“Me too!”
“Damn it, me too!”

Everybody turned frantic and started to hand over artifacts they considered useless as admission fee.

They were thinking that the artifact that came out of one of the 7 Great Tombs was more important than these C or D-Grade artifacts.

Of course, some people handed B-Grade or A-Grade artifacts as the admission fee as the theatre could only hold the first fifty people.

“Hurry up and bring anything!”

They weren't crazy, they were just thinking about the investment they were making. Most of the people here were extremely wealthy and had a strong investing mindset.
They even sent some excavation team members in to check the artifact with their own eyes. Thanks to that, Yoo Jaeha who was collecting the artifacts was laughing internally.

‘As expected of the Captain-nim. He’s so wicked.’

He was the one who had come up with the original scam plan, but Ju-Heon had added to it.

‘He must have rented this place with this situation in mind.’

This seemed to be the type of thing he made sure to learn from Ju-Heon.

But Ju-Heon who probably had no idea what Jaeha was thinking went inside after people rushed in.

The auction soon started with the auctioneer he had hired for today.

‘I guess it’s about time I go inside as well.’

As Yoo Jaeha who had been gathering the artifacts tried to go inside as well!


Someone grabbed Yoo Jaeha's shoulder. Yoo Jaeha who turned around without much thought was shocked.

‘J, Julian Miller?

This bastard was here too?’

Yoo Jaeha had heard about Julian's abilities from Ju-Heon.

‘He said this guy was like a hacker with an artifact of discernment.’

Yoo Jaeha, who was oddly shaking his foot, smiled as calmly as possible while looking at Julian.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be here as well, Mr. Miller. What can I do for you?”

Julian seemed as if he wanted to say something before looking around and taking Yoo Jaeha to a secluded area. He then seemed to have made up his mind as he started to frown and asked.

“I will get right to the point. What are you planning, trying to sell a fake?”

Yoo Jaeha flinched after hearing that.

He then wracked his brain and then shouted!

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